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  1. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I think people definitely have vaccine fatigue, although for a booster programme the numbers are quite high. The annual flu booster programme sits somewhere between 40% and 50% in a typical year I think. With Covid, I think people were in a hurry to get the first two shots and then a bit more relaxed about the booster, especially with the arrival of omicron. With masks, at the beginning the media were falling over themselves to tell us masks were useless and we shouldn’t wear them, which I think impacted behaviour. Then by the time covid hit Australia hard, mask mandates were in place so the choice was largely gone. People then became a bit fed up with masks, desensitised to Covid by seeing friends and family with mild illness and omicron reinforced that. If a very dangerous variant emerged we might see different behaviour with voluntary mask wearing. Or if children were disproportionately affected rather than older adults. As it stands, pretty much had enough of Covid and can’t wait to take about something else - especially as I currently have it and I’m stuck isolating away from the family just now.
  2. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    According to the ABC vaccine tracker, 97.13% of Australians over the age of 16 have had at least one Covid vaccine. Of the less than 3% unvaxxed, some will be medically unable to be vaxxed for whatever reason. So unvaccinated adults in Australia are a small minority, I’d say a tiny minority. Not questioning your decision, that’s entirely up to you and you should absolutely have the right to decline. But it’s also important to recognise that being unvaccinated is a tiny minority of people.
  3. I know no one will care but… I Tested positive for Covid yesterday and now I’m stuck in isolation for 7 days. Really mild so far and I have no idea where I might have caught it, I suppose it could be anywhere. After a few years reading about it you worry a bit, but so far it’s a very mild cold, maybe due to the three vaccines I got, who knows.
  4. MacGyver

    Trans World Sports

    Probably because mediocre female athletes (identifying as male) don’t qualify for male events. Whereas mediocre male athletes (identifying as women) have an unfair physical advantage and transition from mediocre in male sports to elite in female sports. It’s very unfair, erodes female sports and it amazes me there’s debate on the subject at all.
  5. MacGyver

    Family being very negative

    I’m some views yes, in others no. Labels and boxes aren’t helpful. Life isn’t black and white.
  6. MacGyver

    Family being very negative

    If it’s lower than the MSL then yes you would save some money. But if the cover is garbage I’d personally rather make a small loss and contribute to public finances, than to a private company. I appreciate others will take a different view on where to send their hard earned money, and I’m not trying to convince anyone to change their approach.
  7. MacGyver

    Family being very negative

    I’m content to pay into the public purse, at a small personal loss. I’m not trying to convince you to do the same.
  8. MacGyver

    Family being very negative

    No, it’s like saying you should buy a homeless person one meal rather than stuffing McDonald’s in your face for the third time that day. Medicare provides an excellent service. Base level private healthcare, solely to avoid the Medicare surcharge levy, seems to be pretty useless. So there is an argument (which you might disagree with) that it may be better spent on the Medicare surcharge levy.
  9. MacGyver

    Family being very negative

    Even if you have to pay the Medicare levy surcharge, there’s an argument that it’s worth it. Perhaps the money is better spent funding the public health system to benefit all, than putting it in the pocket of a private insurance company to benefit a few (for a poor insurance product).
  10. I agree with accepting people as they choose to live their lives, without judgement. people should identify as whatever gender they choose and should be supported to do so. I think issues arise when gender is conflated with sex and science is thrown out the window and we pretend someone then becomes the opposite sex because they “act like a girl”, whatever that means. I thought we had moved beyond labelling women as girly and men as macho, but it seems not. Proper identification of sex (as opposed to gender) is important for a range of reasons such as medical diagnosis and treatment (male and female bodies are very different beyond the superficial identifiers). It is also important to create safe spaces for women (eg rape support services) or other services where they may want support or treatment by a female only. Trans people should be able to live a life feeling safe and free from judgement or being made to feel uncomfortable, but so should females.
  11. Science says Sex is binary, male and female. Intersex (from a science, not a social perspective) is caused by issues with genital formation, environmental impact or hormone disorder. For example a female with external male genitalia (a female), a male with female external genitalia (a male), rarely a person with both genitalia (used to be called hermaphroditism), or a disorder causing an extra sex chromosome. Some argue these are not disorders but naturally occurring. Science currently says intersex is a condition caused by hormonal abnormalities during embryo development, some studies suggest environmental factors such as exposure to chemicals etc can also cause these conditions. This is not a spectrum of sex as some would argue.
  12. Sex: Every cell in a female has a pair of XX chromosomes, every cell in a male has XY chromosomes (apart from sperm and eggs). These chromosomes Cause significant biochemical and genetic differences (beyond the impacts of sex hormones alone) in every cell in the body, until death. These differences cannot be changed by any means, including superficial surgery. Gender: Whatever you want I suppose, it’s an invention of the human mind to describe characteristics of boys and girls, men and women. So whatever you feel you are is what you are and nobody can tell you otherwise. I find gender to be based on stereotypes, so I’m not fond of it as a descriptor. One can imitate the opposite sex, but can never be the opposite sex. One can change gender to match their inner feelings if necessary. Some people try to stifle debate by labelling the above transphobic, but it’s simply scientific definitions and descriptions. You can be supportive of trans people living as they wish to live without dismissing science.
  13. An adult female human. Oxford dictionary provides this definition and politicians are making fools of themselves.
  14. I agree the debate is being hijacked. It’s interesting to me that it’s only ever female spaces and protections that are removed or under threat, not males. In our office there are male toilets and women/all gender toilets.
  15. I think the blurring of sex and gender is part of the problem. People can be any gender they want to be, good luck to them, but sex can’t be changed. to pretend people can change sex is fantasy and causing politicians to look very silly indeed.