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  1. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    We’re going to Queensland if that helps?
  2. Cots

    SIM card

    Is there anyway of getting an Australian SIM card before we get to quarantine? Or can we get one whilst in quarantine?
  3. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    I’m expressing my thanks at your concern I had already found the information on quarantine but it’s not specific as to where and how they place you somewhere. We’re not pleased at the cost of quarantine but factored it in as part of our moving costs.
  4. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    We can, thanks, sweet of you to be concerned
  5. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    Well, we’re doing it, our house goes to court at the end of April, flights booked for early May, Qatar as recommended, the movers are booked and furniture is up for sale! Will they put us 2 rooms st quarantine with there being 5 of us? Please say they will !
  6. Cots

    Best airline to use

    Thank you everyone, great advice
  7. Cots

    Best airline to use

    Hello I've picked up on different conversations around flights. Which airlines would be the best to book with? BA advised that all transiting airports needs to be checked individually but I've see the suggestion on here that perhaps Quatar would be a good one as they're allowing transiting passengers through their countries and also perhaps Singapore Airlines? Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  8. Cots

    How best to get test??

    Just to jump on because you mentioned flights via Singapore. British Airways just told me that we need to pick a flight and check what their rules are on the transiting airport. she says Bangkok aren’t allowing British through there. Which would be the best airline to book with?
  9. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    I do rather agree with Cots. 1. The OP did state that they have their RRV valid till August, so the response implies that the post was not read correctly. 2 & 3 it’s possibly ok to give advice, but is it anyone else’s business to question the OPs personal circumstances, to basically tell them that they haven’t thought the potential return to Australia through As a very long-standing member of PIO it’s increasingly noticeable on PIO that there is a growing trend to be so negative in replies to a post, yes point out some potential negatives, but it’s out of order just how many posters think they have the right to almost tell posters it’s not worth it. That’s the OPs right to decide. Thank you for your support. I definitely agree about the negative comments: I did think twice about posting here having read some of the other posts but I went for it anyway
  10. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    We used our first time buyer status when we bought our house the first time around. I’ve done a few calculations and if we get the right price for our house here then maybe we could buy again but maybe something a little smaller than we’d like and work up. Fingers crossed
  11. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    Why was it rude? I said I find it strange that people think they know other people from a couple of paragraphs. The person said we were acting on a whim?? Is that not a little presumptuous? I feel it was a little rude to say such a thing, I sure was asking for advice but it’s really interesting what people are prepared to offer.
  12. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    We already have our RRV so need to to apply, they just happen to run out later this year. I could apply for at least 50 jobs today with my skills and experience so I’m not worried about that at all. my husband is a plumber and a grafter and we’ve both never been out of work here nor in Australia so I am not concerned. He will dig roads and plant trees if he had to. We have friends In Oz who would put us up after quarantine and friends are all you need. it’s interesting that people like you can make statements like - you see no positives for us - based on my single statement - you have no idea and thank goodness I’ll take no notice of you LOL
  13. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    We spent 2 years on the Gold Coast so would be returning there. We live in the Channel Island’s, a very small (minded) place with limited opportunities and extremely high house prices. husband rrv runs out mid-August and the rest of the family is end September. We’ve got an estate agent coming Wednesday to value the house and ultimately it all falls on the house sale. I’ve checked flight and could book for June, July and August but need to see where we go with the house first. Perhaps by then the policy may be different for quarantine if we are considered a Green zone.
  14. Cots

    Are we mad... lol

    We’ve got until August on our RRV and we’ve just this weekend decided it’s now or never. I never wanted to leave but long story, we did. It’s always been there on my mind to go back but didn’t want to break my parents hearts again however we have to live for ourselves. Kids (3) are very keen remembering the times when we lived there. This time round we’re older, I’ll be 46, OH will be 42 and chances of us affording a mortgage are slim since house prices have increased so much and this time around I don’t want to have to worry that we can’t. Renting is a pain but I know it can be expensive with all the maintenance, insurance etc so maybe we just accept that we can’t own again. Is that the worst? Are we mad! The timeframe is killing me due the deadline of August with Covid limiting flights and therefore cost! Quote
  15. Cots

    RRV return trip to Oz to activate?

    Are there any allowances being made for not being able to travel/move because of Covid?