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  1. @Renebo Ok, sorry couldn't be of more help. Will follow this thread to see how you get along as I might come across this too.
  2. 189 processing times

    I believe the 5-8 months if from Initial Lodge to Grant, for 75% of the cases. What I have been able to take away from the various sources are the following: * The CO will contact you after 2-3 months * If you have submitted all documents IE) Decision Ready application, they will give you a direct grant at this point. * If they need more documents, they will request it at this point * Once you submit the documents, it is another 2-3 month wait for the grant So the 5-8 months I feel is an estimate based on application who did not submit all documents to start with.
  3. Hey, I have not read up on this yet, but I guess I would need to do the same soon. I would start here: https://www.gov.uk/tax-right-retire-abroad-return-to-uk
  4. My brother is an Australian citizen

    The options I know of: * If applying for a Skilled Migration Points Tested Visa like the 189 and 190s (there are some more I think), you can claim 5 points for having a relative to sponsor you. * If he is your only close family (ie Parents passed away or are also in Aus) and you do not have any other siblings outside of Aus he can sponsor you for a "Remaining Relative Visa) this is the description: Those who can apply under the Remaining Relative category are people who are the brother, sister or child (or step relative to the same degree) of a person in Australia who, if they did not migrate to Australia, would otherwise be left on their own overseas.
  5. 189 processing times

    Hey, We applied on 6 December with all our documents hoping on a direct grant. Not heard anything yet. I am hoping/expecting to hear something near the end of March. From the general trend it looks like its about 3months from submission/adding documents to hearing from CO. Of course this is case by case and pure speculation so anything could happen.
  6. I am not familiar with ACS so can't help here. I think they can make recommendations to you about which role on the list you apply for based on your degree and experience. 70 should be enough under most occupations. But you need to be very sure you can claim 70 before putting in the EOI. If you put in the EOI and claim 70 puts they will reject your Visa application and at this point you would have paid around AUD4000. Sorry I can't be of more help as I am not familiar with the occupation and assessors you will need. It might be worth while getting a free comprehensive assessment from an aganet, and they will give you the best options.
  7. Expression of Interest

    I'd rip that agent a new one. A lot of agents don't take cases on at 60 points. Saying that though you still have a good chance as you have avenues where you can gain points.
  8. Yep, my wife was pregnant twice in the past 8 years, but got 8 years experience signed off. One has to look at it like this: You are still employed while on maternity leave, it would be MASSIVELY unfair and discriminating to working woman looking to have families if they didn't count that time as experience.
  9. Expression of Interest

    In my opinion, getting those 10 points for English would sort you out. Worth looking into.
  10. Expression of Interest

    I don't think it is pro rata, but yes please check this out. Some things to consider, if you are starting at 60 points: ENGLISH TEST * Improving your english score, from 7 to 8, would add 10 points, taking you up to 70 points. This is enough points to pretty much guarantee an Invite in under 3 months for all occupations except IT and Accounting. *If you think you cant get an 8 for IELTS there is another test called Pearsons which some people find easier to do. * Booking and writing these tests should be cheaper than assessing your partners skills. PARTNER SKILLS * Adding these five points, especially if you up your English points would then put you on 75 points and getting invite in the next round (except for Accounting) * If you are not going to redo the English you would need these five points PARTNER * If your partner's job is on the list as a nurse you cold potentially apply through her? 189/190 * Yes you can submit 2 EOI's. One can be for 189 on 65 points (including partner skills) and one can be a 190 on 70. Then you can apply whichever gets picked first. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi, You do not need work experience to get a skills assessment done. To do a skill assessment for 189/190 First you need to pick an occupation from one of the Skill Shortages lists that you want to get your Skilled Visa for. One that matches your job/degrees you want to do. You then need to find the Assessing authority in Aus for that particular occupation, ACS for IT for example. You will then need to submit your qualifications, transcripts and syllabuses for each of your degrees. They will then assess whether your degree is of Aus quality and whether they are comparable to the occupation you have chosen from the Shortages List. For example you cant Choose Mechanic from the list and submit and IT degree, you will get 0 points. From the info you have provided above: * Yes, you can submit your degree for assessment without work experience, and IF you choose an occupation from the list that is comparable you should get 20 points for a Masters or Phd. * Doesnt matter if you did your Phd at Oxford, it will need to be assessed. As they not only assess the quality but the degree has to contain core subjects that they teach in Aus. * You need to TELL them your skill, they don't give you a skill. You say I want to do XYZ and here is my degree to prove I can do XYZ. and then they assess against that * Whether or not you need work experience depends on your total points, if you are only getting 60/65 points and looking to apply under IT you will most likely need more points. It sounds like you need to do a bit more reading, especially on how the Skills list works, choosing an occupation and points required. Perhaps make an appointment with an agent just for an initial assessment, these are usually free.
  12. Expression of Interest

    Hi, Is 321211 is a non pro rata application? If so there is a chance to be invited on 60 points, although you will most likely wait 12+ months, and in this time, depending on factors, such as age and experience you may lose points for age or gain points for experience. At the moment there is a backlog on invites so even 65 points are looking at around 6 months wait until after the year roll over in June 2018, probably why the agents are hesitant to take on people under 70 points. The good news is that the EOI is valid for 2 years and yes you can update it with your partner to add 5 points. Just be sure you cover all bases here to be able to prove these extra 5 points. Also when you do this your date of effect will move to the date you added the update. I have a friend who got an invite on 65 points last year so there is a chance, you are just unfortunate that there is such a back log at the moment. While your EOI is in at the moment and there will probably not be an invite until June 2018, you can use this time to try get more points? ie) Add your Partner, or did you get the maximum points for English, or will you gain more experience during this wait? This page gives you an unofficial estimate of your wait times: http://www.iscah.com/will-get-189-visa-invitation-iscahs-unofficial-estimates-12th-january-2018/
  13. Work skills assessment - qualified accountant

    I am sure a full member of CIMA will give you 15 points, but as you mentioned, to be a full member you have to have 3 years work experience after finishing Top CIMA exams. Or did you only get 10 points even as a full member? Which is what was trying to say in my previous post, if your degree already qualifies as Aus equivalent for accounting then you can use those three years experience towards claiming points for Work Experience.
  14. Work skills assessment - qualified accountant

    Reciprocal aggreemenrs such as ACCA, CIMA, ICA are 15 points, as the equal an Aus degree. I would assume ICAS is also part of that group. One thing to bear in mind though, is the work experience you can claim points for only starts counting from the day they think your education becomes equivalent of Aus degree. For ACCA, CIMA etc. this is after getting the Charter. So for example, if you did an accounting degree and that degree by itself is equivalent to an Aus degree your work experience can begin counting from the end of that degree. For something like ACCA, CIMA and I assume ICAS you would need to do articles or work for a few years to get the charter. Those years DO NOT count towards your Work Experience you can claim points for. Therefore if you did an accounting degree at Uni, it would be better to have that assessed if it meats all the minimum requirements (the 9 core areas) as specified on the ICCA and CPA website.
  15. Work skills assessment - qualified accountant

    * To have your work experience assessed you need your experience signed off by your manager of that role or a more senior person. So if you are looking to claim points for the experience in your current role, then you would need to get your manager to sign it off or a more senior person like CEO if you dont want to speak to your manager. So you could bypass your manager but someone in the company would know as they will be signing it off. * My wifes skills assessment was around 2-3 pages per role, she was in each role between 2 and 4 years. Go to the CPA or ICAA websites, they are very detailed with what you need to provide, they even point you to a Aus Gov website which explains what they consider duties of an accountant. (IPA is the third body that can assess and they might have the same info but I never used their website) * The websites above list documents they will accept if you do not have payslips, things they accept are the job contract, proof of employment letter from HR, P60's, Proof of employment from HMRC (this takes about a month to come), Bank Statements. There might be more but check on the Accounting body you intend to assess through's website. --------------------- You can try here for unofficial estimates: http://www.iscah.com/news-page/ Or go here: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/work/skil You can then go down to "Invitation Rounds" and you will see what the "Date of Effect" is. When you submit your EOI that date is your date of effect, you need the departments date of effect to reach your date of effect before you get an invite. From current estimates, if you submitted EOI of 75 points January 2018 you might get invited before the year roll over end of June 2018. Anyone on 75 points submitted Dec 2017 or earlier should be ok to get invite prior to June 2018. With 80 points you should get an invite in 1 or 2 rounds. There are two rounds a month and you can see the next round on that website above. The draws are at 0h00 Sydney on a Wednesday. So 1pm Tuesday afternoon in UK. The rounds are two weeks apart.