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  1. SWMOY04

    What is the....no googling please.

    US Army, Coca Cola, NHS, Walmart/ASDA Group Toyota. I know I'm most likely roght about the NHS and American army.. had to guess the rest
  2. I have ONE question that is waaaaaaaaaay more important than all 10 listed by OP...no joke...anyone want to know it?? I don't even need a MARA number to offer that advice
  3. SWMOY04

    Best TV series ever...your top 3

    anyone seen this one? It been brilliant BBC show the last few weeks...got me back to watching TV the traditional way... cant wait for tonight's finale... BODYGUARD https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7493974/
  4. SWMOY04

    What is the....no googling please.

    Fascinating about the sand dunes... I seriously thought it would be a very small number...but I guess I didn't factor in how tall the dunes really are... Guess I'll go next: WHO ARE THE TOP 5 EMPLOYERS (by number of employees) IN THE WORLD? I also don't know... Ill wait for the ten...Or I guess @Perthbum could do the honours after 10 answers
  5. SWMOY04

    EOI to nomination times

    I may be wrong... but I was under the assumption that EOI to nomination is based on a few factors... how many points you have how many other people have more points than you in the same skillset backlog??????? Our EOI was submitted at midnight UK time by our agent... he rang us a day later to say we had been nominated.
  6. just a cursory look at your website (literally spent two minutes on your website hyperlinked at least 6 times in your "advice") and I've spotted a minimum of 4 errors on my visa type which was granted to me... the errors are mostly to do with out of date advice (for instance, number of points, age at application...etc). I wouldn't say they were dubious or not.... its just not looking good for you there Jerry. the naughty side of me wants to post some assumptions about a few things the nice side of me wants to encourage you to update your information before advising people on this board... (whispers - they can be ruthless in their criticism.. its actually rather fun to watch sometimes... I am sick like that)
  7. SWMOY04

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    hey, there's a thought!! I am rather large too
  8. SWMOY04

    What is the....no googling please.

    about 60metres
  9. SWMOY04

    Finding a rental in Australia

    cheers Toots... any good caravan parks in Melbourne?
  10. SWMOY04

    What Colour?

    https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/bizarre-new-optical-illusion-sees-12499554 so it tunrs out its more to do with the bad lighting from when the photo was taken... that combined with the range of colours and our eyes' individual understanding of colours that are in the gray (excuse the pun) areas... otherwise..the real colours are pink and white
  11. SWMOY04

    What Colour?

    you might be on to something
  12. Just a sidenote Jupiter... How do you keep track of all these very similar topics that you start?
  13. SWMOY04

    Finding a rental in Australia

    any other short term rental suggestions besides Airbnb?
  14. SWMOY04

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    I flew Emirates three legs Man-Dubai-Changi-Melbourne left manchester around 8pm...so kids were tired anyway...arrived around midday, afternoon in Dubai and they were still shattered... took next flight Dubai to Changi and they were awake most of that flight so I took turns with OH to nap and entertain them. Changi-Melbourne was an overnighter they were well and truly shattered by then...so we're we... so we all slept. the trick (I honestly dindnt plan it) is to befriend your host(ess)... show them your cute kids and they will then make efforts to serve the kids the food according to their sleep/wake time as opposed to just serving them at serving time... some were even nice enough to stagger my meal and my OH meal so that we could feed the kids without a meal hanging about on the lap tray
  15. SWMOY04

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    are you sure youre not a clone of me? I'm also traveling with 3and half year old and a 1 and half year old. the Emriates A380 was quite quiet... so if the saying is true that the A350 is quieter... then you should be ok... we did a return Manchester to Melbour e trip this past summer with the kids. the key is to take turns sleeping.