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  1. lothar

    Ielts results

    I think it depends on the occupation you select on the 189 list. For example for Accountant (General) we had to do Academic, perhaps some other professions you would be ok with general. Also as verystormy has said, you need to get 8+ in all bands to claims the points. The overall band does not count when claiming points. With 8 8 7 9, as you mentioned you will get 10 points.
  2. lothar

    New visa applicant

    Some more info. A) For Degree Assessment: Did you do a degree or just a MBA? When they assess your degree/MBA they look at two things. 1) Is it comparable to an Aus degree. 2) Only if it is comparable to an Aus degree, they will then check the content of your degrees (this is why you submit a syllabus) you need to have at least 7 of 9 core areas I believe. B) Work Experience Assessment: You say you have work reference letters, did you get the format of these letters from the ICAA/CPA website? These things need to be very specific, like Title, Dates started, ended, salary, hours worked ie) full or part time, signed by manager, on letter head, be in colour and have a very detailed list of work. I think my wife has 2-3 pages per role of about 3 years each. She had 4 letters in total. The CPA and ICAA websites are very good, they detail everything you need and how it needs to be sent, ie) Your syllabus, has to be dated, signed and stamped each page, printed on a letter head, printed in colour and the syllabus needs to be relevant to the time YOU did the degree, for example you can't send them 2018's syllabus. I spent hours on the CPA and ICAA websites before submitting my wife's assessment (I actually submitted to both of them just to be safe and got positive back from both) You will also need a lot of paperwork for the years you worked, like pay slips, contracts or bank statements etc. All the info is on the CPA and ICAA webpages, make sure you read them thoroughly and provide as much as possible.
  3. lothar

    New visa applicant

    Ok get on in ASAP, from this point until EOI submitting is at around 2months, the new immigration cycle starts in July so if they follow last years pattern thats where most invites will be July-Oct. From Dec 2017 until now I think there has only been 1 round of draws to invite accountants, which is causing the backlog as mentioned by Stayorgo. Moral of the story is get this done as soon as possible.
  4. lothar

    New visa applicant

    Ok, so you will want to submit your EOI as long as possible before you turn 33 and lose 5 points. The difference between submitting on 80 and 75 is huge at this point as much as a year difference in waiting times. Book your English test ASAP, and while waiting for that get your documents ready that are needed for assessment. The assessment will also take between 5 and 7 weeks depending on which accounting body you use to assess.
  5. lothar

    New visa applicant

    My wife had 80 points as an accountant and we got an invite in two days. So if you can prove you have 80 its easy, the hard part is proving it. Many people have a quick run down the self assessment calculator and then say oh easy I have 80. I assume you are under 33, to give max points for age. So the remaining points would most likely be english test, degree and experience. Have you written the english test and achieved the marks needed for 20points? Have you assessed your degree? Have you assessed your work experience? Until all of the above is done, then you can't say you have 80 points.
  6. lothar

    Where to start ?? Its overwhelming!

    I did the migration myself, but we had a very straight forward case. In your instance I would definitely recommend an agent. Most of the registered agents will do a full evaluation of your case for free to give you your options, and only if they are certain you have a chance will they take you on as a client. It is only from that point onwards that you will pay for services offered.
  7. lothar

    Transfer UK Pension to Aus

    Hi Alan, I am 36 at the moment. Thanks all for your guidance on this matter. Thanks.
  8. lothar

    Transfer UK Pension to Aus

    @Gbye grey sky Great thanks for your answer. So other than making sure I have my latest pension account statements (so that I have my account number etc), and changing my address with each provider once I am in Aus to be able to get future statements, There is nothing else I need to do before I move in relation to pension?
  9. Hi, I am moving to Aus from UK in a few months time. I have read various posts on the internet as well as posts here on PIO on transferring pensions to Aus, but I am a little confused. Can someone confirm that there is no way to transfer my Pension (State or Private) to Aus until I am 55? I can understand why State transfer will not be allowed until 55, but does this QROPS regulation cover the private pensions I have paid in via my employer? I have a few pensions from various providers that I contributed to over the past 10 years while working in UK, so if I understand the regulations correctly, I simply leave them here in UK until I turn 55 before I can move them? Thanks for any guidance.
  10. lothar

    Selling up

    Because if things do work out and you sell after a year or so you will be liable for non residence tax on that sale!
  11. lothar

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    It does seem like all variations of 189 visas are being granted now through Dec. There is no single country anymore, no single profession, there is onshore and offshore, etc. So I guess it is now the luck of the draw on how the pile fell when it went through to processing. I think the wait now that I know they processing Dec will be worse than when I knew they were was at least a few weeks away....
  12. lothar

    Management Accountant experience - but with MBA

    Hi, The work experience format depends on the assessment body you use. They have the format on their webpages: Here is the ICAA one: https://www.charteredaccountantsanz.com/about-us/what-we-do/migration-assessment/skilled-employment-assessment
  13. lothar

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    As far as I know, according to DHA, once you have received your ITA your points and occupation no longer matter. They process in batches which older ones getting looked at first. They also mention "complete" applications get looked at first, so this would be ones that have PCC and Medical attached.
  14. lothar

    189/190 Visas from Nov-Dec 2017

    According to the comments on the guys account, he does say 19 Jan (but never clarified a year) That being said on the expats forum there is a doctor who got a grant with lodgment date 11 Dec, and another person with lodgement date 20 December. So although I am not sure about the guy in Jan, it does appear they starting to look at Dec lodgement dates.
  15. lothar

    189 & Current points required

    Yes they should go up again if the previous years pattern is followed. But perhaps not as much since in the past they have used up most of the allocation by dec and then slowed it down. In short, who knows what they do???