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  1. SWMOY04

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    YUP A pie...in a "burger bun" (barm cake)
  2. SWMOY04

    Emigrating to Cairns

    Congratulations on both mate!!! all the best
  3. SWMOY04

    Emigrating to Cairns

    First off, Welcome! Hope you have a rand time here, it can be a bit rough on occasion, but don't sweat the small stuff I'll start with a massive disclaimer: I AM NOT AN EMIGRATION EXPERT, I think there's a few here really worth their weight in gold and if your situation is tricky, you are better off engaging them. - I don't think your Aunty would personally have to sponsor... if the hospital/Trust has a job, and your fiance get a job, its th Trust thats sponsoring her, not your aunt. - As for the type of visa to go for, I would reckon you wait for those who are more knowledgeable... I only know about permanent, skills-based residency visas as I moved here on one (PR189 or PR190)... lengthy and expensive upfront, but they have their benefits once you are in Aus)... they have nothing to do with sponsorship or jobs. Prove the job is on the list and you are qualified for it and attain the necessary score/points and then you apply... lengthy process, can be disheartening at times, but well worth it
  4. SWMOY04

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    a Wigan kebab... randomly came to mind when Iwas deleting my last post coz I just realized I too had caught up in the hullabaloo about "who's better"
  5. SWMOY04

    Beware of Latest Scam

    One of the best Scam info-tainment channels on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBNG0osIBAprVcZZ3ic84vw - Jim Browning
  6. SWMOY04

    First Entry - Which Passport?

    This is correct. I too held multiple passports and declared them all in application, but the visa is categorically listed in the visa documentation (IMMI grant notification .pdf) you received. That is the passport you utlise to enter Aus.
  7. SWMOY04

    Laurence Fox

    on this part I agree with knowing why someone is Aboriginal or a Torres Straight Islander. They have unique health concerns and needs that need the data to be captured in order for that to be addressed. I also feel that due to the atrocities which the 1st nations people around the workd have faced at the hands of others (mostly Europeans) , it is important to identify them and rectify those wrongs that have had generational impact. Africans in Africa Anzacs in the South and Inuits the North in North America and all other tribes in between and around that geographical area Aboriginal people in Australia etc etc
  8. SWMOY04

    Laurence Fox

    well said... reminds me how i got to pay more attention to testicular cancer... I was randomly waiting to watch England vs Australia in November in the early/mid 2000's... then during the Aussie national anthem, I saw a funny looking bloke with a moustache... and I just thought.. Aussies hey...didn't even finish the the thought and i realised, hang on.. most of these chaps have moustaches. I thought they were a funny bunch. So i just googled what the joke was about and i learnt about MOVEMBER... and now, this is a recognised cultural phenomenon. brings me back to the post above... how foolish it would have been to say "men only grow moustaches for 'x' amount of reasons..." I personally wont be caught kneeling until clarity is found between i)BLM, ii)Black Lives Matter and iii) black lives mattering (the latter being the one i agree with sans capitals), but i wont be caught making a fool of myself chastising people doing what they believe is worth doing, if it hasn't breached anyone else's human rights
  9. SWMOY04

    Laurence Fox

    how ridiculous... culture shifts and changes, it does not remain fixed. Just as two decades ago it was cool to say "I'm cool" when asked how are you... and its not so cool now.... and yet the word cool implied temperature in its etymology. In American culture (depending which state you are in and in which part of certain states you are in) EVERY football player takes a knee when the coach demands it for a few words of wisdom, and in religious sectors, this is followed by a prayer or the Lords Prayer. The whole contemporary issue of taking a knee (and not "bending the knee" in the classic European manner of deference) stems from American football, Colin Kaepernick (sp) to be precise. whether I agree with the kneeling or not is another issue, but its stupid to say that people only kneel on one knee for two reasons
  10. SWMOY04

    Border opening now mid 2022

    Terrell Owens said "...if it smells like a rat..."
  11. Made me chuckle... I wasn't implying it was a competition. But I get you Melbourne vs Liverpool... For me, it's Liverpool all the way. Melbourne vs London... Melbourne Melbourne vs any "small" city for me, Melbourne will always lose. (I can't define "small"... But Liverpool is probably the "biggest" city I can tolerate)
  12. I definately agree with you that life is not "one size fits all" and yes, that is my opinion (that its not contest between Manchester and Melbourne)... but c'mon.... be serious now... out of a hundred people, you reckon its anywhere near a 50/50 split between the two??
  13. SWMOY04

    Emergency Department

    - "faking" symptoms is really a big no-no... not only do you waste our time, once we realize you have actually faked a symptom, we will find a way, without endangering your life, to ensure that you wait as long as possible before you get attended. - computers and infrastructure are absolutely necessary, its a bit silly to conflate costs of infrastructure with nursing/doctor shortages. The nursing and medical staff crisis has nothing to do with megabytes.... there is a MASSIVE shortage in training compared to population growth. Such is the shortage that our OT and Social Work trained colleagues have joined emergency mental health services and also cover EDs as well... nothing to do with computers - Mental health patients have their own pathway through ED.... yes.. their presentations do take up some resources, but that's the role of ED, to deal with health issues, of which Mental Health is one group. Its like saying people with broken bones or cuts should be blamed for delays on all other presentations... the people are facing a health problem, so they attend ED to have it addressed. simples. the rate of Mental Health presentations is more a reflection of society and looking at Mental Health just from an ED perspective is quite short sighted I have spent the last 6 months working over 75% in EDs (Across 5 hospitals). I have worked in EDs in England as well.