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  1. Home and Happy

    End of free NHS care for non resident Brits

    Well that doesn’t bother me, I am happily spending my retirement right here in UK, it ticks all the boxes for me. We've paid enough for our state pensions now, but I would advise anyone out there also keep paying your NI too while you are away in case you want to return someday. State pension is due to go up again. Just now I think it’s £169 per week per person ie roughly £1352 per month for a couple. Plus your winter fuel payment, free bus travel everywhere, and other OAP concessions as well as your NHS healthcare. If you have your company pension too on top of your state pension, that’s not too shabby a retirement for you in U.K.
  2. Home and Happy

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    If I had kids I would never wish that sort of empty existence on them...stuck out there so far away from the really happening stuff.....gigs, festivals, nightlife, social life, pub scene....
  3. Home and Happy

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    Sell the furniture and appliances yes, Ours was of inferior quality and quite dated compared to the stuff you can get here anyway. After years of what felt like living stuck in the late 1980s it was like being blasted into the future when we got here. It was a culture shock almost.
  4. Home and Happy

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    Great. You’re doing the right thing getting out of there and heading back home to the best country on this planet. Its great back here, economy is thriving and our life here in UK is so much better. Nothing worse than being stuck away out there on a suburb so isolated and so far away from the rest of the world. My only advice is get packing, get them tickets booked and don’t look back. The day we landed at Heathrow was the greatest feeling ever. That feeling of getting your freedom back is incredible.
  5. Home and Happy

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    It’s great here.
  6. Home and Happy

    Suddenly feeling homesick

    We felt like that shortly after migrating. Trust your heart. UK is much better.
  7. Home and Happy

    The pommie winter

    Glenfarg ..??
  8. Home and Happy

    Feeling Stuck in Australia

    Scotland is amazing, much better place than Australia. Good move !
  9. Home and Happy

    1 month+ Recon in the UK - where to check out?

    Scotland is very beautiful.
  10. Home and Happy

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Bang on. Worked with too many expats who can’t settle back at home.
  11. Home and Happy

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Hang in there and be patient. It’s too easy to want to go back to what’s familiar, but the same things would just drive you out all over again.
  12. Home and Happy

    Coming home! any advice?

    Yes...be brutal. We took personal stuff only. A house load of ugly garish wooden furniture....we just held a garage sale...the whole blooming lot, sold in 2 days. Just get rid. Nobody wants that horrid heavy wooden stuff they all go crazy for out there.
  13. Home and Happy

    Dilemma whether to stay or go

    Yes it’s great back here in U.K. if you have a chance to get out of that suburb existence then go for it. There are tons of jobs all over U.K. Economy is buzzing. Finding work if you are skilled and qualified should be easy enough.
  14. Home and Happy

    2 1/2 months back

    Good you managed to get out of that place. Ping ponging not knowing what you want will use up all your savings and guaranteed you’ll end up being stuck there and wishing you were back home. Come home and give it time. It’s lovely back here. You have far more freedom here at home.
  15. You have been through the mill big time buddy. Good luck in the move home.