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  1. Pet relocation services

    That's not true. The Australian Veterinary Association's 2016 pet ownership report estimated nearly 3.9 million pet cats in Australia (3 in 10 households). However people are conscious of their impact on native wildlife and are trying to protect them as well. I say this is the personal servant of 3 cats at the moment (and have had up to 5 at once).
  2. How friendly is perth

    That's a ridiculous generalisation. We have close friends we first met in the 1960s. In fact I have recently been to the funeral of one of my husband's very closest friends - they first met in high school in 1965. My daughter's generation is the same...her best friend is still a girl she met at primary school in 30+ years ago and she still has a close friendship circle of high school friends.... despite the fact they have moved all over Australia. My neighbour's daughter has just flown back from Perth for the wedding of one of her friends ...and they're all in their 30's. It is, however, more difficult to start and maintain friendships in adult life because so many people are time poor with existing family and work commitments. I think it can be especially difficult in a large city.
  3. The weather 😁

    Vivid example of what climate change means to animal populations: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/08/starving-polar-bear-arctic-climate-change-video
  4. Cats in Australia (wildlife)

    Cats do get killed by snakes, attacked by dogs and run over by cars. A free roaming domestic cat has an average life of 5 years in Australia...about a third of an average natural lifespan.
  5. Is it time?

    Firstly, have you determined whether your husband would be allowed to settle there? It is now very difficult to take a non EU spouse into the UK and there are several eligibility hurdles to jump over.
  6. China Southern flights

    I haven't but some interesting reviews here including problems with seating if you are not a below-average-height Westerner. http://www.airlinequality.com/airline-reviews/china-southern-airlines/page/1/
  7. The weather in Tasmania today

    Christmas? I don't think anyone is foolish - or insane - enough to forecast that far ahead....well, not seriously anyway . I think 7 days is about their limit. I have known both 36C (2015) and snow on the mountain (1976?) on Christmas Day in Hobart.
  8. Yes and Yes. The advantages of the latter - waiting times for elective surgery - can differ markedly vary according to postcode. This website is informative and enables you to compare policies if you decide to go that route: https://www.privatehealth.gov.au/ I have a fairly basic hospital cover - with large excess to reduce premiums - but I am now classed as a "senior". I have used it only 3 times in the last 40 years. If I were my younger self starting out now I would dedicate a special account with top private health premium equivalent and self insure.
  9. The weather in Tasmania today

    Yes, I'm with you on the cooler days. 24C is about my comfortable maximum temp. Tassie is susceptible to these sudden changes because of its position. If the winds turn southerly then there's nothing between us and Antarctica. If it's from the north when heat has built up over the mainland in the warmer months then we cop that too. Fortunately most of our prevailing wind/weather is from the oceans to the west so it's a predominantly temperate climate.
  10. The weather in Tasmania today

    Well....it was 33C on Thursday...and we've just had the warmest November on record. However, 18 forecast for tomorrow....and low teens, early 20s for the rest of the week...so that will do just fine!
  11. The weather in Tasmania today

    9.9 here at the moment....feels like 5.9 with the wind chill factor apparently. Glad I lit the fire. The only problem is I moved most of the firewood away from the house last week because it was so warm and I was worried about bushfires : now I hope I have enough dry wood to last into the evening.
  12. The weather in Tasmania today

    Still bucketing down here - about 100mm in my rain gauge - and blowing hard from the south. They've just closed the Hobart mountain road due to snow. Great Lake Hotel at Miena this morning:
  13. The weather in Tasmania today

    Been raining constantly in Hobart since yesterday but it's delicious after such a dry warm spell. 58 mm in my rain gauge. Spent extra time in bed this morning because it was so nice listening to the rain. Now I've just lit the wood stove...a bit chilly ...after 33C on Wednesday. But I'll take the chill rather than the 33 any day.
  14. The weather 😁

    Yes...and they are planted in rows with quite a distance between each row so that they can be "hilled up" around each plant as the spuds develop. Also the tops die off before spuds are harvested - and no sign of that in the photo. I think they are turnips/swedes....which grow in a much more "untidy" fashion than spuds and can be left in the ground well into winter.
  15. Is it time?

    You seem very dependent on your daughter's decision. She is 19 and will be transitioning into an independent life. There is no guarantee she won't obtain employment or a partner in the future which requires a move far away from wherever you live - either in Australia or the UK. However, what is the attitude of your husband? Won't he consider a return to the UK if you are really miserable? If you are convinced you will be much happier there and he's not prepared to compromise, you may have to make a hard call. There's no point living your life in misery and blaming others for it.