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  1. Counting down!

    What sort of prices have you been quoted? How much stuff are you taking back? If you don’t mind me asking.
  2. Permission to take 16 year old?

    All valid points here that go beyond the law. It really is going to depend on the nature of your relationship with your child’s dad and what relationship he has with his child. Each situation is unique. If there is no relationship he may just say yes because he doesn’t care but he might also say no just to be an arse. @Parley put it bluntly but his statement stands. Would you let the other parent take your child to the other side of the world? Either way you are going to be asked to provide evidence of consent to remove I would think. Especially as your agent has said this. Is the agent MARA registered and have you got a second opinion if you are not already fully signed up with them? There are always going to be specific details of your situation that may or may not make a difference but I think we all agree you’ll need his consent.
  3. Dyslexia

    This thread is over 3 years old. Maybe things have improved.
  4. Permission to take 16 year old?

    The other thing is you have to account for Australian law as well. At 16 I think Australia would want to know if permission has been given for a dependent child to leave their home country by an identified parent. Australia need this up to the age of 18 I think.
  5. Permission to take 16 year old?

    I think the legal age of majority is 18 though isn’t it? If he is on the birth certificate then you will probably need permission. If he won’t agree then you need to go to court. A UK court will usually ask the child’s feelings about this as well when they are this age. As with anything court really should be an absolute last resort. The advice from your agent might have changed if any laws have changed in that time, just thinking out loud. 16 is a tough age to move with education etc. Good luck.
  6. Permission to take 16 year old?

    Is the father on the birth certificate?
  7. GBPAUD rate looking good

    Now I’m going to have to ask you to cool your jets here. I’m going back in the opposite direction and need all this strong pound talk to stop, just for a little while.
  8. Counting down!

    Thanks. Sorry should have said I have a couple of bits of furniture that I’m taking and the cabinet is just too big. I could try and lay it down but don’t want to damage it. They are the only bits of furniture I’m taking as they are the only bits of any value and quality. Shipping the extra boxes separately is a good idea though. I might see how much the price difference is as that might motivate me to try and pack the movecube. I’m still unsure on actual volume of things I’m taking to be honest, but I’ll keep this in mind as a big cube and a small one might be too much. Thanks.
  9. Stephen Lawrence Day

    God that looks good........
  10. Counting down!

    No shipping arrangements yet. I’m not moving much back. Just a bit too big for a movecube, so will be going as a shared container I suppose. Got to arrange the cat as well. I’m holding off until I have a definite date on the house sale as I can’t afford to move unless it’s sold. My son will have some of my furniture and some I’ll donate to Brotherhood of St Laurence, none of it owes me anything and just a couple of bits to move back. Handy you’ve managed to flog some things, it all helps. I’m finding the clearing out quite therapeutic.
  11. Stephen Lawrence Day

    Politics huh.
  12. Stephen Lawrence Day

    I think it’s considered a defining moment in terms of institutional racism being confronted within the police. Could have been any one of the teenagers murdered but it was him. His parents were on the front foot with it as well and they were articulate and could get themselves heard. Same as why does this missing person get more coverage than that one. Media takes an interest, some get more coverage than others, the public identify more for whatever reason. Sad that it happens this way but it does.
  13. Counting down!

    Ah yes the panic..... I had an offer on my house within 10 days but things have stalled a bit with their finances so hoping it gets sorted this week, otherwise I’ll have to have more opens and start again. I still have time to sell and leave at the end of June as planned. Luckily I don’t have to worry about school starting dates. I have started to apply for jobs, not sure how that will go being offshore but worth a punt. I have made myself a spreadsheet with things to do which has helped, it feels like I add more than I cross off at the moment though..... All the best, it is an exciting time despite the stress/hysteria/panic. One step at a time!
  14. Funds requirement for 189

    Depends on size of rent/mortgage but I’m in the farthest outer reaches of Melbourne, 3 adults and my living expenses are not less than $4000 per month. Don’t know Sydney but it’s not cheaper. We run 2 cars within that which you might not. No holidays included in that. I could cut back further but choose not to and don’t eat out, take my lunch to work so not extravagant either.
  15. Ok, none the wiser. The CBA has a holding account that matured term deposits sit in until they receive instructions, but I doubt they’ll let it sit in there, even for a month. So, I am leaving Australia in the next few months (if this house sale ever goes unconditional) and will be going into the CBA to change bank details/address/leave instructions as to what I want done. I’ll ask about this small time lag and see what they say. I’ll report back then.