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  1. Skani

    Australian income tax

    I'd certainly go through a tax agent for your first tax return for the reasons given by Alan Collett. Online in subsequent years may be perfectly appropriate once you've seen how deductions and rebates can be applied.
  2. Skani

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    MG is now owned by a Shanghai company called SAIC Motor.
  3. Skani

    Moving to Oz

    Well yes....thousands of parents with children have moved and have wondered the same thing. Where in Australia will you be living? That could be a major factor in how well you settle.
  4. Skani

    David Attenborough's Tasmania

    Yes, that's true. The Royal Hobart Hospital has a desensitisation program for those who are allergic - also available in Adelaide and Melbourne. http://www.dhhs.tas.gov.au/service_information/services_files/RHH/treatments_and_services/jack_jumper_allergy_program I disturbed a nest of them once when I was hoeing bracken fern and was bitten by 2 which ran into my wellies. Fortunately I'm not allergic to them...but it was very painful.
  5. Skani

    Moving to Hobart - all advice welcome!

    Given the small population and lack of large projects I doubt there would be many such vancancies. However you should check out the Seek and Jobsearch.com.au websites.
  6. Skani

    is my electricity bill normal

    Where do you live? Electricity prices vary considerably between Australian states. Also, you may be able to switch to a different provider who gives you a better deal.
  7. Skani

    Travelling light

    I'd also be cautious about committing to the apartment without having inspected personally. I note that the real estate blurb says that the photos are of "an" apartment in the complex...specifically not the one being advertised. Also, because of its price and location, I'd be concerned about Airbnb type rentals as neighbours. You may find yourself living in party central. ..which may make working (sleeping) and life with a baby very difficult.
  8. Skani

    The Royal wedding

    She's of mixed racial heritage like millions of humans the world over. And the problem is....?
  9. Skani

    The Royal wedding

    I watched it on ABC but saw a tweet afterwards saying Ch. 7 had Angela Rippon on (that's if you were referring to a Pom with the snotty voice?).
  10. The question I have is, if my copper cable is so poor that it's never been able to support even basic ADSL, how do I know it will support NBN? Has anyone checked it? I haven't managed to get a satisfactory response from the NBN...but it's only round 1 so far. I don't want to go through all the hassle of switching and then discover it won't work anyway and I should have stayed with fixed wireless. I would prefer not to stay with the latter if I don't have to...it's very expensive.
  11. Skani

    Show us your fish

    And humid hot for much of the year, not dry heat which can be very different.
  12. So if some foreign power decided that the Chinese were the rightful historical owners of Victoria, kicked you and all the other non- Chinese out of your cushy suburban Melbourne homes to some marginal desert land in South Australia, in a virtual refugee camp, you'd consider you or your descendants had no right to fight back?
  13. I thought all the NBN connections in this phase of development were fibre to the node - ie. the node is somewhere in the street and the existing copper phone wire is used from there to individual houses? I'm interested because I have to connect within the next 8 months and my existing copper wire is so poor that it can't support even basic ADSL ( have to use fixed wireless for broadband internet). I've had round 1 with NBN asking them to clarify what happens in my situation - completely useless and unhelpful. Am girding my loins for round 2.
  14. And the motivation of the latter is pure self interest, not any policy ideology. They are: hoping to extract favours from the US by sucking up to them.
  15. Skani

    Online Glasses

    How do you get frames which will fit your face?