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  1. SWMOY04

    Britain - The shameful coloniser

  2. SWMOY04

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    Everyone has to activate their own visa... four tickets in your case:)
  3. SWMOY04

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    I was delayed by the nursing board, but otherwise my employers wanted me tonstart in October 2018... we weren't even ready to move at the time. We had only just activated the visa and returned from an Oz holiday. Im currently in my 6th week.of work and im loving it! More responsibility, but less stress compared to NHS. (Im a psychiatric nurse)
  4. SWMOY04

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    That was July 2017 EOI...November Grant.... We moved over in Nov 2018... best decision we've made together so far.
  5. SWMOY04

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    My wife applied with 75 points...secondary school teacher (Maths) Sumbitted expression of interest and within 24 hours we had the invitation to apply... it caught us off guard, but we applied within 10 days and got the visa in about 4 and half months (189)
  6. SWMOY04

    AHPRA Time line

    Yeah, waiting times have increased lately... rumour has it its due to a change in location for initial registrations (from overseas) all being done in Perth now (you still present in your state of choice) My application was lodged in August and reg in principle received december after a lot of pushing from me and my employer... AHPRA had requested an extension till February
  7. Yeah... got my job about a week after sending off ahpra reg
  8. SWMOY04

    AHPRA - Criterion 8

    I've only just got my reg this week. To say AHPRA has been a frustration is an understatement. Personally this is what I went through. Applied in good time and calculated latest grant day to be in last week of October. Arranged all other necessary things... ensured all my information landed on the same week (a week after application form and its appendices arrived) Booked my flights for late November. Middle of October... nothing... got an email saying I didn't send my signed CV.... ( something like this has never happened to me... I'm always a stickler for making copies and practicing on one copy before doing my ritual of sitting down and copying everything clearly onto final copy and ticking along a checklist ..) So I reprinted my CV, signed it.. took pictures and sent it by recorded and tracked mail... 6 days later it arrived... I emailed two weeks after original request for CV and was told...we don't have it... I had sent it directly to the CO. Then I was asked "please send any tracking numbers you may have..." I emailed literally 1 minute later and heard nothing... I told them theybhave the CV. I was then informed that they want to extend the period to asses my reg till early Feb... I emailed back asking for a rationale... wasn't given 1. I emailed a copy of my job offer and booked flights... and was told... "if you don't accept this request we will take it you are refusing to continue with your alplocation" or words to that effect... This type of behaviour went on and on until I got to Melbourne and have met some colleagues who have all expressed a sudden change in AHPRA towards intl registrants.... HR at my work said it was to do with all the registrations now being done in Perth... But even they were assuming... But they (HR) tool over the case and shook a few trees and even they were given run around about some forms not being received blablabla... Utterly frustrating... But keep at them.... I'm sure it will work out... it's really annoying... just don't give up... I had already started an application form for the local Bunnings (B&Q) the day I got my reg through..
  9. SWMOY04

    Buying a car

    just a side note... be prepared for slow turnaround... I just tried financing a $20k car with a $4k deposit and it took the dealer almost two days to give me a response... I ended up buying a steal of a car outright from a mutual friend who has had it in the garage for a while... one owner full service... flew through the roadworthy with a warning about the licence plate light! you will get warnings about sub$5k cars... and I think it's wise to heed those warnings.. but be prepared to wait about a bit with some things... and haggle like mad... that is very true!! I walked in expecting the usual 30minute turnaround from salesperson on the keyboard to drivibg off the lot. (ps... I too had a permanent contract, local bank statements with money in for a few months, bills in hand etc etc, but had obly landed a week before)
  10. SWMOY04

    How does the UK compete?

    just gonna leave this here... https://www.thetoptens.com/sports-countries/
  11. SWMOY04

    Why this obsession with being Australia?

    seems we've been on a very similar journey I am fluent in 4 African Languages from 3 countries... and I understand one other African language.. but I'm not fluent... I'm fluent in English and I'd started learning MexiCali-Spanish prior to moving to the UK. when I heard my wife speaking French I quickly picked up a few phrases and so on and so forth... so yeah... I think the theory is true... the more languages you speak, probably the easier it gets to add more. On Citizenships: it's not only the citizen applicant who benefits from citizenship... definately in my case all the countries I hold citizenship with have had mutual benefit from me, though I tend to stick to just using one citizenship... not even sure if the others have lapsed... but I can always claim back my Citizenship by birth by producing my birth certificate... I know for a fact if the UK was a person I was in an arrangement with... they would be feeling the loss because my citizenship there was more one way than any other... no benefits taken... all taxes paid...skills shared... students taught who then went on to earn more taxes...etc all I got was ease of travel into other countries
  12. SWMOY04

    how to set up utilities

    hey all... it's been a whirlwind if a first week... I feel.like I've been on a week long shopping spree... but a t last the house is starting to feel like a home... the gas and electricity were on on our arrival... one last call whilst at Manchester and the utility company confirmed all was set. Telstra sorted us for NBN within 12 hour period... even the sales guy said that was some record. Their shop has the region's best manager for 2017 I believe... he must be doing something right.. his team is ever happy and he knocked off a few charges and gave a few discounts here and there. My wife has discovered the joys of Kmart... I'm still #TeamIkea hoping to sort out our own car today or tomorrow and see if I can return my rental car early. our neighbours are great... all young couples like us... one of the guys has been lending me his tools...which was kind work starts on monday... but.....garden is a mess
  13. SWMOY04

    Why this obsession with being Australia?

    I'm a Zimbabwean by birth. I'm a long time supporter of the All Blacks because my first experience of rugby was watching Jonah Lomu run riot in South Africa (1995 world cup) I'm a Pittsburg Steelers fan because LA didn't have a team when I lived near there... I was forst attracted to St Louis Rams and Jerome "The Bus" Bettis was a bowling ball of a running back... (turn of the century )... then he went to Pittsburg... I used to watch the LA Lakers and enjoy their games, but I was more a Sacramento Kings fan because I enjoyed watching Peja Stojakovic, Mike Bibby, Jason Williams, Chris Webber and Vlade Divac etc... I support Arsenal football club (except the last two years of Wengers reign... but that's for another thread) because when I moved to London I lived in Woolwich... and got to know the history of The Woolwich Arsenal, where the club is from... plus at that time, I could relate to the club for other reasons I won't mention...that's from early 2000's in 2003 I found myself supporting All Blacks and England at the world cup... and I was shedding tears of joy as Jonny Wilkinson scored that triumphant drop goal with the wrong foot... I was sad All Blacks didn't make the final. My accents (yes... plural) change depending who I am speaking to... it happens naturally, I don't put it on.... a strange North English Accent and vernacular words come out when I'm in the North of England.. never got my head around Rhyming Slang or the "Souf Landon" accent.... A strong African accent comes out when I am speaking to fellow Africans... especially I spend time speaking any of the 5 Southern African languages (3 countries where i lived)..... a Northern American/West Coast accent pops out when I spend time with Canadians and Americans...and I'm sure some Aussie inflections will pop out once I spend time talking to them now that I live here...I've already incorporated "No dramas" into my lingo all these things don't mean I am "obsessed" with being anything other than a Zimbabwean. The passports I hold don't change who I am... they are a tool based on an agreement between me and the countries who issued them to me... but I will always be Zimbabwean... despite having spent more than half my life outside the country... long and short... if someone feels Australian... GREAT!!!! If someone relates to ONLY their country of birth... brilliant... though I wonder... will my 1 year old son relate to being British, American, Zimbabwean or Australian...if he lives here more than 15 years citizenship is one thing heritage is another
  14. SWMOY04

    Migration Agencies

    Used immigration2Oz in Surrey.... couldn't fault them
  15. SWMOY04

    Mental health nursing advice needed

    sounds to me like they are a bit behind from the chats I've had with my future colleagues... I'll let you know once I'm on the wards in 2 weeks... but I'm sure a few people will come along whonhas actual experience. one thing I am looking forward to is the lower nurse-patient ratios....