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  1. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    I was recently talking to a mate from the north west coast who'd just been visiting friends at Mole Creek, back of Deloraine. There are 10 properties on said friends' road: 7 of them are now owned by "climate refugees" from Queensland. I do feel sorry for young Tasmanians - at least here in Hobart - trying to buy their first home. With the lowest average incomes in Australia they are struggling to compete with so many cashed up mainland buyers.
  2. Skani

    Corona Virus

    That was probably the instructions she was given and not following them could have dire consequences for her. I'd give any medical staff in that situation a lot of slack at the moment. They've been under great pressure for almost a year.
  3. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    That's a double for Tassie. Only last week a chardonnay from the Tolpuddle Vineyard near Hobart was named by the International Wine Challenge as the 2020 world Champion White Wine. https://drinksdigest.com/2020/12/01/tolpuddle-chardonnay-named-worlds-best-white-wine/
  4. Skani

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    I'm with Toots - 25 is my upper limit. I get the grumps above that. Guess that's why we're here and you're there.
  5. Skani

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    I dunno, Bob...looks pretty normal to me. Boring sameness on the mainland and all lively activity in Tassie.
  6. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    I'm not sure about that having spent several stints there with relatives. It's gorgeous in winter but I found November to April very uncomfortable. I think it also has a higher rainfall than the Sunshine Coast - caused by the mountains to the west of C.H. IIRC
  7. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    Good luck with that: they won't have factored in the wind chill factor. What are the 2 figures (e.g. 12 - 18) directly under the date?
  8. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    It's not a particularly cold Tasmanian spot but it does rain a lot - something like 4 to 5 times Hobart's rainfall.
  9. Skani

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Here's a personal message to reassure you, Parley Dear Parley, “The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. Right now, across the country, election officials are reviewing and double checking the entire election process prior to finalizing the result. “When states have close elections, many will recount ballots. All of the states with close results in the 2020 presidential race have paper records of each vote, allowing the ability to go back and count each ballot if necessary. This is an added benefit for security and resilience. This process allows for the identification and correction of any mistakes or errors. There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised. “Other security measures like pre-election testing, state certification of voting equipment, and the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s (EAC) certification of voting equipment help to build additional confidence in the voting systems used in 2020. “While we know there are many unfounded claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of our elections, we can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should too. When you have questions, turn to elections officials as trusted voices as they administer elections.” Signed, The members of Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) Executive Committee – Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Assistant Director Bob Kolasky, U.S. Election Assistance Commission Chair Benjamin Hovland, National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) President Maggie Toulouse Oliver, National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) President Lori Augino, and Escambia County (Florida) Supervisor of Elections David Stafford – and the members of the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) – Chair Brian Hancock (Unisyn Voting Solutions), Vice Chair Sam Derheimer (Hart InterCivic), Chris Wlaschin (Election Systems & Software), Ericka Haas (Electronic Registration Information Center), and Maria Bianchi (Democracy Works) Funny....I can't remember you lathering yourself into a sweat about how much fraud there might have been in the 2016 election? Four years does strange things to a fellow.
  10. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    I don't know where that forecast comes from. The official Bureau of Meteorology forecast for daily max. temps starting tomorrow (Friday) is: 20, 22, 19, 17, 18, 20, 20 (Thursday 10th) - they don't dare predict further out than that. So that's up to 6 deg. warmer than your forecast. The long term average for December in Hobart is 20.4 (though the last few years have certainly been warmer than that). What I personally like about Hobart's "hot" spells - because I don't do heat - is that they only last for a day or two. We don't get weeks of the unrelenting heat which the mainland can experience in summer. And it's very rare to have an uncomfortably warm night so you can at least get a refreshing sleep.
  11. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    Hobart's about 2 degrees colder (maximum and minmium ) than Melbourne in winter. It has higher minimum temps. than Canberra from March through to November.
  12. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    Occasionally. The last time was August 2015:
  13. Skani

    Where would you live in Tasmania?

    What a wimp! Second day of summer in Hobart. Mind you, we've already had two 30+ degree days in November. At least it's never boring.
  14. Skani

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    All the judges in the 35? - I've lost count - of the court cases so far dismissed. "A Frankenstein monster", "without any merit whatsoever" are some of the criticisms made by the judges. One wonders the effect on the professional reputation of a law firm which is prepared to present a case "without any merit whatsoever". But maybe in the US your professional reputation doesn't matter as long as the money flows?
  15. Skani

    Your one word that separates the UK from Australia

    Yes....I was thinking my one word would probably be "space".