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  1. Pretty sure you have to wait for the CO to request it. The processing for these parent visas is lengthy and afaik that is one of the last things you do prior to approval. Your sponsor applies for the AOS, so is the section on your application just to identify to immigration who that will be? Others may know differently, my mum had the 143 visa and that is what we did, many years ago though.
  2. Amber Snowball

    I know no one will care but...........

    I don’t think they have a test, they have to do a self declaration that they are still fit to drive afaik. Agree an attitude test should be mandatory for many of the farts out there!
  3. Amber Snowball

    Just saying hello!

    Sorry no I didn’t need it. Moved 13 years ago so could just claim the points back then! How things change! @Wonderingaloud is a midwife in Australia and might see this. There is a thread in the visa chat section called “midwives in Australia” where there is some chat about the supervision. Sorry I’m on a small ipad and can’t get the links into the text! From reading on here people go for the PTE if they just need it for points I think, but it’s horses for courses I suppose, which format suits you better. Good luck!
  4. Amber Snowball

    Just saying hello!

    Just a thought but I think some midwives have had to do some supervised practice before being able to register. There is a thread on here somewhere I’m pretty sure. I’ll try and find it. Might need thinking about as it can be hard to get somewhere to take you on and provide that. Bummer about the points. There are lots of threads on here about IELTS and PTE the 2 english tests and some information on studying for them as they are a bit tricky apparently.
  5. Amber Snowball

    Just saying hello!

    Agree. Unless points for english have been claimed without doing the test. Are you aware @Mamma Midwife that you have to do the test to claim points, you can’t claim them because you are a native speaker. Only thing I can think of, I can’t remember seeing anyone with 85 points recently because of the see saw of gain points for experience but lose points for age thing. Unless the OP has really hit the sweet spot!
  6. Amber Snowball

    Take-Away Food - Why is it so bad?

    Where I was in Australia deliveroo etc didn’t visit. Couldn’t get an uber either. I thought at the time I was missing out on something. You have made me feel better about that!
  7. Amber Snowball

    Just saying hello!

    Most people need the english test for visa points. 85 is really high! Most people on here seem to be around the 60 -75. It’s been a long time since I applied and the system was different then! I don’t know a great deal about it tbh. Others will be along to advise who know far more than me.
  8. Amber Snowball

    Just saying hello!

    I think you have to have all your skills test and english test done before you put in the eoi, so I’d get going with that. I think the process can be a bit of a long slog, ANMAC are not that quick from what I gather. If you are going for the skilled independent visa higher points get called up first. Have you done a points estimate? Good luck and welcome!
  9. Amber Snowball

    Honest opinions of nursing in Oz

    In Victoria they got the nurse:patient ratio into law, which was great. Saves wrangling every time the EBA comes up for renewal! Aged care is somewhere wild horses wouldn’t drag me into. Yet to meet an RN that likes it. It’s often just you and HCAs and you are responsible for them all, often by phone if you aren’t in. If someone doesn’t show up for their shift and you can’t find someone to cover, you have to do it...those sorts of things. Very stressful. I never did acute care but in the community it has become very task oriented and that has been driven by the funding model. Lots of jobs in the community are now EN or HCA rather than RN, again due to the funding model. Choice of role in the community was getting very limited by the time I left. If you work on the wards or in acute services you should notice a difference for the better.
  10. Amber Snowball

    Support or advice needed please

    That’s ok! Your story sounds quite traumatic for you. I hope you continue on the road to recovery, both your health and financial situation. Sorry I don’t really have any advice for you, other than court cases are expensive! All the best and hopefully someone else might have some advice for you.
  11. Amber Snowball

    Support or advice needed please

    No worries. I have edited my post. You have posted in numerous places which is confusing. Stick to your other main thread with all the story in it. Makes it easier for you and us. You hadn’t even given the abbreviation in this thread, that was in yet another thread. Good luck!
  12. Amber Snowball

    Support or advice needed please

    Suffer from what? ETA : just saw your other thread with more information. Maybe ask for this one to be deleted as it makes no sense without any detail and then all your replies will be in one place.
  13. Amber Snowball

    Renting in Adelaide With No References.

    Congratulations on your visa! Now I arrivedcin Victoria over 13 years ago, so not recently! But I didn’t have any references and I had a dog. No job at that time either. I had a bank statement that showed I could pay rent for the length of lease and took a slightly less desirable property. More recently in Melbourne my son had only me as a reference, so we paid 6 months up front. Offer to pay up front that’s always good. Puts their mind at ease that you won’t do a bunk or default on the rent! Good luck!
  14. Amber Snowball

    Contributory Parent visa 143

    I prefer confirmation, correction sounds rude and that wasn’t my intent! Just makes it clearer for new people reading it as they might think visas can be post dated etc. Congratulations on your visa!
  15. Amber Snowball

    Contributory Parent visa 143

    Hi, sorry those dates make no sense! Typo?