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  1. MacGyver

    Things you've learned...

    I've been thinking about the last decade and things I've learned, so here's my list. Feel free to add to it 1. People are nice 2. Don't be a dick That's the most concise version I can think of. Australians are nice. Kiwi's are nice. South African's are nice. English people are nice. Welsh people are nice. Irish people are nice. Canadians are nice. Americans are nice. French people are nice. Germans are nice. My fellow Scots are nice. I'm sure all the nationalities I haven't met are nice too. We all, mostly, get along. Watching the news you would think we all hate each other and everyone is spoiling for a war. But the reality is most people are nice, helpful, friendly, welcoming and kind. I wish the media would stop framing political debates (eg Brexit, Scottish Independence) as one group hating another because it's completely untrue and diminishes us all. I genuinely think people are inclined towards partnership and coming together regardless of shifting borders or where political decisions are made. People across Europe will remain close friends and allies regardless of where the border lies or whether in a Union or not. People across the UK will remain close allies and friends regardless of where the border lies or whether in a Union or not. That became a Friday rant, oh well Anyway, what have you learned...
  2. MacGyver

    Fair or Not Fair?

    It's an interesting topic - how to resolve it without impinging on the right to choose versus right to fair competition etc. I wonder if the answer is to remove the (somewhat antiquated) idea of Men's and Women's sports altogether and replace it with a different system of categorization. I dont know what that would be but possibly similar to boxing "weights". So maybe a seeding system based on Personal Best times/weights/performances or some form of body composition or testosterone levels or something. Everyone falls into a category and competes within that category against athletes of similar performance level/ability, regardless of "gender". Give it a name like boxing does, Heavy weight, welter weight, whatever. Just dont define or group athletes by gender but rather by ability and it possibly resolves some of the issues. People can be who they want to be and compete where they want to compete without unfair advantage or whatever.
  3. MacGyver

    Shame of Australia

    Any idea how the carbon footprint compares over say a 20 year period? Genuine question. I've always assumed that there was an initial carbon cost to produce wind farms etc but over the long haul they would be cleaner than the fossil fuel alternatives. Would be interesting to know how they compare
  4. I am unable to give advice or information on your query, I just wanted to say that the letter you have attached contains a LOT of personal information (name, address, date of birth, email address) and it might be advisable to upload a new attachment with this information hidden/redacted
  5. MacGyver

    Most friendly/welcoming town or village to live in England?

    England only or would you consider Scotland too? Some lovely villages in Scotland that might meet your needs if you don'd mind colder winters
  6. MacGyver

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    As a MARA registered agent, is there an expectation/responsibility to advise the relevant authority/authorities of any wrongdoing if it later becomes known to the agent? Sorry for so many questions, as I said before it's not relevant to me personally or anyone I know but I find it all very interesting. It must put agents in a very uncomfortable situation sometimes? Are there repercussions for agents if they are complicit in applications such as the above (i.e submit on behalf of a client despite knowing it is not a truthful application)?
  7. MacGyver

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    Are you aware which states are actively pursuing this? It could be useful for forum members even just to serve as a "warning" if nothing else Also, is this the rule or the exception to the rule to pursue (with success) the cancellation of 190 visa holders? How does one determine a visa was issued on incorrect information to facilitate cancellation? I imagine a scenario (as per the other 190 thread) where three IT professionals move to Melbourne on a 190. All apply for positions over the following 6 months. One is successful, two are not. Of the two that are unsuccessful one seeks release from the state the other does not. Both leave in order to find employment to feed their families and secure jobs in other states, contributing to the economy and integrating into society. Is it really feasible that one of these individuals would have their visa cancelled? Or are we discussing outliers that deliberately seek a 190 under false pretenses and do not even set foot in the state of choice? I can imagine some forum members applying with complete honesty but having genuine need to relocate interstate and reading the above could cause much distress without clarification. This would be particularly true if they were only now becoming aware of the above 'after the fact' having not sought release from the relevant state before moving through genuine need.
  8. MacGyver

    Visa 190 Moral Obligation

    Hi Raul, Genuine question regarding the above. In your experience/professional opinion what would be required to enforce this aspect of the 190 visa? Would it be to alter the visa conditions or by some other means? I read a long time ago when it was the 176 (I think) that as of the day PR is granted and activated, you have the same constitutional protections as any other Australian. The discussion of the time was that to enforce the moral obligation/enforce where someone lives would require a constitutional amendment, which in turn requires a referendum on the matter. Is that just forum talk or is there basis to it? I have no dog in the fight (I am a citizen leaving Australia shortly), I'm just curious as Ive seen it debated numerous times over the years. I can understand how flouting the rule will impact others in the future (eg through no longer offering the 190 visa) and also understand the moral aspect of the matter, but curious around the legalities of enforcing this with a 190 as it currently stands. Same question for citizenship, I guess the relevant part would be the character requirement. Do you think it would stand up in court if someone was refused on the basis of moving interstate but had no criminal history, productive member of society, working, paying taxes, integrated into local community etc? Thanks
  9. MacGyver

    Visa 190 Moral Obligation

    This topic always seems to generate strong feelings/opinions for understandable reasons. If I was in your shoes I would check the visa conditions as included/advised in the notice of visa grant by Immi. If no conditions are listed (as one would expect with a 190) then you would not be breaching your visa conditions by moving interstate if you chose to do so (since no such conditions exist). Any discussion beyond that fact, while understandable, is based on emotion and/or personal values. Having said that, I can understand why states are increasingly making use of the 489 instead of 190 as outlined by Raul. Recognition that 190 holders are free to move wherever they choose, I would think.
  10. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Sadly it isn't just England but the other countries encompassing the UK as well. While I fully respect the democratic vote of the English electorate, Scotland and Northern Ireland are not England, and England is not the UK. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU and I wish the same respect was afforded to the democratic vote of those electorates by Mrs May and her colleagues. Both of those countries, with a desperate need for inward migration, will likely suffer the effects of a Brexit the people overwhelmingly rejected at the ballot box more acutely than England. I also have much sympathy for the regions of England outwith the South East that appear an afterthought when it comes to UK policy and decision making, ironically regions that embraced Brexit as a means of change due to suffering from years of neglect at the hands of successive UK governments.
  11. Hi Amber, I will be travelling late October and my partner mid November. Pup will be sent by my partner a few days before she flies over. Does that complicate things if I am already there to collect pup straight form the airport on his day of arrival? Thanks
  12. Hi, Hoping for some advice regarding our ToR application. We are sending some belongings via movecube scheduled for pickup in 2 weeks (transit time around 12 weeks from memory). Separately we will be shipping our dog via another company in November. Do we complete two separate ToR applications, or put belongings and dog all on same ToR even though they travel via different companies, at different times and arrive in different locations on different dates? Just dont want to cause a delay to the movecube because they're searching for a dog that isn't there, or cause an issue with the pup because we applied on a different ToR Thanks
  13. MacGyver

    Cathartic Ramblings

    Thanks unzippy Her accent is from far north of the US which already had an almost Canadian sound to it, mixed with some Australian after 6 years in Queensland! We used to compare and contrast strange words and sayings Each of us used. These days we get confused as to whether we're remembering the US version, the Scottish version or the Australian version. It's all mashed into one!
  14. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    There is a really useful (and controversial) suggestion I've observed on social media that nobody is discussing. Put the EU "border" between Scotland and England. This would have multiple benefits, primarily that each constituent part of the UK would get what it voted for (NI and Scotland part of some bastardised version of the customs union but still part of the UK, England and Wales outside of the customs union). It would immediately resolve the Ireland/Northern Ireland border issue, it would meet the EU need to protect its borders, it would allow the UK government to pursue trade deals etc independently and it could also provide a facility for UK based Banking (or other industries) to have backdoor access to europe via offices in eg Edinburgh. It's also a significantly shorter border to "police" than one between Ireland and NI. It's an imperfect solution of course with issues to overcome, but if a solution can be agreed for NI to both remain and leave then why not Scotland too? It seems to me it would keep most people happy as it maintains the UK as an entity but also allows the electorate in each part of the UK to get what it voted for. It would allow for all the border controls sought by England and Wales via the leave vote for brexit, but simultaneously enable areas like Scotland and NI who desperately need inward migration to maintain access to EU workers (eg in the farming industry) by respecting their remain vote. It would also take the wind out of increasing pressure for a border poll in NI or a second independence referendum in Scotland as both are currently buoyed by the democratic deficit presented by Brexit. Just a thought.
  15. MacGyver

    Notifying ATO when moving overseas

    Thanks Marissa