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Found 12 results

  1. chrissim93

    Emigrating to Cairns

    Hi guys, looking for some advice. My partner (soon to be wife, 25 years old), son (currently 4 weeks old) and myself (27 years old) are looking to emigrate to Cairns in the next 2-3 years. My partner is an adult staff nurse with 3 years experience and 2 years experience in the emergency department. I am a newly qualified Paramedic with 5 years ambulance experience. I'm aware that nursing is currently on the skills list, but does anybody have some advice with the best way to go about enquiring for a visa/emigrating. I have family in Cairns, who are my aunty and cousins so not immediate. Although my aunty is director of nursing at Cairns hospital, would she be in a position to sponsor us to move over? Any information/guidance would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks in advance. Chris
  2. Hi ! Just wondered if anyone else here had applied to St John Ambulance ? I am a paramedic based near London and applied originally last September - I heard nothing (technical hitch with application) and then re-applied last month. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on time scales, etc! Thanks JO x Also - an enquiry with regards to employee nomination scheme - if i am sponsored by SJA for work will my husband have the right to work in WA also? i am so confused with regards to visas, can someone help? :chatterbox:
  3. Morning/Afternoon/Evening at the moment I work for the ambulance service in Manchester (UK) and have been thinking for sometime about emmigrating to Australia. I am looking for some general information about how the service works in Oz. If you work in the service or know someone who does please could you get in contact. Thanks Daniel
  4. Morning/Afternoon/Evening at the moment I work for the ambulance service in Manchester (UK) and have been thinking for sometime about emmigrating to Australia. I am looking for some general information about how the service works in Oz. If you work in the service or know someone who does please could you get in contact. Thanks Daniel
  5. PositivePixie

    Ambulance insurance

    Was wondering if anyone knew, if you get Ambulance cover (in the states its not included in water rates or otherwise etc) does that cover you if you go on holiday/shopping/whatever in another state, or do you need to get new medical insurance for the cover in another state? We are planning on going on holiday for a bit when we get to Aus after receiving our PR visas, so not sure holiday insurance would cover us as we will be residents, not holiday makers as it were and don't want to not have ambulance cover. Similarly, once we settle, I can see us 'popping' to Melbourne now and then for shopping purposes (we are probably going to settle South of Adelaide somewhere), again would our ambulance cover cover us on said shopping trips, or would we need holiday cover when going interstate? :unsure:
  6. k1rsty

    Ambulance Bill $$$

    Has anyone had a ambulance bill over here?? Did you pay it?? I've got one but im not sure what to do... i didnt call for it nor was i in any fit state to refuse it!! What to do?? :arghh:
  7. Wendy Robinson

    price of emergency ambulance

    Hi All, My 2 yr old son was recently taken to hospital due to him having a fit because of a high temprature, OH and myself had never experienced anything like it so we called out an emergency ambulance..We have just had the bill OMFG how i wish we hadn't put off getting medical insurance:no: $738 to go from Quinns Rocks to Joondalup health campus. So anybody thinking of putting off getting medical insurance DON'T because as i've learnt the hard way. On a good note Joondalup Hospital staff were fantastic and so were the ambulance service,My son was given a teddy off the paramedic and blanket from the nurse treating my son. Thankfully my son is back to his old self, But I am still in shock at how much ambos cost with no insurance. Wendy xx PS We now have health insurance.:smile:
  8. doubter

    Queensland ambulance

    Anyone work for Queensland Ambulance Service as i have had recent job offer and concerned about salary
  9. Guest

    Ambulance Cover

    .....Is Ambulance cover required in QLD...:unsure:
  10. Guest

    community ambulance cover

    For further community ambulance cover. For further information on the levy visit www.ambulancecover.qld.gov.au if you believe that you are eligible to claim an exemption from the levy please contact 1300 133 245. If you are dissatisfied with the application of the levy, a written objection may be lodged with the community ambulance cover, GPO Box 5294, Brisbane, 4001. Any objection must be lodged within 60 days from the date of this account and must set out the full reasons for the objection. eddie remember its not to late to vote. :biglaugh:
  11. Guest

    Ambulance Invoice!!

    Hi everyone, Haven't been on for ages, been so busy since we got back from our trip last month. I have a quick query; As some of you may remember my husband went to hospital in an ambulance in queensland whilst we were away. We were told by the hospital staff that everything was covered by the recipricol health care agreement. But we had a lovely $888 bill for the ambulance through the post this morning!! I've called our travel incsurance company who say to send it in, but that we are on the verge of being too late as there is a 31 day cut off - but she said we should be okay. However, i'm still confused as to why we have been sent this bill in the first place when we were assured it wasn't going to cost us a penny??!!! Any help would be appreciated!! Meg x
  12. Guest

    Ambulance Service in Perth !!

    Hi Guys We are hopeing to land in Perth Jan 09. Coming on My hubbies trade ( bricklayer ) and just keeping our fingers crossed that i will be able to get a job as a Paramedic. Does anyone know if that is poss, will Oz reccognise my qualifications or will i need to retrain. Will they even give a brit a chance ?? Any tips would be great ps - Regards the Neg Threads : Constructive critism great ..Pointless moaning...Just No !! Colette x