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  1. Amber Snowball

    Do I need a migration agent?

    I think for peace of mind getting someone to check it is a good idea. If you have done all your skills assessments and english etc and feel you have it all ready, maybe contact alan collett above who is an agent and I expect would charge a reduced fee for looking it over. Small price if it means you don’t lay awake worrying, rightly or wrongly, that you might have forgotten/missed something. Good luck.
  2. Amber Snowball

    Age a problem?

    I would expect you to be fine. Experience is valued in those areas.
  3. Amber Snowball

    Age a problem?

    Fwiw Health industry didn’t seem to have the ageism issues that other areas sound like they have. In my experience in Vic. Health tends to value clinical experience so its often younger applicants that struggle, ie new grads. Depending on your actual area of work you might just find work isn’t as prevalent and you are up against lots of applicants, but your age hopefully won’t be the deciding factor.
  4. Amber Snowball

    Moving from Cairns to the UK

    Not an issue, just different and I noticed!
  5. Amber Snowball

    Moving from Cairns to the UK

    In the north west, we had snow and ice last year, just a few days and it has really rained this year. Pay off is that it’s lovely and green. Sun this last week or so has been lovely!
  6. Amber Snowball

    Health Insurance

    Hi, my basic understanding is this; 1) there are usually wait times for some extras, major dental or podiatry for example, and also pre existing conditions , child birth, joint replacements that sort of thing. Some companies advertise waiving some of these. 2) everyone pays the medicare levy but the surcharge you only pay if you earn over a certain amount and don’t have private health, think it’s $88000 maybe? 3) it’s hospital cover not extras that mean you don’t pay the levy. Basic cover is usually enough but again insurers usually tell you what is the minimum cover. 4) medicare is sorted out on your tax return. There is a part you fill in telling them about your private insurance. Mine used to autofill with the details. my last insurance I got via a broker/comparison site and it helped sort what I needed so not paying for things I was not going to use. you still have to pay a gap between what medicare and the insurance covers and what the practitioner charges but not always. hope this helps, I left Aus in 2018 so memory fading a bit!
  7. Amber Snowball

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    @BrummieInOz I can’t help with any of your questions, sorry, but maybe a proper consult with a mara agent would be the best thing to get a realistic plan in place or if you just have to bin the idea. At least you’ll know for sure then. @paulhand or @Alan Collett are just 2 of the experienced agents on here who would be able to give you an appraisal of your chances. Best of luck with it.
  8. Amber Snowball

    Corona Virus

    But would he? Good riddance to bad rubbish. Costs alot of tax payers money to keep him in prison....... No idea if he caught it ‘naturally’, reports show a number of others in that prison have tested positive so quite likely he just caught the same as everyone else.
  9. Amber Snowball

    Corona Virus

    And people say there isn’t a God......
  10. Amber Snowball

    Urgent Job Vacancies with Queensland Government

    My workplace in the UK has asked for ‘friends and family’ referrals for people to volunteer in non clinical roles to support the hospitals. They have had quite a good response.
  11. Amber Snowball

    Face Masks

    Unless they can do it through an open window I would prefer they didn’t come in the house! It’s the one place I know others don’t touch. In all seriousness I am higher risk not critical risk, a long way off of your situation my lovely lady! They keep us 2 metres apart at the GPs. I touch as little as possible and then purell like a lunatic! In other news I got my first milk delivery and it was rather lovely, might keep that up ongoing!
  12. Amber Snowball

    Corona Virus

    Same here. Over 70s and some health issues allowed going out but keepa distance from others. Only very high risk groups need to stay home completely.......at the moment. This will likely change because people are morons it seems.....
  13. Amber Snowball

    Face Masks

    I heard that. Maybe getting a letter would be useful! Managed to edit my ocado for Thursday this morning and I have another booked 2 weeks later. I have a milkman starting tomorrow...... NHS hour at the shops appears to have been pointless........although where I am I will try Morrisons if I need anything as we are reasonably civilised here. Although some items stripped from the shelves still..... but maybe getting in earlier in the day will mean there is some stock available. Stay safe!
  14. Amber Snowball

    Face Masks

    Thanks, yes I have investigated Boots thus far. Not temp controlled so that helps. I don’t think I will be in the really vulnerable group that will be contacted by the NHS this week to not leave the house at all so if really necessary I could go for my bloods, pick up the ‘script and collect it from the Boots next door to the GP in one trip!