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    One hit wonders

    Randy Van Warmer....
  2. TiaCapan

    One hit wonders

  3. Started in Perth, as I have family there and the intention was to stay there. 18 months in and I moved over East for a work opportunity to regional NSW/Canberra region. Then I met the OH, and I relocated to one hour from Sydney CBD. I want to move near to the coast....it could take a while to convince him
  4. Sending my condolences Quoll, sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing.
  5. Apply for your bond first (if QLD allows this without REA/Landlord signature). Then the onus is on them to prove their claims. This is is pretty typical of REA’s. Even people who pay for a professional end of lease claim, have REA’s saying they will deduct from their bond for cleaning issues. Often you find it is money in the back pocket of the REA’s.
  6. Nice to see you back here xx
  7. TiaCapan

    Possible Return to ACT

    Ouch! Hope it’s better soon. I only went to Mount Ainslie lookout for the first time recently. I’ve lived here for 4 years! Impressive views.
  8. TiaCapan

    Possible Return to ACT

    I’m one of the posters who have dogged Canberra in the past. That is mostly due to my circumstances rather than the place itself. In reality, it is still generally a safe place to live. Easy to commute still (people are spoilt in the ACT in terms of commute times and maybe haven’t experienced or forgotten what commuting is like in one of the big cities). There appears to be plenty of work. The scenery is still beautiful. If you are healthy (i.e. get out and about and like sports etc) it’s a great place. Lots of building happening, new suburbs up in the North and out to the west. And the new tram service (haven’t used it, unlikely ever to as I rarely venture into Civic). I think I’ll even miss it when I move on, which is on the cards for the next couple of months. I never thought I’d say that.
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    Happy Birthday Kate, all the best xx
  10. TiaCapan

    Welcome to my Humble Abode

    I’ve met PQ, Tink, and Rossy before, and they would be invited. Others that would be on my list no longer post, and the cyber world is a duller place without them.
  11. TiaCapan

    Considering emigrating to Aus with 11 year old

    Speak to a migration agent first, many should offer an initial assessment without charge, many of the migration agents on here would be recommended. In terms of your degree, the UK undergraduate qual on it own won’t get you registration as a psychologist here (or even provisionally registered) which is a nightmare of a process in itself. I see that it not a path you wish to follow anyway. You say you meet the criteria for one of the other job titles on the skilled list as you get 65 points. What job title are you looking at? There are opportunities within the field, but anything for the govt/public health under the allied health banner generally require registration with the health board. Although other job titles exist of course where registration isn’t required, or there is work in NGOs, it really depends on your experience. So I would run your case past a migration agent (needs to have a MARA number) and then if you do qualify, also start to have a look around what’s required for permission from your ex to remove your son from the UK.
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    All the best with everything
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    Only meant in jest Quoll, I do live here also
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    No posts in here since January. Not a lot happening in the ACT then? Nope I didn’t think so....