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      1. 489 Working from home?

        Thanks for reading this post, I am desperately tying to find out the answer to this and my agent is unsure. We are hoping to move to SA this year and have applied for a Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional). I currently work for a global financial company and my current job, although based in the UK - requires time to support many countries. my question is: if I was to continue working in this job but be based from my new home (in an acceptable regional postcode in SA) for the 2 years. Would it satisfy the requirements of the 489 visa? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you
      2. My partner and I are looking for some advice on the best way to apply for our PR visa as we are both skilled, can anyone recommend a good agent to use in Perth please? Thanks in advance.
      3. Excessive Mara agent fees?

        Are these fees unreasonable?
      4. Hi there, long story short i have been looking for child care agency in NSW area that could help to find a job and assisting in visa application for RSMS but if there is any good agency located outside of NSW i am more than happy to travel to the office. I would like to ask for help to recommend any child care agency that could help me in my situation, any information would be helpful and i would like to say thanks in advance. Thanks. Regards, Alexander
      5. Australian Visas - Migration Agent Fees

        Agent fees Why fees vary Under the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents, the amount your agent charges (fees) must be fair and reasonable. Your agent will set their fee based on your circumstances. Agent fees vary and depend on: Your visa application type. The amount of time it will take to prepare your application. Some visa applications take longer to prepare than others. You can check how much your agent might charge you in the list of fees in the Agent fee data table below. The level of service you need. If you need extra help or have complex circumstances. For example your agent might charge more if you have dependants on your application (such as children). The experience and qualifications of your agent. If your agent is a lawyer or has many years of experience, their fees might be higher. If your agent’s fees seem too high, discuss this with them before signing a contract. Consider talking to a few agents about their service and fees, before you choose one and sign a written contract with them. Agent fee data Every year, agents give the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority information about the average fees they charge. This table represents the range of fees charged by registered migration agents for the period 1 January to 31 December 2015. It gives you an idea of how much you might pay an agent to help with your visa. Agent fee data - 1 January to 31 December 2015 Temporary visa services Bridging visa Business (visitor) Graduate - Skilled Other temporary resident Other visitor Student Student Guardian Temporary Graduate Temporary Non-business Temporary Work Skilled (457) Tourist Working Holiday $150 - $700 $500 - $1,500 $900 - $2,200 $550 - $2,800 $400 - $1,500 $500 - $1,650 $500 - $1,800 $900 - $2,200 $500 - $3,500 $1,800 - $5,000 $300 - $1,000 $200 - $1,100 Permanent visa services Australian Declaratory visa Business Skills Child Migration Employer Nomination Scheme General Skilled Migration Humanitarian Offshore Onshore Protection Other Skilled Parent Migration Partner Migration Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Returning Resident Skilled Independent Special Migration $500 - $4,000 $4,000 - $15,000 $1,100 - $3,300 $2,000 - $5,500 $1,500 - $4,400 $1,200 - $3,500 $1,500 - $4,000 $1,500 - $4,500 $1,500 - $3,800 $500 - $4,000 $2,500 - $5,500 $500 - $2,000 $1,800 - $4,000 $1,600 - $4,400 Other New Zealand Special Category visa Review Application $500 - $3,500 $1,300 - $5,000 Note: These fees are in Australian dollars and include Goods and Services Tax (GST). These fees do not include visa application charges payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Initial consultation fees Many agents will meet with you in person or by telephone to provide general information and answer your questions before you sign a written service agreement with them. This is an initial consultation. Some agents do this for free and others charge for this service. Those who charge must tell you in writing how much you have to pay before your meeting (in person or by telephone). Agreement to Services and Fees Before starting work, your agent must provide you with a written estimate of fees you will be charged for their services. The estimate of charges will include: professional fees, either by the hour or by the service disbursements (these are other costs such as visa application charges). You should accept these financial terms in writing through an ‘Agreement for Services and Fees’. This agreement must include: services to be performed fees for the services (either charged per service or per hour) disbursements (money paid by the agent on your behalf, such as a visa application charge). Do not pay your agent until you have read, understood and agreed to the Agreement for Services and Fees. Payment in advance or on completion of services Some agents charge by asking you to pay in advance into their clients’ account (see below). Some only charge when their services are complete. Clients’ account Before your agent can take their fee, they have to give you a written statement of services. The statement must show: the work your agent has performed how much your agent charges—by service or by hour. The statement of services must match what your Agreement for Services and Fees says. A flowchart comparing how your money is handled by your agent if paid before or after services is provided is in this guide. Guidance for Registered Migration Agents: Parts 5 & 7 of the Code of Conduct (169 KB PDF) Clients' account If your agent charges you before services are completed, they must have a bank account called a ‘clients’ account’. This has to be separate from their business accounts or personal bank accounts. When your agent takes money from you before providing services, they are holding on to it for you. They must deposit it in the clients’ account and they cannot use it unless they need to pay for something on your behalf, such as your visa application fee. Your agent can only take money from the clients’ account to pay for their professional fees once they have completed a service or a large amount of work, and provided you with a statement of these services. Changes to your fees Your agent must give you written notice of any change to the amount they will charge for providing you with services. Your agent has to do this as soon as they become aware of the change (for example, extra work your agent did not know about when they agreed to work for you). Your agent must not carry out work for you in a way that unnecessarily increases the cost of the work, for example by seeking advice from specialists when not needed. Fee disputes
      6. Hi all, Very helpful forum. Has anyone here used true blue migration? They have a no visa no fee policy. I will be applying for Victoria state nomination 190 visa as life scientist nec. I submitted my skills assessment with Vetassess 9 weeks ago and I will sit IELTs in 3 weeks. I live and work in Qld with my partner (both on WHV) since July. I will be applying from QLD. The Victorian state nomination website states you need a job offer but when I called they said it's not completely necessary as long as I convince then I want to live there. So I will write a letter with friends address and number in Melbourne (who I will live with) and a list of jobs applied for and a contract from my current job stating that I will finish in March and my employers number to confirm this. True blue have quoted me 2200 despite the fact that I've done a huge amount of it already. Any suggestions??? Or has anyone used True Blue before. I really want this PR visa but don't want to risk doing the state nomination part alone in case I don't get it but it's a lot of extra money. Sarah
      7. Hi, Can you recommend an agent (in Australia or UK) who has good and successful Aged Parent Visa (subclass 804) experience please? Thanks, Steve.
      8. Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and joined as I'm currently trying to get started on a visa application for a spouse partner visa. Im from the UK and my girlfriend is from Perth. We've been together for about 2 years now living in Australia and traveling in Asia. My first question is, has anybody applied for this visa and done it WITHOUT a migration agent? We would like to this as our funds are low and my working holiday visa expires in Septemeber! how do we get started?? Any advice or nfo would be a massive Help Thanks
      9. UK migration agent based in Melbourne

        Is someone able to recommend a UK migration agent based in Melbourne? I need to seek advice from a UK Migration Lawyer/Specialist.
      10. Appointment with an agent

        I'm legible for permanent residency this July through my skill. However there may be a couple of other options with the same outcome but I would like to talk to an agent to clear any questions up. Apparently you can pay to sit with an immigration agent to discuss your options and see which is the best for you. Has anyone done this? And if so can you recommend any reliable ones? I want to get the ball rolling early and prepare well. I live in Sydney. Thank you for your help Tara
      11. Hi I'm looking for a good migration agent in the Melbourne region to help process my visa. Someone that's good but not too expensive. Thanks
      12. Has anyone used or using an agent?

        I have come into contact with 2, 1 i have heard bad things about and the other seems quite good. Just wondered if anyone could recommend? Or any comments welcomed. Thanks
      13. Hi there, will appreciate if anyone could share the contact details a recruitment agent, someone who can provide a rather personalized/value added services from resume writing, interview prep and ofcourse placement service. Thanks.
      14. Anyone used Destination Oz Visa Agency?

        Hi all My husband and I are thinking about going with Mick at Destination Oz, we can't decide whether to do it ourselves or go with an agency, especially after recently reading horror stories about certain visa companies taking ridiculous amounts of money from their clients and destroying their immigration dreams. This means so much to us and we want to get it right from the start. Any feedback would be appreciated...
      15. Migration agent Perth WA

        Hi, I am currently not in Aus but would like contact details of reputable migration agents in Perth, WA with a successful migration application history for international students after study in Aus. I am looking at studying at TAFE and want to run a few questions by someone with the knowledge and know how. Thanks in advance
      16. Agent Review

        Hi, Happened to see a couple of threads from folks who are having all manner of troubles with their agent. Got me wondering if we could have a thread on here for each agent we have experience with and what the experience has been like. If the agent is on here, they could respond as well. Kind of like trip advisor but for MARA agents. It would really help in terms of agent selection and maybe even make them more accountable. Not sure about the etiquettes and legalities of this. Perhaps the mods could pitch in there.
      17. My partner and I are looking to permanently live in Perth. I am currently here on a 457 but we are looking into being sponsored permanently by my place of work. Has anyone had success with a particular person?
      18. Dear all, first of all thank you for taking time to read my post! I am a german dentist that wants to work in Australia. My husband has an job opportunity that gives us a family working visa- so far so good. Does anybody have experience with the ADC exam? How tricky is it? Is there any way to circum navigate this topic??? Is it true, that if I sign up for a postgraduate degree my undergraduate degree will be approved? I am really lost and all the forum threads I find about that issue stop at 2007. Why- is there no need of dentists anymore? Are there any agents that can do the paperwork instead of me? Like translations, etc? Thank you so much for your help! Best Regards Claudia
      19. I'm on a working holiday visa at the moment and have about a month left before my boyfriend and I have to go back to the UK. I'm an architect (although not registered yet) and just started a new job last week which is just supposed to be a temporary position for a few weeks but my boss is asking whether there is any way I'd be able to stay as they've just landed a couple of new jobs and their work load is looking pretty good. I mentioned sponsoring but they've never done it before and obviously it's very early days in a new job so I don't want to push my luck, I've had a read on the immigration website about what they would have to do and it doesn't sound too costly but maybe quite a bit of hassle. Was wondering if it would be better to get an agent involved so maybe my employer won't have to spend too much time on it, also can anyone recommend an agent in Melbourne?
      20. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good migration agent that doesn’t cost the earth? I have contacted a few but I’m getting the total costs back as around £7000 :-/....... I am looking at going for a 175 visa. Any replies would be gratefully received, Mark
      21. PM me if you want. Thanks!
      22. Hi everyone, finally after 6 years of planning and dreaming we are ready to start the ball rolling. I would like some advice on if we should use an agent or not for the visa applications? I cant decide if I should try it myself and save some money or use a comapny that will do it for me and pay more. If you think I should use an agent then please could you give me any tips on who you think are good. Im only at the beggining of this whole process and already really confused! Also, my hubby will need to do an AQFIII for solid plastering and I dont know if we should be getting this done before we start the application or once we have begun. Please help. Thanks, Kat x:confused:(confused)
      23. Hi All Firstly, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area but I would really appreciate other PIO members thoughts & for the long story! We employed an agent to manage our migration application for a 176 visa at the end of February 2011 & we were advised to apply under myself with a skill of Program/Project Administrator with state sponsorship with SA. Fine, I completed all the forms for VetAssess, collated all the required information (employment history, payslips, certifications, IELTS, stat decs etc) & sent to the agent at the beginning of April. Once received, the agent advised they needed some additional information so this was duly collated & posted (express & tracked). Unfortunately, this documentation went missing & took a month to be received. Everything was then put together & we thought it was being processed for the skills assessment. Turned out that it was never processed as the agent was concentrating on the July 1 changes & our case was put on a back burner (even though they kept promising it would be submitted) for 2 months. July 1 changes were now in place & I ended up having to complete a new skills form for VetAssess. For this, I completed a Stat Dec for my current employment (to be used alongside additional documents) to avoid the reference part as I don't want my employer to know yet (just in case they think I won't be applying myself) & an employment I had between 2003 - 2007 (company had been bought by IBM in 2007). When I returned it I got a response from the agent telling me I had not completed important sections (contract negotiations & management) on the stat dec which are key to the program/project admin skill. My response was rather blue & along the lines of I won't lie on a stat dec as it has nothing to do with what I do. I then got sent the ACS forms & RPL to complete with no ANZCO code or explanation on what I was being put forward under. It seems my agent is now having difficulty understanding what I do. Its not the first time I have questioned what skill I should be going under but now they are sending over roles that couldn't be further from my job. I currently work in IT as a senior service technical lead & change management for a Global Application Support Team supporting 3 enterprise applications (18 months). My previous role again was in IT in a global capacity for enterprise application management & support for 4 years. Prior to this I worked with one of the applications I currently support but in a business capacity for 3 years & before that I was a horse riding instructor. I however, do not have a degree, only A-Levels & BTEC in Business Studies. This is their reason for using VetAssess & not ACS as I will be deducted some experience years for not having a degree & that my role has not always been within IT. I am certified in the applications I work with (cloud based CRM Systems/e-Marketing tools/Customer Satisfaction Tools/ Collaboration Tools) & ITIL V3 Foundation certified. I have worked in a support/development/BA capacity for the last 5 1/2 years. From all your experiences & knowledge can anyone advise if there is anything suitable on the SOL?? The agent is being as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment & the advice is non existence. Direct questions are never answered. It seems they want me to decide what is the correct option without any knowledge of the process. I am now questioning what I am paying a large sum of money for (other than submitting forms). Any thoughts will be gratefully received :spinny: Thanks A
      24. Hi after ages i have now an CO for 176 visa. Unfortunate im not really happy with my agent. The most of the documents are now subbmited (again) with an newer date on it. Now my question, will it affect the process when i decide now to finalize everything by my self?? Or is it enough when i send an mail to the Adelaide Team and tell them that i will now be in charge for the final documents? Or will they even ask questions why and this may affect my chances to get the visa????
      25. Agent

        Can any recommend a good agent:jiggy: