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  1. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    That’s fair enough, I suppose the point I was making is that I don’t feel compelled to March down the street shouting that I’m going to get the vaccine when it’s available. I have freedom to privately choose whether to have it or not, as do anti vaxxers. As long as it isn’t mandatory then I don’t really see the need for protest. If it was made mandatory I might March alongside them for the right to choose, even though I disagree with their view on the vaccine itself.
  2. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I’ve been trying to determine if the movement is large or just has a loud voice. We were in Fremantle yesterday and there was an anti vaccine protest that wasn’t particularly well attended. We stumbled onto it and listened to the “arguments” for a moment before waking off, laughing at the poor quality of the points being made. They then walked along the Main Street and most people seemed to be laughing, shaking their heads at them, or quietly expressing their views of the protest in colourful language. One main point seemed to be they didn’t want Covid vaccination to be mandatory, but it isn’t mandatory, which some didn’t seem to understand. I’m all for people having free choice over their own bodies, just not sure why the strong desire from anti vaxxers to try to impose that view or seek validation from others. I’ve spoken to many people who have some reservations over the perceived speed of vaccine development (which I don’t share), but all of this people also stated they would still take the vaccine and I think (hope) that will increase as many more millions receive the shot without issue. Then again I might just be saying all this because bill gates is controlling me through 5G after altering my DNA with the vaccine
  3. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Australia is manufacturing AZ onshore, so although this is a setback the doses manufactured onshore are expected to start being delivered in 2 weeks and at a rate of one million doses per week thereafter. Getting it in peoples arms seems to be the hard part, logistically.
  4. MacGyver

    Migration Agent Recommendation

    Were you drinking beer when you posted this?
  5. A new thread on the reasons behind the rental market explosion, and property price boom, would make for interesting reading. I understand it to a point, but it’s gone absolutely crazy.
  6. Spiders - I see them as often here as I did in Scotland. Bug spray the house every 6 months and the only ones you’ll see are dead ones. We also give a quick spray around the outdoor furniture every 6 months but probably don’t need to. Wear gloves when gardening and you’ll be fine. You might come to like spiders though, given they feast on other bugs like mosquitoes. Don’t stick your hand in any dark holes and they probably won’t bother you at all. I stupidly used to check the bed every night when I first arrived, now if I see what might be a spider I ignore it or squish it with my foot. Clothes - I can’t imagine you’ll ever wear your Uk winter clothes on the Sunshine Coast, but if you visit more southerly cities in winter (eg Melbourne) they’ll come in handy so take them. You’ll probably want some shopping trips to Melbourne and Sydney through the year for your clothing.
  7. I'm sure it's not the norm, but recently someone posted on a facebook group to say that they were having a baby and applied for an exemption for their mother to enter on a tourist visa and it was granted. I don't know the specifics of their situation obviously, but they figured if you dont ask you dont get, and it was granted at the third attempt. If I was in the OP's shoes I would probably assume it won't happen and plan accordingly, but would also roll the dice and apply for an exemption because there's nothing to lose in doing so. Getting a flight over/taking the place of a citizen/PR on a flight who is trying to get home is a whole other debate.
  8. MacGyver

    Impressions of Adelaide

    Ha I wasn't trying to make it look empty I promise! Most of the photos would have been in the morning or when cafe's were just setting up, when everyone was at work/didn't have time to aimlessly wander like I did. The weather was also a bit grey and cold which possibly reduced numbers, apparently the week prior had been sunny and in the 30's so we just timed it badly, but if you like a city when its cold (ish) and grey then you'll definitely like it when its sunny and warm. We'll definitely have another longer visit to Adelaide in the future, its a nice city with a lot going on and its proximity to other cities (relatively speaking) is one major advantage it has over Perth.
  9. If you decide to go, it's not to have a wonderful holiday by the beach while things get tough at home. You would be moving to work and live in another country because you think it's best for your kids. I think framing it as running off on holiday will just increase your understandable feelings of guilt, but framing it as seeking the best life for your children, as your parents did for you, makes a very hard decision slightly easier. Its a very hard decision, but I do feel that we have to live our lives in a 'selfish' way and do what is best for us and our family, as nobody else can do that for us. Your parents lived their lives and did what they felt was right for them and their children, now it's your turn to do whats right for you and your children (whatever that may be - UK or Aus). If I was in your shoes, I would go, but I would do so with the plan to have regular visits home (2 weeks each year given the circumstances), as difficult financially as that may be (post covid of course when international travel is open). As others have said, your dad may be fine for many years and if they were able to visit you, those regular in person contacts may help you feel slightly better. I would also get a credit card or savings account with 5k in it and never touch it, to be used if you need to get home quickly down the line. All migrants have the fear of the need to get those flights, unfortunately it comes with the territory.
  10. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    There are two separate elements to the UKs dealings with Covid. The response and management of Covid was very poor and led to worst outcomes of any country (more deaths per head of population than any other country I believe). The roll out of vaccinations has been magnificent and better than almost any other country (with Israel the possible exception?). The vaccination roll out deserves praise and appreciation, but equally the initial response to Covid deserves questions be asked of government and lessons learned to prepare for the next pandemic, whenever that may be.
  11. In Scotland the coffee (from proper coffee shops) is stronger, with a more bitter taste due to the strong Italian influence (and Italians know a thing or two about coffee). The Australian coffee if find is smoother and less bitter, probably less authentic from a European perspective but I personally prefer it. I know many people who take the opposite view and prefer the Italian style coffee/taste/strength. In Scotland I only ever have an espresso after dinner, whereas in Australia I enjoy coffee in the morning, due to the taste differences. One isn’t better than the other, personal taste more than anything.
  12. MacGyver

    Impressions of Adelaide

    The Treasury/State Buildings are magnificent, inside and out. A perfect blend of old and new. A lot of Perth’s heritage buildings can be found outside the city due to the way the area was colonised/developed. Fremantle has an abundance of smaller heritage buildings as does Guildford.
  13. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    My apologies Graham I thought you were arguing a different point. The debate you raise is valid, I suspect we sit on opposite sides of the fence when considering the value of short lockdowns at the moment, but both arguments/sides have merit (as NSW vs WA handling has shown - both successful with different approaches).
  14. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I agree - I struggle to understand how anyone can look at the data (deaths, ecomonic performance etc) and not conclude Australia made the right choices (With a few mistakes along the way). It's almost as if the actions taken to prevent deaths, successfully led to very few deaths, and the lack of deaths is held up as a reason those actions shouldn't have been taken in the first place. Crazy
  15. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The fact that the virus was circulating in January, and the fact that the UK has such fluid movement of people, and the fact it is an island state, is exactly the reason the UK could have gone for a very hard lockdown for 3-4 months while closing the borders. It would have been a long journey, but tens of thousands of lives could have been saved. I read an interesting quote the other day, saying elimination is impossible, but elimination should be the goal nonetheless as it drives numbers so low they can be dealt with promptly when they appear. You make a good point about flu deaths in the UK, I was thinking more in relation to Australia where Covid deaths have been minimal. Regarding those graphs, what they may show is that the lockdowns worked very effectively to reduce deaths, then the Uk opened too early and deaths rose, then another lockdown and they reduced, then the insanity of “taking a break” for Christmas and the resulting death spike was inevitable. I see the UK media pushing hard for lockdowns to ease which I think is crazy given the very effective vaccine rollout. Wait a bit longer, vaccinate more people, save some lives. I agree and hope that Covid will become a seasonal flu with the introduction of the vaccines globally. A mild viral infection as a result of vaccination, which is allowed to spread freely due to the low impact on the population. As with flu season, high risk groups will have to remain extra careful during the winter seasons.