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  1. Amber Snowball

    Returning to UK

    Moved back last year. Enjoying it so far. Working in the NHS would test the patience of a saint but that aside I’m happy!
  2. Amber Snowball

    Any help....I’m totally stuck !!

    It’s a hard decision. I moved in my early 30s, single parent with an 11yo, living hand to mouth on a council estate back in 2005. No brainer really. Took a lot of hard work and what was essentially a a leap of faith. I think it’s harder when you have so much to lose and you’ll be leaving older children behind. Do you get enough points to get a visa? 65 for the189 is the minimum but no one is getting invited with 65, I think I saw on here you need 75/80 points at the moment. Nursing isn’t as short as it used to be so finding work might take longer, Australian new grads are coming to the UK as they are struggling to get work apparently. Not sure about the state/regional visas. Only you can decide what you really want to do. It is a leap of faith for everyone in the end, no one can guarantee a successful move! Maybe check out the points/visa situation first as that might make the decision for you. Then have a look at Seek.com.au for the type of work that might be available to you. I returned to the UK last year leaving my now 25yo behind in Australia. I am now better off in the UK but where you are happier/better off is very person/situation specific. Good luck with your decision!
  3. Amber Snowball

    Resigning and the moral thing to do! HELP

    Yep, do what’s right for you. How are they going to repay/reward you for slogging over Christmas whilst they all have lovely family time? I’d say they are being selfish as well.
  4. Amber Snowball

    moving back to UK ...... Quarantine rules ??

    No, less stringent in my experience. Just clean it up so it’s not covered in crap should be enough! UK is more interested in what they can charge you VAT on!
  5. Amber Snowball

    I know no one will care but...........

    Isn’t it! I’m enjoying it though, but was thoroughly confused after Tuesday’s episode.
  6. Amber Snowball

    Going home soon (Personal Diary?)

    Oh, now I have found them quite straight forward! Must admit have only set them up when I returned, I haven’t tried swapping providers yet.....
  7. Amber Snowball

    Going home soon (Personal Diary?)

    I loaded up a currency card. Mine was with Westpac and I could withdraw cash in the uk for free using Barclays cash points. Worked well wile I opened a bank account and moved money via Moneycorp into said bank account!
  8. Amber Snowball

    Passing away of newly arrived parent

    So sorry for your loss! You should be able to get the AOS bond back for that parent I would have thought. Unlikely the visa fees but as others have said it can’t hurt to ask.
  9. Amber Snowball

    Almost There

    Go girl!
  10. Amber Snowball

    Almost There

    Don’t know what to say tbh. Good luck? Poor you? Hang in there? I wish you well? Nothing seems to fit the situation!
  11. Amber Snowball

    Almost There

    I’ll say! I had definitely forgotten what sustained rainfall looks like! When do you return to Aus Quoll?
  12. Amber Snowball

    Almost There

    All the best for your return. Safe travels!
  13. Amber Snowball

    How do we sort a house for when we arrive?

    Most book a holiday let or air bnb for a few weeks. Most agents won’t rent to you until you see the place. Pictures are usually hopelessly out of date and photoshopped heavily so you really need to view places. They also need to check you out as well.
  14. Amber Snowball

    Car hire from Heathrow .

    Waaay ahead of you! There’s still lots around. Can’t believe how many pubs are near me! I don’t drink much these days but enjoy a decent meal and a cider once in a while!
  15. Amber Snowball

    Car hire from Heathrow .

    Yes back here since June last year. I’m in a new area of the UK (NW) to where I am originally from (SE) so different for me anyway. I am overall happier. I work for the NHS and that is a mess. It was a mess when I left 14 years ago as well so...... I really like the people I work with and enjoy going in despite my caseload being really hard at the moment and management being knobs. Care received as a patient, very limited as I am healthy, has been good. Australian nurses are paid better but I have found I am fine here as housing is cheaper up here. Other things like petrol and food etc seem to even out when I look at my bills as a percentage of my income in either country. Halifax offered me a market rate mortgage a week after landing on the strength of a job offer letter and my deposit. I am having to work on my credit score to get a decent rate on a personal loan though. Drivers are more polite, still some idiots, but far better than battling my way through Melbourne suburbs. This is probably different near London! I have a 20 minute commute compared to over an hour in Melbourne. I can afford to live in a market town and walk to everything as opposed to way out on the outer fringes with no pavements or streetlights and having to drive everywhere. My house is better built here and has proper insulation. My view in Australia was better. I don’t get echidnas in my garden here! I also miss my king parrots in the garden. I miss flyscreens and need to get some for next year. I have lost 7kg despite accessing foods of my childhood in excess! Yes prawn cocktail skips I’m looking at you. Long summer evenings were great! Rain for days now less great but my garden is green and not likely to burst into flames and burn the suburb down, so I’ll take it! Roads are very pot holey. Have to remind myself that roads are narrow and we can’t both fit through at the same time! Enjoying the vast range of shops and choice of products. Enjoyed the Cheshire county show and the good food show at the NEC. Ah a pub lunch! We won’t mention the coffee......variable to say the least. Overall I am pleased with my move. I feel alive again, my mental health is good again!