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  1. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    Thanks a lot for all of the responses guys, definitely helps me out. I'm goinv to be liaising with agents as soon as my level 3 is done. If I've got to wait three years, then so be it. I don't think three years, in the grand scheme of things is that long. If I get advised that I can do it earlier, I've got to go for it. Just out of curiosity, how long are the Ielets, medicals and background checks valid for? If I can get these done earlier and they stay valid then I'll at least it gets the ball rolling. . Once again, thanks
  2. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    Thanks guys, I'm looking in to various agents and their prices. Could anyone please explain how I'd go about permanent residency please?
  3. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    The agent is one that my friend recommended after research, it did include medicals for the four of us, police checks, skillselect and anything else. What figure would you guys expect to pay and could you put me in the direction of any other agents please? Thanks for the help guys
  4. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    I'm lucky to know a couple of contacts in Perth for painting and decorating, from when I did a worki g holiday visa some years ago. The plan was to contact them, when things are more set in stone and reach out to others. I'm going to contact the migration agent to ensure that my 13 years previous experience and the level 3 will be sufficient. He did say it was. The initial plan to get straight in to work was based on the visa quote of £20,000 and £3500 for my level 3. Six months living expenses on top of that means I won't be in Ozzy for dlsome time
  5. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    Hi Rammygirl, I did say that to the migration agent and he seemed to think that the 13 years experience with a level 2 and then topping up would be sufficient. I'd be gutted if that wasn't the case I'll look at the APL option, thanks.
  6. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    Ahh, I se. My thinking was that because it is expensive living that we should both get in to work ASAP but perhaps this isn't the best way to go about things. Thanks a lot for the advice, it will give me a different perspective on things Jay
  7. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    Hi Marisa, Thanks a lot for ml getting back to me. I've been NVQ2 qualified and decorating for 13 years. Just need to top up to level 3. My migration agent said this would be acceptable, its a City and Guilds Level 3, I really hope they will gain me a skilled visa! Quite happy to work for someone and prove my worth Thanks for the links, they are exactly what I need
  8. JayManx

    Which school-Perth?

    Hi guys! I'm complaining my painting and decorating qualification and looking at relocating to Perth. I have a partner and two primary age boys. Im guessing we will be renting to start off. How did you guys go about finding a school in the same circumstances? My partner and I intent to go in to work straight away, pretty much. We may find a suburb that we like better closer to a different school and don't want to uproot the boys, twice in quich succession. Any advice or nice schools/suburbs to start researching is greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance, Jay