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  1. vickyplum

    Worst Nightmare....

    don't worry, we are wearing them now
  2. vickyplum

    UK HMRC and Mobile Phones

    I use my Aus number as well - can't remember the process but assume it's fairly simply to change your contact number via the online account.
  3. vickyplum

    Moving back to oz

    Agree with @Wanderer Returns. There's no sign of the quarantine requirement being removed or shortened, so for now, the cost will need to be factored in as part of the overall move costs. Otherwise you can't plan, because there's no indication of when all this might 'go away'.
  4. vickyplum

    Form 80 travel history

    Emails Calendar/diary entries Photo date stamps Check loyalty cards / airmiles records, etc No need to list trips within GB & NI.
  5. Yes that's the right one. Be patient Also you don't have to do it all at once.
  6. I put No on that part - so only provided my parents' names, DOB and location of birth. Can't answer your checklist question as I uploaded the documentation that I had, which most suited the various parts of the application. Essentially it's your home country passport details, local ID (such as driver licence), birth certificate, form 1195 (verifying your identify and signed by someone on the list of professions) as well as proof of your first entry into Australia on your visa. And also everyone's favourite question where you have to list all the countries you've visited over the past various lifetimes. Some of the documents will get used more than once. You may have more types of documentation or ID, depending on where you're from.
  7. vickyplum

    What Book are you reading??

    I've got them all (?) on my Kindle so might start to re-read some of the better ones. I've forgotten the plots mostly, so it will be like reading them anew!
  8. vickyplum

    What Book are you reading??

    I've got this one lined up to read but haven't started yet. Had a message from my Dad in the UK that it was 'mediocre'. But 25 (?) books of the same plot/theme/formula is going to wear thin eventually! I enjoyed the earlier ones much more than the last few.
  9. vickyplum


    I had my interview/test a few weeks back and I was asked to show my passport and NSW licence - nothing else. In fact I'd sent my UK passport for renewal, it didn't get back in time (I waited until a few days beforehand) and had to reschedule my test as a result! So I would definitely assume they will ask for your passport, as that's the main document that provides your (UK) identity. Your licence proves your Australia based (NSW) identity. Have you actually got a test date yet? My passport renewal took a month from arrival of the old passport in the UK until I go the new (and old) one returned to me here. Plus the time it took the old passport to reach the UK.
  10. vickyplum

    Citizenship Rejection Letter

    So Home Affairs couldn't fix the online application problem, and recommended to apply via paper form. Then they rejected the paper application, but can't tell you why that happened and can't advise on next steps? Seriously, you couldn't make this up if you tried!! Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with them. Have you been back to Husband's online portal since; can you try again using that? Or maybe chat to an agent and see what they recommend! I don't know what would happen if DHA received a second application after the first was rejected...? OMGs
  11. vickyplum


    I was told during my interview that the ceremonies are back to being in person now (this was NSW).
  12. vickyplum

    801/820 Onshore Partner Visas and Bridging Visas

    Which I why I added the comment "none of us are experts apart from the migration agents" Thanks!
  13. vickyplum

    801/820 Onshore Partner Visas and Bridging Visas

    I think your first hurdle would be getting the visitor visa approved. The borders are closed - apart for returning residents - so I would doubt that visitor visas are even being granted at the moment. My parents applied for one shortly after the COVID19 restrictions started (my Dad, quite sweetly, said he always liked to have them ready 'just incase') but they haven't been granted - presumably because there are no visitors currently being accepted in to the country. I'm not an expert (none of us are - apart from the migration agents who provide advice on the forum) - so this is my limited understanding of the situation.
  14. vickyplum


    Yes I was worried about it - but I always worry about any test or exam situation! Just keep reading 'Our Common Bond' and do ALL the practice test you can find on the internet You will be fine on the day.
  15. vickyplum


    Hi @coquette - I had my interview/test today (finally!) and was told that all the ceremonies are back to being 'in person' now. Assume that means all of them in NSW and not just my particular council... Maybe they are saving us up for the big Australia Day celebration