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Found 50 results

  1. Hello, I am looking to appeal to the Aus immigration powers, to lay oit the scenario that we have found ourselves in and I thought there may be more power in numbers. So our visa went active August 2019 and we we arranged to move in May 2020. If you are in a similar situation you will know that the first entry date rule has been waived, but that doesn't stop us 'losing time' available to build up to apply for permanent residency. I have seen that recently there have been some concessions applied to assist (some) who have been in the country and not quite attained the full application requirements and it is my intention to try and make plain my/our issues and hope that some relevant consessions will be made to suit our circumstance. So, please only join in here if you fit this scenario. All the best Darren
  2. Hi all, I was happily granted my 100 parter visa in February this year. We were super excited as it came in perfect time as we planned to move in May after some travelling. We gave up our jobs, listed the house for rent etc. Within the week, covid had full effect and we went into lock down and Australia had seriously restricted repatriation flights only, shipping was slowed. We decided to hold off for a few months. However now with the quarantine conditions in Australia - 2 weeks confined to one hotel room (not of our choosing) and having to pay £2000 for the privilege (really can't afford this as who knows how long it will take to find jobs over there and it would be from our savings), plus we don't think we will be able to ship our cat at this time amongst other things. We think it is best to find new jobs here in the UK and wait until next year when hopefully things might be a little more settled around the world. Plus my mum has become unwell (not covid) but I am trying to support her care and to move into supported accommodation so could do with a bit of time to get her settled before I go. However - we are concerned as this may take us over the 1 year entry time on my visa conditions. We called Australian immigration and the lady was mightly unhelpful, reading off the internet (what we already knew) and saying that we should let the time lapse and then contact them! This doesn't sound right and I don't want to risk losing the visa. I am going to try to call back today - but I wondered if anyone else is in this situation or had any information? Very much appreciated.
  3. Hi there Does anyone know if the following is possible? We are 2 adults and 2 small children, all with a 489 SS visa already granted March 2018. We visited and validated in July just gone. But our house is still on the market and there doesn't seem to be much interest. We also now have my hubby's mums house being renovated and will on the market in a couple of months, so there is a delay for us there. Am I able to go ahead of my husband (I was the primary applicant)? I feel this is not what we'll do, but I am worried that if we don't get to Adelaide by March/April 2019, it means that 1 whole year has dropped off our 4 years to get the requirements needed to apply for the permanent visa. Also, if my husband did find the 1 year of work and we applied for the 887 Permanent under his name (is this possible as I was the primary applicant), does he need to do an Ielts test? Any advice appreciated. Maybe I'm just being silly and worrying about nothing. Many thanks all Sarah
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has had their 457 visa priority processed recently and if so how long it took to be granted from the time the priority processing request was accepted? My partner has been sponsored by the business he works for and we submitted our 457 application back in the middle of May 17. We put in for a priority request just over a week ago due to circumstances that have made our application more urgent, we had the priority processing approved, but still haven't had the visa granted. Just looking for other people's experiences/ timelines. TIA ?
  5. Hi We have just joined and are in the process of getting my husband's skills assessed. We are now a little worried since I have read some posts on here about it being difficult to get a visa because of a child's condition. We have talked about it and decided we still want to go ahead but feel we need to do all we can to make sure we have the best possible chance. Therefore I wonder if anyone can give us any advice. Our 4 year old has global developmental delay, he has a statement of educational need and is about to start at the local special school as that is where we decided was best for him at this time. He has no medical needs and his main needs at the moment are speech and language and understanding. He is probably about a year and a half behind his peers at the moment in these areas. He continually makes good progress and we hope in the future he will attend a mainstream school with little support. What I would like to know is what we can do to make sure when he has the medical that he passes as it were? Also, we were wondering if people think it is worth front loading the medicals so once the case officer is assigned then there may be less problems as they will have been sorted out - or will this not make any difference as the problems only come up once the case officer is assigned? We are going to apply for a 175 skilled visa. Once the case officer is assigned do they give you a limited time to do the medicals or is it up to you? We were just thinking that it might be worth doing it before so we can spend time making sure we find a sympathetic panel doctor. Thanks Julia
  6. Hi I hope someone can help me out there?? I have been through a seemless process up till now, apps lodged online( 175 skilled) 9/12/09, meds requested end Jan 2010, meds completed 12/3/10 and all received and finalised 29/3/10!! No word on the visa yet but says referred for one of my children!! Does anyone have any experience of a visa being refused/ delayed etc due to a childs delay with speech? Starting to panic now! would be great to hear from anyone with info on this? THx
  7. I applied for 457 visa on 23 Dec along with my dependent, completed Medicalss on 27 Dec. Till last week there was no progress inside ImmiAccount. Last week suddenly the document list was updated with Received status. Visa application status is still InProgress. Does anyone know why it took such a long time to get the document status reflected in ImmiAccount? I submitted the documents on 23 Dec itself. Heard somewhere that if someone has travelled on a US visa before then there would be delays while getting AU visa. Not sure if this is the reason behind this huge delay, close to 10 weeks now. Any idea/pointers on this will be very helpful. This wait time is very frustrating. :frown:
  8. Hi All, I have heard that if we will apply 175 visa through agent then it will take more time to allocate CO then applying without agent. Is it true? Prompt response appreciated. Thanks, Pratap:wubclub: ACS code : 261313
  9. We are two weeks to the day into our 457 visa process. We took out private medical insurance on the 23rd of June which starts on the 8th of August. We decided on this date as it would be the absolute earliest we could have feasibly left 2 weeks for visa processing (we wish) and 4 weeks notice with current employer. My question is, if my medical insurance doesn't start til the 8th of august, will this delay the visa approval process until it does?
  10. Hello guys, I wanted to pick your brains again. We got the request from our CO for our meds, police checks and form 80 last month. We have 28 days to submit which brings us up to next Thursday. Do you know if its possible to delay our meds and police checks until the end of July? If we get the visa we didn't want to validate before the end of July and go over initially on a reccie. If we do this we will send confirmation of the meds and police checks to the CO. Is this sufficient do you think or will we be penalised? Thanks
  11. Hi I have changed my residential address twp times and have reported the issue to my CO I am going to change my residential address again. My application has been under security checks over the past 5 months. Does this issue delay processing of my application ? Regards :wubclub:
  12. Hi, We are currently on a 457 visa, been in Brisbane for almost 3 months and are now thinking of PR. My husband is a mechanical engineer and came over with the company he worked for in the UK, the position here is permanent and they expect us and will sponsor us for PR when we wish. The only issue we see is the fact that our 5 yr old son has a speech delay. This is a sounds problem, he has the vocab he just has issues with actually saying them due to having a high roof to his mouth and he had a year of bad glue ear (this is now out-grown it is a tube problem which is temporary). Has anyone had a similar problem? We have been in touch with George Lombard who is going to give us a report on whether this will be an issue (costing us of course) as we heard he is very good with medical problems. Any advice would be really appreciated
  13. JoRed4

    Continue or Delay with 176??

    My OH has had SA SS Approved. We have submitted our 176 Visa application online this weekend & attached all our docs. I am 14 weeks pregnant. From other people's timelines it looks like a CO will be assigned in about 4 to 6 weeks and then Meds requested about a month after that... I've read with X ray machines being far more advanced these days that as long as you're not in your 1st trimester; having a chest X ray is considered to be fine. However if we have the X ray say end of May beginning of June & a decision is made not long after; baby isn't due til 22nd Sept we will then have to pay according to other posts I've seen around £1200 for a child visa and wait approx 7 months or do we ask the CO to delay things slightly for us; I have the X Ray after baby is born and then just submit a form re change of details i.e. an additional member of the family and do it that way? The changes that are due to happen on 1st July won't affect us regardless, will they as we have already lodged our visa application? Assuming we are granted our visa we weren't planning on going til next summer anyway.. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated... 8th June Applied for AQF III - 26th Aug '10 Passed AQFIII (Landscape Gardener) - 2nd Nov '10 Applied to TRA - 28th Nov '10 Passed TRA - 11th Jan '11 Submitted SS to South Australia - 28th Jan '11 SS Docs received by SA -22nd March '11 SA SS Approved - Lodged 176 eVisa 26th March '11
  14. Hi all, I know this may seem a strange question especially as we are all pushing for our visa’s to come through but has anyone ever asked their CO to delay their visa grant date? The reason I ask is that my 19 year old son still has two years left at Uni and with me being on a 475 visa, I have a year to enter (or just under) once my visa is granted. I just wanted to know if anyone else has been in the same situation. Thanks
  15. Guest

    SMP: New delay with WA

    Just called them. They were told last week that there were high chances that it could be this week. However things changed yesterday , they were told that it' not going to be released this week anymore, and now their position is once again "hopefully in the next few weeks" It's become a nightmare for all the people waiting.
  16. Well, house purchase in Cairns completed yesterday, drove to new house this morning to wait for removals. Truck duly arrived on time at 8:30. Thought it was slightly unusual as our contents in Melbourne were loaded into a Red container, where as the container that turned up was white, not to worry, I knew it was a different company at this end so presumed they must have reloaded into another container at some point..... Nope, first item off the container, a bike, strange as I hadn't packed one. Quickly became evident they'd fetched the wrong container from the depot. :swoon: Still, never mind, we found it quite funny!:laugh: So sat on the decking outside the house at the moment, waiting for the correct container to arrive.
  17. SHANO7

    Whats the delay with WA ?

    Hi PIO's WA are very quiet !! What do you think there reasons are for this ? I think it might be that as they are the biggest state in Size that they have been trying to get more occupations on their SMP and are probably putting up on helluva fight. Hopefully all JObs with SS prior to 1.7.10 that are on SOL 4 will be allowed on WA SMP. Please put us Cat 4's out of our misery good Luck people
  18. This from the Minister today, annual figures. In an economic downturn, I fail to understand why they retrict the only visa that guarantees positive economic outcomes - I guess the pollies love to say how many more Australian employers they have helped with sponsored visas. That said, note the number in the pipeline, almost 2 years of quota. :wideeyed: This has the potential to encourage the Minister to lift the requirements (as we saw recently) or state it is 2 years processing time - which for positive economic gain of the 163/165 is just nonsensical. However, there is a review of the business skills underway and under the old Minister this was scheduled for year end, now with Bowen's attention on the boat people and having to recover from Evans' mad rush for change, I would expect next year before any review is completed or acted upon. Anyone thinking about applying but holding off for a better exchange rate, don't bother waiting. It will be at least a year before you get a visa, and you can take forward cover to set a known rate of currency exchange so you know how much to bring. If necessary rent your house and sell it later when the overseas market improves. Foolish though it is, I foresee a tightening in this category now that we see a move towards employer sponsored visas with public papathy for a bigger Australia. :arghh: You read it here first.
  19. Hi Friends I am a csl NEC with co assigned in june 2009 Jan 2009 applicant and all the procedures have been completed by March 2010. but every time i ask my DIAC they reply that my application is going through external checks, i am fed up with this same reply please help me how to resolve this issue' your help will be much appreciated. thankx
  20. Guest

    Delay in filing PR application

    Hi, we started our PR process during July under Employee Nomination Scheme. Its over 1.5 month now since we completed the rest of the paper work. What's troubling us is why our Agent is not filing application with DIAC, though agent is very efficient but is not giving me any explanation about the delay in process. when asked when are they going to file application reply was - i don't know. Guys any idea what's happening with PR application these days, is any body in similar situation? Please share your experience. I am quite frustruated because of this and has held up all my planning depending on this. I don't know how to deal with this agent as they are official migration agency of my employer. Regards, rgd
  21. Hi all, I just got this message from VIC (my emphasis): Due to the forthcoming federal election in Australia, the Victorian Government State Migration Plan will be implemented no earlier than 1 September 2010. Once the plan is implemented, the new sponsorship eligibility list for skilled migrants and full details will be made available on our website: LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au. Only occupations included on Victoria’s skilled sponsorship eligibility list will be considered for nomination. Note that applications for business visa sponsorship are still being accepted. Regards Peter
  22. Hi All Wondered if anyone else has had this happen or how does it work? I applied for 2 x child visas on 21/5/10. I have received an email saying that I have submitted all the paperwork and the visas will be issued on 21/9/10 In my original application I said I wanted to travel in August and despite speaking on the phone to the agent handling my application, this was not mentioned as an issue - I asked the direct question "do you see any problem with me travelling on 14.8.10" and was advised "no I do not see any problem with that" So.... I was a bit surprised to find that I have been told I can have the visas for my girls but that they will not be issued until 21.9.10. I am desparate to go and have emailed the agent to this effect (Australia House in London) but have been told that only in exceptional circumstances will the visas be granted earlier than 4 months I accept that I am probably silly and naive but does anyone know why this is? Is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait? Will they be issued exactly on 21.9 or might they be a day late or a week early or something else? Any ideas or knowledge greatly welcomed thank you
  23. Hi Everyone Jusy got an e-mail from an Aus employer who's doing a 457 visa for my son and was shocked and disappointed. She said things are slow but we have a case officer looking at the nomination this week. She was told she could have put the visa application in with the nomination. This is what I was shocked to hear the visa was supposed to go in with the nomination but she didn't do that. She went on to say that when she did them previously she put the visa in when the nomination was approved. This employer has done at least two 457's before and has a friend she see's regular who's a regional migration officer. She went the 457 route because it's quickest, she wanted my son to start the end of July and yet she failed to include the visa application with the nomination. My son's given his notice in and has four weeks wages left before he get's desperate. The employer seems genuine but is apparently also working round the clock to cover my son's job. She appears to have dropped a large clanger. How long will my son now have to wait for his visa??? I am document ready to do the application myself I think , and the employer has offered this option because she is so busy. The employer also made a mistake on the nomination form, Has put the wrong salary and has had to submit a letter to correct this. In view of the case officer being involved now and the nomination being assessed this week and hopefully with this letter correcting the salary and myself submitting a visa application tommorrow how long do you think the visa grant will be. Should I call the case officer to enquire?? Thanks in anticipation
  24. We have our SS for ACT but I'm not on the CSL so we're cat 5 and waiting for what could be 3-4 years for our VISA. We were hoping to start a family in Oz in the next 12-18 months which will now obviously not happen. If we started a family over here would that have a negative impact on our VISA application? Does anybody know if having kids midway through the process changes anything? Thanks Debbie
  25. My daughter was on a 12 month working tourist visa in Oz when she was offered sponsorship by her employer in the Whitsundays. Her job offer was approved by Qld Commerce and she sent her 119/857 application to the NSW DIAC office in December. They officially acknowledged receipt of it in mid January (and took the fee from the credit card). Since then (10 weeks) she has heard nothing except 'we are very busy'. She has yet to be assigned a case officer. Does anyone have any idea how long the queue is for these visa applications at the moment as her life is on hold awaiting a response, and she is concerned that the job offer (now made 5 months ago) may disappear. BTW she is currently in the UK waiting for an outcome.