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  1. Australia ranked 5th for Quality of Life

    That is simply untrue - as was pointed out on another thread. Stop repeating it. You did know it...because you left Australia once......then returned.
  2. Thinking about moving back

    Exactly which laws??? Australian citizenship can be revoked by the Minister for Immigration only if you are convicted of a serious criminal offence or there was fraud involved in the process of you obtaining citizenship. It has nothing to do with your health status. Stop misleading people. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/Citizenship/Pages/Losing-your-citizenship.aspx
  3. The weather in Tasmania today

    Yes, woken at 4.30 this morning by a howling gale in Hobart. Wind has died down but now pouring with rain - after 30C yesterday. Really need the rain - it's been very dry down here over summer.
  4. Quality of life for kids

    They're not....but they are supposed to be labelled as such...and there are rumblings that restrictions may be lifted in the EU and after Brexit.. However you can download a phone App to shop GMO free in the UK. The other solution is eat organic foods only. http://shopgmofree.co.uk/
  5. Quality of life for kids

    I have experienced the hot very dry heat & wind when i lived in Victoria - part of the weather pattern that comes accross from South Australia. I'm not disputing that it occurs in some places at certain times of the year. But one particular poster implies in his several rants that it is the normal weather all over Australia. And that is simply untrue.
  6. Quality of life for kids

    No one doubts the extremes of the Australian climate and if anyone migrates here without knowing about them I'd have to ask which rock they've been living under. In this age of media saturation any person with half a brain should be aware of them. (I also think they contribute to a certain dark sardonic humour which others can find difficult) . I have personally experienced both bushfire and flood but never the desert climate implied on here as being ubiquitously "Australian". The only time I have not been able to get into town was because the road was closed by snow, not by a desert sandstorm.
  7. Growing up in Australia

    What a wonderful record of childhood. And how well organised is that! Very impressed.
  8. Quality of life for kids

    The weather site I use frequently shows temperatures in real time and it's not that uncommon to have a difference of 40C between the hottest and coldest places in Australia at the same time. Not quite that difference at the moment...but it is currently showing 39.4 at Wiluna in W.A. and 3.7 on Mt. Wellington, Hobart.
  9. Shown here: roughly south, east and north of the A.C.T. http://www.rdasi.org.au/about-us/rda-southern-inland-region/
  10. nurses thinking about making the move

    I just did a seek search which produced 79 individual advertisements....but I suspect a number of them are for multiple vacancies in the same category.
  11. Going back to the UK - Property Prices

    Yes, quite a few very liveable houses under $350K on the northwest coast. Employment is the problem there, of course. Not a problem for retired people.
  12. Going back to the UK - Property Prices

    "Chalet style villa". .. ..I love how real estate agents' fanciful language crosses all borders.
  13. A house in Victoria Under $100k

    Yes, that's why they are cheap....no employment.
  14. Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Some feel it much more than others. Mine certainly didn't. She was always concerned about our welfare, of course - and we gave her numerous occasions for worry after we left home - but she really relished her new freedom to do her own thing. Your mother may well have been the same...so I don't think you should feel guilty at all.
  15. The weather in Tasmania today

    I love all those happy dogs!