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  1. Gene

    English test.

    Hi all, What are the general requirements for the English language test for skilled trade? Are their any practice papers or is it just straight forward or am i just thinking way to much into this as i have been told i will need to score 20. apologies if this has been mentioned i'm just trying to get this completed before i push on with my visa application.
  2. Gene

    Electrician in need of guidance.

    Thanks all im just waiting for a response.
  3. Hi all I appreciate there are other electrical chats and topics so apologies for starting another chat. So I'm a qualified electrician and we are looking at making the move to the sunny coast. I only have eal qualifications is there anyone on here thats have made the moves with these qualifications the problem I'm having is it was a 6 week course. We had a strategy session with our emigration agent and he said he's concerned with the lack of training only being a 6week course. I'm now in my 5th year of being qualified and working for myself he said we could proceed with the process but hes not sure on the skilled assessment with the training that I have. All help, advice, and guidance is greatly appreciated
  4. Hi to all poms. I'm looking for some guidance and help myself and my wife really really want to start a new life on the sunshine coast but we are really struggling to find ways to get over been looking for a while now and not to sure what to do so this is where i need the help and guidance of the people who have been in my shoes and are now living the dream down under. I'm currently 28 years old i didn't do well in school got no qualifications. I joined the army in 06 and served 4 years in that time i got a nvq in mechanical engineering level 3 and a licence to drive tracked vehicles. I left in 2010 and now I'm a slinger/signaler also have a appointed persons ticket and half way through completing a nqv diploma level 4 in control in lifting operations (lift/crane supervisor) I have been thinking of starting a new career in electricians but I've heard its hard work to get the tickets needed to get qualified in oz. Now i really want to start something new that will give me the right qualifications need to get a permanent visa for my family to live in oz. What are your view and advice on my situation now i have applied for a visa before and been told I've not got the right qualifications needed. I have a mortgage and working full time and have our 1st baby due in feb so its hard but needs must for a better life I know you probably get sick of answering the same questions over and over but i really need some help please. looking to do a trade to get me the golden ticket into a better life. Thanks everyone for looking.
  5. Hi all I've just started reading this thread it's going to take some time. I'm looking for some advice and guidance I'm currently looking to do a short electricians course 5 weeks I think and then set about working for a company to get a few years experience under my belt the course I'm looking at doing it will end up with 4 city & guilds level 3. Now my questions to you all is. 1. Is this worth doing as now 28 and looking for a new career but can't afford to do an apprenticeship as have mortgage etc. 2. Will the skill and city & guilds qualify me to be accepted for a visa to move to Oz. 3. Would I need to do an nvq. 4. What other things would I need to complete. 5. How many years experience would I need before I could make the jump. I know most or all of my answers will probably be in the thread but like I said I've just started reading and it's going to take a while. Any help advice and guidance would be a great help. Many thanks Gene.
  6. Gene


    Thinking of doing a electricians course and you get level 3 city & guilds would this be enough or would I have to do a nvq. Any help and advice would be awesome.
  7. Gene


    Great thanks.
  8. Gene


    Hi all is there anyone that could help me. I looking to find out how many years experience is need to move to Oz as an electrician. Thanks
  9. Gene

    What are the odds.

    Hi I have found the code but not sure on how to find what qualifications is needed.
  10. Gene

    What are the odds.

    Hi all looking for some advice as my wife and i really want to move out to aus but not sure if we can with the quantification we have i have level 3 nvq in mechanical engineering, nvq level 4 lift supervisor as for my wife she has nvq level 3 in health and social care and a nvq in hospitality and tourism. All advice and comments welcome. Thanks
  11. Gene

    Sponsorship help

    Hi all 2016 is the time to bit the bullet so I hope I have I consolation on Friday and trying to cover all my options I would like to think I could get a skilled visa but if not I'm looking at a sponsorship from my uncle but can't really find any information on what's needed and the proses that comes with it need to get some info before Friday so any help and advice would be awesome. thanks
  12. Gene

    Hi all taking the leap.

    Hi all so I got a call from go matilda and there going to look in to my skill occupation a bit more but it's looking like I'm going to have to go down the working holiday visa route. I'm happy to do this but need more info on them. As anyone else still there and gone down this route is there a thread on hear any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Gene

    Hi all taking the leap.

    I talked to her a few years back and had not said anything in a year or so and then she said she was up for it and wants to go
  14. Gene

    Hi all taking the leap.

    When I 1st started looking at going about 4 years ago I went with global visa and they said I qualify for a visa and again about 2 years ago just to make sure I still could and again got a yes due to my mechanical engineering qualifications and the Mrs would get in on that. I'm going to update my cv tonight and send it to go matilda and see wot the out come is.
  15. Gene

    Hi all taking the leap.

    The mrs is 100% behind the idea its was her that said to me this time she wants to go.