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    RIP Pommypaul

    Yes he was. We broke up years ago now so I didnt know what he was up to all this time. I had hoped he was in Aus still. Really quite shocked and sad about it.
  2. BritChickx

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    Sunsets and sunrises have always been my favourite kind of photo's. I only have one and it's one I already posted on here. As we were in the sky I guess it wasn't a sunrise or sunset. . . I would love to see what ones any of you have :cute: it could be from anywhere, not just Australia :cute:
  3. BritChickx

    What Book are you reading??

    Stuck in a pharmacology book at the moment. Can't wait to read for fun again
  4. BritChickx

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Kate :) hope you're having a good day x
  5. Not quite the same but I went to Go Ape at the weekend, did the moderate/difficult route. Absolutely killed me! I apparently have no upper body strength lol.
  6. Happy Saturday everyone! How is everyone doing? Been a bit of a busy few weeks since my last post. I got home to see my grandad and the rest of the family, and celebrate his birthday so that was lovely. I've booked for us to go to Edinburgh with him and my nan in December, so I'm crossing my fingers that that will go ahead! Of course it was booked 2 weeks ago and now everything is up in the air, so we will see. I've started year 3 now and don't I bloody know it! Only started last week, and we already have work coming out of ears. First up, a group presentation next week! I also found out my first placement for third year will be in a minor injuries unit, so that should be cool Nearly time for a drink
  7. Aw I'm sorry you lost your Grandad at a young age. Really is shitty. Glad your Nan is still doing good and she at least has met your children... women do seem to be the one that get to an older age. Thanks for the wishes appreciated.
  8. Thank you everyone, I will be going home next week, we are celebrating his 70th birthday. I'm lucky to have made it to 29 without something like this happening in the family, so I am very grateful for the time I've had and hopefully got a bit more time. I'm gutted that I don't live closer but I will go home when I can to see him.
  9. Feeling very low at the moment. Found out yesterday my grandad has stage 4 cancer. Theres not a lot they can do for him, maybe some chemo to shrink things but not sure if that'll do him any good and itll mean shielding too. Hes still young, expected to have many more years with him we havent got a time frame but it wont be years.
  10. Yeah, Perth was the first place I went to when I first went to Aus! We'll be going to Queensland as it'll be August time
  11. I think the minimum is 3 months for the skills assessment last time I checked? Ideally I would get a years experience yeah. Itd probably be a year or more by the time I applied and waited for it to be granted. I want to save as much as possible too so ideally get a skills assessment after 6-9 months then apply for visa.
  12. Well normally I would just say his name but not giving that out on here. On the nursing front. I realise things might change by the time I can apply which is why im looking at going for a holiday first next year. If things dont work out there are other places to look at moving to.
  13. Well boyfriend at my age seems a bit of a younger term and we arent married so
  14. You can stay curious then! It's my preferred term.
  15. Thanks! That is the ultimate plan, my partners never been though so hoping to get out for a holiday next year first. Hopefully nurses will still be needed in a year or two's time.
  16. Yeah that's fair enough, hopefully you can get it the way you want it! Must be nice to have a garden to play around with, and a godsend during lockdown! I'm looking forward to finally getting a place with a garden, been stuck in a studio so not ideal! But it's cheap for student life haha.
  17. Thanks hope all is well for you too. Im studying nursing, just about to start third year. Lots of luck to your daughter! It sucks as especially for people just starting its harder to meet other students and make friends.
  18. Good to hear Yeah the end is next year! I've got some ideas of where I want to work, just not sure if I'll be brave enough as a NQN haha. Yeah definitely we will!
  19. I'm doing alright thanks we (partner and I) are concerned for family members going through health issues at the moment, but personally we're good. Just on the countdown to finish university now, it's been such a long road and I want it over with now! My partner is enrolling onto a PGCE for teaching so we're going to be at the same university for the next year xD How are things your way?
  20. Is that to get more sunshine in the garden? Or another reason?
  21. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, where ever you are!
  22. IKNOWCB....Officially finished for the year! We've been given a rough guide for our last year... most of it will be online, except for a few tutorials, practical lessons and of course placement. Understandable but still gutting, I'm more motivated when I'm physically there. Our class is being split into two so we have more room when we do go in. Just doing some extra reading now, really don't feel like I know enough still!
  23. Aiming to fly into Brisbane, travel up to Cairns stop along the way and then back down probably get a campervan. Still want some sort of warm weather haha.
  24. Ah no, yeah that sucks. Hope January goes ahead for you. I think any time in the future will be a gamble, but can't live life on a 'maybe, maybe not'. Hopefully you get to both next year. We were due to go to Croatia tomorrow, got money refunded though and putting it towards flights for Aus instead.
  25. I'm planning on August. We could wait but I'll be starting full time nursing September next year so getting 3 weeks off in one go will be difficult. It's always going to be a gamble, the worst that will happen is things get postponed (in which case I will need to try getting 3 weeks off work!). Plus I'm desperate for a holiday, especially an Aussie one!