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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, I am in my final year of my Bachelors degree and soon I will be going on a temporary graduate visa. I am doing an API accredited degree - Bachelors of Business with a major in Property. After my graduate visa I am planning to nominate Valuer or Land Economist as my occupation. Just wondering if anyone has applied for this occupation already ? How was your experience ? Any advise (besides studying another degree ) don’t think I can study another degree or take on masters. Or if anyone can point me in the right path. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello,I'm currently waiting for my remaining relative visa to be approved (It's been 7 months and onshore application. people say it can take decades). My parent, brother, sister, nephew and niece are all Australian citizens.While on the wait, DIBP granted me a bridging visa A in which i'm not allowed to work. 2 months ago DIBP requested my medical check result (from BUPA) and police record from my country of origin. There has been no other request from them eversince. I have recently re-applied for work permit after i got rejected 5 months ago (DIBP said i did not demonstrate my financial hardship). My questions are: 1. After undergoing my medical assesment, what will be the next process and how long normally from the time DIBP received my medical result?2. Is it possible to get my work permit approved after second application?I hope someone can help me with the answer. Thank you.
  3. I have now completed my 2 years on State Sponsored 489 Visa (Visa is 4 yrs long) in SA and happy to stay here. I'd like to apply for PR and from the homeaffairs.gov.au website I know it will cost $385 for me and $195 for spouse. Now, the only route I can see after this is via 887 PR visa, and it seems to cost $3755 for me and $1875 for spouse. Is this right? We already spent quite a bit getting the 489, doesn't seem right to now spend another $6310 for PR. Any advice greatly received.
  4. Hi all. I was granted PR May 2016. Application for citizenship sent in January 2018. Overseas travel to UK for 5 weeks coming up September 2018. Do i need a bridging visa it is my PR status enough? Thanks in advance. Having a small freak out as hadn't even thought about a bridging visa, i called the immi hotline to advise the dates i will be overseas.
  5. gingernut

    Extending last entry date

    I have had my PR visa for nearly 5 years so it is about to expire in 6 weeks. I applied for it before I met my partner. Now we have decided to emigrate to Australia together so he has applied for a de facto visa but hasn't received it yet. There's no real reason why he shouldn't be granted it but anything's possible. Is there any way I can extend my last date of entry until his visa comes through? We are selling the house and this hasn't gone through yet so could this be reason for department to extend visa entry date? I know they're pretty strict about these things but if anyone's got any advice I would be grateful to hear it. Thank you.
  6. Hello, everyone. We have applied for a 190 Visa, sponsoring state is ACT. We are currently abroad, waiting for the invitation letter. Once that arrives, we will return to Australia and hopefully recieve our visa. The big question we have is: what happens then? We have read that those who get certain kinds of Permanent Resident visas will get an email asking the visa holder to inform the ACT government when they arrive in ACT so that they can begin filling out the 6 Settlement Surveys (sent every 6 months). Are there any other things that visa holders must do, such as in-office interviews with the ACT staff? I would really like to hear from anyone who has recieved this or other kinds of State Sponsored PR visa regarding how these Settlement Surveys are sent out and what kind of information is asked in them. Are there other kinds of inquiries or monitoring done by the ACT government, such as home visits, phone calls or spot checks? And do the surveys change over time? I would think that this kind of "step by step" breakdown would be valuable to many forum readers. I will admit, one of the reasons we are asking is that we are considering splitting our family up so that I may work in Canberra while my wife stays in a different state with our daughter. This was to allow her to go to a specific religious school in a neighborhing state (3 hours away from Canberra, I would be there on weekends). We really weren't sure if we should inform the ACT government of this arrangement or simply fill out the forms listing our only address as the one in ACT? Knowing what to expect of the settlement surveys and the specific details of arrival, registration and monitoring would be incredibly helpful. Our immigation to Austrlia has been such a long road. We are so excited to finally settle there, thank you so much for the help and all the shared knownledge and experience of this forum.
  7. Hi, I am a newly-arrived migrant from the Philippines. I am currently a permanent resident here for three months. I already had my education assessed and it was equivalent to that of an Australian Bachelor's Degree. I'm an IT graduate and I have had already two years work experience from my home country. I'm not very picky when looking for jobs, except that I will not do the extremely physical jobs or mechanical jobs. I have tried applying for fast food chains, cleaner jobs, data entry, even for those "no experience" jobs..you name it. I haven't gotten any interview at all and I applied for more than a hundred jobs, including my walk-in applications. I tried applying for my field too which is IT, but I didn't get any luck. All I wanted is to just get a small job for the meantime so that I can settle, but I am having problems. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but a consultant looked up to my resume and said it was good.
  8. Guest

    PR and Tax return

    Hi i am now a Perm resident (july 09)but no longer with my girlfriend who sponsored me under defacto visa (i got dumped after 5 years!!) since January '10. Does she and I have to say on this year's tax return that we are together (defactos) or not? Thanks for your help
  9. Guest

    PR and Bridging Visa B

    Hi, I’m applying for Graduate Skilled Immigrant at the moment. However I would need to travel home for my cousin’s wedding. Qs. 1. is cousin’s wedding a good valid reason to go back? 2. If I come to DIMIA office, what documents do I need (aside from form 1006?) They asked for supporting docs but what exactly a supporting doc for a wedding (I think they haven’t print out the wedding invitation atm and do I need to prove that he’s my cousin?) 3. How long the processing would be? 4. How long would I be granted to travel? Is it reasonable to travel for 2 months while the wedding only take 1 day (I would need to help out with the preparation and I think I’d love to stay back for a while) 5. How would it affect my PR application? Regarding my PR application. I am a Sponsored Skilled Migrant (by relative) so I am not in the priority list whatsoever. How long does it usually take for such visa to come out? I lodged mine on 12 March 2009 and I haven’t got any further information. I sent my post-lodgment enquery but it didn’t help explaining anything (except that I’m not priority). It’d be a great help if I know the appx waiting time for such visa. Thank you in advance