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  1. Proof of relationship

    Surely a marriage certificate is enough? A marriage certificate should have both your full names on, so what more do they need?
  2. Management Accountant experience - but with MBA

    Hey, I won't be too much help here, fortunately my wife has been with the same company for 10 years so she was able to get a detailed letter of all her responsibilities from each of her previous managers. I seem to recall that during my research I came across a case where they couldn't get letters from previous managers. In this case you can submit: "Statutory Declaration/Affidavit - This will only be accepted for job description/task list;" (this was taken from ICAA website)
  3. Management Accountant experience - but with MBA

    Yes, if the accounting body you submit your degree and syllabus to deems that your degree and/or MBA syllabus are comparable to an Aus degree and cover the required areas for Management Accounting then your work experience will count from that point. On your second question, when you submit your degree to the assessment body you can select an option to do a work experience assessment as well. But as you mentioned they will only assess the work experience once they deem your qualifications are sufficient. Bear in mind that there are three bodies you can submit it to: CPA, ICAA and IPA. I submitted my wifes to both the CPA and ICAA just for good measure. Both CPA and ICAA have very good pages on their websites showing exactly what is needed to be submitted to them for a skills and skilled employment assessment. I think the syllabus part is critical in convincing them you covered the areas. My wife was fortunate enough to do an accounting degree so we were able to get positive assessments from both CPA and ICAA but we spent about a month collecting and formatting the documents to be perfect before I sent them off.
  4. Management Accountant experience - but with MBA

    Are you a full CIMA member, or do you only have the advanced diploma? If you are not a full member then the advanced diploma will not mean much. What was your degree in? Generally, They will start there and see if it is comparable to an Aus degree, they will then check that you cover each of the areas required. Your work experience will count from the point where they are satisfied that your degree is Aus comparable and you have covered the required fields. Non accounting degrees usually fall short on the Financial Accounting, Accounting Theory and sometimes business law subjects. They could then use your CIMA subjects to fill in those gaps but your experience will only count from the point you passed those subjects. If your degree is comparable and you meet all the subject requirements in your degree your experience will count from the minute you completed your degree and the CIMA will be ignored. Hope that makes sense, if not let me know.
  5. Need advice

    In General yes you can as 6 in each band meets the "Competent English" requirement of the 189 visa (I assume 190 too) But Two things you should look into: 1) The assessment bodies for Accounting/External Auditor required that you have 7 in each band before they assessed your degree. For Internal Auditor I see the Assessment body is VETASSESS, so I am not sure what they require you would need to check with them if you need a certain score. 2) For Auditors (External or Internal) you would need at least 75 points to have a chance at getting an Invitation to apply in a reasonable amount of time if at all and having a 6 in each band will give you 0 points towards that 75. I think it would be extremely difficult to get to 75 points without being able to claim any points from English Language ability.
  6. 189 visa - 28 days documents required

    It has gone up for everyone, so I wouldn't look into that too much.
  7. UK plug removal??

    Power board is a multi-socket, multi-plug, power strip, extension socket or whatever else people call it. So if you have a 5 plug UK multi-plug, you can just its plug and then can put in 5 UK plug devices.
  8. Some Questions About Qualification Points for 189&190

    To claim points the qualification has to be related to the profession you apply under. You can't claim points for hotel management diploma when applying under accountant. Also even if both are related you only get points for the highest one and you cant claim 10 + 10 if you have two diplomas.
  9. Some Questions About Qualification Points for 189&190

    1) You would need to get your qualifications assessed. Only the assessment body can say at what level your qualification is comparable to Aus standards and contains the required subjects etc. You can browse various forums etc. to try find an answer but until the assessment body has given you your results it's all speculation. 2.) You can get a max of twenty points for qualification (not counting the 5 bonus) how many points you get depends on the level your qualifications or a combination of them. 10 if it is comparable to a diploma, 15 if it is comparable to a degree and 20 if it is comparable to a doctrate. 3) You can only get 10 points for your diploma or advanced diploma, they do not add all your qualifications together, they take the highest one you have an assign points based on that, but you should be able to claim the 5 bonus points if: "At least one degree, diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution that meets the Australian study requirement" So 10 + 5 in this case. In short the best thing would be to have them assessed and take it from there, we can speculate on you getting 10 + 5, but its down to the assessment body on what they think your degree is comparable to and whether or not you meet the study in Aus requirements.
  10. English Test

    @trayturn I grew up and went to school and university in south africa, but english is my first language. So I mainly spoke English at home and went to the English classes at school and university.
  11. English Test

    We did academic.
  12. English Test

    I booked the IELTS test for my wife (main applicant) and myself (went along for support didn't need to do test). Once I had booked I read that PTE was easier but it was too late for us to change so we wrote IELTS. My wife did a bunch of mock tests before hand to study for it, I did a few listening ones with her for support, and skimmed the writing section. I got 9/9/9/9 and she got 9/9/8.5/9. (8.5 was for writing) Reading, writing, and talking are pretty easy for anyone with English as a first language, the writing is very tricky. Read up on how they expect you to answer the writing as it is quite formulaic as to what you need to say. Especially the first part where they give you a graph and ask you to compare it. We had no issue getting top score, but as a general consensus the PTE one sounds easier.
  13. 189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    We got 189 application in on 6 Dec, tomorrow we hitting 90 days waiting and haven't heard anything yet. Hoping to hear something by the end of the month.
  14. Work skills assessment - qualified accountant

    Sorry taking so long to get back been on holiday. My wife has been with her current employer for 9 years, doing four roles over that period. so that was lucky. But she had to go to all her previous managers to sign off that particular role. So she submitted four different letters. If you cant get letter from previous experience I believe you can submit an affidavit with the reason why and then your experience. This will need to be signed by a notary. Please check cpa or icca websites I believe they mentioned this there somewhere.
  15. 189 EOI with 70 points

    70 points under those categories will not get an invite this cycle, which ends 30 June. From July 1 a new cycle will begin and then its anyone's guess. If you could go for state sponsorship to NWS and add 5 points and submit EOI on 75 points you would have a much better chance.