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  1. Cots

    Child 101 visa

    Hello everyone, i just wondered if anyone had any recent child 101 visa applications submitted/granted via the London office?? We sent the forms to arrive 4th March, the charge has been made against our card and I'm now anticipating an email but not sure what might be a reasonable expectation? Any clues gratefully received ?
  2. Cots

    Return Residents Visa plus new baby

    We did spend just over 2 years there. Thanks, let me sound this out back to you if you don't mind? So me or my husband would need to sponsor the baby who would need a medical just as we did and then we'd also be asked to provide police checks - even though we already did that for the PR visa? So if we got the process going for new baby we could possibly have his visa by end of year and apply for a rrv if we don't make it back before feb 2016? I don't mean to spell it out, just want to be sure I understand!
  3. Cots

    Return Residents Visa plus new baby

    Thank you for your replies. I thought the visa was 4 years so that's a bonus. What if we don't get back before Feb 2016 and we need a RRV, Do you have a period of time from the visa coming through when you're expected to travel back to Oz?
  4. Hi, we moved back to UK when my mother in law became ill as we were told it was dementia and she required long term care however she died of lung cancer and I had a new baby and we've been back just over a year. We want to go back and I believe we can apply for return resident visa but what about the new baby? Do we need to apply for 176 as we originally had for ourselves? Is that full cost ie $3400? I'd be grateful for any help x
  5. I just wanted to share my experience with shipping companies as we are returning to the Channel Islands, UK. I requested three quotes from the 3 main accredited removal companies, one did not return my call, one came but did not send a quote and the third was Grace removals. They were extremely friendly, courteous and professional despite me being a huge pain as I am a stresser! I changed my mind umpteen times about what was going and what was staying but Matt was patient and helped me feel at ease. We decided to pack ourselves as we had not had a good experience moving out here, (charged us extra after the goods had been taken, saying we had more than they quoted - a lie, and half empty boxes on arrival), and this was not a problem for Grace. We did the main boxes and the removal guys wrapped the larger items. All the guys were friendly and helpful and nothing was too much trouble so I would highly recommend them!
  6. We arrived in Oz a month or so ago and out container has just arrived. The removal agent informed us that quarantine found a Santa with an unidentified vine attached and we needed to pay £125 to destroy it or £460 to keep it. We paid to have it destroyed however after speaking with others in similar shoes they were not charged to destroy items. I think we have been ripped off, can anyone confirm this? I would call quarantine myself only it's the weekend!
  7. Cots

    When to put house up for sale??

    If we had our time again we would have put the house on the market sooner rather than waiting for the visa. It seems to have worked out for us okay and we put the house on the market in March and got a buyer in May, due to complete July but the worry that we might not get a buyer and would have to afford a trip out there to validate before Feb next year was too much. It may still happen if the sale falls through but fingers crossed x
  8. You could fly to Jersey from any airport, it's a small island an hour away by plane from London. From there you can even catch the ferry to France for the day. Google it x
  9. To cut a long story short, my best friend moved to Gold Coast to be with a man and will have been there 2 years in June. She moved in with her new man and stepson, new man has already lived there 10 years. My friend appears happy but I know she misses the very social life she left here. We have our visa and are planning to join her in the same area when our house sells. We have a for sale sign outside. Her parents have just returned from their second long stay visit and just knocked at my door with presents for my children from their daughter. A very quick door stop, I asked how my friend was, she said fine, she said so you are going then, I said yes, when we sell the house, she said, NOTHING, I said, I am glad I can't read your mind, she said, just think very carefully, and off she went. WHY DO PEOPLE DROP CLANGERS LIKE THAT?
  10. Cots

    Doubts ~ Whose had them?

    We are going through similar feelings. We got our visa in Feb and the house is on the market and I have since said to both our families that as much as it is comforting to know that they don't want us to go, and it would awful if they couldn't care less, we don't want to hear it from them anymore as it is too hard to handle. We have wobbles, actually I have wobbles, OH claims not to as he is always saying what a great thing it is we are doing etc, which it is, but I can't help but feel bad for our families as we are so close and my Mum particularly cares for our twins whilst I work and has seen them more or less 7 days a week for their 3 years of life. You can't blame your families for not wanting you to go, it must be so hard and I put myself in their shoes in years to come when my children may decide to return to live here!!! I will be devastated! But I just keep thinking this is a massive adventure and we have to go it a go for us and although it will take time for all of us to adjust, I am sure everyone, Grandparents etc, will get used to it and see it is for the best in the long run. If it doesn't work out in Oz?? We will come back and blend it like we never left and probably regret it within weeks but at least it won't hang over us like a huge regret for years to come.
  11. Hi, is your son migrating with you? only you say your son is staying in the UK when you go, doesn't he have to validate too. I only ask as initially I was told somewhere that only the primary applicant needs to validate, and now we are told all migrating family members need to take the trip. thanks.
  12. Cots

    Unpaid Speeding Fines

    And they would impose the fine on him then with any extra costs perhaps? We aren't talking court or anything like that are we?
  13. Cots

    Unpaid Speeding Fines

    My Dad got a speeding fine sent home after a trip to Oz in 2003. Rightly or wrongly, thinking he would never go back he didn't pay it. 8 years on we are emigrating and he will be visiting us, can anyone tell me what the repercussions of this unpaid fine might be? Will he have a problem getting a tourist visa or be pulled up on entering Oz? thanks for any info!
  14. Cots

    Selling house too early ?

    I can only speak for us but we have plenty of equity in our house thank you, despite being at school in the 80's. Which is why we would see selling our house early as the right thing to do for us. My silence was due to the lack of need to argue it with you but...
  15. Cots

    Selling house too early ?

    hello, this is husband, money aint everything pal!