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  1. DXW059

    ASMIRT skills assessment - how long?

    Are you sure you’ll lose points on turning 32? For the 189, 190 etc the points criterion is ‘at least 25 years but less than 33 years’ ie you won’t lose points until your 33rd birthday
  2. DXW059

    ACS changes to skills assessment July 2020

    Thanks, In that case I'm struggling to see much benefit to the changes, unless I'm missing something? If you have a degree with a clear ICT major then it won't really make a difference whether it is recognised under the Seoul accord or not (only maybe slightly less paperwork to prove the ICT major element).
  3. Hi, Does anyone have further information regarding the implications of the Seoul accord recognition for ACS skills assessment from July onwards? https://ia.acs.org.au/article/2020/acs-changes-migration-skills-assessment.html Does this mean that a non-Australian IT degree that is recognised by the Seoul accord will be sufficient for the skills assessment or will work experience still be required in addition? thanks
  4. DXW059

    WA 190 closely related occupation

    Thank you, I appreciate your help and completely understand that a definitive answer is difficult to offer without a full review of my circumstances.
  5. DXW059

    WA 190 closely related occupation

    Thank you, what is actually accepted as the skills assessment though? It’s vague on the department website. to nominate for example 253913 does one need recognition as a specialist in Australia (ie in this example RANZCOG) or can general medical registration alone satisfy the skills assessment for all medical practitioner occupations?
  6. Hello, I wondered if someone could help confirm that my understanding of this is correct please: For the WA 190 General Stream the criteria include the following: 1. have an occupation listed as available and eligible for the intended visa subclass on the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL)4 2. be able to claim and give evidence of work experience in the Expression of Interest – this requirement can be met through: at least one year of Australian work experience in the nominated (or closely related5) occupation over the last 10 years; or at least three years of overseas work experience in the nominated (or closely related5) occupation over the last 10 years; They define closely related occupation as sharing the same 4 digits of the Anzsco code. Therefore could I for example nominate 253913 when all my experience, job offer and skills assessment would be in 253999? Thank you in advance
  7. Your occupations may not be on the 190 lists but as you are very keen to be in VIC or WA how about trying the VIC 491 visa? This requires a full time job offer in any occupation on the Commonwealth's skilled occupation lists, which must be located in regional Victoria. Regional areas include places like Geelong, Mornington, Ballarat, Bendigo etc. I guess the downside of this in your case would be that with a job offer you would probably need to move sooner than you would ideally like to. https://liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au/migrate/skilled-migration-visas/491
  8. Can your wife get her general medical registration re-instated (but on the usual register rather than the pandemic response one)? I would have thought this would be possible seeing as she has been registered in Australia before and assuming she has continued working outside of Australia since leaving. Not sure whether they would accept the above or not, although it does confirm she has general registration without conditions so it may work - perhaps worth getting advice from an immigration consultant with experience dealing with medical practitioners? Alternatively could you apply for a state-sponsored 190 visa?
  9. DXW059

    489 to 190 early

    1.3.8 Provisional 489 or 491 visa holders are not eligible to apply for South Australian state nomination. https://migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/nomination-process/skilled-nomination-requirements From SA state website.
  10. DXW059

    NZ to Australia

    Hi, You say you hold Aus PR visas - therefore you do not need a separate visa for NZ as NZ PR is granted on arrival in NZ for Aus PR holders. I cannot see how it would affect your Aus PR, providing you head to Oz before your PR visa there expires. Dan
  11. DXW059

    Jan 2018 Changes to eligible skilled occupation lists

    Ah I see, thanks. So the trainee would still need to have general registration (i.e. have worked in Australia before)? A UK based medical trainee with no previous work experience in Australia would not meet the requirements I'm guessing.
  12. DXW059

    Jan 2018 Changes to eligible skilled occupation lists

    Hi, I don't understand how medical registrars can actually apply like this because they would not be able to meet the skills assessment for the specialty they are applying for. For example, a GP trainee will not have the full MRCGP qualification until around the end of their training and up until this point would not pass the skills assessment for a GP. Does that make sense? Am I misunderstanding? Cheers Dan