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  1. Jade1991

    Suddenly feeling homesick

    Hi Poms, I’ve had a sudden urge to go back to the UK for the first time since I’ve left 2 years ago. Being on holiday and flying back to Australia instead of home is filling me with dread. Does anyone else feel like this? My partner and I are in our twenties and have been in Australia for over 2 years and have both got our PR. I was pretty certain I wanted to stay in Australia forever but now find myself thinking of what I miss from home- from travelling Europe to sitting watching tele with a Chinese takeaway. I’ve been winding myself up and think I want to move home. Just wondering if this feeling will pass or once your get homesick it sticks around? Thanks
  2. Jade1991

    New 457 after March

    Thank you Raul and GeeBee for your help. Thankfully our 190 invite came through last week!
  3. Jade1991

    New 457 after March

    Hi All, My partners employer has offered a 457 visa but we are hoping we get an invite for a 190 visa prior to our visa expiry date which is the 14th March. Our 190 nomination is being expedited but we are cautious of time. My Question: If the 457 nomination has been submitted, can we still take up the 457 offer after 1st March?
  4. Jade1991

    190 Visa - NSW Nomination

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before but hoping someone could share their experience. Once the State has approved your nomination for a 190 visa, how long do you wait to be invited to submit a visa application from immigration? Thanks
  5. Jade1991

    Question on Bridging Visa

    Hi All, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum but i have a quick question on the BVB. Can you apply for the BVB which allows travel before current visa expires? Hoping to fly back to the UK a few days after the bridging visa kicks in. Thanks