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  1. Hi thanks for the reply, as mentioned we already check VEVO and it’s still effective thanks anyway, fingers crossed it will be sorted soon. Sasha
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has been in the same boat or knows any information to shed any light on our situation. Me and my partner were on a 457, his job ended December 2018 and we returned to the UK a at the end of January this year (within the period allowed). We would like to claim super, but know we have to wait for the 457 to be cancelled first (ATO state must not have a valid visa to apply for DASP) except our visa is still showing valid on VEVO, despite the 60 day stay limit already elapsing in February this year. We understand you can write to Immi and request to cancel the visa yourself, however have been advised it will cause any future applications for temporary visas in the next 3 years to Australia to possibly be declined. We are considering going back and do not want to take this route just in case we do. We were then advised by Immi just to wait for them to cancel it automatically, but were told it could take some time for them to get around to. Has anyone else been in this situation/ know anyone that has? I can’t find anything online but would be great to find out how long others have been waiting for automatic cancellation/ if anyone has any idea of timelines. We really want to claim DASP as the cash would really help right now Any advice greatly appreciated! Thank you
  3. Hi all, Its a bit of a long shot but I’m wondering if anyone on this site know anyone or them themselves have successfully applied for permanent skilled migration under Drainer, or who have worked as a Sewer Technician (unblocks, cctv, repair and maintenance work etc) My partner has worked as a sewer technician for 10+ years in the UK, we are currently in Australia on a 457. We are looking into PR via subclass 190 visa but it seems to apply as a ‘Drainer’ you need to have experience and qualifications in Gas and Plumbing also? My partner doesn’t have any gas experience but has some minor plumbing experience but no qualifications. He has qualifications in Jetting and CCTV work etc which we believe aren’t enough for the skill assessment. Any personal experiences from anyone who has been in a similar situation/ any other visa recommendations would be much appreciated!
  4. palmtrees

    457 Visa Priority Processing

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has had their 457 visa priority processed recently and if so how long it took to be granted from the time the priority processing request was accepted? My partner has been sponsored by the business he works for and we submitted our 457 application back in the middle of May 17. We put in for a priority request just over a week ago due to circumstances that have made our application more urgent, we had the priority processing approved, but still haven't had the visa granted. Just looking for other people's experiences/ timelines. TIA ?
  5. palmtrees

    457 - Current processing times

    Hi all! My partner is being sponsored by the company he works for and we are still waiting for a response, submitted in May, status is : 'assessment in progress' or something similar. Just wondering if anyone would be able to help with how the sponsor would go about putting in a priority request for it to be processed urgently? It is getting very urgent and we would love for it to come through this side of Christmas! Are there certain forms that can be found for the sponsor to put the request in or does the sponsor just contact immi? Any help would be much appreciated!!
  6. palmtrees

    Employer doesn't understand 417 income tax

    Hi all, Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I have worked all of my budgets on the amount I'd take home with 15% tax (as I've always been taxed before) so it's difficult to work with around a $400 shortfall each month right now. I know it will go up eventually, but for now I'd prefer it to be 15% and not have to wait until next July. Luckily I got more info from the ATO, they advised it is correct to tax at 15% UNTIL $37000 has been earned, and my payroll are changing it over. It is a little backwards but I am starting to understand it more now. Thanks everyone for your help
  7. palmtrees

    Employer doesn't understand 417 income tax

    Ok thanks I understand that now. The only question I have left is how come my partner always gets taxed 15%? And in my previous roles I did also get taxed 15%, but this new role is different?
  8. palmtrees

    Employer doesn't understand 417 income tax

    Also when I put my monthly salary amount into the ATO tax withheld calculator, it also comes up with the amount of tax to pay each month as exactly 15% of my monthly salary
  9. palmtrees

    Employer doesn't understand 417 income tax

    Hi NicF, Thanks for your reply. What makes me so confused is prior to this- in my previous employment I was always taxed 15%, as is my partner who is on more money per year than me, and he is also on a 417. When I looked at the ATO website, they have an example: 'Gorge is on a 417 Working Holiday visa and has started work for Paul's Pickles. As Paul is a registered employer of working holiday makers, 15% tax will be withheld from Gorge's pay. Gorge earned $500 in the first week and had $75 tax withheld.' Going from the above example from the ATO website, and other information I've seen, it seems to suggest that the tax is supposed to be 15% flat rate, until you have physically earned $37000. Please let me know where/how I'm going wrong- this is seriously confusing me! Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice and hoping someone can help me with income tax while on a 417 visa in Australia and how it works. I understand there is information online but it can be quite unclear so I wanted to see if someone can help me- I have started working for a company and get paid monthly. I received my first pay last Friday, but I was taxed more than expected. My understanding is the income tax for people on WHVs changed in Jan 2017, and we are now taxed 15% on every dollar earned, until we have earned $37,000 total and then the income tax increases to around 32%. The payroll at work said my tax was higher than expected because they put me down as a 'resident for tax purposes' and overlooked what I had actually written on the tax declaration form. They are now telling me I should in fact be taxed more than I have been already, as they said the 417 tax is split throughout the year so are saying because they will eventually be paying me over $37000 total, my tax is not 15%. I was under the understanding that it isn't worked this way, and it is a flat rate 15% tax UNTIL you have earned $37,000? Please could someone help clear this up for me? I'm quite sure I am right however payroll are now ignoring my emails after saying it will be set up how they have suggested (which I believe is incorrect). And it's a few hundred dollars different for me so can't really afford to wait until next tax year end to claim it all back Thanks NB: I have called ATO as my employer wanted an exemption letter (I'm sure this isn't necessary as it's not an exemption- it's how the tax works?!) but the ATO said they can't supply this and that they cannot help anymore as it's personal tax advice