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  1. Skani

    Moving to Muswellbrook, NSW

    Get a house with a good airconditioning unit. The maximum temperature for the next 4 days varies between 42 and 44 C! http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/muswellbrook.shtml
  2. Skani

    What is best internet provider for price in Nairne 5252

    This WhistleOut website might be useful to narrow down your choices. Enter your address and the monthly data capacity you want and it will tell you what is available at that address. https://www.whistleout.com.au/Broadband
  3. Skani

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That's not a fact - that's balderdash. Example: a new Mazda3 - one of the most popular hatch/sedan models in Oz - costs 70% more in UK, their Mazda2 hatch 50% more in UK.
  4. Skani

    Anyone ever wear 'thongs?'

    And "flip-flops" isn't? Personally, I like the Kiwi word "jandals".
  5. Skani

    Anyone ever wear 'thongs?'

    I wear thongs on the pool deck when I go to the Aquatic Centre. That's where they belong. Horrible things otherwise. My daughter, who used to wear them frequently, developed a very painful case of plantar fasciitis - to the point of being almost unable to walk. She was told to stop wearing thongs immediately - and never wear them again.
  6. Are you not aware that thousands already do it? In the last financial year nearly 28,000 arrived in Australia claiming asylum - all of them by plane. In the past 4 years since "we stopped the boats" nearly 65,000 arrived by plane and requested a protection visa.
  7. It's completely useless. A record number of asylum seekers (nearly 28,000) arrived in Australia in the last financial year - all by plane. The pollies don't mention that when crowing about "stopping the boats".
  8. Skani

    Sydney is a terrible place

    Obviously many people feel the same way' At the last ABS figures I saw, 18,000 Sydneysiders a year were leaving to live in other parts of Australia. But the problem is the total population is growing at about 100,000 a year - almost all from overseas migration.
  9. Skani

    The weather in Tasmania today

    Quite reasonable here (which is why we don't live on the mainland ). It did reach 34C here in Hobart yesterday but a substantial cool change came through shortly after midday and maximum temperatures today and forecast for the the next week are in the 20 - 25 range.
  10. Skani

    Aussie weather

    Warm air coming from the north or northwest is cooled somewhat by the sea by the time it hits Devonport....but then absorbs more heat from the land as it moves south. Likewise, southerlies are coldest in the south of the island but are also moderated (a little) by warmth from the land as they move north.
  11. Skani

    Aussie weather

    There's no such thing as standard "Oz" weather - it can vary tremendously in different parts of the (very large) country. This December's average max where I live has been 22. Even I - who hate the heat! - can't complain about that.
  12. What the **** does "tonk" mean? I've lived in Oz all my life and have never heard the word. Only Tonka toys.
  13. Skani

    Random Thoughts

    I agree that selling hot cross buns now is ridiculous. But aren't they just regular fruit buns (with a cross)? And those are available every day of the year.
  14. Skani


    Must have been '77. We had Christmas Day snow on the mountain in Hobart around that time - probably the same southerly blast which hit Canberra.
  15. Skani

    Australia’s Property Crash

    This interactive website is quite interesting: it shows the changes in median house values for each suburb/area in the capital cities for each year since 2008. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-10/how-hard-has-australias-property-downturn-hit-your-suburb/10588960