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  1. vickyplum

    Calling the UK

    I'm on the same plan! Amaysim keep giving out more data for the same cost... Not complaining!
  2. vickyplum

    Calling the UK

    I've got a mobile pay monthly/PAYG plan that includes UK and loads of other countries for free. It's $30 per month with a huge amount of data that I never use up (50GB I think)... but compared to @davlap''s deal, I'm being ripped off!! Also have the facility to use Whatsapp but have given up on Skype.
  3. vickyplum


    I know I didn't have to do it. My options were to (1) Keep the passport until whatever time a citizenship test/interview date become available - bearing in mind there was NO guidance on this timeframe - with the risk of it expiring and becoming unusable. Or (2) to send the passport back to the UK, with the risk that a test/interview date would come up in the meantime. My new passport is on the way back to Aus now, which should be followed shortly by the old/expired one, so I won't have to delay the test/interview by much.
  4. vickyplum

    British medical records

    I asked my surgery for a copy of my records before leaving the UK - there was a token sum of money to be paid, and they literally just printed everything off and handed it over to me. Was definitely no big discussion or issue for them. I haven't actually needed the records since! Presumably any pre-existing conditions or treatments have been identified by your friend's new GP by now so the UK records become less important as time passes by? Also check - https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/about-the-nhs/how-to-access-your-health-records/
  5. vickyplum


    Congrats! I've got my interview/test date now for Sydney CBD, but of course in the meantime I sent my passport back to UK for renewal (it was a gamble that (i) it expires and I can't travel if the border reopens or (ii) or I don't have it back in time for the test). So I will probably end up rescheduling the test date, as UK passport processing is much slowed down because COVID.
  6. vickyplum


    Yes you'll be contacted by email. From what I can gather, the status on the immi account doesn't reliably update (mine has been stuck on 'received' for over a year now).
  7. vickyplum

    Cost of moving to Oz

    Hi @Corrina, have been reading this thread with interest and trying to think back to our actual costs when we moved in 2015. Not that it will help you reduce your costs, but may give you a realistic idea about setting up a home and $$ associated with that. Roughly we spent $4500 setting up home - ie, pretty much purchasing everything from scratch, apart from sofa, fridge, TV and a spare bed (gifted from family and since replaced with new - apart from the sofa which is on it's way out soon!!). This was buying nothing more fancy than Ikea - lots of Kmart, Target, Ikea, local Asian shops etc. Think iron, cutlery, clothes pegs, crockery, cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, cooking pots and pans/utensils, kettle, toaster, beds/bedding, dining table/chairs, a few other bits of furniture and so on - all the things you would need to function in your home. Since then, we've replace some items with better quality, but this is what it was at the time. We rent, so had to put down a deposit of $3k ish. Moving costs of: visa GBP 2k for application, medical, police checks, etc /flights $3k ish / Move Cube for shipping of personal items $700 plus possible some extra $$ for actual delivery of the boxes to our door. So that's well over $10k with nothing special included. We stayed with relatives when we first arrived, didn't buy a car and I was working within a few weeks - so didn't have to fall back on other funds (just as well because we didn't really have any!!). However you cut it, migrating here isn't cheap, and being here isn't that cheap either - depending on how you live and what choices you make, will vary that of course. For reference, I'm in Sydney (from London before that, and Oxfordshire before that!).
  8. vickyplum


    You should be ok to renew the passport it after you've done the test... I think... It can get complicated when more than one of these things happens at the same time!
  9. vickyplum


    Oh that's good!!!!! Congratulations - and not too long to wait either. Now you just have to remember all the answers to the questions again
  10. vickyplum


    Refer to the posts from myself and Coquette above. Both of us have been waiting over a year, due to having our interview/test date scheduled for April, postponed. So at the moment, yes it's probably fair to say you're being impatient
  11. vickyplum


    @coquette I just called and was told all the information is on this page (https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship) - ie, which offices are now open. I tried to get more info, asking if there was any rough timeframe for tests to recommence but was told all the information they have is the page above.
  12. vickyplum


    I did call today but it was just past 5pm and they were closed Will give myself a reminder to do it tomorrow. Will let you know if I get anywhere with the call or receive the golden invite!!
  13. vickyplum


    Yes, I'm in the same position. Applied for citizenship June 2019, received an invite to interview/test on 2 March 2020 (in Sydney CBD office for 27 April). Received a cancellation email on 7 April and I haven't heard anything since! I read on one of the government websites that both CBD and Parramatta offices are open again, so I would really hope applications are being progressed, and we'll hear something soon. I carried out some searching for more information on test dates etc, but everything just seems to say "don't contact us, we'll be in touch with you when we're ready". I could give them a call but really not sure how far that will get me. There's no email address or electronic way of getting in touch, as far as I can see.
  14. vickyplum

    Renewing UK passport in Australia

    Thanks @Fisher1! Mine is ready to be posted, just have to go back to the post office and get it sent off(after visiting earlier today for the photo part). It will take however long it takes, and maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, I doubt I'll be going anywhere much at all
  15. vickyplum

    Leaving Australia - Covid flights to the UK

    I think the issue is that self- isolating would mean starting work two weeks later than planned, and if it's a new employer (I took 'returning to UK for work' to be starting a new job) then that could be awkward. But sorry @lorkers - I don't actually have any advice or a real reply to your question!