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Found 209 results

  1. ChrisPacket

    Vetassess- Electrician

    Hi I’m new to the website after some help from what seems like a great community on here. I’ve been in Australia 3 years and have finally got enough money to apply for the electrical vetassess . I have the Skype interview soon and I’m just wondering if anyone can help me on what to revise and what to expect, I haven’t t done much electrical work since being in aus so I am abit rusty. I have 10 years experience in the UK but obviously college days feel like a distant memory. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanns allot Chris
  2. Hi I used this forum lots to prepare me for my practical assessment. Havin passed I thought it would try and pass on some info. There are 4 parts to the day 1) Electrical Installation 2) Written exam 3) Safe isolation/disconnect - reconnect 4) DOL motor control circuit 1) The first part is defo the easiest, just like a shortened version of the AM2. My tip is to look at the drawing and draw the installation on the board first, using the correct measurements. You will be required to test your installation afterwards and fill out a test sheet. 2) The written exam can be difficult, it's all about trying to remember what you did back at college. here are some example questions: - a coil of wire exhibits self inductance. Inductance is measured in ? - the peak value of a sine wave with a rms value of 7.07 volts AC is ? - a lagging power factor indicates that the circuit is ? - Two 1.7 kw heating elements connected in parallel to a 230v supply will draw a current of ? - Two inductors with inductive reactance of 0.20 ohms and 0.52 ohms are connected series. The total inductive reactance is ? these questions are all multiple guess but I don't remember what the 4 options were. 3) disconnect/reconnect (safe isolation) is probably the most difficult part of the day, just because that its process that everything has to be done in order. If its not you will lose points or could fail it instantly. 4) DOL...you only need to concentrate on the control side of the circuit. The motor is already connected and just requires you to make the links between the certain connections. You also have to connect a remote stop/start. There is basically a board fitted with all the components and using a pre made male lead, connect each end into the female plugs on the board. Just work through the system methodically and you will be fine. At the end you will have to walk away whilst the assessor puts a fault on the circuit, then return and find and correct the fault. In some instances it may be easy to just pull all the cables out and start again (if you struggling to find the fault). After this you will be required to draw the control circuit that you have just wired using the symbols that are one the sheet. Im not going to lie, it's a very intense day. The assessors are not wanting you to fail but they obviously can spot a blagger. I was fortunate enough to pass first time but appreciated the help massively from sites like this. best of luck
  3. Hi has anyone done the electrical contractors licence (open learning). my hubby just got the paper work and is a little confussing , if anyone can tell us the best way to go about it please cheers Lisa
  4. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and just wanting some advice about getting an unrestricted electrical licence. I have enrolled in a gap training course with an rto but they are telling me I must complete 12 months e profiling as part of the course. Now the problem in having is the pay as an 'unqualified is pretty dyer. Is there any way I can fast track this 12 months e profiling to get my unrestricted licence any quicker? How thoroughly are the claimed work hours checked? Can I just simply record loads of hours quickly and get through it in day 3 months?
  5. Wendy Robinson

    Electrical licence

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help........O/H and I have been in WA nearly 3 weeks and holiday mode is definately over...I would really like some advice on gaining A grade electricians licence My O/H was assessed by TRA so we are in the process of applying for ARTC once we have gained this what is the next step????? where do we apply...... and roughly how long and and expensive is it???? PLEASE some one help... Thank You Wendyxxx
  6. Hi Everyone, Calling all electricians and Instrument fitters! Im planning on moving to Queensland next summer and this license thing sounds like a nightmare! Im an Instrument & Electrical Technician by trade but have been working the last two years as a commissioning and maintenance electrician in Germany. Got my ARTC already and been classed as an Electrical Fitter (Instruments), which from what I've read only qualifys me for a restricted license. So I wouldnt be able to do any of the elctrical work I do know, which restricts my employment opportunities! Ive heard a few times that applying for a license in SA is the easiest and quickest way. However with this ARTC, I can probably only get the restricted license no matter where I apply?? Does anyone know if I can still get a full license and if so what do I have to do? How can I do this quickly? and what can be prepared from Germany/UK? If I can only get a restricted license, should I still go through SA and what is the exact process, the SA websites etc seem to provide little info on the exact procedure. HELP! Do I just need the ARTC or do I need resus course and wiring regs etc? The Queensland route seems to be out of the question with training permits and logbooks and all sorts of bureaucracy. Can't afford to be messing around for months, want to get working, and need to get the best license I can! I was told the only way to get a electrical mechanic license would be to do an apprenticeship in Australia, which would be obsurd! Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks guys Danny
  7. Cootsy88

    Whats the point?

    What is the point in victoria/melbourne having the restricted electrical licenses, when no one will even look at you. for some reason a grades here think there some sort of machines (best in the world). its all about a grade this a grade that. working in circles.
  8. Hi guys does anyone have in PDF or know where to dowload a free copy of as3000 / 3008 /3017 from the web?
  9. Cootsy88

    state sponsership? electrician.

    I have a supervised electrical license, and ive heard of an state sponsership, mainly up in brisbane or rural areas, does anyone have any information on this? cheers, Paul.:wink:
  10. Cootsy88

    Vetassess electrician - Brisbane

    hey hey im currently in australia, but had been kicked off site for not having a liscense for electrical work, so have to go and sit all this tests etc. im away to sit my vatasses test in a weeks time but im not really sure whats all to be expected.. the motor is worrying me just now, i know its a 230v coil, neutral bottom and return live to the top, going through all youre switches but the sheet i have doesnt give you enough information about it all... unsure what it means by commisoon, and the testing do you just do a continuity of the 3 phases back to board , take youre highest ready (probably all the same) and do you have to insulate between the u1 - u2 etc the disconnect/reconnect of motor control seems simple enough... just check youre tester, test it on proving unit, switch off mcb , lock it off , proving unit, test , proving unit... ive heard the wiring is fairly easy, ring circuit, rcd breakers, mcbs and a 2 way lighting. and the questions i am currently revising and have the ohms law in my head so hoping one of you helpful lads could help me out.. youve maybe not done it in australia but im sure its the same everywhere else.. thanks alot paul
  11. i need help on the vettasses test, im doing it in brisbane, need help with the disconnect/reconnect, its for the control side of the motor? would i have to check the direction of the motor and the power of the motor. or do i just disconnect the control side, then prove its dead, make sure all covers are on test test , and switch back on and the motor, does it have a emerhancy stop button normal closed connections, make to break the circuit. at the start of the circuit, through all my stops then onto my starts, do i need a hold on contact.. im screwed, my test is under a week if any one could help please
  12. Hi does anyone know the process of gaining a grade A electrical licience in WA i have passed Vettasses and have an Offshore Tec Skills record I was thinking of doing the gap training here in UK at £3000 with a company called tradies down under but have been told you can do a 2 week course when you arrive in WA and dont need thiss ??? can anyone help
  13. Hi all, Im just starting to round up electrical documents and certificates to send off the TRA and wondering if anyone can give me a heads up on what I shouldn't forget to include and of whats to come... Its all pretty daunting to me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Mat
  14. Hi everyone Is there anyone out there who has recently successfully completed their electrical practical vetassess exam. I have mine at Blackburn College in two weeks time. I've been reading up and trying to revise but it's difficult to know exactly what they are looking for especially around DOL starters. Also, I haven't been informed by Vetassess that I need to take my own tools but I've read on some of the threads that you do need them with you. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks. Greg :arghh:
  15. j croudace electrical


    Hi guys, I have just started up my own Electrical compnay in adeliade. So if you're struggling to find a good sparky, give me a ring. Even if you're not, still give me a ring ;-) I live in the noarlunga area but will travel close by. So don't hesitate to give me a call. Regards, Jack.
  16. Can any one help !!! i am a fully time served maintenance electrician ( jib grade )hoping to go to WA . but i am a bit stuck as to who to apply for my trade recognition before my visa application. i have looked at the list of trades on workplace.gov.au eg general electrician 4311-11 and believe i can apply to either TRA or VETASSESS but don't know the advantages or disadvantages either way. or electrician ( special class ) 4311-11 and i will have to apply to the TRA and not vetassess. can some one tell me what type of electrician a will be in oz or where i can find out for myself and is there any advantage to vetassess or TRA. :wacko: THANKS CRAIG craig ( 33) louise (32) spencer (3) hayden (2)
  17. i have some problem for that i joined this forum......can anyone please guide me about it?........... my Degree is named as "Industrial Electronics Engineer" ........its Electronic engineering with major in Controls , Automation and Electrical machines......... i want get assesment from Engineers Australia ....... as electrical engineer , my experience is electrical engineer in idustry and airline maintenance....... so pls advise me , it is accepted "Electrical Engineer" by Engineers Australia on the behalf of experience as degree title is "industrial Electronics" thanks in advance
  18. Hey, Im after some assistance in my UK trade & qualifications 'converting' to Australian Qualifications. I successfully completed a; Advanced Modern Apprenticeship in Engineering I also have the following; Advanced Diploma in Engineering and Technology (Electrical/Electronic) BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Electrical/Electronic Engineering NVQ Level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations NVQ Level 3 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Whilst completing my apprenticeship & these qualifications I worked for an electrical manufacturing company for 4-5years so have hands on experience. I am already a Permanent Resident of Australia having been here for 4 years already, I have just recently applied to become a citizen. I have done some digging around on the internet and reckon my trade is similar to a cert 3 engineering:electrical/electronic. I have also found that this trade maybe eligible for a electrical license but thats just going by internet forums. I am completely stuck on what to do and where to go so If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I keep being told to head down the TRA route but Im not to sure on what to apply under as Electrical Fitter is more an Electrician but then think I maybe eligible?!?!
  19. Hi people we have been living in Perth for a while now and I want to share with any electricians who are making the move an incite on how to go about getting your A class licence. I know there are other threads about this but I hope this will help as well. Firstly you need to go through the vetassess route to gain your 175/176 or 457 etc.. its worth doing this route as I heard an extra week will be added to the course if you went via the TRA route. when you get your visa apply to energy safety for permission to apply to one of the tafes who run the electrical trades licensing course, they will give you conformation that you can apply. the tafes who energy safe advise are polytechnic west challenger institute of technology combined skills training association college of electrical training you will need books for this course which will cost you around 550 bucks. you will attend college for 10 days covering a wide range of theory and practical tasks. you will feel nervous but the lecturers will make you feel at ease. you do a final practical exam which is like a small AM2, then you receive a cert saying you passed the course. you results are sent to energy safe and you turn up a week later and get your electrical licence. hope this helps all the best lads..... :biggrin:
  20. Hey guys new to all this so please be gentle. So I am currently sponsored by a Perth based company that has all it's work in the Kimberly. I am on a 4:1 FIFO rota but it is not fixed and it is dependent on how much I want to work. I am a UK qualified electrician and I have my WA provisional electrical license. The company have done right by me with giving me and keeping me in work but since being sponsored in November as an electrician I have done only labouring work. To get my full A grade electrical license I need to do a log book which should take 6 months minimum. So here is my problem my company cannot do this so I need to find an alternative sponsor. I apply for nearly every job on Westjobs, Gumtree and Jobsearch and I have the help and advice of a solid lady at Manpower in Perth City. But I still do not have any takers. I have many trade related qualifications to help aid my job applications. But I keep hitting the wall of people not wanting to sponsor. ​ I live in Perth with my beautiful girlfriend who has only just attached onto my visa as my de-facto partner even though we have been together 6 years. Although the Kimberly is stunning we are not ready to more here on a permanent basis just yet, we love Perth too much. I would consider a Perth based job or FIFO again. I am stuck as where to turn right now and would appreciate any advice and guidance from you lovely people who have taken the time to read my ramblings. Thanks
  21. Hi Everyone, im an electrician waiting to do my practical vetassess exam in February, I was wondering if anyone could let me know what to expect and what to revise? especially for the theory part?. ive worked in perth for 2 years on a holiday visa on 2 mine sites, also i have a WA and a SA electrical licence, so if i can help anyone with information i will....
  22. Hello, I have a PR visa and have got all my engineering registrations (Electrical). But don’t seem to be able to get an interview whilst applying for positions from the UK (Queensland). I have 22 verified years’ experience from electrical controls apprentice to electrical engineer in UK. But can’t seem to get an interview, I have tried mining, processing, oil and gas, government utilities, where my skills are transferable, but not much luck. I have heard that there isn’t really an engineering shortage in OZ, which is contrary to the official declarations from the local and national governments, engineers Australia, as well as migration shortage lists, but from my experience they don’t seem to be that short. Or is it just not possible to secure an engineering position from the UK? Has anyone else found this to be the case?
  23. josephcom

    TRA vs Electrical Technician

    First of all this is a brief of my situation: 1999: Diploma (Electrical/Vocational Qualification) 2002: Associate Diploma (Electrical Engineering) 2005: Start working as electrical technician in a company 2010: Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering(without leaving my job)) Now I am going to send my documents to TRA to be recognized as Electrical Engineering Technician (312312). My questions are: Does it matter for TRA from which university I have achieved my associate degree? (it does for Engineers Australia) Do I need on-job-training or something like that? Is it helpful to send my BS degree OR it is better to not mention it at all? Thank you
  24. hi all, i have an exam in adelaide booked for the 6th of dec 2011 whichbis only a month away and im looking for any inormation from sparkys that have sat this exam in the past! i have the home schooling books and workbook which im working through and due to long shifts on the mine that i work on finding it a bit difficult to do so. i have obtained my artc recently and realy just wanting to know wat to expect of the exam, any info would be appreciated, cheers
  25. If you have experience in any of the above and would be interested in living and working in Newcastle NSW. Its near Port Stephens and Lake MacQuarie in the Hunter Valley with access to Sydney in two hours (but not Sydney house prices). Port Stephens and Lake MacQuarie are fantastic holiday areas and the Hunter Valley is a world renound wine region. House prices are generally lower than most othe Australian cities. The company I am working for are specifically looking for:- Control Systems Engineer of all levels from a few years post graduate experience to senior people with experience of Rockwell, Siemens or Schneider PLCs, Citect SCADA and or Fieldbus and industrial ethernet. Electrical engineers and drafters again at all levels. Electricians with experience of installation and or commissioning. I will check the posts every few days and hopefully any one looking to migrate can send me their cv. Providing short term accomodation for the right candidates has been mentioned by the companies HR manager.