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  1. Skani

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics thread

    The Kiwis were very impressive in the rowing eights: the men won gold and the women silver.
  2. Skani

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics thread

    I believe her mother is French - so make that one third of a gold.
  3. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Although they seem more susceptible to the Delta variant than earlier ones.
  4. Just as you'd like human racing if a human athlete died every 2 - 3 days - while racing - on an Australian athletics track?
  5. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Son in law, Parley.
  6. Skani

    Off Grid Living

    I did for 6 years (from 1979) in north west Tasmania - except we weren't off grid for electricity. I can't even remember solar panels being available here then - not for residential purchase anyway. However we didn't use much electricity: all the cooking, hot water and central heating was fuelled by a wood fired kitchen stove (similar to an Aga). Being self sufficient in food involves a lot of hard work. The most important factor is having a reliable, plentiful source of water. For that you either need several humongous, expensive rain water tanks or a water source on the property - preferably gravity fed. It's amazing the number of problems water pumps can dream up for themselves. There were quite a few people living completely off grid in Tassie at the time - even more now - either independently or in small informal communities. The oldest of these is probably Lorinna, inland in northwestern Tassie, which has existed since the 1970s. https://goodlifepermaculture.com.au/lorinna/
  7. Skani

    New shoes leak

    Parley's loaded: all that Bitcoin don't ya know?
  8. Skani

    Jobs as Electrician

    Australia is so large and diverse that it's impossible to answer that in general terms. Lifestyle, salary and living expenses for an electrician in Melbourne, for example, would be very different to those working on a mine site in northwestern Western Australia. A Working Holiday visa would be the ideal one to check out this diversity for yourself.
  9. Skani

    Things you miss about Britain

    I fry salmon skin side down for 2 minutes, then flip for another 1 or 2 minutes, depending on the thickness (a tail piece would be the 1 minute extra). I think the trick is judging just the right temperature before putting the salmon in. I also smother it in dill and lemon pepper and fry in rice bran oil. Exquisitely yum when I get it just right.
  10. Skani

    Job offer

    Hobart resident here! Clarence is a region within the Greater Hobart area: it's the name of the council area on the eastern shore of the Derwent River/harbour. It's a fairly large area (390 square miles) and encompasses suburbs, beaches (both surf and riverside), small acreages, rural agricultural land (including vineyards) and the airport. No way would you be "in the middle of nowhere" if you lived anywhere in Clarence. It's one of the fastest growing (population wise) areas of Tasmania and, by Tasmanian standards, traffic from Clarence to the Hobart CBD can be a pain at peak times as it's constricted by one main bridge across the harbour. (It takes only 1 bingle and traffic backs up for miles in all directions. ) Re the weather: other Australians (known as "mainlanders" here ) do carry on about the weather but Hobart is actually the second driest capital city in the country (after Adelaide). When I've compared the climate to the UK it comes closest to the Channel Isles. (That's in the coastal, most populated areas. On the west coast and in the highlands it's obviously different). We do have 4 distinct seasons, unlike the more northern parts of Australia and, mercifully, don't have the extended oppressively hot summers of mainland Australia. Have to confess I've never felt the need to hop on a plane to Queensland for a sunny holiday. I don't know what your budget will be for housing but one of the negatives for new arrivals is that both purchase and rental prices have gone absolutely bonkers here recently. Hobart used to have the cheapest residential prices of all capital cities but that is no longer the case. Tasmania has been described as the most "British" of Australian states: not so much of a culture shock as some other parts of the country can be. There are certainly many British migrants here. Anyway, ask away if you have any questions.
  11. Skani

    UK Pension

    Consider your super as your base retirement income. On top of that you will receive your UK pension. However the Australian pension is means tested against both (a) any other income ie. your super and UK pension and (b) asset limits. If your assets are within the maximum limits allowed, you may receive either a partial Oz pension (on a sliding scale) or no pension at all - depending on the total of your other income. Completely confused now?
  12. Skani

    Ping Pongers

    Don't they have an anonymous Crime Stoppers reporting line in W.A.?
  13. Skani

    Australian now has the world's most liveable cities

    I don't know but, with the combination of the jacaranda tree and the style of the house, I'd guess Sydney.
  14. My daughter hides biscuits from her teenage sons in a dry container in the washing machine. They've never looked there!
  15. Skani

    Australian now has the world's most liveable cities

    Some of us actually relish 4 seasons and the contrasts they bring: warm dry and warm/hot humid is just too boring.