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  1. Amber Snowball

    Do I Need Medical Insurance?

    If I had stayed in Australia I would probably have cancelled my private health insurance tbh. I didn’t use it enough to make it worthwhile and the premium just kept rocketing. You definitely need to be sure you want/need it and will use it to get the best value.
  2. Amber Snowball

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    It has been very pleasant, but as is the way it suddenly cools down, gets cloudy and we have had some heavy rain. I don’t mind, if you want it lovely and green it has to rain! I’ve been back nearly a year, cannot believe it! Winter really wasn’t a problem, I thought I might have been taken by surprise having been away for a while but it felt very short, it was cold but ok, just duffled up and just a small bit of snow. All very manageable. From your descriptions it sounds much like Tassie!
  3. Amber Snowball

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    Welcome back @s713! I think you are up near me. I have been dripping with sweat some days at a hardly roasting 19!
  4. Amber Snowball

    Do I Need Medical Insurance?

    That was good. probably the advice should be “read the small print!”
  5. Amber Snowball

    Do I Need Medical Insurance?

    I’ll just chime in with ambulance cover. If you do need to buy cover separately ie as in Victoria, don’t rely on your private health insurance. Those policies will only cover ‘life threatening ‘ incidents. So essentially you would have needed to stop breathing. If a member of the public calls an ambulance for you, in a helpful way, and you didn’t actually want or need it, you will still be liable to pay for it. Get the cover from the ambulance themselves, in Victoria it was $50 odd for a single person, covers any and all ambulance calls you might make. Don’t get caught up with a health insurance company quibbling over how at risk your life was!
  6. Amber Snowball

    Life in Australia

    Good luck with your move! There’s a thread at the top of this forum called ‘ Living in Australia- what you need to know’. There’s all sorts of information in there about the sorts of things that might confuse you when you arrive!
  7. Amber Snowball


    I can’t help with areas as I don’t know Perth, but don’t worry about the comments on here. You are going for 4 years with younger children, it’ll be an adventure and there are just as many people on here who love Perth as who hate it. It seems to be a bit marmite. Most agree that for young families it’s fab. Once you have been somewhere a while it can grind you down and a forum is a great place for a rant. If I was of a mind to I could probably write something similar about Melbourne, but it would just be symptomatic of my falling out of love being there than a rational statement on Melbourne itself. Go with an open mind, throw yourself into it, have fun! Good luck!
  8. Amber Snowball

    What would you do ?

    Yep, can’t argue. Individual circumstances and the types of personalities of those involved all factor in. Tangled webs people weave.
  9. Amber Snowball

    What would you do ?

    If the question of a child’s biological father is being asked then I would say the trust has gone. Hard to come back from. What if you say the words out loud, create all the stress, anger, resentment etc and then find out you actually are the father. What then? You can’t just say ‘sorry, my bad’ and expect everything to be ok. It would be a terrible situation to find yourself in, no question and that nagging doubt could become all consuming but even so..... If there was any possibility of containing it to between the 2 adults and no one else then maybe, but that is almost impossible to guarantee. Lots of people at risk of a lot of pain on this one. I worked with a bloke who’s oldest daughter was a dead ringer for his wife’s previous boyfriend, younger daughters were clones of him. We always wondered how he didn’t seem to notice, particularly as we all worked with said previous boyfriend, but he loved them all and that was that. Maybe he knew, maybe him and her had spoken of it, maybe they hadn’t, maybe she was his child and it was a coincidence, who knows. Didn’t seem to matter to him.
  10. Amber Snowball

    What would you do ?

    If the man has raised all children as his own and wishes to continue to do so, let sleeping dogs lie. Once the question is asked this man will not have any control over how people involved respond, particularly the child in question. This sort of carry on can damage that child immeasurably and certainly the parent/child relationship may never recover. If said man loves the child, what the hell does it matter?
  11. Amber Snowball

    Royal Baby Boy or Girl?

    My great grandmother was a housemaid for Queen Mary and my great grandfather one of the outriders for the royal carriage. Daresay he did other things as well! On the subject of the new baby, it’s a baby, everyone loves a new baby.
  12. Amber Snowball

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    I read it as they are intending to work in the UK but keeping their positions in Aus in case they return. I agree Paul, I think I’ll be working forever, just die on the job!
  13. Amber Snowball

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    I must be honest 12 months is nothing, still feel like I have just arrived. I have been back just over 10 months and still feel like I’m just getting settled in. Not sure I could make a decision to move again in that time. It was the same when I moved to Australia. During that first year my emotions flip flopped all over the place and I’m glad I didn’t knee jerk into anything as I did settle there and feel I am settling here as well. Obviously my personal situation is completely different to any of yours and my decision making process will have been influenced by different factors as well, but I would be panicking now if I had to make a decision to stay or leave in the next 2 months. Having said that if you are either completely joyous or totally depressed I suppose it would be an easy call! Not really sure what point I’m trying to make here if any point at all(!) but to say it is a leap of faith in either direction and always carries an element of risk, but we need to do what we need to do and I wish everyone well whatever they decide. @Westy get used to the disbelief at your decision, 10 months in and still get the gaping mouth response. Just tell them that I was Australia’d out and it’s the same s#it shinier bucket and then question why they think it’s better. Most people now shrug and say fair enough.
  14. Amber Snowball

    checklist for moving back to uk

    I have an Aussie bank account with ME who are fine that I live in the UK. Opened it before I left. I cancelled all of my insurances on my super to reduce deductions from it. You’ll need proof of a UK address to register with a GP, can you use family for this, they often want a utility bill which is a pain. Halifax were very easy to deal with to open a UK bank account when I returned. You’ll need to get your animals ready for return. I’d recommend a shipper to get the paperwork ready for you. Depending on which state you are in would effect which company you might go with, different companies available and also the bigger companies seem to vary state to state. Dogs and cats need their rabies jab between 21 days and 12 months prior to travelling from memory, might be 30 days..
  15. Amber Snowball

    checklist for moving back to uk

    You will need to complete a transfer of residence (TOR) form for HMRC to declare that you don’t need to pay VAT on any goods you are taking back. If you are moving an animal they need to be declared on it. If you are not taking anything other than a suitcase I don’t suppose you need to complete one.