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  1. Curly

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Yeah I understand that but there is a mention of the fact they want families to be together. I am looking at this as a positive and they don’t just make up stories without any information from somewhere. He will not come here expecting to come straight into work and probably won’t come over until it is totally safe worldwide to be able to travel anyway. The way I see it is the government want to be able to try and come back out of this on the other side and to do that they need to continue to grow. This would not be a visa for just anyone and I’m sure there will be plenty of things that need to be met. I am just offering some hope that there may be a way after all rather than relying on a bridging visa while you wait 50 years for a visa to be approved
  2. Curly

    Remaining Relative Visa

    https://apple.news/AqX8xmPJ2RfaiXc7UFmIDPg see the above link. It goes on about the new skills that may be required but at the bottom of the page mentions a family reunion visa. Our Son did 2 years on a WHV so hopefully this may help him out to return
  3. Curly

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Hi all I read an article earlier that the Australian government may make a new type of visa to help with getting a visa if there are already close relatives who now call Australia home. This may hopefully work in our favour for our son to come over if they do. The article mentions that they may also look to add quite a few more jobs on the skills list due to the changing times that will include manufacturing.
  4. Curly

    Uncertain dollar

    I come out to Australia when they had just voted on Brexit. The Dollar was at $1.90 -£1 and then after the vote it dropped to $1.60 Managed to get $1.68 by the time we came out here.
  5. Curly

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Thanks for all the advice. It’s a very difficult situation and unfortunately not one where there is any easy solution. We’re hoping that the sponsorship from his old employer may still be valid otherwise the options are limited. He has done the maximum he can on a WHV and has no skills currently on the list. He is currently seeking advice from a migration agency in the UK so hopefully they may know some loopholes or alternative routes in.
  6. Hi Our son is going to be 27 this year. We moved to Aus in 2016 but he didn’t want to come at the time and he would have needed to do his own application anyway so we didn’t push it. he came out on a WHV in 2017 and did the work to gain a 2nd year Visa. He went back to the UK last November but has decided now that he would like to come and live back here. Has anyone had a similar situation? The only visa I can see at the moment is the remaining relative. He works in hospitality and got offered a sponsorship at the place he was working if he came back. We are not sure this will still be the case with the COVID issue so can’t really count on this anymore. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Curly

    Extension of visa deadline

    I’m sure that by the time you enter the borders will be reopened as they are looking to try and do it within the next month but Vic are holding out at the moment. If that happens you will only have to do the 14 days quarantine and should be able to drive to Adelaide without needing to self isolate
  8. Curly

    Thought it would be easy?!

    When we started the process the family was a similar age to you (almost identical really) with my wife being 40 but if you are the main applicant that won’t matter too much as being a family and having a trade might give you enough points. You will probably need to do the IELTS test just to bump up the numbers. With it being a skilled they may be able to put you on a 189 visa but you will still need to nominate your starting state for your EOI. It’s a big decision that has massive ups and downs. You could always do a pros and cons list and get everyone to chip in to make sure it’s right for all of you.
  9. Curly

    Thought it would be easy?!

    Yeah that’s where we live. The one good thing to come from the Coronavirus is that there is less traffic on the roads. I can get to work just north of the city in just under 40 minutes at the moment
  10. Curly

    Thought it would be easy?!

    Yeah it’s still pretty busy here at the moment but I think it may slow down a bit near the end of the year unless the investors come back and keep things moving. The Coronavirus is having a big effect on everything but hopefully we can keep moving forward like we have been and get some money flowing back through the economy.
  11. Curly

    Thought it would be easy?!

    Hi I’m an Electrician working in Adelaide so not sure about the jobs situation in Brisbane but your qualifications and experience are enough for you to apply for a skilled visa as long as it’s on the list. You just have to be aware you may need to do some kind of extra training or a course so you can get your license over here. That will be an extra cost you might need to factor in but I’m pretty sure a migration agent will fill you in on that. When we applied to come out our eldest daughter was still in college and then you could get them on the PR visa with you up to the age of 21 as long as they are in full time education. I would definitely include your son if you can as will make it much easier in the long run. From a personal point of view I’m so glad we made the move and we have a much better life and social life but everyone has different circumstances. There will be times when it’s difficult and you wonder if you have made the right decision but you just have to stick with it
  12. Curly

    Advice from other uk sparks

    Hi i am a UK spark living in Adelaide. If you come over you will need to get your skills transferred to Aussie regulations otherwise you will only be able to a Trades Assistant because you wouldn’t be able to get a full license. it pretty much consists of having an assessment done to prove what you have done in the past. You will need to document what you have done and also do a practical exam and skills test. It’s not cheap but once you have that you will gain an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). You will need this before you can apply to do any studies over here. Once here you will need to do a college course over 3 weeks full time and then will need to log at least 6-12 months of work. Once all that has been done you can apply for your full license and will then be able to sign off on your work. From my experience here the sort of thing you currently do doesn’t really happen that way here. You could work for a maintenance company that would service houses, offices, retail, etc but I haven’t come across any company dedicated to testing. hope this helps a little
  13. Curly

    New tallest buildings in Adelaide

    The new casino extension is looking really good also overlooking the riverbank. The gold glass highlights the sun and looks amazing when the sun is setting.
  14. We moved to Adelaide in November 2016. I am from North Wales and wife is from Birkenhead. We love it out here and I don’t miss anything from back home. we both have decent jobs and just recently moved in to our newly built house. Adelaide is a quieter city than others but still plenty to do and never a dull moment. we have a good friendship group and probably more social now than we ever were back in the UK. We can drive onto our local beach which takes about 3 minutes. We have a sea view from the new house and are not far from the Wine regions. If you come out with the right mindset and you are determined to make it work you can. It’s not easy at times and at certain points you will think have we made the right move but it is worth it.
  15. Curly


    Hi i started putting my folder together in the September 2015 and had our visas come through in May 2016. that was pretty quick as had a quick turn around between the folder going through and doing the practical assessment. I got told I had passed the folder and then they had a cancellation for the skills test the following week that I managed to get on. We moved out to Adelaide in November 2016 You should be fine if you have 6 years experience. Just document everything as much as you can. If you worked as a supervisor for any of the companies they are not interested in that they just want to know that you were working in that field. It caught me out on one of my employments who put it in a letter I just had to get it re done saying I was working for them as an electrician cheers