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  1. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Congrats Lavers on the job definitely good to have a good work life balance especially with the summer coming soon.
  2. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Haha yeah they probably are. There eldest daughter has started in Mitcham high school and they have 2 other daughters still there. They live in near the tram lines in Plympton so it’s not too far from them. My daughter is in Richmond which is not too far away either. it’s a good spot and close enough to everything so I’m sure you will like it there. Hopefully your daughter settles in well which I’m sure she will.
  3. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Our friends daughters go to Plympton who are English too so might be nice when your daughter goes there. The eldest is 9 so a similar age to yours. Good to meet some friendly locals. There are some good parks around and even better when you see them out in the wild.
  4. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Nice mate it’s a pretty good area and yeah you will be close to everything there. What school have you decided on for your daughter? You will find most of the heavy industrial areas are North of the city but the roads are not too bad. Just gets pretty busy in rush hour.
  5. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Good work Lavers Glad it’s all falling into place. What area did you decide on in the end? Fingers crossed for the interview next week.
  6. Hi Jody not sure if your husband is still looking but there are a coupon of jobs for TA’s on SEEK today. Might be an opportunity as some people who call themselves TA’s have never done electrical work
  7. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    We moved out in late November 2016. We had someone interested in the house in the UK and the exchange rate was 1.93. Then they had the vote for Brexit and it dropped to 1.62 about a week after it had been announced that they were leaving. We sold the house a few weeks later and held on to the money as long as we could hoping it would go back up again. We eventually got 1.68 when we moved out so still wiped a few thousand off our start up funds
  8. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    The green man goes so you can start crossing the road and then it starts flashing red which you can still walk on but not meant to start the crossing when it’s flashing. I know a few people who have been fined for walking across the road on a red man. I’m from North Wales and always get asked if I’m Irish. It’s funny because being from the UK you can generally get every accent and know where they are from but there is very little accent difference here in Aus. We have the family pass for the Zoo and you only have to go a few times for it to be beneficial. You should have a walk around the Botanical gardens while you are there.
  9. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Hi Lavers Gorge is a really good park and you don’t have to pay to hold Koalas there like you do in Cleland. It’s a good place to go and help out the community after the bushfires there in the summer. I would also recommend Monarto zoo. You will have a nice drive out there and it’s more of a safari park where you get on a bus to take you around the park. I think Brighton is my favourite beach and good to spot the dolphins and seals as they like to get the crab baits from under the jetty. like Amber mentioned be careful with certain road rules. I copped a $65 fine for parking on the wrong side of the road when we first got here Oh and so the kids don’t have all the fun you should go up to McLaren vale and get some tastings done. Most places have big grounds for the kids to run around too.
  10. Just keep an eye on SEEK and also sign up for the agencies and something will come up. If he did look for something else he would definitely be best still trying to gain his license at some point as it’s good to have
  11. Hi Jody I am an electrician in Adelaide and moved here nearly 4 years ago. It can be hard to find work as most people want a fully licensed electrician so you sometimes just have to get lucky like I did. I met someone on a tram who gave me a list of companies to try and got a job through one of them. Once he has his license it will make it easier to find something. He is doing the right things though and tell him not to give up that way. Has he tried Red appointments or Randstad to see if they have any Electrical TA positions available? There are a few agencies out there and are only casual but they can also lead to full time employment or if not at least he can cover his 6 months work experience to apply for the full license.
  12. Curly

    Areas to live in Adelaide

    Hi Lavers if you are looking around Pasadena area there you would also be ok to look at Mitcham Girls school which our friends daughter goes to and is apparently pretty good. It’s a tough choice but just need to find an area that feels right for you and your family. I think most schools are pretty comparable as they are in the UK with good and bad sides.
  13. Curly

    Areas to live in Adelaide

    Hi Lavers We lived in Richmond when we first moved here and it was a good central location but quite expensive with it being closer to the city. Our 2nd rental was in Park Holme and we really liked it there. It’s close to Marion shopping centre and the outdoor pool for the summer months. There are a couple of train stops around too so easy to get into the city. I don’t think the schools are great around there though. My daughter is in Richmond as she started there and didn’t want to move her around. She is still there now even though we live in Seaford. Me and my wife still work down that way so it’s not to bad to pick her up and drop off. If you want hills I would look around Blackwood or Belair but not much train access around there. Brighton high school is a really good school but it’s not a big school zone and most of the houses in the zone are quite expensive. There are good and bad points around everywhere and best to have a drive through and see what appeals to you. We have friends who are in Plympton and they love it there. They are in a big rental but they are not sure if they could still afford to live in the area when it comes to buying. Sheidow park is a good area and not too far from the expressway for city access. We are in a new suburb called Seaford Heights. It’s a bit further out but get ocean views and a decent size block and house much more affordable than we could get closer to the city. We like it down here and have shops 5 minutes away and still only a 20 minute drive to Marion. As someone else mentioned the line comes this way so the city is a 50minute train ride with some really good views on the way. For high school I’m not too sure what to do with our daughter. We are looking at Tatachilla which is a good school on huge grounds and Mia loved the open evening there. It’s private but much more affordable than other private schools. The high schools around here don’t have great reviews but we will have a look around them and there is a new one due to open in 2022 near Aldinga
  14. Curly

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Yeah I will give you a few tips and pointers if I can. Give it another month or so and hopefully the weather will start to improve and there will be plenty of things to do especially with the kids. just hope that when you move to your permanent house you are not to close to the Cockatoos wow they are noisy once they get going but nice to see them around. Hopefully the quarantine goes quick for you here and you can start to have a look around and explore. With a bit of luck things can get back to normal and stay that way but you will notice there is a lot more freedom here than what you had in the UK with the virus. That’s one advantage of having so much space and with a bit of luck we will all be able to enjoy a decent summer
  15. Curly

    Phone contacts

    Just a quick heads up on this but make sure you get your phone unlocked if bringing it from the UK. That caught me out for the first week I was here. Once unlocked you can put any sim in there as I was with O2 in the UK and they put a lock on them if you are in a contract