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  1. 6-8 weeks but Ive needed the 8 haha. It's such a huge responsibility and I wasn't ready yet, but I will be in the numbers soon so we'll see how it goes. We're going to start putting Aus funds away now each month and hopefully later next year we can look into getting the visa ball rolling.
  2. Iknowcb.... Almost two months into my job now. It was really full on and overwhelming to start with, and still is, just getting less so (very slowly). The amount I need to learn and the skills I need to learn are insane, I haven't practiced or got confident in most things still but I'm due to go in the numbers soon so as long as I ask for help/support when I need to then it should be fine.
  3. Thanks hope you're doing ok in WA? Thank you really kind of you to say. You never know, if I make it over for good and im in your area ill give you a shout! Thanks very much Thank you!! x That's lovely, thank you as above hopefullly if I make it over for good there'll be chances to cross each others paths!
  4. Aww thanks Ali I hope so! Hopefully one day I can meet you and some others when I finally get over permanently. x
  5. Iknowcb.. Found out I got first class honours in my degree, so super happy with that Graduation will be months away still though. Start my job next week so getting very nervous! Hope everyones going good??
  6. BritChickx

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I know of one person who developed GBS after having the AZ vaccination. Its still very rare and the benefits still outweigh the rare chance of a serious side effect (from what we know so far). Im fully vaccinated but I can understand if people are wary.
  7. BritChickx

    Most enduring international chocolate bar

    Kitkat and Snickers for me. Not old but also really like the Dairy Milk Jelly Poppin Candy bars too.
  8. Yeah. To say the Drs make all the decisions is just silly, but people wouldnt know unless they worked in the health care system. Nurses spend more time with patients than anyone else so quite often the Drs will usually ask the nurse their opinion on treatment too. Everyone works together to decide whats best for the patient its just the Drs thats responsible for signing it off. Nurses can take extra courses though to become prescribers. On a placement I had in minor injuries that was all nurse led. It was amazing, they could diagnose fractures/sprains based off of their own assessments and interpreting xray imaging.
  9. My degree was 50% placement and 50% theory in terms of hours but usually juggling both at the same time. I think my degree has helped me as we get taught what they call 'evidence based practice' so it gets you to think about the rationale for doing things a certain way. It's helped me look up a lot of guidelines/policies/Anatomy/pharmacology as it's tied into our assignments. A lot of reflection as well lol. In university we had simulation lessons as-well so we had a practice run of practical things that we might not be exposed to in our placements. So we learn certain things at uni and then when it comes to being on placement it's like 'oh yeah I get why X causes Y '. In the UK you need a degree now to go higher than a band 5. Also the skills we had to get signed off in our placements is more than what it used to be. I was doing cannulation and helping with IV medication in my last year which is something you used to only be able to do once qualified and had training. I'll still get training again though with my work.
  10. Thank you, lovely of you to say
  11. Sounds like you had a rough time starting out! In my experience the MRSA/C diff isn't 'too' common, people pick up infections yeah but it's not excessive like it sounds like it was! There's definitely a lot of emphasis on good hygiene and use of PPE especially now with Covid in the mix. They audit everything these days, cleaning especially. I know some units can still be that bad time in terms of staffing and beds. Where do you work now in Aus? Community nursing?
  12. Yeah, I think I'll learn a lot and if I decide to go down another path later on I will be able to take them skills anywhere I go. I'm hoping I'll settle in and stay in that field though. There was a lot of support in the ICU I had my placement on so hoping this one will be just as friendly and supportive. Definitely a different story on some wards though! I like the 1:1 care, although it's super busy all the time I felt like I could really make a difference and give that person/people 100%.
  13. Yeah I'm working in an ICU hence the long supernumerary period. I'm going to need it haha. I'm starting to save as soon as I start getting paid for Aus related things so as soon as it's possible we will get the ball rolling with applying and things
  14. I get 6 weeks supernumerary when I start my job and then I'm taking on my own patients. I'll never be on my own though as there'll always be someone I can turn to if I get stuck. A lot of NQN's are taking on students aswell, depending on the area of work. Does sound quite different there!
  15. I don't have any experience at the moment but otherwise I would! I want to get at least a years experience here before I get the ball rolling but by the time it comes to moving itll probably be 2-3 years. The only thing that might bring that forward is if I can get out on another WHV first.