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  1. Home and Happy

    Sudden pull to move back to UK after 8 years in Aus

    Covid has certainly caused most of us to to do some heavy and deep soul searching we are already re assessing many things we planned .in a good way. Yes it’s that feeling where you just ‘know’ that you will go eventually. 8 years is a pretty good stretch so you know by now what you want. Nobody can tell you to hang on as things will get better because you’ve been there, done that. We had no ties and both wanted to leave quite soon after arriving but we stuck it out for a good stretch...no kids or pets or anything, had a garage sale, the Aussies came and went thro the place like a dose of salts, stripped it bare and bought up the lot. It was an easy move. I’m sure you will work out an exit plan.
  2. Home and Happy

    Stuck! (Perth/UK)

    Simple, just leave. We ended up loathing the place. It was like we’d become 70 years old after arriving there. We love U.K., it’s such a happening place ..well it was pre covid. You’ve far more freedom back here and there’s so much going on.
  3. Home and Happy

    Moving back home to UK

    That’s what I love about the U.K. There is just so much to see and do. You never run out of places to go to. And well, if you did everywhere else is just a short plane hop or ferry ride away. Camping in France is one of our favourite things to do over summer.
  4. Home and Happy

    Sudden pull to move back to UK after 8 years in Aus

    That’s a common feeling immigrants get when they go to live in a foreign country that they don’t belong to. Covid has just made you soul search more probably and admit what you really want. Covid by itself is not the reason you want to come home. If you have that feeling now, it won’t go away. There’s two choices, you grin and bear it like many do, or you grab the bull by the horns and put your own happiness first. 8 years means you gave it a fair shot. We did too. We managed to get out of that place years ago, we are very happy being home in U.K, it’s just an all round better place for us. It was the hardest thing being stuck away out there so far away from everything, stuck in a suburb in that suffocating desert heat with very little to do at night apart from watching dozens of equally bored middle aged residents taking the same evening stroll round the concrete or watch rubbish tv. Weekends were spent driving round various shops which were miles apart. More of an existence than a life.
  5. Home and Happy

    Considering making the big move

    Hi, hope it all works out for you. Best to go home with the attitude that you will both make it work no matter what. If you have that feeling to go home just go for it. Personally, from what I’ve seen of people who go home that always keep the option of returning to Australia open in their minds, they generally do go back, and sooner or later the same problems which drove them out of Oz just eventually come back again. By this point they have spent a fortune coming back and setting up home all over again sometimes finding in the end that they want to leave for good. That is assuming they can afford to... Ping ponging is a very expensive game to play and you can easily plough through tens of thousands, maybe even over a hundred thousand over a few years drifting aimlessly back and forth not really knowing what you want and unable to make a decision. That is money that you will never get back again. In our experience, we had that gut feeling that the place wasn’t for us quite early on. We did give it a good go tho. Once you get that feeling, it’s just the matter of time before you return home. I relate to that feeling of not belonging, as we are always foreigners down there and we never truly fit in as immigrants. Even tho we look similar and speak English, most of them look on us the same way as they look on other foreign immigrants, were not special or better connected with the locals just because we are British. We were 110% that we would never return and everything has gone great for us back home. We have far more freedom (if that makes any sense)and a much more varied life than we did stuck away out there so far from the rest of the world. In terms of outdoor life, at home in UK,we are outdoors far more than we ever were down there in that relentless baking hot unhealthy dry desert heat for months on end. There are far more jobs for us here and we have much more disposable income. Our house is bigger with more land around it and we live out in the countryside but also a short drive from a large town with a huge modern 24 hour supermarket and much more facilities than Perth WA had. Personally, we are so happy we came home and never looked back once. We would never consider moving away out there again stuck in the middle of nowhere so far away from everything. I hope it goes well for you both.
  6. Home and Happy

    Moving back home to UK

    Yes, agree. We never wanted to take their citizenship as we saw it could one day become a ball and chain for us. Once you’ve got 2nd citizenship of a foreign country, you have lifelong obligations to that country. You don’t want that hanging round your neck if you are living back home in U.K.
  7. Home and Happy

    Reflecting on our move from Sydney to Cornwall

    The economy is not that great there or anywhere else for that matter. The only thing that will change will be you’ll be 20 or 30 grand poorer getting set up again and that’s assuming you get jobs. Ping ponging is very expensive. As the Americans say “do the math” first.
  8. Home and Happy

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    Moving either direction is going to burn through a serious ton of money, if you come home be committed. Once that moneys gone it’s gone forever in a puff of smoke never to return.
  9. Home and Happy

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    Bonnie Scotland is the prettiest place in UK. A standard of living and way of life way beyond anything they have away out there. Scenery and endless miles of pristine unspoilt clean deserted beaches to die for. Highly recommended.
  10. Home and Happy

    Moving back but lost

    Same here, no problems at all. It all went well, we had kept our old bank accounts open and somehow sort of just picked up where we left off like we had never even left the U.K.
  11. Home and Happy

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    Yes it’s that tug, once it starts it just gets stronger. Sorry to the two of you broke up, but glad you are now here settled and happy. The UK really is a great place to be.
  12. Home and Happy

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    Hi, the move was fairly easy, lodged with family for a bit, then bought a house ....we are very settled and felt settled the day we came home, jobs were fairly easy to get. Hope you get your place sold and don’t take any financial hit. Your happiness really is what counts first.
  13. Home and Happy

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    You are 100% correct if you are feeling so unhappy. We only stayed mainly because the house prices rises meant it was financially the best thing for us to wait and see where it all went and plan a good exit. We could cope with it only for that reason and we had good enough jobs to pay our way and get by well enough. If the housing market had been flat we would have bailed in the first few years..who knows probably less, as neither one of us really liked it that much. Luckily we have no kids, just sell the house, pack up and go. Flogged the house contents in a garage sale and gave the junk away, binned most of our clothes. Shipped a small amount of personal stuff only
  14. Home and Happy

    Aussie moving to UK permanently with British husband

    By and large once you emigrate and taken permanent residence in a foreign country, you’ve put yourself in an awkward situation for coming back once you step out of the system, Government are really clamping down on benefits and NHS now. If you plan on coming home it’s best not left too late.
  15. Home and Happy

    Aussie moving to UK permanently with British husband

    The U.K. gov website has a lot of info on pension credits. Yes it highly means tested, and if you’ve over £10 k in savings it affects your application. If you own property and have any equity in that property you won’t get a bean off them. If as you say you are penniless then there are top ups in certain circumstances but they will look at everything, your home, savings, pension savings, investments and go through it with a fine tooth comb. Most people do have a reasonable amount of money in one or more of these forms and you will be forced to cash in those chips somehow or other, otherwise getting such a handout as a freebie is not going to be made easy. Plus returning as a non resident from a foreign country such as australia, you are not allowed NHS treatment or any benefits for 6 months.