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  1. MacGyver

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Once again you are using the word ‘evidence’ when the correct word is ‘allegations’. The Michigan state senate committee you have referenced heard allegations of wrongdoing which have widely been reported as individuals misunderstanding how the counting process works and which have already been debunked (eg alleging fraud because ballots received after polling day but submitted prior to polling day, were counted within the legal norms of vote counting for the state). Other allegations included republicans saying they were not allowed to observe the count, when in fact it is clearly evidenced that republican poll watchers were present. This is not evidence, these are unfounded allegations and audits and ballot reviews by the state have found no issues. Even the Attorney General William Barr (an appointee and close ally of Mr Trump), reported no evidence of widespread voter fraud or anything that would alter the landslide win for Mr Biden. The evidence just isn’t there, at all, and those capable of critically evaluating information can see that very clearly.
  2. MacGyver

    Living in or around Kinross

    I haven’t lived in Kinross so will let others share their experiences of the suburb. In terms of location from the CBD, I’d personally drive to the station and get the train in from there. Traffic in the morning can be slow from 6.30am onwards and anything north of Whitfords Ave will be 45 mins on a good day, at least an hour on a typical day of rush hour traffic, and probably over an hour if coming from north of Burns Beach Road. The trains are clean, regular and reliable so worth considering and many stations have ample parking at a cost of $2 per day. Costs will be similar to driving which is why a lot of people drive, but at that time of the day from that distance, train will be quicker.
  3. MacGyver

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    You really need to look at the substance (or lack thereof) of the court cases (including In Arizona) and the absence of any evidence provided to the courts. That’s where the truth lies, as there are consequences to being dishonest to the court meaning false evidence cannot be given in that forum. Not so much in other forums and the above ‘hearing’ provides no evidence as I’m sure you know. It’s a get together of Republicans in which Rudy Giuliani made a number of claims without providing evidence, and a retired army colonel testified that he received an anonymous email alleging votes had been added in favour of Mr Biden. The anonymous email said that Democrats contacted the person before the election to involve them in the fraud, but for some reason they didn’t report it at that time. The anonymous email also said that the fraud was “undetectable in post audits”. So a mystery person made allegations votes were added but provided no proof and said they can’t be detected after the fact. This is desperate stuff! What the clip demonstrates is merely a show of defiance to Mr Trumps base support for future political and career purposes, and Mr Giuliani encouraging his Republican colleagues to ignore the wishes of the people and “take back their power” to cast the electoral college votes in favour of Mr Trump. I suspect Mr Giuliani will be thrown under the bus in 2021 by Mr Trump, who will go on to have a very successful post-presidential career on his own digital TV channel, from where he will launch another Trumps tilt at the presidency in 2024.
  4. MacGyver

    Stop the boats!

    If I may ask, What is your country of origin Zara?
  5. MacGyver

    Brisbane or Perth for young family

    I agree SW of WA is at a tipping point and the secret is almost out (if it isn’t already). It’s already a lovely place to visit but in ten years I think it will really have taken off and may offer a “second city” feel to it, to offset some of the isolation Perth experiences as the only major population centre in WA. A lot of development is already underway from Bunbury down to Margaret river and lots more to come. It won’t have the same population as the Gold Coast (nowhere near it), but it will have the same feel of a cluster of population centres combining into something greater than the individual parts, much like the Gold Coast is. it offers desirable cold winter breaks by the fireplace, beautiful warm summers, stunning beaches, established wine region, more pleasant climate than Perth and soon to be direct flights from Melbourne which I imagine will grow to direct flights from other cities. An underdeveloped gem and it’s time is about to come.
  6. MacGyver

    Corona Virus

    They have done fantastically well and it looks like eradication is just round the corner, but I think the definition Australia is using for eradication is 28 days without a community case, rather than an absence of active cases. I think Victoria is on day 26 of no community cases at the moment? NSW is on 24, Qld 70 ish, WA 7 months, NT 8 months ish etc. The whole country is very close to achieving eradication which is incredible, just SA needs watching. Like other states that have successfully eradicated it, Victoria will have many new active cases via hotel quarantine for international travellers for the foreseeable future, but as long as community cases remain absent, eradication remains.
  7. MacGyver

    Moving to Perth with my dog

    Be sure to start the Rabies vaccination and testing process early as it can take over 6 months to get your pet ready to travel to Australia due to the strict regulations.
  8. MacGyver

    The Official Weather Thread

    With the exception of a few hideously hot and muggy days in summer (normally broken by stunning thunderstorms in the afternoon), the climate in south east queensland is wonderful. Sounds like you're enjoying it over there very much and who could blame you.
  9. MacGyver

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    The state court rulings have been unusually vocal due to their disregard for the lack of evidence and poorly structured appeals brought by Mr Trump's laywers thus far. This has not been "the left", this has come from many republican appointees, Republican mayors, Republican Governors, Republican senators and supporters of Mr Trump. It seems incredibly unlikely they would withhold evidence if they had it, risk losing the cases, only to magically produce evidence (that no other organisation or individual has been able to find) at the last minute. I understand you support Mr Trump's presidency, but surely at some point you have to look dispassionately at the evidence (or lack thereof), critically review the highly partisan nature of the unfounded allegations, and accept that the vote reflects the will of the people? PArticularly today, when the politically neautral GSA, headed by a Mr Trump appointee, recognised Mr Biden's 'apparent victory' and initiated the formal transition process. It is a landlside victory for Mr Biden, not my words, the words of Mr Trump when he secured exactly the same number of college votes in 2016 against Mrs Clinton.
  10. MacGyver

    Corona Virus

    I don't think any of the vaccine candidates have been peer reviewed yet, which will hopefully help clarify some of these concerns for us. I did read somewhere that one of the US vaccines (maybe Pfizer) was able to progress so quickly due to the grim situation over there and unexpectedly large exposure of the vaccinated individuals to the virus. Some sort of irony in there that the worst performing country may have provided the best test bed to progress quickly with the trials.
  11. MacGyver

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    I think in the clip above there are several moments where his stutter impacts the flow of his speech. He stumbles his words several times in that clip in exactly the same way he did in your other clip. It’s probably worth repeating that I’m no fan of Mr Biden and disagree profoundly with some of his previous statements and policy decisions. I’m simply promoting the idea that his stutter shouldn’t be fair game to insult the man. To play devils advocate, do you believe that Mr Trump has the cognitive abilities one would expect of the leader of the free world? He has also said some very odd things in the last 4 years and there have been several suggestions he is unable to absorb/understand daily intelligence and other briefings.
  12. MacGyver

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    It is very clearly a stutter in that clip
  13. MacGyver

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    Simmo shared a video of Mr Biden working through a stutter, with the title “...his brain malfunctioned again”. The original tweet, and the sharing of that tweet, were intended to insult a man for having a stutter. His stutter has been thrown around as false evidence of mental decline for many months. I am no fan of Mr Biden, but there are an abundance of other genuine issues to highlight throughout his political career without having to comment on his stutter, using his stutter to suggest dementia or laughing at him when he fails to control it. I do agree with you on the shockingly poor standard of candidates forwarded by both Democrats and Republicans for this election.
  14. MacGyver

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    The man has a stutter. Its extremely evident from the footage that he’s attempting to work through a stuttering episode. By all means dislike his policies, call him out on his many poor decisions over the years etc. But insulting someone for having a speech impediment, well that says more about you than it does about him.
  15. MacGyver

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Indeed, they are widely reporting the allegations of voter fraud and then annihilating those allegations with facts from all sides of the political divide. What Simmo means is that other media outlets aren’t blindly reporting wild allegations and how dare they fact check stories.