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  1. Home and Happy

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    Newcastle is a fantastic happening vibrant place. A lot of my close relatives are from Newcastle. Perth doesn’t even touch Newcastle. I never think about weather because the relentless suffocating dry desert heat of Perth and slapping on greasy sunblock all the time is far worse than clean fresh winter air we have just now. Summer in Newcastle area is great as you have miles of lovely clean beaches to enjoy. Sure you can’t swim with the sharks like you do in Perth but it’s far far better than being stuck away out there isolated so far from the whole world. The UK economy is doing rather well these days too so it’s a good time to be coming back home to the best country on this planet.
  2. Home and Happy

    Move home? :-0

    London is not my kind of place. I used to enjoy visiting it often but not anymore. I live in a country house at the top of a village. I’m settled here now. For me it’s my idea of heaven. I go to the big town for shopping only and sometimes for meals. The Toby carvery in town does the famous all you can eat breakfasts for £3.99...on a cold winters morning, with hot cup of tea and toast... it really hits the spot. . That said it’s the peak of winter and it’s 11 degrees now.
  3. Home and Happy

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    Dunno...suppose cos there were plenty of jobs to be had there. And then we had no internet just promotional material from the migration agents...on paper it all looked good. House prices were unbelievably low also... Wasn’t so cheap by time we bailed out. By then new migrants were coming in by the plane load and buying up all property at silly price levels. Changed days now.
  4. Home and Happy

    Move home? :-0

    You’re spot on there. I would always say to anyone who has a loving family , friends and loving parents around them, don’t throw that all away to go out there !!! Because that really is as good as life gets. Big houses and beaches are nothing....may not seem like that at first but they get old very quickly as does life as a foreigner in a soulless brick n colorbond suburb where every day is the same old same old,
  5. Home and Happy

    Move home? :-0

    Yes what you say is so true...you can own a bigger house there, but if it has no heart or soul , what’s the point. Better to be in a smaller house back in U.K with friends and family around you where you are free and can do whatever you want than be stuck away out there at the bottom of the world on your own so far away from civilisation. You can’t even travel anywhere because there’s nowhere to go to. Once you’re in Perth that’s it .....you’re stuck, it costs an arm and leg to go anywhere and let’s face it there’s nothing to see anyway. The housing there is of low quality...basically built the way we build a garage here in U.K...even my garage window has double glazing. Seriously if you’re feeling that way now, then why bother waiting. The day we got out of that place was a happy day and when we arrived home for good it was the best feeling ever.
  6. Home and Happy

    Move home? :-0

    Sydney has a much lower standard of living than we have in U.K. cramped, expensive, traffic is a nightmare, all the houses are tiny very dated tired, sad and look pretty knackered but oh my their houses are seriously expensive.. It may have some nice beaches but quality of life....no way. Perth is far better if you really must live away out there and can handle the isolation and enjoy being cut off from the rest of the world ( most Perth Aussies seem to...or seem unaware that they are isolated). UK is the best place in the world.
  7. Home and Happy

    Move home? :-0

    It’s not all it’s made out to be. Listen to your gut feeling and seriously think about going back home. It was the isolation and boredom that drove us out of Perth. I’ve had some good job offers to go back, but we would never do it again. Life in U.K. is great and I would never throw all this away to go and live away out there again.
  8. Home and Happy

    Am i mad!?

    The U.K. is truly amazing yes. We’ve been back over 10 yrs now and love it.
  9. Home and Happy

    I have visited UK 3 times and I am now returing to live

    That’s nice to hear. You are coming home, to the best place in the world and it’s your country, you really do belong here. Life in the hot dry dusty remoteness back of beyond living 15 years behind the times does not compare to living right in the heart of the world. U.K. is a vibrant happening exciting place to live your life. Come on home...it’s great here !!
  10. Home and Happy

    Am i mad!?

    Well summed up. Family and friends to me are everything. Far more important than stupid big houses, beaches or scorching hot weather. Everybody on here will give you a different answer remember. Whatever your heart is telling you to do is the correct answer.
  11. Home and Happy

    Moving Home!

    Not wrong - you have a plan and the seed is planted. Exciting times ahead for you all !! Its good back here.
  12. Home and Happy

    Expat divorce - return home ?

    It was the isolation of the whole place that drove us out in the end too.
  13. Home and Happy

    Time for a change

    Great story and a very good decision made by sounds of it. Good luck with the move home. Its good here.
  14. Home and Happy

    Free prescriptions in Scotland

    Its absolutely not free and yes we already do pay for it - it's called National Insurance & Income Tax and it is deducted from your salary - not optional. You earn more, you pay more - much more !. I would have no issues giving free meds to someone who has paid in their fair share and has been on a very high rate of NI all their lives. They have certainly chipped in their bit for their country.
  15. Home and Happy

    Returning to Blighty after nearly 8 years in Queensland!!

    Yep its official, we are becoming a warm country for half the year at least......! Maybe if the free movement between Australia & UK actually happens, all the Aussies will come here for their sun tans ?.