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  1. Cobs_Ahoy

    190/491 Queensland

    Hi Tonks, Im in a similar position and have been obsessively checking the BSMQ Facebook page for updates. I saw someone had asked them when they were likely to open up to offshore EOIs and their reply was “not until the covid situation significantly improves”. So we might be a way off yet!
  2. That’s really helpful, cheers. I went back to the BSMQ website and it said they require a skills assessment and proof of professional registration, but I’m guessing if your mate didn’t need AHPRA at the point of applying that might mean local registration (NMC in my case). ive seen threads on here that have said you need APHRA before submitting an EoI for a 190, and others that have said they’ve left it until completing the invitation to apply (in order to time presenting in person with the visa grant), so it’s a bit confusing. I guess the best bet is to contact BSMQ.
  3. Hi Duke, Thanks for your response, did you move out on a 190? I think I’ve seen your name during my frantic reading of posts - are you an RMN? yep I’m aware of ANMAC and AHPRA, on the BSMQ website it mentions needing a skills assessment and professional registration. Or at least I thought it did - it’s difficult to find the info at the min due to so much stuff being suspended. I saw the mega-brief Queensland sponsorship opening in October, and online it says they will have a new quota for the skilled program visas in January which I will miss, but hoping to get my arse in gear so ready to just hit ‘submit’ for the next one! I probably would consider ‘nipping over’, or at least trying to plan a holiday, but with kids+Covid it’s not just the financial stuff to consider (although the thought of forking out a few grand to quarantine for two weeks with a 5y0 and 1yo brings tears to my eyes), but I believe it’s a moot point at present anyway due to border closures.
  4. I wondered if any HCPs had recently applied for an offshore 190 and had any info regarding registering with AHPRA..... I want to try and get state sponsorship from QLD but understand as a nurse I have to have registered with AHPRA before submitting my EoI, and AHPRA stipulate once you have a registration in principle you then need to present in person within 30 days. Although I know people have flown in just to finalise registration, its hard enough to just ‘nip over’ from the U.K. at the best of times, and obviously impossible at the minute! But clearly there is a way around the current Covid restrictions as nurses have been granted visas recently (although I don’t know if they were 190s). According to APHRA they are entering HVPs onto the register without having presented in person, but the requirements don’t seem to match an offshore 190 application - eg getting your employer to sign some documents etc. My question is whether the ‘in principle’ registration is enough for processing the EoI, or whether you have to have finalised registration before the EoI progresses. I'm keen to start the process ASAP because I only have 80 points (+5 if I get sponsorship), but it seems now is a good time to apply as a HCP. Any advice/experience gratefully received!
  5. Cobs_Ahoy

    Community mental health nursing

    That’s really good of you Ali, much appreciated and I will definitely take you up on that when I’m in the position to apply.
  6. Cobs_Ahoy

    Community mental health nursing

    Ahhhh ok, that gives a bit of clarity to some of the jobs I’ve seen advertised, thanks.
  7. Cobs_Ahoy

    Impact of PMSOL on points thresholds?

    Ahhhhh I’ve just seen you have also seen that thread pooja as you have responded to the OP! Just goes to show it’s often worth trying something even if you think there isn’t a chance in hell you will succeed!
  8. Cobs_Ahoy

    Impact of PMSOL on points thresholds?

    Cheers Pooja, that’s good to hear. Do you mind me asking how your friend found the job? Did she contact hospitals directly to ask if there were any sponsorship posts going, or was it a post advertised as open to sponsorship? Interestingly there is another thread knocking around PiO at the min where the OP received his invitation to apply for a 189 with 70 points within a couple of weeks of submitting his EoI, so I’m wondering if despite the PMSOL being for specific visas, whether the listed professions are also being fast tracked across the board by immigration as I thought anything less than 90 points meant you were very unlikely to be invited to apply for a 189.
  9. Cobs_Ahoy

    Community mental health nursing

    Thanks Ali, that’s really useful information and exactly what I was after. I’m hoping to move to Queensland so will look into the specific legislation. Is a community role considered a promotion then? When I qualified I did my band 5 preceptorship in the community, although that was unusual at the time and I know most nurses did a stint on the wards first. Did you find it easy to get back to your equivalent band 7 position once you were practicing out there? I’m not averse to going onto the wards to get my foot in the door, but my biggest wobble is whether I am going to struggle to make the same progress in Australia - I am in the middle of completing a masters that would lead to band 8 post in a few years (As a clinician rather than management), are you able to shed any light on what the equivalent in Australia would be? I have seen adverts for ‘clinical nurse consultants’ but couldn’t really get a sense of what the role involved and what qualifications/experience the post requires.
  10. hi folks, I’m wondering if anyone can help me get a sense of what community mental health nursing in Australia is like in comparison to the U.K.? I’ve found lots of PiO posts by RMNs, most of whom seemed to be going onto the wards, however as the bulk of my experience is in the community I was hoping to find a community post down under. if you have worked as a CPN in Australia, did you go straight into the community or was your first post on a ward? If you have community experience in both countries, have you found any significant differences? Any info is much appreciated, cheers!
  11. Cobs_Ahoy

    Impact of PMSOL on points thresholds?

    Thanks Marisa, I did contemplate it In the initial stages of my planning (when I had read about the glory days of relocation packages and streamlined processes for nurses!), but I would be bringing a husband and two young children so it’s a bit of a gamble. Although I think that would probably make PR more likely as the Australian work experience would bump my points up to be competitive. I haven’t read much about the employer sponsored visas as I was under the impression they didn’t really exist for nurses anymore, or at least not in the same numbers, not sure if the PMSOL and Covid has changed that, but it’s definitely food for thought. Thanks both for the advice, much appreciated!
  12. Cobs_Ahoy

    Impact of PMSOL on points thresholds?

    Ah thanks Paul, I had though that was the case at first but then saw another thread where someone applying for state sponsorship referenced their profession being on PMSOL, it got my hopes up as I presumed he was talking about 190. Back to the (sensible) longer term plan....
  13. I wondered if anyone knew (or had any thoughts on) whether applicants on the priority skills list might get through on lower points than recent rounds of invites? Im a nurse (mental health) with 80 points, from reading this forum I understand it’s generally difficult for nurses to get 90+ points, so wondered if the current healthcare focus might mean we are competing against each other rather than the whole pool of visa applicants. im very early in my plans as have a few options to consider in terms of timeline, but wondering if the PMSOL being in my favour means I should just go for it now. any advice or musing gratefully received!