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  1. If I were you I'd have a talk about your particular situation with your local Tenant Advocate at Then you'll know exactly where you stand when the real estate bozo tries to bamboozle you.
  2. Broadband /wifi providers in Tassie

    It will depend very much on your exact location. (For example, I live only 6 kms from the Hobart GPO but have never been able to access even basic ADSL. Have just - in the last month - gained the option of being connected to the fibre optic National Broadband Network). Once you know your address you can get some idea of your options at this site: I'd then talk to locals about their real experiences. The Australian Consumers Association does a yearly survey of customer satisfaction with internet companies. Their latest survey (in July 2017) produced Internode, iinet, iPrimus, Optus and TPG (in that order) as all performing above average.
  3. The weather in Tasmania today can walk. The walkers start an hour before the runners. They cap the numbers at 3000 (limited by the number of buses they can fit at the top of the mountain to bring them all down). As for me...I give the royal wave as they stream past my place. That's if I'm out of bed in time.
  4. The weather in Tasmania today

    Well done you! And well done doggies! Beautiful photos and beautiful dogs. I expect you are in training for the Point to Pinnacle in mid November now.
  5. The weather in Tasmania today

    Being Sunday and nice weather today, it's likely to be traffic jam central up there. It might be less painful to walk up from Lenah Valley.
  6. Travel times/ Job quandry!

    Have you considered Penguin? A lovely little town on the coast giving you easy access to Burnie to the west and not much further to Devonport in the other direction.
  7. Medical care

    I'm not sure about the ramifications of different visas but, in general, private medical insurance is a minefield in Australia - hundreds of different options offered by multiple companies. Yes, premiums have an extra loading if you commence with the company at an older age. Premiums can also differ according to the state in which you live. So it is impossible to say which are better - it depends so much on individual circumstances. These are good comparison tools which allow you to input some details relevant to your particular situation: Private health insurance is mainly used for hospital care and ancillary services such as dental, optometrists, physiotherapy etc. I'm not sure it will be of any use for your medication requirements
  8. Mobile phone advice please

    Just click on this bit For a comparison tool for prepaid mobile providers, have a look at this
  9. Mobile phone advice please

    Yes, they are quite common here. Normally called "Prepaid". I use one with Telstra but they are offered by many (all?) companies.
  10. The weather in Tasmania today

    Yes...woke up to a light dusting of snow at my place (300 m. above sea level) this morning.
  11. Good Films-what is worth going to see?

    True life: "Lion", the true story of a young boy lost in India, sent to an orphanage, adopted to Australia ....and his search, as an adult, to find his village and family.
  12. Born in AUS want to move to UK

    I knew the world was going crazy. Just more confirmation.
  13. Moving to Hobart - all advice welcome!

    Re rental market: I don't know how it compares to the GC but it's certainly a lot more competitive than it used to be according to media reports. The blame is being placed on 2 factors - aggressive promotion of international university student places without providing enough rental accommodation for them and landlords converting rental properties into the current AirBnB boom. I doubt whether you could secure a property without personal inspection but I, too, think it would be unwise. I personally haven't rented since the 1980s but I accompanied a friend looking at rentals a few years ago and it was very interesting to see the significant factors which could be omitted from the blurb and the photos. I'd also like to get a first hand "feel" for the immediate area, neighbours etc. which you can't always do from photos. I don't know where your OH will be working but it would be adviseable to look at commuting conditions to/from different areas and you can't really do that until you are here. It's harder with pets but not impossible. I have seen rentals advertised with "pets may be considered at this property" and some friends with a dog recently obtained a lovely rental (on Gumtree). I think the landlords were initially ambivalent but, having met the dog (and being very impressed), were converted.
  14. Born in AUS want to move to UK

    The OP may be OK but even before leaving the EU it is now very difficult for the Australian spouse of a UK citizen to move to the UK. It must be at least as difficult for the Australian spouse of a German citizen.
  15. Moving to Hobart - all advice welcome!

    About an hour's drive northwest of Hobart. Mainly sheep farming country. First white settlers were predominantly Scots...who established the first golf course in Australia (and still in existence). Has a whisky distillery and an "International Highland Spin" In every 2nd March.