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Found 34 results

  1. Hi I am an Indian passport holder, currently in Australia on a student visa. However, it will be active for few more days as my degree is officially complete. Since I could not submit an application for a work visa while I still had a student visa (due to IELTS being pushed during the Corona pandemic), I have applied for a tourist visa in the interim period. The bridging A Visa will be active once my student visa expires. I will apply for a working Visa once my IELTS exams are done (due in the last week of this month). I have few questions in this regard. 1. If and when my tourist Visa is granted, can I move back to India and apply for a Work Visa from there? Of course only after completing the health check, police check here in Australia. 2. What should be my next course of action if my tourist Visa application is rejected and I have still not applied for Work Visa? 3. Can I work in Australia after submitting an application for a temporary graduate visa? Best, Meghna
  2. Lizbeth


    Hoping anyone might be able to help, my partner has been referred to VACCU which I presume is for an offence he has from over 20 years ago. We had Police certificates which are clear, employers references, and other evidence to show we are returning to the UK. We are due to travel on the 12th August 2019 and have been told it could be months before they even look at his case. Does anyone know if it’s possible to expedite a case or has been through a similar situation with a positive outcome ? The family member we are visiting has contacted the local MP AND WE’ve emailed VACCU but I just seem to be reading people waiting for a year. One person did post in December 2018 that by emailing the local Ozzie MP AND VACCU theirs was sorted within a week. Any help or Positive suggestions would be very much appreciated!
  3. Hi All, My Thai girfriend is currently with me in Australia on a 12 Month Multi-entry Tourist (Class 600) Visa but has a 3 month (90) day maximum Stay Condition. At 25 April 2020, She will be at the Maximum Stay of 90 Days. Does this mean that 25 April is considered to be her Visa Expiry Date even though the last day to enter Australia is 9 January 2021. Obviously, if it wern't for the current COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Australia and Thailand, my Girlfriend would be able to Return to Thailand or another country and then return to Australia and stay for a further 90 days. My Girlfriend had a flight booking to return to Thailand on 14 April, but the airline cancelled that flight and has only today supplied a voucher to book another flight. However, information about when that airline will resume flights from Darwin to Bangkok via Singapore is less than reassuring as we all know things change rapidly and from daya to day. Currently they say flights will resume from 15 April, but that is hard to believe given the Restrictions in Australia is likely to remain until at least 31 May so what airline is going to fly here empty to collect a few passenges). Now travelling to other Austalian cities to then travel internationally is also becomning extremely diifficult. Even Thailand has introduced difficult to satisfy criteria, at least in the ccurrent situation if you're located in Darwin, and Thailand has ceased all international arrivals (Thai or not) until at least 15 April, but that may be extended at the last moment. The less than helpful advice from the Dept of Home Affairs web site is that persons whoose Visa is about to expire should apply for another visa if they wish to stay longer. My question is simply, does my Girlfriend need to apply for another Visa if she wishes to stay after/ cannot go home before 25 April 2020. Note: we had planned to commence a Partner Visa Application in a subsequent entry to this current stay. Any help/ advice would be much appreciated
  4. Hello friends, I have applied for a child visa (subclass 101) for my kid which is under process. But now i am planning to apply for tourist visa for my child. Can i do that? Can my child (who is 4 months old) travel to Australia on tourist visa when the child visa is under process? *Me and my wife have the Australian PR. Thanks in advance, Pratap
  5. Hi there, I understand that, technically, it is possible to enter Australia as a UK citizen on a tourist visa and then apply for a Partner visa once in Australia. Since it takes a long time time for this type of visa to go through, can anyone confirm that we can be put onto a bridging visa with full working rights until this Partner visa comes through? My understanding is that UK tourist visas don't usually have the "no further stay" clause? I fully understand that you must not enter Australia under false pretenses or be deceitful to immigration. We're visiting Australia as tourists later this year and I have an Australian passport. Once in Australia, we may decide that we like it and may wish to stay. I'd like to know the options. Thanks in advance!
  6. path2aus

    Tourist Visa Question

    I have a quick question. My brother-in-law is filling up the Visitor visa 600 application online. He is planning to visit us in December for probably 2-3 weeks max. He lives in Canada. My in-law's will be visiting me as well in November but they will be coming here from India. So we are planning to have a get together here in Australia. There is a question which say "Are there any non-travelling members of the family who is not an Australian Citizen or Permanent resident". My Brother-in-law and his parents aren't going to travel together but by the time he travels, his parents (My in-laws) will already be in Australia. What should he answer to this question? The logical answer will be Yes because they are not travelling with him but again since they are already in Australia, saying they aren't travelling isn't true as well. Can someone give some insight about the same please? The question asks him to name the non-travelling members, which would mean he has to name his parents but they will already be in Australia when he travels, so he would not be able to do that. Any insight will be helpful from the experienced members or the agents on this forum.
  7. Thank you very much to anyone who responds to my post. Your time and advice is appreciated.
  8. Hi Guys, My partner and i are from the UK, we have been in Australia for over 3.5 years. We've completed two WHV’s and afterwards i completed an 18 month course. Once i completed the course, i went through the many applications and processes required to progress onto the next stage. I have finally been invited to apply for a 489 state nominated visa. Unfortunately, we had to go onto tourist visa's, whilst waiting for my EOI. I have now applied for the 489 visa and been granted a BVA, which i have been told, won’t come into effect until our tourist visa's expire. This mean’s that we must wait two months and three weeks before either of us can officially work again. As you can imagine, we have been here a long time, we have a rented apartment, two cars, bills. After spending $40-45k up until this point, which we saved ourselves, without receiving any financial support. The funds are drying up guys and we need to work!! We also have companies that were kind enough to put our jobs on hold, whilst we waited for the EOI. Those jobs will no longer be available to us, if we can't legally work for that long. We're in a bit of a pickle and need to hear the voices of experience. My question is: Can i cancel my tourist visa to activate my bridging visa? If so, what are the potential consequences. If i explained my situation, will it make any difference? Immigration can be very difficult and quite unhelpful at the best of times.
  9. heidihi2121

    One Way Ticket

    Hi, just a couple of quick questions: I currently have a tourist visa for Australia that I got back in January and went on a 2 week holiday. Just double checking I'm ok to use this again tocome over for 3 months within the year it was issued...? Also when I do come over I'm going to be booking a one way ticket as I will be staying with my boyfriend who lives over there and then applying for an onshore partner visa. Will I be ok getting through customs with a one way ticket on a Tourist visa, do I need to provide bank statements etc proving I can support myself? Thanks
  10. path2aus

    Tourist Visa Question

    Hello, I am trying to fill out an online tourist visa application for my parents and I have few questions regarding the same: If I go with the tourist visa stream, it asks for itinerary for the entire period of time - What information do they need to provide? I am being told not book tickets before visa is granted, so what can be an itinerary? They are visiting me for the 3 months and may visit few places in SA. So what is the information they are looking for? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. path2aus

    Visiting again on Subclass 600

    Hello All, My wife's parents were in Australia with us on 600 visa for 3 months. The visa is valid for a year with stays up to 3 months allowed at a time. My question is that they just left on the 15th of April. If we want to bring them back in May, will that be an issue? Do they need to spend a significant amount of time outside Australia to come back (Like in the US where you need to spend equal amount of time outside the country)? Please let me know. We are plannnig to bring them back around May 15th. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I've already had a tourist visa followed by a working holiday visa, but want to get another tourist visa whilst me and my boyfriend prepare to apply for me as his de facto partner on his 457 visa. We keep hearing that this might not work... Does anyone know what my chances are? Because that obviously affect whether he takes his sponsorship. Are there any requirements we can fulfil to ensure I get back in the country, or any other option to come back in with him? We want to reenter together so we can get a home and tenancy evidence to support our de facto application, which won't work if I can't get back in the country. Thanks, Rosie
  13. Hi Guys, I have been on a whv for 1 year on Sunday and need to extend as I am getting sponsored by John Hughes through Westralian Auto Finance as a finance broker which I have been doing for the last 12 months through his other businesses. I am about to apply for a 600 tourist visa and will NOT be working whilst on it, I just need more time in order to get the 457 sorted. I have 2 questions: 1. Would my 600 tourist visa be declined straight off due to my reasoning? 2. If it is declined and I have been issued a bridging visa would I be given a certain amount of time to leave Australia? I am just trying to ensure I have dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's in worst case scenario! I am in Perth any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hey guys, back to this forum again and feels great.........! I am planning for a week's holiday to Tokyo in April. I require a tourist visa to enter Japan and am prepared to get one. How easy or difficult would it be to acquire a Tourist visa for a family of 3 to Japan for a Australian permanent resident? Has anyone been in my shoes before? How much cash would they need to see in the bank? Do they accept credit card (funds available) balance? Do they generally interview you or is it just the docs they need to see? I tried calling the consulate's office in Sydney and the person i spoke to wasn't that helpful. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  15. My wife is here on a tourist visa. She doesn't have a "NO further stay" condition. Can she apply for a partner visa and remain in Australia until a decision is made on the visa application?
  16. can we do job search in Australia Tourist visa? Is this possible to apply for jobs after getting Australia Tourist visa. does companies give alert to immigration dept?
  17. Hello, I am currently in Oz on a WHV. I want to extend my stay once my WHV finishes and so I am going to apply for a tourist visa (subclass 600). I have been informed that I may not be automatically granted the tourist visa, especially since it follows my WHV. I am wondering if anyone knows whether there will be more chance of success if I apply from outside the country as opposed to applying on-shore. Any advice/info would be much appreciated. Cheers
  18. Hello, I am looking for some advice regarding my current situation. I have been living and working in Oz on a WHV since July 2012, and so in 5 weeks my visa will end. Since December 2012 I have been in a really good relationship with an Aussie girl and so I am hoping to stay beyond the end of my WHV on a tourist visa, hopefully until October (or December at the latest if I can get a 6 month tourist visa or additional 3 month one) time when we will both go traveling and to live in the UK for some time (for various reasons my partner will not be ready to leave until then). Due to my age (31) I am ineligible for a 2nd WHV. Therefore my plan is to apply for a tourist visa (subclass 600). When I first called immigration regarding this approx 5-6 weeks ago, I was advised that this is possible and should be fairly straightforward. I was also informed that it is possible to apply on-shore.However, when I called again at the start of this week, I was advised that I may not be automatically granted the a tourist visa, especially since it follows my WHV. I was wondering if anyone has any advice to offer from their own knowledge and experience regarding the likelihood of the tourist visa being granted. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello All! Great site and full of useful information- which is great as I am now in a bit of a pickle..... I am Aussie and my partner Marc of 8 years is English. We have applied for a defacto visa and it is all going smoothly. The only thing is, we are returning to Australia in Jan 2013 (due to my job) but his visa isn't set to be granted until July 2013. (8-9 month waiting period) Please can you tell me which you think is the better option...... 1) Apply for a 12 month e676 Tourist Visa 2)Apply for the free, 3 month visitor visa and then apply for a 6 month e676 when in Australia? My logic behind it is that a 6 month 676 visa will easier to obtain and less chance of a medical etc... Please help, anyone who has done this or knows any info, it would be much appreciated. Thank you, Hannah :xmas7:
  20. Hi Everyone, Another person I live with is a member of this site - but I wanted to register as a new user to ask this question. What would you do if you knew someone who was in Australia on a 12 month tourist visa, but who was actively looking for work?? Surely it is a clear breach of this persons visa conditions. They are actively phoning around and looking for sponsorship, and have actually applied for at least one job that I am certain of. Is there anything that can be done? Can it be done anonymously? Should I bother?
  21. Shock News! Dr. Bob Birrell “anti immigration researcher” of the Centre for Population & Urban Research at Monash University calls for less Temporary Visas, International Students and Immigrants (but British, Irish etc. Backpackers ok?). AUSTRALIA’S major immigration visa subclasses need to be culled to slash record high immigration because the growth of jobs has slowed “to a crawl” and migrants are exploiting the system, according to the Centre for Population and Urban Research…… ….They say once here tens of thousands extend their presence in the labour market by churning from visa to visa. For example, in 2011-12, they say 26,671 overseas students already in Australia were granted a tourist visa….. …
  22. Norms85

    Whv and family on tourist visa

    Hello all this is my1st post. I am eligible for a whv and thinking about going to wa to get my electrical license before we make the move permanent as it's quicker to get license on a whv than on pr visa. I have two kids a 3yo boy and 6month old girl and my partner. I'm just wondering is it possibly to go on a whv and the3of them go on a tourist visa while I do my license. All help much appreciated
  23. If you are offered employment and a company want to sponsor you (so you would be on the 457 visa - 4 year one) do you have to leave the country while the application is processed? I know that you cannot look for work in Australia on a tourist visa, but if a company wanted to sponsor you to work for them - i just wanted to check if you have to leave the country while this application is processed, or if you can stay in the country and be put on a bridging visa, for example? Thanks
  24. Has anyone gone from a Subclass 676 Tourist visa to a 457 working holiday visa? Can you go from one to the other whilst living in Australia if you get offered a job once you're over there?
  25. Hi, i am going to be coming out to Australia on a Subclass 676 Tourist visa soon and I can be in Australia for up to 12 months (for periods of 6 months) but I can't work. Can I get a Medicare card if I'm only on a tourist visa? Thanks, Phillippa