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  1. Toots

    Stop the boats!

    I met a lot of South Africans in Perth and Sydney over the years. There are some suburbs in Sydney where they prefer to live ....... used to be St Ives but other suburbs now too. Most of them were lovely people but I met a few arrogant ones who were used to having nannies and maids and found it hard to cope without the 'help'.
  2. Toots

    A short personal story

    Ramot, my sister lived in a compound in Lusaka with guards at the gates. Even then most of the houses were fitted with a 'rape gates' as well as a bedroom door. The idea was that thieves can take whatever they want in the living room but won't be able to go into the bedrooms. There was never any problems with thieves but it made the inhabitants of the compound feel safer I suppose.
  3. Toots

    What are you listening to ?

    The first time I heard this I thought it was a female singing. Good song though. I was actually looking Elton John's song "Healing Hands" and this popped up.
  4. Toots

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Thanks for that Parley! I had such a good laugh.
  5. My sister in law in Hertford says it has been really humid and oppressive too. Climate change.
  6. Toots

    How is Trump doing so far?

    There are quite a few bands who have objected to Trump using their music at his rallies. https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewsolender/2020/06/28/all-the-artists-who-have-told-trump-to-stop-using-their-songs-at-his-rallies/#2ba44f8e74b8
  7. As suggested on another thread I have started this thread dedicated to the slave trade and the removal of statues of slave traders. Brings me to remember Samuel von Pufendorf who in 1673 wrote, "More inhumanity has been done by man himself than any other of nature's causes". This could apply to the slave trade, wars and other nasty goings on in the past and in the present time.
  8. Toots

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    All the best with your interview on Monday Lavers.
  9. Toots

    Stop the boats!

    She would have been there about 15 years ago. She had a posting to the British High Commission in Lusaka. She said it was a lovely country but unfortunately like many other countries there, it had it's faults ........... mainly caused by humans. The country itself she enjoyed very much.
  10. Toots

    Stop the boats!

    My sister lived and worked in Zambia for a couple of years. She travelled extensively all over Africa and has also had holidays there. She really likes the country. Of course you have to be careful but she never had any trouble.
  11. Toots

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Good interviewer .............. wasn't prepared to listen to bullsh*t.
  12. Toots

    Stop the boats!

    I was listening to a few Americans (black) being interviewed on the TV. They have moved to Africa to live. I found this article. https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/african-americans-moving-africa-180116092736345.html Some parts of Africa would be OK but I do also think there is a helluva lot of corruption in many of the countries. I have a very good friend and her husband who have lived in Swaziland for a number of years and they really like it. I believe Marisa (on this forum) also lived there?
  13. Toots

    How is Trump doing so far?

    I haven't got time to watch all of it just now but I'll settle down with a cuppa and watch the whole thing later. Something to look forward to.
  14. Toots

    Good current adverts

    I had a chuckle at this one. The Queen and Harry sharing a pizza.
  15. Toots

    Stop the boats!

    A few!!
  16. Toots

    Beirut Explosion

    Indeed it is but it should have been avoided. Isn't it something to do with a Russian ship with nearly 3,000 tons of explosive stuff standing around for around 6 years. Somebody hasn't done their job right. An absolute disaster.
  17. Toots

    Stop the boats!

    I agree. Syria and the rest of the middle east and the bombing is nothing to do with the African migrants illegally entering the UK.
  18. Toots

    Anyone don a DNA test? Any surprises?

    My sister has looked into our family ancestry/genealogy. We pretty much knew quite a bit about it but she had one of those DNA tests a while ago and it confirmed what we already knew. There is Finnish/North West Russian, Western European and Scottish/Irish/English in our mix. My husband is Irish, English and Western European. His sister had a DNA test done.
  19. Toots

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    I think you are heading for Launceston? Launceston also had a snowfall. First proper snow in 50 years. It was gone by midday. Photo taken last night. Totally different weather where we live but we are at sea level close to the Bass Strait.
  20. Toots

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Crikey BTD we may have passed each other in the street! Yes I have very nice memories of the place.
  21. Toots

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    i was there in 1972 for nearly 3 years. It was a great place then. I lived just outside of San Luis Obispo. Loads to do there and it's a university town so a lively nightlife at the time. Lovely climate and I enjoyed the whole experience but I was happy enough to leave in the end. Went to Switzerland for a year after that.
  22. Toots

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    Mild sunny day here. No wind at all. Just come back from a walk with our dog. These are a couple of off the beaten track walks we enjoy. The seagulls enjoy having the beach to themselves. All we could hear were the birds twittering and singing. When we go early in the mornings we see plenty of wallabies and rabbits but no sign of them later on.
  23. Toots

    Was I being grumpy or was I right?

    By your name I'm assuming you are in Melbourne? Thought masks were mandatory there now.
  24. Toots

    Worst day so far

    There is nothing that can fight the virus .............. not until there is a vaccine. Life is pretty well back to normal here. The town is busy - all businesses open. Much easier here of course being an island.
  25. Toots

    Impossible decision

    Mum was in very good health until the week before she died. She had been playing golf then out to a social function with a group of friends and was in great fettle. She rang her sister that night and said she felt "funny". As soon as my aunt saw her she rang for an ambulance. Mum had had a stroke. I got the call and flew back immediately as did my siblings. I arrived back on the Sunday and stayed by Mum's hospital bedside until she died on the Thursday. I wish she had lived longer but she would have hated to be 'helpless" and in need of care.