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  1. Amber Snowball

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    I waited until my old dog died before moving back. She wouldn’t have been able to fly, so she remained in a house that was familiar to her but one that I hated until she took her last journey to the vet. Try and engage a bit more with life whilst you are there, it’s easier said than done I know. Maybe start some low level planning for your move, clearing out, tarting the house up for sale, looking at areas in the UK for houses you might like, jobs if you need them. I found I whiled away 2 years like that! Good luck! It’s definitely not perfect here but I feel much more relaxed now I’m back.
  2. Amber Snowball

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Woolton is still nice. Leafy and smart!
  3. Amber Snowball

    What's Rosebud like??

    That user isn’t on the forum anymore by the looks of it. This thread is 10 years old. Maybe start a new thread. There are a few members around the peninsula might have some contacts that could help you. Otherwise you’ll needa holiday let first off and then realestate.com for current rentals. Rosebud is a holiday area so will get busy during the summer which might limit your options in November and onwards. Good luck with your move! Very exciting!
  4. Amber Snowball

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Good for you! As quoll said, you can’t go back. Look for a new adventure! There are some lovely places that you wouldn’t be far from family. You really don’t sound like you are going to settle very well where you are now so better to try somewhere else. That’s the trouble with migration, it opens your eyes! Good luck!
  5. Amber Snowball

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    I moved back last June after 13 years in Melbourne. I moved to a different part of the UK to where I am from, in Cheshire now and I work in Knowsley. Where I live couldn’t be more different to where I work! Not sure where in Liverpool you are but there are some lovely places not too far away.
  6. I’d agree with the comments above. If it’s on a list and she has the points she can apply. As Marissa says it probably refers to actually getting a job. A lot of my son’s peers did primary teaching and very few have a job. Most are doing relief work at best. It is probably area specific like most things so she might have to live and work somewhere less ‘desirable’ initially.
  7. Amber Snowball

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    Thank you. Will bring them with me then. Sometimes the unbranded ones seems to work better and some of my other favourites. I tend to look for spf50 but good to know spf30 is the better one. Thanks again x If you use spf 50 without issue carry on. My information might be out of date! I don’t want you getting burnt!
  8. Amber Snowball

    Sunscreen lotions bring it or not from UK ??

    If you have particular onesyou like bring them. I only use Piz Buin as others seem to give me a sort of prickly heat rash! You can’t buy that in Australia so I got people to send some. Just be aware you need a decent spf. SPF30 should do it. Any higher just tends to increase the chemicals rather than the protection, or that certainly was the case.
  9. Amber Snowball

    6 month stay each year

    Good for you! Glad it is falling into place. Yes I think your past experience is invaluable and also makes you self sufficient in terms of a social group, not so reliant on family. After such an arduous visa process it must be a relief!
  10. Amber Snowball

    143 parent visa

    If you have a look at the parent visa thread on here I think they are still processing mid - late 2015.......
  11. Amber Snowball

    6 month stay each year

    I think being more of a seasoned traveller helps as you know opportunities can come knocking and people move on, as you have yourself. It might also be the difference between you as the parent saying we will move to be closer and understanding the risk and the child saying move to be with me, as in that case the parent might expect to keep family close as they have been asked to move, if that makes sense????? Don’t have an answer, so many factors involved that differ for everyone. But food for thought for those that haven’t considered what they will do if their family move on. Are you settling in well yourself @Fisher1?
  12. Amber Snowball

    6 month stay each year

    They probably give very little thought as a rule. Why would they, they are moving to be with family, I don’t think I would imagine that the family would then leave me after all that money and effort. It must be awful. Obviously I’m wiser now! I feel for you. I hope your husband is getting good care and is comfortable and you have some support. Good luck with whatever you decide, it’s often hard to know what the right decision is. Sending a hug! I can’t find the emoji!
  13. Amber Snowball

    6 month stay each year

    A lady bought the plot of ground across from me in Geelong. She had gone to Australia to be closer to her daughter. Built her unit, landscaped the garden , all settled, her daughter promptly upped and moved to Queensland. She said she wasn’t going to keep following her daughter having made this move so sold the unit and went back to the UK. God knows how much that whole debacle cost!
  14. Amber Snowball

    6 month stay each year

    Years ago my mum did just that whilst waiting for me to be able to sponsor her 143 and then whilst awaiting the 143 grant, the waiting time was much shorter then....so she did this for about 3 or 4 years. She basically followed the sun doing the summer in each country. This worked just fine in the short term. I think over time it would become exhausting especially as you age, unless you are one of the lucky ones that gets younger!
  15. Amber Snowball

    Can my daughter from the UK be put in my visa

    Ok. That makes more sense. It was just tha language being used that was foxing me!