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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm on a 457 visa since September 2017 and my work is becoming intolerable to the extent where I want to resign every day. My partner is Australian and we have been together for 6 years, having moved last year. We chose the 457 option due to costs involved in the partner visa, as well as it taking longer to be granted. We would like to move to a partner visa now, however my understanding is that if I apply, any bridging visa would get annulled if I resign from my job - is this correct? What would happen if I resign from my job and THEN apply for a partner visa? Can I do this onshore on say, a tourist visa? How likely would I be granted a bridging visa in this case? My other option is to transfer to another job which is what I am working on at the moment. However now that we have some savings and we know that we like our life here, the freedom of a partner visa would be preferred if there's a way to do that! Thanks in advance!
  2. I am a Brit living in Oz and have been working on my 457 Visa for the past two years, with another two years remaining on my Visa. I am very unhappy in my current job and I really want to leave, and it has got to the point where I am willing to consider leaving without another role to go to. I am in the process of applying for a Defacto Visa with my girlfriend (we have been together for a year) but I am well aware that the time it takes to get this issued far exceeds both my current situation and my remaining 457 Visa time. If I choose to quit my job without another work sponsor to vouch for me, will I be able to stay and work in Australia after I have lodged my application for Defacto? Or can I only stay and work after being issued the initial part of my Defacto Visa? Also, would I only be able to legally work if a new employer sponsored me (if I can find one)? Would I be able to fly to and from the country whilst my application was pending (I had intended to go back to the UK for Christmas and already booked flights)? Any feedback would be gratefully received. Thanks.
  3. Stewjc

    457 visa and resignation

    I have been in australia 1 year 3 months and feel my employer wants to let me go. They said they may make me redundant as we are getting funding cuts and that he would pay me 1 weeks wages. My contract states if either party breaks the contract it is 6 weeks notice so I'm a bit confused. Nothing in my contract about redundancy though! I decided to resign as at least il get 6 weeks pay but I wanted to know- If I resign do I get my flights home paid for my wife and I? i will lose my deposit on my flat that I rent so are they obliged to pay that? thanks
  4. Hello all A friend was told they had 2 weeks notice at a place on a 457 visa, having been there over a year. They handed in their notice, agreeing verbally on the 2 weeks notice in their resignation meeting. They have now been told they actually don't have 2 weeks but 4 weeks notice (from their initial contract). Added fun: they have also signed a further contract with an update to all roles, which (we believe) states 2 weeks notice. This is because everyone else in the workplace (Australian) have 2 weeks notice. 1) Can they have a different notice period for 457 as other workers? My readings of this: "You are entitled to fair pay and to basic rights and protections in the workplace. Your sponsor must provide you with the same terms and conditions as Australian workers performing the same work in the same workplace." (http://www.immi.gov.au/faqs/Pages/what-are-my-rights-as-a-worker.aspx) Is that the terms and conditions (eg notice period) must be the same as everyone else working there. So here I'd assume it's 2 weeks notice. Other options: 2) When resigning they asked their notice period, the manager said it was 2 weeks and accepted (verbally) - does this stand up? I know a resignation has to be in writing, but does an acceptance? Here I am unsure if it would be the 2 weeks verbally agreed or the 4 weeks when agreed in writing. 3) Assuming the new contract does state 2 weeks and it doesn't say it supercedes the previous contract - they are saying as the initial contract was done with a 457, it was for the longer notice and so that remains in place. Can they do that? They appears to be picking and choosing what they want from each (I know we need to find the contract and check) 4) If the new contract says it does supercede previous documents (which the first one states) and it has 2 weeks notice. I would assume it should be the new contract and so 2 week notice (unless there is a rule where the longer notice period takes priority? Maybe?). To me number 1 seems their best bet? (otherwise we really need to find the contract!) Number 2 is possibility. 3 & 4 depend on the contract. Any help advice, or best - links! appreciated. Too much information to read through it all! (at least I am unemployed with time!)
  5. Guest

    Hi - some assurance needed

    Hi to all I arrived in fastastic Australia on a 457 visa in April 2010. Job was great, house excellent, and family settled - couldn't ask for more. Job became more and more frustrating - and just resigned today. Thankfully, have another employer who has submitted a transfer of nomination form about a week ago - but am now nervous in thinking - what happens if the transfer doesn't go through ? Can anyone put my mind at rest - what are the chances of a vis with over 3 years left on, not having a new sponsor applied to it ? If I can't get assurance, then there will be LOTS of nerves and drinks for the next few weeks !!!:unsure:
  6. Guest

    job resignation on 457

    If I resign from my job which is 457 sponsored how many days can I stay in Oz before I have to leave the country?