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  1. MacGyver

    Emirates meet and greet/transfer assistance

    We've been through Dubai quite a few times and have no issues finding our way to the gate. But as you say, with a little one this time its not a lot of time to get off, get through security again and get to the next gate. For the service to the gate it was about $300 AUD for 2 adults and 1 infant. If it make sit easier it will be money well spent, just wondered if the service you get is actually worth it though.
  2. Hi, We are travellign to Scotland for Christmas, 2 adults and one toddler. We have 2 hours between landing and take off (if all goes to schedule). We;ve done this trip a thousand times and no issues finding our way to the next flight, but we've never done it with a toddler before and wondering if the meet and greet service is worth it? It seems to offer collection on arrival, implies priority transfer through security etc (is it priority?) and taken straight to the departure gate. Has anyone used this service to transfer between flights and if so, was it worth it? The only reason we're considering it is to avoid herding a wild kid with pent up energy through Dubai airport and instead getting whisked to the next gate where we can let her run wild, knowing we are at the gate and waiting to board on time. Thanks
  3. MacGyver

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I honestly cant believe an entire country (and beyond) is talking about why a husband and wife are holding hands while grieving for a family member. I have my views on royalty which I'll keep for a more appropriate time, but outside of that particular institution, they're human beings and even discussing this is absolute madness. Who cares if they hold hands or not? Why do they need a reason to hold hands? Why do people that have never met them feel qualified to analyse complete strangers and pass judgement on them? We're told its a time to be respectful for a family that's grieving, that's fine, but apparently we only have to be respectful to specific members of that family because a few newspaper editors decided one of them was the devil incarnate.
  4. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    That's what happens with the flu vaccine each year is it not? It's "new", but its actually the old one that's been extensively tested, but tweaked for the newest mutation of the virus
  5. If your husband intends to work in the UK (and he doesn’t have UK heritage) have you looked into the spouse visa for him? There are a number of challenges linked to it, mostly the financial requirement. If you haven’t already, it might be worth exploring this so you are aware of possible hurdles and can be ready to present solutions to your husband.
  6. Are you proposing that England is not a country, with its language, identity, all its institutions, distinct education and legal systems and long and ancient history?
  7. MacGyver

    Perth from Brisbane

    Some of this is helpful yes
  8. MacGyver

    Perth from Brisbane

    Can we not turn this thread into another meth thread and give the OP useful responses. Honestly if we’re labelling City Beach as an area to avoid due to drugs, then I’m not sure where will ever be good enough. City beach is a beautiful suburb, close to lots of good things, with lovely houses and not a single issue while I lived there. It’s one of the safest suburbs I’ve ever lived in and people should not be put off areas that offer such a wonderful lifestyle, if they can afford them. The only criticism I’d think of for city beach is that it has less going on than neighbouring suburbs and is very quiet, but if you want quiet by the ocean and close to the city then what’s not to like?
  9. MacGyver

    Perth from Brisbane

    I was more referring to other more obvious concerns you can observe with neighbours houses. In all honesty if people are so good at hiding drug use/production and it is completely invisible from the outside, doesn't impact the neighbourhood in any visible way and isn't associated with "users" lurking around, then why worry about it for the purposes of house purchase/rent? If the profile of drug manufacturers are quiet, polite professionals with a beautiful house, well maintained garden and children's toys outside, I hope I live near some of them next time I move. Anyway lets not derail this thread with more discussion about drugs being everywhere in every street in the world.
  10. MacGyver

    Perth from Brisbane

    City beach is beautiful. We lived there for a year and if you exclude that area for “drugs” then it’s hard to imagine anywhere that would be acceptable. Transport into the city is direct bus, or bus to train station then into city. Depending on where you are it’s about 40min on the bus, if you drive it it’s more like 20mins. As with any area, just check what the neighbours houses look like. I hope you don’t mind me asking why you decided to move from Brisbane to Perth? I ask because we have toyed with the idea of going the other way so any insights you might have could be invaluable.
  11. I had deep fried crickets in a pub in Perth and thought they were quite good. Having said that, filthy kebabs taste good after a few beers so maybe not the best recommendation!
  12. There was an article on ABC about Australian seaweed being fed to cows in relatively small doses, reducing methane emissions by 90-95%. If real world results match these estimates, this seems a better place to start (if the argument is environmental only) as I can’t see people changing their eating habits in large numbers/with any urgency.
  13. MacGyver

    Which school-Perth?

    Get a second quote and opinion from one of the agents on here. 20k sounds like a very, very high number
  14. Sadly there's a lot of intergenerational poverty in some parts of Scotland and drug use goes hand in hand with extreme poverty as it's the only means of escape. In the current political context, I would expect to see increasing numbers of negative stories about Scotland as we did in 2013/2014.
  15. MacGyver

    Housing - Moving Back

    I note Marissa said you have a dog - from personal experience it is very, very expensive to transport a pet back to the UK (or to Australia for that matter). Given your financial situation you may have to consider re-homing your dog. I know how hard that will be but it sounds like you have a lot of tough choices to make and this will save you thousands of dollars for moving.