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  1. Pronunciation - K'REN - very different from the American KAren which has become ubiquitous here. Also, I doubt the people who use "KAren" as an insult - who seem to be young things taking a swipe at "boomers" - have any knowledge of the existence of the ethnic Karen groups.
  2. Skani

    Moving to Melbourne 2021/22

    Figures within the quoted documents show *net* internal migration numbers, ie. the difference between numbers arriving and numbers leaving. For Melbourne 32,200 more people left for elsewhere in Oz than arrived from elsewhere in Oz (in March 2021 quarter). For Sydney the net migration loss was 31,600 for the same quarter. This reversed the trend of the previous year when Sydney's net migration loss was larger than Melbourne's.
  3. However there's confusing mixed messaging here. The Prime Minister made it quite clear this afternoon that the caps will initially be lifted for returning Australians, residents, and their families. "It won’t be a free-for-all for international travellers". NSW may accept them - but they have to be permitted to enter the country first.
  4. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    There's currently no legislation in Tas. for gaoling Covid miscreants but there's plenty of popular support for it so maybe that will change.
  5. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The airlines don't check for the g2g pass when boarding a domestic flight - say it's not their job - and, apparently, Tasmania isn't allowed to station staff in interstate airports to do its own checking. So if anyone turns up without one they have to be held in quarantine until they can be returned. This particular reprobate had already been refused a g2g pass twice but booked on the last plane of the day so he couldn't be immediately returned - obviously part of his cunning plan. The other villain here is security at the quarantine hotel. How on earth could he slip out without being noticed? The hotels with international quarantiners in Hobart have Army security but domestic quarantine hotels have private security firms. Didn't anyone learn a lesson from Melbourne? You would have thought they'd ensure the private security system was fail proof.
  6. Skani

    Living in New Zealand

    My husband loved NZ . He went on motorcycle trips with his mates once or twice a year and regularly talked about moving there. Said it reminded him of Tasmania in the '80s (which he considered preferable to more recent Tasmania. ) However he died about 2 months before we were due to go on a "reccy" trip (by car) so it didn't eventuate. I'm not sure how comfortable I would have felt about the vulnerability to earthquakes. And I believe it is very difficult for "outsiders", including Australians, to buy property there now.
  7. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    It wasn't "a small group". There was widespread flouting of workplace protocols across the construction sector - protocols which were often far less rigorous than those required by workers in other industries. The construction sector was warned of the consequences of not abiding by safe working rules - and continued to ignore them.
  8. Presumably your mother was born in the US? But what about her parents ... and your father and his parents?
  9. The Taliban have never had to live like that. They have been very well resourced by control of the opium trade (Afghanistan accounts for more than 80% of world production), plus protection racket taxes in areas they controlled plus donations from wealthy middle eastern individuals and groups who support their extreme form of Islam.
  10. Well - aside from the fact that "could" and "going to be" are two different beasts - that would be very awkward for the Republicans given that Trump negotiated the original agreement (in Feb. 2020) with the Taliban (not the Afghan government) that the Americans would withdraw by 1 May this year. (Biden extended that to 31st August). Trump's withdrawal agreement included freeing 5000 imprisoned Taliban soldiers and freeing its leader, as Bulya noted above. Trump then drastically reduced US troop numbers in Afghanistan and continued throughout 2020 despite constant and continuing evidence that the Taliban was not abiding by the terms of the negotiations. Biden inherited a s***show that was designed to fail by Trump.
  11. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Especially as NSW knew that Case 1 (the air crew driver) had contracted the Delta variant which is at least twice as contagious as the strain Victoria was dealing with last year.
  12. Yes...but the crucial difference is that the immune system of humans has been learning to respond to "normal" flu infections over generations, has developed a certain level of herd immunity plus has widespread protection from flu vaccinations. That is a very different scenario from Covid 19 where no protection - either naturally developed immunity or vaccination - was available at the beginning. If the "let 'er rip" principle had been applied the death count would be exponentially higher than occurs from influenza - including in much younger and "healthier" cohorts - not to mention the collapse of the health and hospital systems and the long term health consequences of "long Covid". Hopefully we will get to the same scenario as flu, once enough of the population has been exposed (and survived) and/or vaccinated.
  13. Skani

    Partner flight booked. Advice please!!

    Etihad may have good systems but they are at the mercy of the Australian government which can (and has in the past) change the number of permitted arrivals. But hopefully that won't be an added complication for your partner.
  14. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    It may come as a surprise to you....but we do have public media in Australia. They also cover local news. Who would have thunk it?
  15. Skani

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Very happy to be left off that map, thank you very much!