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  1. MacGyver

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    All in good fun PB
  2. MacGyver

    Do i move back to the UK to start a family?

    I tend to agree with s713 - my reading of your post was "I want to have kids near my parents" - there's only one place you can do that Someone helped me make a decision once by framing it in terms of regret to tease out my feelings on the matter. If you went back to the UK to live and couldn't return to Australia (visa issues), would you regret it in 10 years? If you stayed in Australia and couldn't return to the UK to live (Aussie partner and kid), would you regret it in 10 years?
  3. MacGyver

    Shipping boxer dog

    We used Jetpets on the way to the UK and they were really communicative and reassuring. Since being back we've had informal discussions with both Jetpets and Petair and again they've been great for advice, guidance and information. We will definitely use one of those companies if we move in the other direction (to Australia), the only down side is it's very expensive. It was Jetpets that first mentioned the Pet transit facilities in Dubai and from there we read up on it and felt massively reassured about the trip. I've read a few horror stories as well, including a recent incident with Virgin Australia leaving 2 dogs on the tarmac in their crates in 40degree heat. These issues seem to be the exception though and those were internal flights rather than international It is nerve wracking, we were sh1tting it in the weeks before our dog flew but it really was a breeze in the end
  4. MacGyver

    Shipping boxer dog

    We went in the other direction with our dog and experienced no issues - in fact I think the journey was better for him than for us! We flew via a company and the flight was with emirates. Staff at both sides were fantastic, dogs fly in an air-conditioned and pressurised section of the cargo hold, last on the flight and first off, overnight stay at the pet handling facility in Dubai which is also air conditioned etc. Our puppy took it in his stride and seems completely unfazed by any of it It doesn't really answer your question and you might already know, but just wanted to flag that the process for taking your dog to Australia takes about 6-7 months. Rabies vaccination in UK, wait 3 weeks, blood test for Rabies antibodies in UK then if that's all good a 180 day waiting period commences before they can enter Australia (during which time a load of other stuff needs to happen). We've looked into it for future reference and feel reassured when reading reviews about the quarantine facilities in Melbourne and the reduced quarantine period required now (10 days). I spent some time googling it (As I'm sure you have too) and felt happier seeing the space the dogs get etc when they're there.
  5. MacGyver

    The United Nations

    Now then now then. Can't think of a single high profile case. Maybe someone can fix it for me
  6. MacGyver

    The United Nations

    Some from the BBC have raped children. Some from Westminster parliament have raped children. It is abhorrent and repulsive and to the discredit of both that others have been complicit in covering it up. Those guilty should always be brought to justice and the same applies to the UN. If you think the UN should be scrapped because of it then the same logic must apply to the others
  7. MacGyver

    Contradictory information from agent

    I have submitted an initial query via your website. Happy to discuss further privately as we need advice we can trust and happy to pay for such. Many thanks
  8. MacGyver

    Contradictory information from agent

    Thanks for the very detailed response. Regarding number 6 - my partner previously had an onshore 189 application refused due to us submitting the incorrect skills assessment (which was a stupid mistake and the reason we went with an agent this time round). The refusal had a section 48 bar which led to us leaving Australia to apply offshore while living in the UK. She adhered to all visa conditions at all times and the refusal was due to the skis assessment element only Will this impact any future applications? We were not advised to anticipate issues but we find ourselves second guessing everything as trust in the information provided by our agent is deeply affected at the moment
  9. MacGyver

    Contradictory information from agent

    Thanks for replying My partner completed a 4 years bachelor's degree in the US, followed by a 2 years qualifying master's degree in Australia. When the agent prepared the EOI draft it included "relevant" work experience that occurred after the undergraduate but before completion of the master's degree. We felt this wasn't right and so queried it directly as we didn't want to make an error. We further clarified that it was the master's degree that qualified my partner to practice as a social worker and the undergraduate degree was insufficient in this regard. We were again reassured that this work experience was relevant as it occurred after the undergraduate degree. Despite our uncertainty we felt a MARA registered agent was better placed to understand the complexities of the system and as such deferred to their judgement on the matter I should note the above conversations are documented in email chains. What action might be appropriate in these circumstances?
  10. MacGyver

    Contradictory information from agent

    My partner had a skills assessment/qualification assessed by the Australian Association of Social Workers. We were not advised to have them assess post qualifying work experience and indeed this has not come up in subsequent conversations. We are particularly unhappy because we specifically and explicitly asked questions about what was and was not relevant work experience for the EOI and asked the agent to calculate the points claimed in the EOI in order to prevent us making any mistakes in that regard. I accept mistakes can happen but this is also a large sum of money for us. I should add that this agent is not one of the regular posters on here who are frequently recommended, although I would be very interested in their opinion on the matter
  11. MacGyver

    Contradictory information from agent

    Thanks Ali Is it normal procedure to request funds back in this sort of scenario or is it unusual? Just trying to gauge whether we might have any success
  12. Hi If a contract is signed with a MARA registered agent and bad advice is given, what are the options? My partner signed a contract with a MARA registered agent in relation to a visa application. Documentation was provided in full, reviewed by the agent and an EOI for an offshore 189 visa submitted based on their professional advice and guidance (this was early 2018). Specific and direct questions were asked via email regarding work experience and what could and could not be claimed for the purposes of the EOI/visa application. An invitation to apply was received and we paid the second and final agent fee (having previously paid a large deposit) in preparation to submit the visa application from the UK. One day after making this payment our agent advised that some of the work experience claimed in the EOI was not valid (due to pre-dating the degree award) and would therefore lead to a refusal given we were effectively making an incorrect claim in the EOI. To say we are frustrated and disappointed would be putting it mildly. I have no interest in throwing mud around or making a complaint for the sake of it as mistakes do happen. I am wondering however what our options might be (if any) and whether there is any provision in these circumstances to reclaim agent fees paid? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated Thanks
  13. MacGyver

    shipping back to Aus from uk and extra

    Hi daybreak, Did you ever get an answer regarding paying tax etc on shipping items back to Oz?
  14. MacGyver

    Things you've learned...

    I've been thinking about the last decade and things I've learned, so here's my list. Feel free to add to it 1. People are nice 2. Don't be a dick That's the most concise version I can think of. Australians are nice. Kiwi's are nice. South African's are nice. English people are nice. Welsh people are nice. Irish people are nice. Canadians are nice. Americans are nice. French people are nice. Germans are nice. My fellow Scots are nice. I'm sure all the nationalities I haven't met are nice too. We all, mostly, get along. Watching the news you would think we all hate each other and everyone is spoiling for a war. But the reality is most people are nice, helpful, friendly, welcoming and kind. I wish the media would stop framing political debates (eg Brexit, Scottish Independence) as one group hating another because it's completely untrue and diminishes us all. I genuinely think people are inclined towards partnership and coming together regardless of shifting borders or where political decisions are made. People across Europe will remain close friends and allies regardless of where the border lies or whether in a Union or not. People across the UK will remain close allies and friends regardless of where the border lies or whether in a Union or not. That became a Friday rant, oh well Anyway, what have you learned...