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Found 120 results

  1. Tez123

    Immi Account Login Issue

    Hi I can login to my Immi account via my mobile phone; however I can no longer log in via a web browser on my computer. An error message appears saying "An error has occurred. A request was made that is not in the expected sequence and the application has been refreshed to its initial state.". I am using the Chrome browser and I have tried clearing all cache, cookies and Browsing history to see if that would solve the issue. Any help is much appreciated. Thank You Terence
  2. If I open an Aussie account from the UK before leaving, can I pay in a cheque thats' made out in pounds? Obviously I know the bank will make a small charge and the exchange rate goes up and down etc. But is this actually possible, or can an Australian account only accept payments/transfers in AUD ?
  3. Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to open up a bank account in Australia while being in the country on just an ETA (visitor visa) ? Has anyone had any experience doing this? If I am successful, I will need to attend an AHPRA office in Australia to finalise some registration there, and thus need proof of Australian residence. I was hoping to apply for an australian bank account while still in the UK but am unsure of the ETA visa ~(NOT a work visa)~ will allow me to do this. Then I could get the bank to print off a statement with the Australian address I will be temporarily residing at. Kind regards, Daniel
  4. Hi All , We have been wondering how soon before moving over we should open a bank account and what benifits if any this will give us, does it help with credit raitings etc? We have been sent info from Westpac wich seem ok but any info on them or recomendations on any other banks would be great. Thanks everyone. John & Julie :notworthy:
  5. RonPrice

    Mental Health Issues

    Mental health issues need to get an airing at this site since they are an increasing problem in both the UK and Australia. I won't tell all my story here but, readers with the interest, can access my story ***link removed per forum rules***
  6. Whilst still in the UK? That way I will have a ready source of funds to rent a house when I get there. Thanks for any advice
  7. Can anyone recommend a UK savings account that allows you to be living out of the UK? We currently have some funds in Egg that we don't envisage moving to Australia in the near future. When I recently tried to change our address (to the new Aussie one) through their online banking page, it didn't allow it and I then received a message saying that Egg don't allow non-UK residents to have an account with them. So now we need to move the funds somewhere else and I'm stuck for where to look. Any ideas anyone? Thanks, Sam
  8. Hi, My NAB account shows me that my car loan(through ANZ) has been reversed back to my account! The money was taken yesterday and put back in today?? Confused!!
  9. Wellers and Whitehead

    Bank accounts-wages going into Uk account when in Oz!

    We are moving to perth, flights booked on 3 jan!! The issue I have is, I get paid my last months wages from uk whilst I'll be in Oz! Anybody got any ideas on how I can get this money whilst in Oz?
  10. Hi we are flying out on 30th October to Brisbane on a 457 visa. Should we open a bank account now ? Or should we just open one when we get there ? Any advice would be appreciated David
  11. Hi all Is it possible to open a bank account in aus before we get there?but we would be staying with my partners parents for around 6 month so wouldnt have a fixed address for a while,we need to transfer money over into a bank account.Plus does anybody know the best and cheapest way to transfer money over from uk to sydney and one with a good rate thanks:biggrin:
  12. Guest

    opening a bank account!!!!

    Hi all, Im moving to Victoria as soon as my visa arrives. I want to open a bank account from home so when i arrive thats 1 thing in place. Can someone help or advise the best bank and how. Thanks chris!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  13. Hi all, I did all the right things, set up my account with Common wealth Bank from the UK...the only issue was, I set up a joint account for myself and my wife. A week before I came out, I transferred over circa 10k (can't find the pound sign on a Aussie keyboard). I then got to Sydney last week and absolutely love it...only problem is, I can't access my funds. I did everything right, went to the bank with my passport and other ID, the only problem is, because it's a joint account, my wife has also have to be identified :arghh: I thought that I could get my ATM and credit card however, if it's a joint account, you both have to be ID'd by the bank. My wife will be out in two weeks time as I came out first whilst she waits to ship the goods. Beware if your situation is the same. I have to say that the bank manager has been excellent and has allowed me some funds. Also, CBA in London have also been excellent and been in touch with my wife to get a bank/accountant in the UK to copy her ID and email through to the local branch. I guess you learn these things as you go however, if I knew this was to be the case, I would have opened the account in my own name and then add my wife when she got here. Hope this helps someone. Regards Mike (In Sydney and it has surpassed all my expectations)
  14. Tappers2oz

    Oz saving account from the UK

    Was just thinking (very rare):biggrin: about savings accounts. A post from M2M prompted me to ask this. Obviously our interest rate here in the UK is pants and i know Oz has quite good interest rates at the mo. I hear a lot about people having 'overseas' accounts (in general not PIO) and was just wondering if it's legal to open a Oz savings account from the UK and fund it so you get better interest rates and better return on your money????:confused:
  15. Hi all, I live in Sydney and will do so for another year or 2 and dont need to move my savings over from the UK. My current savings account is receinvg under 1%pa in interest so need to find something else but it appears you need to be a UK resident. Has anyone tried opening a savings account in the UK whilst living in Oz??? or even a sterling savings account here?? I'm slightly apprehensive of opening an offshore account. thanks
  16. Hi PomsInOZ, Could anyone advise what is the best current account to have in Australia? I am trying to research if it is best to set up before arriving or if this incurs charges that would be avoided by opening on landing in Melbourne in mid November. I am only arriving with a minimal amount of money, around the £3000 recommended for one years work supported travel, and don’t wish to have to pay for set-up and money transfer fees if these could be avoided. Thanks for any advice. Cheers Tom
  17. We are going out to Melbourne to validate visas early next year but will not be staying permanently at that time. Is it possible to set up any bank accounts whilst we are there or do we have to have a permanent address over there to do this? Is there anything else we can do whilst over there? Register at schools etc?
  18. Hi experts, recently we got our 176 visa granted and planing to move soon. Can I open a bank account before arriving @ Commonwealth Bank of Australia. If yes how (any link) ? your valuable responses are much appreciated ... :notworthy: Thanks, Horizone..
  19. Hi Guys Can anybody please advise me I went to my bank Barclays and they advise me that if I am out of the country for more than 6 months I am not meant to keep an account open in the UK by rights. The only thing is I have a rental property here in the UK which I am going to keep on until or if the prices start going up and have the rent payments paid into my account. What do must people do in this situation please? Do must people who emigrate still keep an account open or do they transfer it into there Aussie Bank Account? I would really appreciate any advice on this matter. Kind regards Debbie
  20. Hi guys, My boyfriend and I set up a joint bank account yesterday morning. We have been using his account entirely, and he asked the lady to shut it down and transfer the funds to our new joint account. Anyway, got home yesterday afternoon and logged on to netbank just to double check. On both our log-ins it says we have no account! Same thing tonight, it's been 36 hours or so. And our money is nowhere to be seen.... I'm assuming that it just takes a couple days for it to process and sort out, but just a little worried as the lady at the bank didn't mention there being any kind of delay with our accounts showing up. All she mentioned was that our cards would take 5 or 6 days to be posted through. Any solutions to put my mind at rest? Thanks! Sophie.
  21. Guest

    Bank account in Melbourne

    Could anyone give us some information about bank accounts in Melbourne,please. We are currently waiting to apply for 457 visa and a bank account that allows us to transfer money from Oz to the UK every month, as my husband need to pay maintenance for his son. We were also considering HSBC. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  22. shazney64

    Didn't account for this

    I knew emigrating to Perth with a 14 year old and a new baby would be tough. We sent our furniture early 5 weeks to be excat whilst i had a three week old babay. We sat at home on camping chairs i nrsed my baby on blow up beds. After the grueliing flight we arrived and stayed in a furnished caravan for the first week until we sorted a rental. Once we moved into a rental we had a further two weeks of sitting on one camping chair and two blow up beds. My hubby and i shared whilst my son had one. It was tough!! All the time i was exhausted thinking it was because i had a newborn baby and not sleeping well on the air beds. However five weeks in we have school, football team, job, doc, immunisations up to date. We think we have done great!!! But we never accounted for is the impact this has had on my health. I have just been diagnosed with Graves disease can be brought on by stress and common after a baby. Medictaion and constant monitoring of my thyroid levels is now needed for life! We are now panicking about the cost of this??? Are prescriptions covered by medicare?? Kinda of numb and not sure whether this has all been worth it. sharonx
  23. Guest

    Bank Account in Australia

    Hi All, I am moving to Sydney on a 457 Visa early next month and wanted to get a few details on opening a bank account there: 1. What are the good banks I can consider opening a bank account in? 2. What is the procedure and documents required for the same? 3. Is there a minimum amount that should be maintained for opening an account? Thanks,
  24. Just had an offer on a house accepted and need to sell some UK quoted shares to release funds. I don't have a trading account set up and from what I can see, the usual people (Halifax etc.) need you to be UK resident to create one. We sold our house before we came over so don't have a UK address. Does anyone know how I can sell my shares from here? Can I just phone a UK number? The proceeds would be going into a UK account before onward transfer to Oz. This would be a one off trade. Thanks.
  25. SussexBear

    HSBC account

    I know this has been asked before, but could someone who has opened one of these accounts tell me how easy/hard it was and do you get debit cards etc straight away? Also has anyone with a citibank credt card transferred it to use as a UK account? I have looked on thier site and it's not very clear :cute: