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  1. SWMOY04

    Migration Agencies

    Used immigration2Oz in Surrey.... couldn't fault them
  2. SWMOY04

    Mental health nursing advice needed

    sounds to me like they are a bit behind from the chats I've had with my future colleagues... I'll let you know once I'm on the wards in 2 weeks... but I'm sure a few people will come along whonhas actual experience. one thing I am looking forward to is the lower nurse-patient ratios....
  3. Senna for me (not about the topic, but about who is like to see live) I. not really much of an F1 follower... but I'm a petrolhead... sadly I never got to watch Senna in his time.... but what is this post asking? is it asking "AS AT the 21st century, who is the best?" or "IN the 21st century, who is the best" I've intentionally badly re-worded it to contextualize
  4. SWMOY04

    Mental health nursing advice needed

    I don't know about WA, but it would appear there are a fair few jobs in VIC when I was last looking. My future employers and a few other mental health providers have also advertised for RMNs with an option for sponsorship as well.. however like Ali said... it could all be different within a year... let alone 3 years. I was offered sponsorship as there had been miscommunication between the interviewer and HR. the only difference I noticed in the two contracts was that one was offered with an open start date within 6 months (allowing time for revistration and visa applications, with employer sponsorship) and was for a fixed term 2 year period.... final conteach after I advised them I already have my PR, had a start date of 2 weeks from being written and was full time permanent... so I'm not too sure about being treated differently based on type of visa... but again... this depends on employer and state I guess.
  5. SWMOY04

    Terror attack in Melbourne CBD

    just saw this too... sad news
  6. SWMOY04

    How important is 'fitting in?'

    apologies for all the typos... am on a bus
  7. SWMOY04

    How important is 'fitting in?'

    I recently did a night shift ... two of my colleagues were apparently arguing and namecalling regarding Brexit... i dodnt hear it as i was in the unit clinic doing something or the other... when I went into the nursing station, I was met with... "so are you a remained or a leaver"... I usually steer clear of this question... but lately, I realised I learn more by discussing it maturely. I answered honestly.. I'm a remainer. then I joked about being a leaves coz I'm leaving the UK. I was scoffed at and then told "you're leaving coz you couldn't have your way" I calmly informed the individual that I was leaving for other reasons and my decision to leave was made in 2012.... he called down then felt the need to explain his "leave" position... he allowed me to ask questions and he anssered and continued explaining... he tgen asked me to explain my remain position and i reciprocated. this went on for about 45minutes as we worked. then one of my fellow "remainers" came in and felt the need to contribute to our discussion.... they started I.mediately with the name calling... and even I felt like showing them the inside of my palm... just so they could do some palm reading at high velocity... I promise I'm not violent the poor I'm trying to make is... sometimes you have to fit in (compromise) for the benefit of the relationship... e.g. marriage or with a neighbour. sometimes you DON'T have to fit in... I don't need to insult someone about their Brexit position simply because I don't agree with it ... when I probably haven't even had a discussion to understand it... it's a spectrum... pick and choose when and when not to fit in
  8. data for 21st century champions.... one way of looking for greatest is by championship Hamilton 5 Schumacher 4 Vettel 4 Alonso 2 Button 1 Rosberg 1 17 championships in the 17 years since the century began (1 January 2001.... we are about to finish the 18th year)
  9. SWMOY04


    - My wife and kids... nowhere would be home without them. - good parks and local amenities for my kids to just be kids... nothing more than 5minutes walk or 20minutes drive. their happiness on such little trips brings such joy to me. - a back garden where I can keep lying to myself that I'm a good vegetable gardener and keep sharing my spoils with garden bugs... I complain and whinge when the harvest is poor or when bugs and slugs feast on it...but can't stand a back garden without veg in one corner - a good community... we're on excellent terms with our three immediate neighbours on our left and the two immediately to our right. no one lives across us, theres a massive bowling green. our left and right immediate neighbours are two old ladies and our house used to belong to a third old lady who was their friend who passed away. they have known about our leaving for a few months but each time I see them now and chat for more than 5 minutes it's tears all around. I'm hoping for similar relationships wherever I go. I'm also religious, and so a good church community goes a long way. - A system to play music on. As an amateur vocalist, I enjoy listening to and singing music of all genres. looking forward to putting together a music room in our next house as we can now afford more than the few basics we've had so far.
  10. SWMOY04

    Poms waking up?

    of all the places I've LIVED in the world, Liverpool has been most "home" to me. few years ago i moved out of the city I had grown to love to be at least a little closer to work in Wigan. I still live 20minutes from there (St Helens) and I frequently work there (Liverpool). without even reading the story I knew without a doubt that no such march too place. if it had, believe me, If habe known about it...Liverpool is like that. I then did a cursory search of trusted media, including local papers and what do you know?? NO MARCH TOOK PLACE. you don't mess with Liverpudlians or their city!!! that's what I love so much about this place!!!
  11. SWMOY04

    how to set up utilities

    thanks @Marisawright
  12. SWMOY04

    how to set up utilities

    tha is for your input everyone... I'm doing a few night shifts UK time next week so I'll make a few calls and update on here in case someone else faces my situation thanks again to you all. next series of questions... Victoria residents...are there multiple utility providers for different utilities e.g. gas and electricity in UK -First utility, British gas, utility warehouse etc phone and broadband -Virgin, BT, Post Office, Talk talk. is this the same in oz? if so... are there any comparison sites? if not who are the good providers of utilities, by utility thanks again
  13. SWMOY04

    how to set up utilities

    hello all. still on my.mission of moving. two weeks to go now. just secured a decent house in Mernda, we were lucky to have someone go and view and apparently the landlord liked our profile. Our viewer is also going to furnish with beds and a few kitchen basics for our arrival. paid my bond this morning and my first rent will be due just before I take off from UK. my next quandary is utilities. I'm not liking the idea of landing in a half furnished house void of electricity etc. how quick/slow are the utility companies in setting up? can I set up whilst I'm out here? our lease starts a week prior to our arrival as we have friends who have volunteered to collect our furniture and do some cleaning if needed... so I figured the utilities could also get started
  14. SWMOY04

    AHPRA document for Accreditation requirements

    I think this gets cross referenced by AHPRA by virtue of: 1) the NMC register being public so they can always have a look to see if you are actually registered despite what your Uni says they taught/trained you...and the registration proving they are satisfied with how you were trained 2) your Uni sending them (AHPRA) your transcript...proving they taught/trained you and 3) NMC sending them a COGS, at a cost to you, proving you are indeed fully registered and in good standing with them
  15. SWMOY04

    Occupational Therapists

    a slightly different perspective from me...Psychiatric Nurse with varied experience on inpatient, community and agency roles. Melbourne mental health Services seem to be using OTs in a similar way to how mental health services use them in the UK. I had some chats with a few teams when I was job hunting and some brilliant and informative conversations were had. it sounded to me that whilst the UK may have more demand for OTs, Aus isn't that far behind. so fo example the role in the UK known as Care coordinator can be filled by an RMN, an OT, or a Social Worker with experience from the old CMHT models if the manager is brave enough to hire and support them....that said, AMHPs are usually snapped up pretty fast these days and the course is now being offered to RMNs in some areas....but I digress I ended up getting a fast track managerial post offer on an inpatient unit from just chatting to different teams/service leads... didn't apply at all, was just offered a Skype interview off the back of informal chit-chat and someone deciding to look at my LinkedIn profile to verify my experience after something I mentioned piqued their interest. have a look at LinkedIn. search for people who do the job you want to do, and add in all the local universities to yours, then limit the location of the search to a city of your choice eg...Sydney... and network from there. or go on seek.com.au, look at jobs similar to what you would want and find the contact person and give them a call or email. All the best in your studies (personally I'd suggest MSc, only because where I'm going to work offers a bonus of about 5% on top of annual salary for MSc and I think 7% for PhD if the study is specific to the skill and role...)