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  1. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I sometimes wonder if the biggest failing of devolution in the 90's was a failure to recognise the importance and need for a separate English parliament (or parliament's) to deal with english specific matters, much like those parliament's that were established or re-established in Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland (where Westminster would focus on overarching areas of governance that applied to all areas of the UK). Northern England in particular gets overlooked very badly by Westminster and has done for a number of years. Scotland is able to mitigate this in a small way by shaping small areas of policy via the Scottish Parliament to make itself competitive against northern parts of England in trying to attract business and investment. Without a regional assembly to voice the growing frustrations of those neglected parts of England or a regional assembly to agitate for investment etc i can see why resentment and disillusionment grew over the past few decades. In this vacuum of frustration and anger (aided and abetted by an austerity agenda making day to day life harder) people would naturally look for someone to blame and want someone to shake up the system. It's not hard to see how this could in turn play a part in setting the stage for opportunistic voices to step in and offer up someone to blame for all their troubles. The resentment and desire for change is real and legitimate and of our own making. The use of those feelings by opportunistic politicians to target "others" and blame "others" has shaped it into undesirable nationalism in some parts of England and a clear rise in hate crimes of a religious or racial nature. I worry where that anger will be focussed after Brexit, when there is nobody left to blame
  2. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It is an entity formed by two countries entering into a union of supposed equals which was later extended. Both countries maintained distinct legal systems among other things, which persist and remain to this day. The literature on it is an interesting read. The treaty of union can in theory be ended by either country that signed the treaty simply withdrawing if they chose to do so. Of course in reality it's not that straightforward. Anyway I'm sure we won't agree on the above, which is fair enough. I do wonder though why some posters think it's a vote winning or cooperative approach to tell a nation of voters it doesn't matter what they think think, that they're vote doesn't matter, that they lost, get over it etc etc. Polls show very strong pro EU feeling in Scotland. Polls also show a majority of Scottish voters view themselves as Scottish rather than British. Polls also show that a strong majority, faced with having to choose between leaving the UK or leaving the EU would choose the former. The UK will leave the EU, of that I have no doubt. It will be the self inflicted end of the UK, of that I also have no doubt. Anyone trying to tell people they are wrong to feel or vote that way, or that they lost etc will push those people further and further away
  3. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The UK will leave the EU as the two largest parties in Westminster are either committed to making it happen or at the very least complicit in allowing it to happen. I think any pretence that Jeremy Corbyn was working behind the scenes to halt brexit is now gone. I really don't understand the drama of "the vote must be honoured". It has been, it is being and it will be honoured. It's just not a simple task to accomplish and takes time to achieve in an orderly manner. Serious question, do you believe that the vote in Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain should also be honoured or is it only a democratic outrage if the leave vote in England and Wales isn't honoured?
  4. MacGyver

    checklist for moving back to uk

    Sorry to hear about your recent experiences and situation, it must be really difficult. I just wondered if it was worth considering a long holiday/visit to the UK before packing everything up and moving? Test the water so to speak As others have mentioned pet transport is a tricky process and worth exploring as early as possible All the best
  5. MacGyver

    We recognise the traditional owners....

    Source? Polling data? Research?
  6. MacGyver

    Happy St George's day.

    Happy belated St George's Day from a Scotsman to our English neighbours and friends I hope it was spent celebrating the wonderful diversity of England, the people that were born there and the people that have travelled from far away lands to become members of and contribute to your society and country. I hope on st Andrew's Day we are able to celebrate the same contribution foreign born Scottish residents contribute to to our own country every single day. They are most welcome and appreciated All the best
  7. MacGyver

    We recognise the traditional owners....

    I know from direct contact with many aboriginal families that some would find your use of this word offensive. I tend to defer to people's knowledge of their own situation and I therefore avoid this term.
  8. MacGyver

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    There are so many things we could be doing but there isn't the political will to do it. Renewable energy is an obvious one but methane from cows is a massive issue globally. I read somewhere that there's a seaweed (I think) that can be added to cows diets and it reduces the methane they produce by around 90% (if my memory is correct). It's quite a staggering reduction and all it would take would be legislation to force farmers to include this in the diet of their livestock. I appreciate this would bring costs that would be passed on to the consumer but it's such a simple thing that could have such a huge impact and we can't even be bothered to do that
  9. MacGyver

    We recognise the traditional owners....

    Recognising the traditional owners of the land has nothing to do with past transgressions (of which there are many). It is simply a cultural tradition in which aboriginal people pay respect when visiting another aboriginal nation. It takes maybe 10 seconds to say and personally I think it is a very good thing. It might mean nothing to people in your social group (which is fair enough) but that doesn't mean it's worthless to all. It doesn't negate modern Australia and it doesn't make things better for aboriginal people, it is simply being respectful to another cultures traditions. Is 10 seconds of your time really too valuable for that? People are a product of their environment the world over. Imagine if your grandparents had been forcibly removed from their parents, put in institutions and raped and beaten throughout their childhood. Imagine their culture and history was so brutalized and destroyed that siblings grew up not knowing who their own siblings were, sometimes unknowingly having children together in later life. Imagine being cast out with this trauma and struggling to cope or even understand it and eventually self medicating through alcohol and substance use. Having been raised with violence and physical and sexual abuse this seems normalised and is then passed to their own children and the cycle continues down until you yourself are beaten and raped as a child, growing up surrounded by domestic violence and drug and alcohol use. You grow up seeing that as normal and are therefore extremely likely to enter the criminal justice system. If you think thats the fault of the individual's I would respectfully disagree with you in the strongest terms. This is of course not the life experience of all aboriginal people but it is sadly the experience of a large number of them. Politicians set the tone of debate and the direction of a country and lip service or not, an apology for the attempted genocide of a people and their culture doesn't really seem like a bad idea to me. Should we should tell Jewish people to stop going on about the concentration camps? Should we ask the UK government to please stop going on about remembrance Day because it's in the past? Should we tell aboriginal people not to spend ten seconds observing a cultural tradition? I would answer no to all of the above
  10. MacGyver

    Troubles return to N Ireland.

  11. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The SNP won't support Corbyn without commitment to a second independence referendum in Scotland, which shouldn't surprise anyone given that's what the party stands for. If Scotland then decided to vote for independence it would get interesting in Westminster as Corbyn Would only have a majority with snp support but would lose his majority in the house of commons When SNP MPs withdrew by virtue of the deal Corbyn made to get into no 10 in the first place. I just can't see that happening and therefore expect a coalition of the right to command the house for the foreseeable future
  12. MacGyver

    Any advice for shipping?

    Thanks rammygirl, this is excellent information
  13. We've had a few quotes for shipping UK back to Australia and they seem to be around what we expected and fairly close in price. Just wanted to ask if there's anything I should check is and/or isn't included with shippers as part of their quote? Anything they sneakily leave out and charge you for later, ways they might artificially keep quotes low etc etc Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  14. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    https://www.channel4.com/news/revealed-how-leave-eu-faked-migrant-footage Whatever your views or opinions this surely cannot be acceptable, on any side of any public debate
  15. MacGyver

    Not going down to well in UK

    Who decides what is and isn't deserving of legal aid and fair legal representation? If it is judged only by whether we agree with someone's views or actions or whether we like them as a person, our laws, values and legal system are broken. My view would be that they have already defeated us if we allow their abhorrent views and actions to undermine our long standing respected and fair legal processes. The whole point of the system is that it applies to everyone identically, regardless of political or religious views and regardless of actions, no matter how horrific we consider them to be. Last I heard legal aid were considering the parents application and had not yet made a decision as to whether the family met their criteria.