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  1. Amber Snowball

    Not Brexit but Queensland Nexit - North Australia Colony

    Fair enough, but would it be enough to sustain independence? No real idea myself it was just a thought. Can’t see it happening, anymore than Tassie going it alone.
  2. You were lucky. Had a 6-7 hour delay at Heathrow ARC the day we flew in!
  3. I think it is the travel dates. So your partner will be the person flying over within the time frame. You can collect as long as the transport company are aware and let everyone know. You’ll need the dogs number for flying that the transport company will give you when the flight is confirmed. It should all be covered by the one TOR. My cat flew in June and my cube arrived in September all under the same number. It all needs to arrive within 12 months of the TOR being issued from memory. When you email your application, put live animal in the subject line. Scan docs at the lowest resolution possible. There might be an extra information section on the application you can put your dogs dates and your partners flight so they know you meet the criteria. The gov.uk website has some good information. Good luck
  4. Hi, when are you travelling. The dog has to arrive within 5(?) days of you otherwise they are considered as vat applied goods anyway, TOR or not as far as I can remember.
  5. Amber Snowball

    Best TV series ever...your top 3

    I liked this as well. Thought it was well made and kept me hooked. Have they made a second series?
  6. Amber Snowball

    Best TV series ever...your top 3

    Agreed, but could have lived without season 2 to be honest.....
  7. Amber Snowball

    Hairdressers Glen Waverley

    Oh good. Thought it was just me. Had one hairdresser that could cut my very simple, mid length curly hair in Australia and she was from Essex originally! Then the salon she worked in closed down......The rest have ranged from “worst haircut ever “to “ oh thank god it’s not the worst haircut ever”! Had my first haircut since I came back last week and it is laying better already. Hopefully it will continue.
  8. Amber Snowball

    a few practical questions - getting ready for the move

    It’s just a part of living there tbh. Get a termite inspection before you buy and then if there is no certificate of treatment get a company to come out and do it asap. Most of them offer a guarantee with their service and do a regular check. Just need to be vigilant. I was slow recognising the signs. Luckily they didn’t head into anything structural.
  9. Amber Snowball

    a few practical questions - getting ready for the move

    Second this. My place was brick veneer. Termites ate 2 internal walls and 2 doorframes. Whole lot was like confetti. I was in Victoria. The frames of the houses are usually wood, so something to consider.
  10. Amber Snowball

    What is the....no googling please.

    Amazon NHS Chinese Gov US Military Apple No idea really.
  11. Amber Snowball

    Not Brexit but Queensland Nexit - North Australia Colony

    Not so different from devolution in the UK, with Scotland and Wales wanting to set their own agendas and priorities. Not the worst idea, just the cost of it in terms of the relatively small population in that area having to pay for it I suppose. It is very frustrating for people in those areas, feeling forgotten and marginalised.
  12. Amber Snowball

    Officer, Berwick, Pakenham

    Excellent. It’s not badly situated for access on the weekends to stuff. Mornington peninsula one way, hills, Yarra Valley the other, city in another. As I say, I prefer the north of Berwick but that’s just me. Good luck!
  13. Amber Snowball

    Officer, Berwick, Pakenham

    The older parts of Berwick are nice, with a train link to the city and shops available locally. I personally don’t like big, new estates so Pakenham, Officer and the newer bit of Berwick don’t appeal. But they will offer lots of rental options for you as lots of these new houses are let out. Narre Warren South is ok, but less so Narre Warren! Don’t like Cranbourne, bit rough, but has lots of shops and amenities. Depends what you like. You can get to the beach quite easily from Berwick and up into the hills, wineries etc as well. Certainly worse places to live! There is a huge amount of building going on in that general area, filling in all the fields and suburbs are now pretty much joined up. Not for me, but as a starting point would be fine, you might like it, depends on what you want.
  14. Amber Snowball

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Yes, the lived experience doesn’t look like fun, but thought the analogy was good. Best of luck, you are in a difficult situation. As quoll often says, “you need to choose the least worst option “. Let us know how it goes.
  15. Amber Snowball

    What Colour?

    Mint green and grey.