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  1. Have we made a mistake of returning to the uk?!

    @Pura Vida Chimpanzees in the Tetley adverts. Think they stopped being used in ads during the early 2000s
  2. Is AFL in other states as fanatical as Victoria?

    Ah thanks, didn't know that, but makes a lot of sense! 😀
  3. Is AFL in other states as fanatical as Victoria?

    I know it's not the same sport but there are 20 EPL teams and they manage to play each twice, plus finals etc etc. not that I am interested in AFL or EPL I should point out
  4. what is dental checkup cost

    Yes I find that too... and the price is never mentioned until you're finished and front desk give you the bill!!
  5. what is dental checkup cost

    I went to the dentist earlier this week, and the charges (Gordon, upper north shore Sydney) were: Examation $65 X-rays (2) $88 Scale & Polish $118 We have full hospital cover on BUPA but not dental.
  6. Coat hangers!

    Kmart do a pack of six wooden hangers for five bucks. I've got a mix of those and the plastic ones like The Pom Queen has posted. Really nothing to be at all concerned about!!
  7. Christmas Gifts

    I find Aus is not too great for internet shopping. There's David Jones and Myer. There are a few beauty type websites such as Adore, and also ASOS / The Iconic for clothing, shoes, accessories etc. I always send my parents something from a UK based website, and they are always very kind and deposit some cash into my UK bank account, by way of a gift. That way I get to spend some pounds when required, and my bank account stays active!
  8. Cost of living vs wages in Sydney

    Sydney is a huge sprawling area. Assuming you've got an idea of what you may be earning, use www.domain.com.au or https://www.realestate.com.au/ to look at costs in different suburbs. Do you want 1 bed, 2 bed. inner city, outer suburbss? Near a train line or near a particularly road / route? Beach side, harbour side? In the bush? Part of our decision on where to live, was to be near a train line and good public transport - we didn't want to be reliant on a car to do every single thing, although I know it doesn't bother most people. We also wanted to be near-ish to relatives - so ended up in the next suburb up from them. Makes the commute to the CBD, North Syd, Macquarie Park very easy, so not too concerned about work location at long as it's relatively sensibly located.
  9. Why are they slugging the poor?

    The Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan) is the one who wants to bring in the extra charge of 10 GBP on top of the existing 10 GBP congestion charge, and he is a member of the Labour Party I personally wouldn't say that having a car older than 10 yrs, means the owner is poor. Maybe they just have other priorities which exclude upgrading their car at frequent intervals., or it's just not a big deal for them.
  10. How long left on passport

    why don't you apply now with the new name and pay the extra for the express processing time? if you don't think you'll get it back in time with standard processing.
  11. No entry/exit stamp - Autralian PR first entry

    Check Vevo https://www.border.gov.au/Busi/visas-and-migration/visa-entitlement-verification-online-(vevo) see button on the right of the page ' Check your own visa details with VEVO'.
  12. Shipping Question

    We when packed up, boxes were marked in general terms: ie, crockery and cutlery Clothing, shoes and bags Books Paperwork etc. And we put all wooden items in one box and marked accordingly.
  13. Maisonette

    I always think of them as being apartments but with your own front door I lived in one (modern build) and it was really nice, but as I was upstairs, no garden or outside space of my own. Also watch out for 'cluster homes'. A bit of an outdated term but is basically two sets of semi-detached houses, back to back (ie, a 'cluster' of four). Usually only one or two bedrooms though.
  14. Help with suburbs pls?

    it's around 35-40km from Narrabeen to Olympic Park. Add that to the Sydney traffic, and personally I'd give it a miss! Unless you are going to be at the beach every day or have reason to be near it, it would probably be worth your while (and your wife's sanity) to move closer to her work.
  15. Labelling within a Movecube

    The link that @Cerberus1 posted above is really helpful and will answer your question!