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  1. MacGyver

    When to go?

    I know of someone that flew their dog London to Melbourne and arrived on Friday last week (to commence it's 10 days quarantine in the pet facility). Seemingly Qatar (possibly others) are flying empty passenger planes but full of cargo to keep the business ticking over. Since pets travel in the cargo hold, they are currently still able to travel (albeit with less flight options). Might be worth exploring. I know from personal experience there are companies that can collect pets from the Melbourne facility and transport them to an interstate flight, if you were to be located outside Victoria.
  2. MacGyver

    The Slave Trade and removal of statues

    Would that include the Germanic tribes (Anglo Saxons) that moved from another country to live in Britain permanently? Are those the immigrants you were referring to, that damaged statues?
  3. I have only seen parts of SA, but the countryside is beautiful and I'm a huge fan of the Barossa valley (maybe not the best for kids though!). I'd be tempted to get across that border and have a holiday around SA given what's going on in Victoria at the moment. Plan a long weekend in Melbourne later in the year to scratch that itch.
  4. MacGyver

    The Slave Trade and removal of statues

    Only immigrants? I make no assumption, I read the words you wrote. You stated it was immigrants (them). "Us" would depend on how far back you have to go to perceive someone as a non immigrant.
  5. I would probably lean the other way and just go straight to SA to play it safe. This covid world is a fast changing and unpredictable place. I'd be worried that as cases increase in Melbourne, it could get harder or impossible to get into SA for a while. Of course it could go the other way but why take the risk in the current climate. Melbourne will always be nearby for visits in future.
  6. MacGyver

    The Slave Trade and removal of statues

    I think (but don't know) that BTD wasn't condoning the damage and destruction but rather challenging Simmos suggestion it was "immigrants" and "they" don't get to question "our" history. The unpleasantness of "us" and "them".
  7. For this reason alone, it may be wise to reconsider using an agent. It is a small investement for peace of mind and a life in Australia together
  8. MacGyver

    How is Megan doing so far?

    An excellent description for all publicly funded ‘royalty’ in modern times
  9. MacGyver

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Aboriginal communities have been saying that since 1788
  10. MacGyver

    Queensland to reopen borders on July 10, but not to Victoria

    Yes you're right, vitcoria is vast and Melbourne is but one part of it. If it was possible to lockdown the Melbourne Metro area only then it would definitely be fairer to the regional areas. It just seems it might be easier (not necessarily better or fairer) to draw a line at the state border to enforce, rather than specific suburbs within Vic
  11. MacGyver

    Queensland to reopen borders on July 10, but not to Victoria

    Agreed, I think it may be shortsighted of NSW to keep the border open but time will tell. I feel for Victoria, but if NSW closed the border to Victoria, all other states could potentially reopen to each other without restriction within a month. I don't know how the numbers stack up, but surely that would benefit the Australian economy? Harsh on Victoria but perhaps necessary.
  12. MacGyver

    Glasgow Stabbings

    Not an excuse, a reason. If you only see the world as having bad people that do bad things, it's hard to stop it happening in future. If you seek to understand the reason people do bad things, it can help prevent the same thing happening again for the same reasons and save lives. That doesn't excuse the actions in any way, they are wrong and should be condemned, but understood where possible.
  13. MacGyver

    Glasgow Stabbings

    Of course when you watch the interview that's not what the individual says, not at all. It's a misleading tweet at best, racist at worst. Although hardly surprising given 'EUVoteLeave23rd' has been flagged as one of many evidencing 'bot-like' behaviour, high volume/frequent disinformation and links to Russian state funding. Twitter is sadly filled with an abundance of useful idiots. Please keep this hateful thinking away from Scotland.
  14. MacGyver

    Glasgow Stabbings

    You wouldn't ever hear of locally born Glaswegians stabbing each other, god no!
  15. MacGyver

    The Slave Trade and removal of statues

    It's all relative of course, but yes there is real and extreme poverty in the UK and Australia. Edited to add that you do indeed see far too many people starving and kneeling in the street. Look to the rise of food banks as an indicator of this