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  1. SWMOY04

    Movecube and cordless tools

    How large is "large"? I ask because I had to hand load my Movecube with assistance from their driver. Had to load the van in an hour. It wasn't a luton van either so everything was literally hoisted by hand into the "cube" inside the van.
  2. Have a look here
  3. SWMOY04

    UK Gift Cards

    along with Marisa's recommendation, NEXT is a good one for fresh birthday flowers/ mothers day etc... bought from here and delivered in UK.
  4. SWMOY04

    Overseas Police checks for Citizenship

    HI all... just searched for Police clearance and this post came up I am looking at another job and they have requested an international police clearance went onto the AusPost website... they state "UK Police Checks require An additional UK Specific Release form (Declaration of Consent form) A clear copy of an ID document (Passport, driving license or birth certificate); and Proof of current address. Current address document must always show the candidate’s name and the current address, and should fall into one of the following categories (documents issued recently are preferred): - Proof of Address documents issued within the last 30 days. (Must show issue date) Example: bank statement, utility bill, credit card Statement, any general letter/services, mortgage statement, council tax statement, P45/P60 statement (Posted directly to the candidate/Original PDF) - Proof of Address documents from ANY date. Example: Driving license, Firearms Certificate, EU National ID Card. Note: Tenancy agreements, change of address labels, police checks," So far I have scanned my passport in their database. I have an original Telstra bill in .pdf format ready to go QUESTIONS: 1) do I need to Scan an additional document, eg drivers licence as well 2) where can I get the "Additional UK SPECIFIC RELEASE FORM (Declaration of Consent form)" Found it!! 3) Am I reading this correctly that I should merge these .pdf's into one document and then submit?
  5. SWMOY04

    Do Sixth form Chemistry teachers exist?

    Yup. I know a specialist maths teacher from UK who has landed a maths teaching job. Only to discover they also have to teach biology, psychology and RE as well. I think the general rule of thumb is that children go into education from ages 5-18 and at that point they are ready for Uni. If they exit at 16 in whatever system, most countries have institutions to facilitate this. So some countries have grade 1 (age 5) up to year 13/form 6/ upper 6th (age 18) Others have Prep/Foundation (age 5) then year 1 (age 6) up to year 12 (age 18) Others have kindergarten (age 4 -not formally school), Prep (age 5) then year 1 (age 6) also up to year 12 (age 18) Then others (UStates especially) have kindergarten (age 5) then 1st grade (age 6) up to 12th grade (age 18) Probably easier to track education based on the ages being taught and wether it's an age 16 exit pathway or an age 18 exit into University pathway
  6. I think they are doing ok. They have their moments too when they miss something in particular about the UK. A "holiday" trip back may be on the books, but for now we are doing ok with SKYPE and FaceTime calls for loved ones.
  7. SWMOY04

    Where do Poms go to look for work?

    This may be industry related. I'm in healthcare, at a government hospital, and one of my colleagues recently took up the post of assisting foreign employed staff in settling in. A handbook was created with input from all prior employed staff's knowledge and a one to two week system was created. They land, are picked up at airport, settled in an AirBnB house, left for a day or two...then its banks, Centrelink, GP registration etc. Then they are shown around one or two suburbs and they can choose their own rental accommodation. Airbnb etc is paid for by the staff member. Pick up from airport and initial run abouts are on the hospital in one of the fleet vehicles
  8. It's significantly better than the UK for me! Though naturally on occassion one does find some things they miss from "Back Home"
  9. SWMOY04

    AHPRA registration in-principle

    This is NOT true
  10. Do you have a preference where you want to live? Do you want to live near work? I'm willing to help with searching around directly with hospitals that satisfy your criteria from your message and my two questions. I'm not an agent... I got my job whilst in the UK and I figured I could have done a few things slightly differently
  11. SWMOY04

    Keeping UK Bank account

    Have managed to keep my UK Bank account active without any issue using my Aussie address, (in case someone asks)
  12. SWMOY04

    PGCE & SCITT Secondary help please!!!

    anecdotal. My other half who is the primary holder of the PR we RECEIVED did a SCITT along with Secondary Maths Teacher PGCE. All she asked was for the University to send transcripts along with an outline of the programme. no question was made of it. Out of interest, @Lambert, are you certain your friend did not receive their visa SPECIFICALLY due to the SCITT and nothing else could have been the reason? @S&J have a chat with a MARA agent
  13. SWMOY04

    Visa eligibility conflicting advice

    I usedan agent to move over to Oz... intial consultation was free... then the paid one lasted about an hour and cost us about 35pounds... and that was only to reassure him all we had said in the short 15 minute conversation was actually fact... from there, a payment schedule coinciding with the stages of our PR was sent to us and we worked reall well with them. very straightforward. BOTH @wrussell and @Raul Senise have consistently given equally good advice when I read through the threads ....and on some occasions better advice than my agent (but that's with benefit of hindsight on my part). I would suggest you go with either of the above two... not just to talk... I can safely assume that your situation is going to require an agents input and I don't think that'll be free