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  1. SWMOY04

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Victoria does have a relative shortage of Mental Health nurses... You could also enjoy the best of both worlds... I work a few minutes drive from the CBD... yet I'm also 5minutes drive from the start of regional area... (I'm a Mental Health Nurse)
  2. SWMOY04

    Nurses on 189, 190

    I think agents are best placed for this one as this is new one to me as well. What you will fond is most people om here have applied for visas "off-shore" and as a once off. Your situation sounds more unique than most of the unique off-shore questions.... I would encourage you to go with the proffessionals on this and not random strangers online who have no experience in this. All the best
  3. SWMOY04

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Dont ignore the "in principle registration with AHPRA. Whatever the personal circumstances are.. you are better off working around them and ensure ypu are registered.... i.e. fly into any of thw Oz cities and present in person so that your registration is completed. You wont be able to work without it
  4. SWMOY04

    Un frigging believable.

    How many of the 44 (to potentially 56) player will actually be eligible to play for England? I remember a time when Spain used to field almost an entire starting 11 from the top 4 in LaLiga... and the subs from everywhere else..when they won the Euros and world cup. This 4 team english final is a great achievement... for the football business, but maybe not so much for "Club England" I think England would benefit more from the younger teams feeding in tourney experienced players into main team...than they will from this 4 team finals That said... What a great week of fottball we have had... except the Chelski game.. that was just a bit...meh'
  5. SWMOY04

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    I moved here permanently... im in Mental health and had varied experience within it, so there were several job offers before I left the UK... I had considered agencies. A trick which I suppose coukd work... is to join two or three agencies who supply a hospital near whereever you leave... then every 4-6months... just change the agency but not the job... Swingshift in Melbourne apparently have a lot of work... and you cab also register with HCA before you arrive... Hows your AHPRA reg going? Sorry for the massively late response @TattooNurseGym
  6. SWMOY04

    $150k basic salaries enough

    Have a look at Numbeo as you can compare your present city and its cost of loving and get a breakdown of where you want to live... Its hard to determine whats "ok" for another individual... We used to struggle on £55k combined annually in the UK... We are more than ok on just my $110k basic here (Melbourne)... all the additinal income from OH is going into a mortgage savings pot... we have more luxuries than we've ever had with two kids under 6. But that doesnt mean I can speak to your needs
  7. SWMOY04

    Applying for child’s citizenship when both parents PR

    It sounds to me like "Evidence of Citizenship" does not equal "Certificate of Citizenship"? Also sounds just as complex as registering a child born in UK to one or both nom british born parents... i think lets cut the Aussies slack where we can... Then slate them 50% more where they deserve
  8. @Raul Senise and @wrussell have a good reputation on this forum.... i may have missed others..but i have noted them giving very sound advice several times. Personally we used immigration2oz (in Surrey) £3000 sounds about right on the upper end of quotes for full on work start to finish
  9. SWMOY04

    Shipping costs or buying new

    Id say leave all big stuff and ship small items in a cheap box like Movecube... Even with big stuff...their large box will suffice...and possibly be cheaper than £2000
  10. SWMOY04

    MoveCube Preparation

    I used a movecube...small We didnt bring any furniture, but we managed to fit in over 25medium and 8large Storage king boxes plus other plastic containers etc... Its all a bit of tetris. We had considered bringing our bed... then we researched and realised bed sized are different here .. meaning we would have had to keep shipping in our bedding from UK.... at least for our bed we had... And yes.. the divan will take up more space than a framed bed. The choices for us were large movecube and bring bed and have tonnes of space in the cube as not much other furniture was worth bringing or fully fill up a small one. In the end... the stuff in our "could go" pile fit in and on the day we had heaps of space... the driver told us we had 45 more minutes so we went on a spending spree at Home Bargains and bought hangers, kids simple toys, shoe horns, etc... only as this was the nearest ship to us. Ill find you some pictures... All in cost us £700ish on UK side and another $350ish on this side...door to door. Funny thing... an Ozzy driver picked up in UK... and an English raised Ozzy dropped off this side... he lived over 35yrs in the UK
  11. SWMOY04

    ANZAC Day Hawks vs Carlton

    I think you're spot on @Toots I literally cackled at this as I caught OH oggling at them.... cant blame her
  12. SWMOY04

    ANZAC Day Hawks vs Carlton

    So I hardly watch tv live... Today... for some reason... decided to watch Melbourne 7. Realised an afl game was about to start... the anthem and pre-game stuff was quite moving.. Then the game started... I had no clue about the rules and the oval shape of the pitch and the camera angles didnt help woth my confusion... Zoned out every now and then during chores... but i caught the last 12 minutes... by gum it was a frantic game... I still had no clue... but it was exciting!!! What a sport... Now i need to learn its rules
  13. SWMOY04

    AHPRA Time line

    This is a much more straightforward pay scale for Vic RMNs Figures show base weekly payrate for a full time hours 2016-2020 Nursing Wage Tables (1).pdf
  14. SWMOY04

    AHPRA Time line

    Just been speaking to my colleagues who started after me... 6 months is the more realistic time frame... expect them to make excuses and blame you for whatever has caused delays.. -I was told I had sent an unsigned and undated CV -colleague 1 was told tgey were lacking a police check...wasnt true... they git a refund after they re-did the check uneccesarily -colleague 2 told they had mispelled something on a form... no specifics... had to redo AGOS form And we are all uk nurses who arrived after the change from AHPRA Melbourne office to Perth office for overseas applicants.
  15. SWMOY04

    EOI waiting times

    I think they have been having high points (but this depends on your skill)... 65 points is the minimum and I think most have been applying with 70 or 75 points and so you may have been leap-frogged by a few people in the time.. all the best in your application