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  1. Skani

    Worst day so far

    Well, their infection rate has declined since its peak - which was about 1300 a day - but the economic impact has been almost as severe as in Denmark and Norway which introduced stricter controls from the beginning. And now those two countries and Finland have introduced a travel bubble from which Sweden is excluded. It doesn't look as though it will gain much (if any) economic benefit from its much greater death rate which, per capita, is 10 times that of the other Nordic countries.
  2. Skani

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    Of course. She's a prime example of one, too.
  3. Skani

    New members on CTF

    You're a laff. They actually go off to more productive, enjoyable activities on earth.
  4. Skani

    Worst day so far

    That is certainly the same in Tasmania. The State Premier acted very swiftly and decisively in March to close the state borders - at the same time the PM was bragging about going to the football - and dealt very effectively with a local Covid outbreak originating from the Ruby Princess cruise ship. He was criticised by the PM over his actions - but told the PM in no uncertain terms to butt out. The results have been very good for Tassie so far (fingers crossed) - only 1 infection in the last 81 days and that was a person who tested positive in hotel quarantine after arriving from Melbourne.
  5. Skani

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    My post in reponse to this last Saturday has been superseded already by today's change in rules by the Tasmanian government ( "open border" travel from S.A., W.A. and N.T. now won't be allowed as was planned from 7th August). In such a volatile situation the only solution is to keep an eye on the official Tasmanian government website nearer to the time of your arrival: https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au/travellers-and-visitors/coming-to-tasmania
  6. Skani

    Visa 804 aged parent visa

    Even if not married - if in a defacto relationship...or a relationship a court considers to be defacto - your son's financial position in the event of a separation could be seriously impacted by having your house in his name. I agree with the comments above - it is a potential minefield.
  7. Skani

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    As I understand the situation - and rules change regularly in the current situation - you will have to hotel quarantine only in Tasmania providing you transit directly to your connecting flight through the arrival airport (ie. not leave the airport). However, from 7 August there will be no quarantine requirements in Tasmania for people arriving from Western Australia, South Australia or the Northern Territory so theoretically you would also have the option of hotel quarantine in those jurisdictions then have direct entry to Tasmania (providing your flight is not through Melbourne airport). https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au/travellers-and-visitors/coming-to-tasmania
  8. "Affordable and relatively cheap" mean different things to different people. Do a search for rentals in the suburbs mentioned above for current prices: https://www.realestate.com.au/rent/ The listings also have links to a "Suburb Profile" - near the bottom of the page - which will give you an idea of location and amenities.
  9. Skani

    Stamp Duty

    The Queensland government needs to clarify its requirements. This also from a Qld government website: https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/financial-help-concessions/qld-first-home-grant/apply-first-home-grant
  10. Skani

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    Not only is she wrong but she reveals herself to be dumb, entitled and selfish. She obviously hasn't read the Declaration of Human Rights or, if she has, she doesn't understand it. She also doesn't understand that she has entered private property and the owner has the complete right to decide conditions of entry. All respect to the Bunnings staff who responded in such a controlled manner. Apparently the "rights" and this type of confrontational behaviour are being promoted on conspiracy theory platforms - as with the the other publicity seeking girl who filmed herself driving through a checkpoint (and reading from a script on her lap because she had to be told what to say. ). The identity of the Bunnings woman has been tracked down on Facebook: one of her "personas" is a claim to be a psychic oracle.
  11. Skani

    Stamp Duty

    Nooooo! I would always double check what so called "experts" say - especially in the real estate industry - and check with the relevant authority which makes the rules. Fortunately these days it is usually easy to find online. Owning a home in another country wouldn't make one ineligible now...and I suspect it was the same back when your son bought: https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/financial-help-concessions/qld-first-home-grant/apply-first-home-grant
  12. Skani

    Stamp Duty

    Real estate rules, regulations and grants differ between states. I believe you are moving to W.A.? In which case you can access a Stamp Duty Calculator provided online by the Real Estate Institute of W.A. : https://reiwa.com.au/advice/calculator-tools/stamp-duty-calculator-wa/
  13. Skani

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    Apparently a new variety of funnel web was discovered in the north east in 2017. Until then I didn't know they existed here at all. I've never seen one - or a redback spider either.
  14. Skani

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    No Covid19 cases for 61 days now: keeping our fingers crossed it stays that way.
  15. Skani

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Australia banned Huawei from involvement in the 5G network 2 years ago: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/aug/27/marise-payne-defends-5g-ban-on-chinese-telcos-huawei-and-zte