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Found 10 results

  1. Need advice please Ok where do I start LOL i was sponsored on a 457 as a gym manager in 2013. Met a girl had a baby girl, unfortunately the relationship ended as my daughters Mum fell in love with another man. The problem is that we were just about to launch my spouse visa. I have 50/50 custody of my daughter and pay child support. Now the problem I have is my 457 is being soon and until recently I was under the impression that my company would continue the visa for another 2 years but now have decided against it. I asked them a while back about sponsoring me PR but it turns out they couldn't because they'd not fulfilled the training requirements tied into the process. I'm now in another relationship but it's only 3 months in and my partner is very supportive of my situation but I think we are way off spouse sponsorship. Does anyone know of anyone who might of been in a similar situation?? i can't leave my daughter she is my world and she needs her dad. Any help would be helpful or I pray that someone has experienced something similar and can shed some light or point me in a direction of assistance sean
  2. So I'm wanting to move to Australia, permanently. I plan to get a two yearly working holiday visa, and then after this - what are my options? I'm an exotic dancer so I really don't have a career path. While in Australia I'd like to do some beauty courses. Ultimately I'd like to set up my own business which is very doable, weather it's mobile, in home or small store.Is there a visa for me to start a small business and stay in Australia after the two year working holiday visa? Or what are my options, if any, to permanently move and live in Australia?
  3. HI Does anyone or has anyone on here ever lived on Scotland Island? Thanks in advance! Matt
  4. Hi there, I'm hoping someone may be able to give me a bit of help and advice. I've recently moved to Aus on a 457 visa. I am sponsored by our UK entity however we have an Australian entity setup but for some reason as the Aus entity was new, I was sponsored by the UK. My company are now saying that they cant pay me via Aussie payroll without transferring my visa so have continued to pay me through the UK payroll with tax, NI deductions, pension etc. I'm a bit confused by this as it means I have to transfer money each month and am paying for benefits (NI etc) that i'm not able to use in Aus. I thought that the Aussie govt would want me to be paying tax in Aus but my company says they cannot facilitate this. Is this a problem or likely to cause me a problem in the future with future visas, tax etc? (other than the admin headache of the monthly transfer) I dont think my company know too much about what they are doing (first Aussie employee) and I dont want this to get too complicated or cause me any future problems with extending visas, paying tax twice etc! Obviously transferring my visa to another entity is risky with the changes to the 457 etc, I have a feeling this may end up not being straight forward! Many thanks in advance Emily
  5. Hi everyone!First of all, thanks to all active members, this forum is extremely helpful I have a question:My partner & I are ready to accept the invitation for the visa 189 at anytime (we have until the end of May for it) and I just read that the average time for a Case Officer to be allocated should be around 40-50 days. However, a few days back, my partner and I filled in 'My Health Declaration' because we thought we could save time for the whole process. We both got our HAP ID and made an appointment for next Monday with expected results to be attached to our MHD application 4-8 days later.Do you think we can go ahead with the acceptance of the visa 189 while we are in the process of doing our MHD / getting our medical results? (and then attach the results of our MHD to our visa application 189?).Unless you would advise us to wait until we get the MHD results and then accept/apply for the visa 189?Last option could be - but I don't know if it's feasible - to withdraw our MHD application and then wait until we get new HAP ID via our 189 application and make bookings again..Thanks a lot in advance for your insights,Victor
  6. Have recently added some help guides in the 'Articles' section of the forum. Will try and add some more as and when I get time.
  7. Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  8. My partner and I arrived in Perth on Monday (or Tuesday, lost track). It's now Friday, and I want to go home - *now*!!! Our dogs get out of quarantine on the 18th and we have nowhere to stay. At the moment we're in a flat loaned to us until the 18th by a colleague of my partner (he's on holiday), but this place is a dump. I know that sounds ungrateful but it smells so bad. Here's where we are with our house hunting: So, House #1: Taken House #2: too expensive Preferred areas (Mundaring or Freo): zero houses for rent (apart from the uninhabitable hovel in mount Helena) New atm card won't work so can't get to my meagre funds that are left Dogs come out of quarantine a week on Tuesday and we have no where to stay Current flat is smelly - and I mean *smelly* I feel itchy I've got a throat infection, temperature, raging headache and my nose isn't working Partner Cat won't drive here and I'm stressed beyond belief. *Hate* driving here Went to bed at 8:30 last night which I haven't done since I was, eh, 8 TV is crap Internet is slow New laptop keeps crashing Can't send emails from my pop accounts (need to use hotmail) The main highway is like 30 meters from our window in Como Cat starts her new job on Monday so I'll be left to look for an impossible rental - apparently dogs are seen as something akin to vermin and even if we do somehow find a place, what then? No job, no bed, no furniture, no TV, no transport once the rental car goes back so I'm stuck in a bare, and probably smelly, dump, on some soulless housing estate. This isn't the Melbourne I fell in love with. I've spent most of this week holding back tears and panicking inwardly. I want to go home *now* :,-( , I want to go home. All I've done since we arrived is hold back tears. I want to be back in our beautiful wee house. So, even if we do somehow manage to find a place, it'll be smelly, run down, in a soulless housing estate with no furniture, no bed, no TV. I'll have no job and no transport. This can't be happening. Such a failure. Me. And this. :-'(
  9. Hi there, I moved to Melbourne last May with my other half who has dual UK/NZ citizenship (he was born in Dunedin). I arrived on a visitors visa and was issued with a Medicare card under the reciprocal agreement with the UK. A few months later I obtained the 461 (NZ family relationship visa) and am now experiencing difficulty renewing my expired Medicare card. I have been asked to produce an NHS card, in my 38 years of living in the UK I have never been issued with such a card. I'm not sure why my residency status has been brought into question now that I'm on a 461 visa. My partner and I have lived in UK (Yorkshire) for the best part of our lives and the temporary nature of the 461 visa in itself means that I am still a visitor here. So where do I reside - I am lost! Can anyone out there help me please.... Karen
  10. Hi I have been reading alot of posts about people sorting through there house before making the move and throwing out selling or giving away all there stuff. Not sure how many know about a site called freecycle this site is as the name suggests recycling free stuff. If you have something that is too good to throw away but you don't want the hassle of selling it, you can post it there and see if anybody needs it. It helps others and they collect so you don't have to drop it at the tip or pay to get rid. Hope this helps