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  1. No entry/exit stamp - Autralian PR first entry

    Check Vevo see button on the right of the page ' Check your own visa details with VEVO'.
  2. Shipping Question

    We when packed up, boxes were marked in general terms: ie, crockery and cutlery Clothing, shoes and bags Books Paperwork etc. And we put all wooden items in one box and marked accordingly.
  3. Maisonette

    I always think of them as being apartments but with your own front door I lived in one (modern build) and it was really nice, but as I was upstairs, no garden or outside space of my own. Also watch out for 'cluster homes'. A bit of an outdated term but is basically two sets of semi-detached houses, back to back (ie, a 'cluster' of four). Usually only one or two bedrooms though.
  4. Help with suburbs pls?

    it's around 35-40km from Narrabeen to Olympic Park. Add that to the Sydney traffic, and personally I'd give it a miss! Unless you are going to be at the beach every day or have reason to be near it, it would probably be worth your while (and your wife's sanity) to move closer to her work.
  5. Labelling within a Movecube

    The link that @Cerberus1 posted above is really helpful and will answer your question!
  6. Labelling within a Movecube

    Not sure on TVs to be honest. We didn't bring ours as it was pretty old and not worth the hassle. I assume a UK TV would work in Aus, but would check elsewhere first!
  7. Labelling within a Movecube

    We packed monitors in their original boxes - and no harm came to any of them. Or just find a box of a similar size and pack/pad it well.
  8. Did it help ...

    I'm with everyone else. I had it in my mind that we wouldn't stay in Australia in definitely, but saying that, we won't necessarily return to the UK either - depending on what Brexit throws up in terms of residency in other EU countries etc. I am more of an 'organic' suck it and see type person. Have never been a great one for life's plans, despite being a naturally organised person, and my OH is even more far removed from any kind of planning
  9. Creepy Crawlies?

    We live in a modern apartment block in North shore Sydney, well away from the water. Have had two huntsmen in the bedroom (both times) and that's all the spider activity we've had in nearly two years. Regarding cochroaches, we get maybe a few a month in the summer. I assume as the infrastructure of our block gets older, we'll see more of them. The strata company sprays / bombs fairly regularly, and when my OH bombs the apartment, he'll coincide it with the communal bombing. Also we are very mindful of keeping open packets in the pantry, in tins / sealed containers and keeping the kitchen and floors clear of crumbs etc.
  10. Brexit

    I think it's called the 'sign out' button on the top right of the forum home page
  11. Commonwealth or Westpac?

    I''m personally a CBA customer and I really like their app! I use the account to make overseas transactions, but have never transferred money in from GBP - as I like to keep my pounds in my UK a/c.
  12. dental insurance

    i just Googled 'dental insurance' and a few came up off the bat: NIB, HIF, Medibank etc. HIF appears to cover treatment with any dentist:
  13. 3 Days in London

    if you want something local, pay a visit to the William Morris House/Gallery in Walthamstow. or have a walk around Canary Wharf, down to Mudchute via the park, and through the foot tunnel to Greenwich. Lots of places for a drink or lunch etc on the other side.
  14. We are home!

    Yes agree. Or maybe there is less traffic because people actually walk or cycle or use public transport, rather than just hopping in the car to go 2 mins down the road and back again.
  15. problem neighbour

    We also have a funny locking system, a bit like hotel room. Turn the latch one way to lock and the other to open; so we don't actually have to use a key to lock ourselves in the apartment, or when leaving either, as long as the latch is turned the correct way before leaving. So it's not as if we are locking everything with key, although that might be easier, the number of times I wander down to the bins or across the road for a coffee, and have locked myself out!