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  1. Totally relate to this. The street we lived in, the only people who spoke to us were other poms and other foreigners.
  2. No we were young, seeking adventure. We both wanted it, and were rather excited. The Internet was poor then, in its infancy, not much info online apart from pretty pictures over a slow dial up connection. We totally bought into all the glossy brochure hype from the migration agents. And started planning our way out. It was not a waste of time by any means, we didn’t like it, but it was not an unpleasant or bad place or anything. Moving there and back set us up well in life. No complaints there. I totally get why young people starting a family and raising children love it and why old retirees love it. It’s very quiet.
  3. Moving costs money. Ask any Ping Pong Pom how much life savings they have left as a result of poor planning and emotion led knee jerk random moves to places they’ve never lived in before.
  4. Well let me help explain it generally. It’s called an exit strategy we had ours and we stuck to it. We also had an exit strategy from UK when we first migrated to Perth too. Emotions don’t play any part in it. We may not have liked it in Perth suburbia, work wise it was fine, no issues, but when you invest in anything like a home or anything else like shares, gold, oil, currency, etc, most people will plan and choose when to sell and when to buy. So you watch and wait...and wait and watch etc, then make your decisions.
  5. Home and Happy

    Moving back to uk after 35 years

    If you have to come in on your Oz passports, bring your birth certificate and you’ll get stamped indefinite leave to remain then renew your passport at home if pushed. Best way and easier way is renew them there. When we got into LHR the immigration officer said “Welcome Home” to us. That felt so GREAT to hear him say that.!
  6. Home and Happy

    Sudden pull to move back to UK after 8 years in Aus

    Hehe....not a grey colour bond fence by any chance ? Many an evening we spent out on the patio, stewing in that baking dry heat....plotting our exit from 4x2 suburbia.
  7. Home and Happy

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Our summers seem to be getting longer and hotter. This year round our way, it has been warm and quite humid most of the time from May to October.
  8. Home and Happy

    Would you move to the UK now?

    Good advice. You will be fine back here.
  9. Home and Happy

    Would you move to the UK now?

    Gosh..that’s a tough one that. Even Craig Hamilton Parker would struggle to help. Many experts predict the housing market to take a hit in places like London and South East, if it does, you will be quids in. Get sold up and sit with the cash ready to pounce on your dream UK property. It’s all about the timing.
  10. Pretty quickly...we never gelled with the place from day one. We stayed thinking it just may get better but it never did. We felt just too cut off from the whole world and we found far too quiet compared to U.K. like some big retirement town. The slow quiet conservative way of life wasn’t our thing back then and we weren’t ready for it, quite a culture shock really. That said we do like the quieter life now that we are in our 50s, but would never want to live away out there again in that burning dry heat.
  11. Home and Happy

    Buying house in Scotland before moving back

    Just remembered - In U.K. there is a 2nd homes tax which you get paid back if your previous home sells within 18 months, but I would think that this is only relevant to U.K. property as it’s to deter people buying multiple U.K. properties. Just don’t tell your purchasing solicitor anything about your house out there since it will probably be long sold by time you complete a sale here. . They won’t know and won’t check. All your bank needs to know is that there is a legal and above board sum of money on its way so you don’t get a Scottish Government UWO against you. (Unexplained Wealth Order which applies to bank transfers or deposits of money above £10k).
  12. Home and Happy

    Buying house in Scotland before moving back

    No because it’s your sole residence. You are good to go. Scotland is beautiful, I work around Aberdeen often, Aberdeenshire is beautiful, .......getting harder to buy property round there though and prices skyrocketing. Since covid all the English escaping their overcrowded cities are heading north to Aberdeenshire and the Highlands snapping up rural and village properties. I just love that car journey from Tomintoul to Braemar.
  13. Home and Happy

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    True..when we left U.K. we thought we would be out in the Perth sun every day, but sadly the novelty wore off within weeks. We are out far more in the U.K. Live up on a hill above a beautiful village, amazing country walks, forest walks, great village pub serving great beer and home cooked food and in winter they have a rip roaring open fire on the go and I love nothing more than sitting by that fire with a brandy or a malt whisky and pint of Tennents on a cold evening. A short drive away, we have a big town with a 24 hour supermarket, great pubs, live venues, great shops, clubs for our hobbies (impossible to find down there). After 8 years on a baking hot suburb bored to death, the U.K.feels like the greatest place ever.
  14. Home and Happy

    Impossible decision

    Some things that resonated with me too in what you said in your reply....That bit about the summers in Perth, yep totally brutal and apart from a few months where it’s pleasant, the winters were depressing...grey dry and windy so most of the year the weather was truly rubbish. Stuck in your patio most of the time looking at a bland 6ft grey fibreboard fence. We felt old down there like stuck in a retirement village....and in my late 30s an employment agency actually once told me I was too old for a job. Fast forward 8 years...sold up came home, both found great jobs quickly, better paid, bigger/better house than we had down there, more freedom, more money in our pockets, better work/life balance, nicer cheaper cars, great location, more happening, travel, friends, family, proper TV, List goes on.
  15. Home and Happy

    Anybody instantly regret the move back?

    Never regretted it one bit. This is where we feel we truly belong. UK is great place to be.