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  1. MacGyver

    The Bizarre Thread

    There’s an anti tank gun out there somewhere, ashamed and wishing it had worn a condom.
  2. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    And….? Typically posts have personal opinion, questions or comment in them. If you’re just sharing the news we have TV, radio, internet and newspapers for that so you can take the day off.
  3. Please don’t apologise for talking about your situation - in fact I think you should talk about it more often as bottling up emotions until they erupt in frustration is unhealthy and dangerous for you. You mentioned your daughter seeing a psychologist, have you considered also speaking to someone professionally? Don’t feel you need to answer that as it’s a personal matter but just commenting that it might be helpful if you haven’t already done so. A wise person once told me that moving country isn’t enough, you have to also deal with underlying issues or you might eventually feel the same way after you’ve moved. While physically changing location can help in certain circumstances, it sounds like you’ll have a lot to work through whatever you decide to do and support to address those underlying issues may benefit you and your family. Please talk, and talk often. I’ve known too many people that died not to take mental ill health as seriously as physical ill health.
  4. MacGyver

    Secondary teacher 189 visa

    This is a good point, but 3 year undergraduate degrees aren't UK wide and are typically in England (and possibly wales) but not in Scotland.
  5. MacGyver

    Man Made Global Warming, is it to late.

    Yes the earth has been much colder, much hotter, had much more CO2 in the atmosphere etc etc. it has long followed a cycle of cooling and warming as part of its natural processes and will do so for Millenia. But that completely misses the point - the concern with climate change is not about whether the earth will survive (of course it will), it’s about how it will impact on human civilisation as it changes. As earth warms, weather processes change, some areas experience drought, some flooding, some become more hospitable and some become less hospitable. Normally this would happen over thousands of years, but the evidence shows this is happening much much faster than it would naturally (decades rather than thousands of years). This gives us less time to adapt to the changes, to naturally transition to different farming areas, to adapt our towns and cities for extreme weather and rising sea levels. This puts our food security at risk, places human lives at risk from extreme weather events, impacts on housing and cities from sea incursion etc. We’ve seen mild signs of this but in 50 years we’ll see much more significant impact without action. The narrative about climate change isn’t focussed on what’s happening right now, it’s about what will happen in the future. I think that’s why there’s so much debate, people look out the window and say “it’s fine, what’s the big deal”, they point to earths history and say “it’s been much warmer, oceans have been higher before, it’s all Natural processes”. But looking out the window doesn’t tell us what it will be like in 50 years so it’s a non argument, and historical temperature fluctuations fail to recognise that human influence has caused this to change much much faster, and that humanity can only exist within a fairly narrow climate range. So yes, earth will be fine and will heat and cool for Millenia. Climate change concern isn’t about the earth, it’s about humanity. Whether we’re worth saving is another debate altogether.
  6. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I think the whole vaccine debate is a reflection of how society operates now unfortunately. If you disagree with someone you are accused of demonising them, or similar such language you can see a few posts above. The ability to debate, discuss and disagree has been lost. People with opposing views become the enemy and must be hated, everything they say on every topic is therefore dismissed or ridiculed. People who weigh up the risks and make a personal choice not to be vaccinated are dismissed as lunatics and on the opposite side experienced and knowledgeable scientists who share their research/promote vaccines are dismissed as being part of an evil conspiracy. I often wonder why we worry so much about climate change and pandemics when humanity will probably do a good job of wiping itself out through hatred and conflict anyway.
  7. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    AstraZeneca is not mRNA and is available for those that discuss it with their gp. All my family and friends in Scotland received AstraZeneca and Australia has it in spades. A work colleague elected to have this option for reasons that I did not ask as it is a private matter for her. Novavax is also on the way and isn’t an mRNA vaccine. I respect your right to choose, but I also expect pro vaxxers right to choose to be respected. I’m not suggesting you personally don’t show that respect, but there have been some protesters using violence, threats and intimidation to try and prevent people choosing to be vaccinated. Respect must work both ways.
  8. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    If you share your sources of information it might help either: a) educate us on what you say we’re missing/you’ve discovered that we need to know; or b) Give the opportunity to respectfully debate and/or refute the information. The science community has put its research on the table to be considered, the opposing argument would be helpful in order to have an informed discussion. I think your last paragraph is a bit dramatic - I’ve read many people critique various vaccines for various reasons and the posts haven’t been removed nor the posters banned.
  9. Re reputable agents - make contact with one of the agents that posts on here regularly as they have good reputations and lots of positive feedback over the years from members of the forum. For a small fee they will be able to assess your chances and give specific advice for your situation: @Raul Senise @paulhand @wrussell @Alan Collett
  10. MacGyver

    The end of the ‘fry-up’

    The best cup of tea I’ve ever had was from a greasy spoon in London owned and run by an Eastern European family, on a freezing winters day, served in a polystyrene cup. It sounds hideous but it was absolutely perfect for wandering the cold streets in December.
  11. MacGyver

    The Official Weather Thread

    Whenever I get nostalgic for Scotland I go to the BBC website and check the weather report for the West Coast of Scotland. That tends to dispel those feelings quite quickly.
  12. MacGyver

    Cats must be kept on leads 😿🐈‍⬛

    I think I first read about this happening in Canberra. The argument (if I recall correctly) was that cats are such effective hunters they were decimating native wildlife and having a huge impact on the local ecosystem. I don’t remember threats to harm the cats in that situation, I always assumed owners would be fined for non compliance rather than punishing cats for being cats. I don’t necessarily disagree with trying to limit cats killing native wildlife, but harming them as a consequence seems the wrong move to me.
  13. MacGyver

    We made it to Perth!

    The UV is brutal here - if I’m out for 10-15 mins without sunscreen I get sunburn. I now wear sunscreen every day, year round, when I leave the house. If out at the beach or park I’ll slabber more on every 30-40 minutes as sweat and water affect it. Also heard an interesting thing on the radio last week from Dr Karl - he said there are two types of sunscreen - zinc and chemical. Recent studies have apparently shown that if you mix them when reapplying sunscreen, it reduces efficacy by something like 85%, so you’re not protected. If you put zinc on in the morning only reapply with zinc sunscreen, if the bottle doesn’t mention zinc it’s chemical based and stick with chemicals only when reapplying.
  14. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I’m getting quite fed up with this covid malarkey. It’s quite disheartening to see light at the end of the tunnel (borders opening), then a new variant potentially closing borders again. Of course health advice has to be followed, I just hope this “pause” is temporary and vaccine effectiveness isn’t overly impacted by omicron.
  15. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    This is what concerns me the most. I haven’t researched it for a while now, but a few months ago there was no data to indicate if vaccination prevents long covid, if a vaccinated individual becomes mildly unwell from Covid. If anyone has read otherwise I’d be grateful to be pointed to the data.