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  1. 103 parent visa time allowed

    This is the visa with a wait time of 30 years isn’t it , so even if the list is moving now it won’t be moving that fast. I think for other visas arrival is within 12 months of police or medical checks but by the time this visa is issued the rules might be different. Have a look at another thread called “103 is this visa a joke now” and a MARA agent Raul gives some figures.
  2. Nursing Position Equivalent Roles - Sister/Matron

    Yes, looks about right. Nothing to compare exactly to Matron In Victoria at least. Maybe adon?? We have staff nurse, anum, num, adon, don. But because of management structures, which differ between hospitals, there are clinical nurse consultants (so have a specialist area like continence), managers of patient flow, acute and emergency, sub acute etc. These are senior management and can be nurses or allied health and sit below the directors who oversee multiple managers. Other side areas that may be of interest could be HARP the hospital admissions risk program, PAC the post acute care program, HITH the hospital in the home program. There are lots of others and these are Victorian names for each program but other states will have similar type things probably. These roles pay better than a staff nurse, probably anum level usually (grade 3 or 4 in Vic) and get you out and about with a caseload. If nothing else this shows states vary widely as public health is a state run responsibility and then within each state each health network can also vary. Just to add in Victoria some networks have a GEM at home program which geriatric medicine in the home setting but still classed as an in patient, same as HITH. Looks daunting but you’ll work it out. If the first job doesn’t suit you start looking for another that will and once here it is so much easier to get your head around as you are “living” it. Best of luck.
  3. Nursing Position Equivalent Roles - Sister/Matron

    Thanks for this. I’m so out of touch with the UK system now.
  4. UK building bridges with Europe

    Must be honest I was unsure how that would work with the amount of shipping in that area.
  5. Returning to UK on my own

    I think it was only up until a certain year. Maybe 2001 or 1999 something like that. Sorry can’t be more specific but I’m almost certain it’s not current years.
  6. Nursing Position Equivalent Roles - Sister/Matron

    Hi, again different to Victoria but you are looking at it ok imo. NUM runs the ward, ANUM is the 2nd in charge etc. Matron was only just making her comeback when I left so I don’t fully understand the UK roles and responsibilities anymore. You don’t seem to be wide of the mark in your reading of this. Next option is to search jobs on seek.com.au or health websites and read the PDs for each and see if they match skills and experience, or what you would expect to be doing at that level. Might add another dimension to your research. Have fun!
  7. Nursing Position Equivalent Roles - Sister/Matron

    Hi, taking a step back is not a bad idea imo. The system is different in Australia and then varies between states as well, why add to the stress of moving and starting a new job with having responsibility for staff as well? I don’t recognise the bandings that Ali quotes as I am in Vic and it differs here, so Qld will be different again. A lot is the same and a lot is different. Patient care is patient care at the end of the day but how that care is structured and funded varies a lot. I do agree with Ali that there are less posts for nurses advertised than when I moved here 12 years ago and even 5 years ago. There is a new hospital on the SC so may be jobs available there. I don’t understand acute nursing, been in the community forever! 😀
  8. Ok. So asked around and there is no nursing learning disability degree. There is a disability degree but that won’t make someone a nurse. Those I spoke to reckon the NDIA is the way to go. Your skills would transfer well into that area if the jobs interest you I would have thought. As to what AHPRA think, I have no idea. Good luck!
  9. Ongoing treatment when returning to UK

    Bloody love you! Thanks Bunbury, that is reassuring but I will keep others experience in mind and take nothing for granted. Did they get the injection on time or was there a bit of a wait to get them in?
  10. Excellent. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits. I completely forgot to ask at work today, so busy, passed myself in the door way a few times I reckon. 🤪 I’ll email myself now and then I’ll see it when I get in tomorrow.
  11. As I think about it, maybe google NDIA. This is the National Disability Insurance Agency (scheme). This is rolling out across Australia now and gives people with a disability a package of money that is managed by a provider but care is directed by the client. How jobs in this area would compare to what you do now I don’t know but worth a look.
  12. Hi SarahM, this is not something I thought was recognised here. They carve the work up differently. Paediatric seems to cover all areas up to 18, they have child psych as well and when they talk of disability that covers adults both physical and learning disability. I have not seen jobs like you would see in the UK advertised here. They have case managers for disability and then a lot of the hands on is done by care assistants and then OTs and physios and psychology do the assessments. General nurses would do the nursing needs. This may be wide if the mark and others may have better/ different info. I’m in at work tomorrow and will ask around. I’m an adult nurse. Have you had a skills assessment? It may be neither of us is looking for the right job title. I’ll let you know.
  13. Assurance of Support

    This is obviously a very emotional subject for you. The government expects people applying for visas to know what they are signing up for and to abide by that agreement, regardless of whether it is “fair “ or not. Older people cost the Australian treasury more money than younger ones, by and large. I was at a meeting with the Commonwealth a few months ago and the figures being touted were alarming. The quote was “ by the year 2035 ( think that’s right , might be 2025) the cost of aged care ( community and facility based) will be more than the revenue raised by taxation”.That cannot happen. The Aged Care Reforms are now requiring that people who have lived and worked here all their lives to pay more for their care and they are only on the pension a lot of them. How can the government justify giving money to people who have essentially just arrived and who signed to say they would not ask for government money when they applied? The government doesn’t deal in emotions it deals in dollars and popularity with voters. If it bankrupts the place they won’t be popular. I think you and your family need to decide if you can stay here and how you will make that happen otherwise you will need to return home, which may not be easy for you either. Best wishes.
  14. Assurance of Support

    Best of luck to you, this must be so stressful. Friends might be the answer. I don’t remember declaring what I earned, is this new? Maybe I did, long time ago now. We get ours back next year.
  15. Ongoing treatment when returning to UK

    Yes, the Rottweiler treatment is common place amongst GP receptionists I think. When my aunt was quizzed by her GP’s receptionist she told her “she would speak to the organ grinder not the monkey “, went down like a bowl of cold sick but she got an appointment! 😋 Be interested to hear how you go once you actually get to speak to a doctor. Will you need any referrals on to specialist clinics or just ongoing treatment with the GP? I’d be interested in how long a referral to a specialist takes if you have any experience of that or know someone who does. Thanks for replying. From what everyone has said it seems to be luck of the draw. Could just breeze in no questions asked or could be subjected to an inquisition. Guess we’ll have to be as prepared as possible and hope for the best. I have a plan b, which is expensive, but I can prepare for that. Thanks again and good luck! 👍