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      1. Hello Forum.. This topic is mainly for 489 visa applicants, i.e. those in the process of applying or have already applied and received a grant or are / have already landed in SA. Migrating is not easy as it requires a lot of planning, courage to make things work out as desired. Moving with a family with young children is not easy and when the time eventually comes one develops cold feet and is lost in transition as there are load's of things to keep in mind. Here I would request all applicants to share their thoughts on some of the best practices, lessons learnt, tips, do's and don't's that are to be followed during: the application process after grant is received pre-landing preparations post landing experiences and lessons learnt This would definitely help a lot of migrants who have many thoughts and questions going on in their mind and it would be great to lend our moral support to who ever needs it Thank you all and I hope you all take the time to contribute as this forum has been stupendous in helping others! God bless and all the best to all those who have migrated or planning to migrate.
      2. Hi all, Its a bit of a long shot but I’m wondering if anyone on this site know anyone or them themselves have successfully applied for permanent skilled migration under Drainer, or who have worked as a Sewer Technician (unblocks, cctv, repair and maintenance work etc) My partner has worked as a sewer technician for 10+ years in the UK, we are currently in Australia on a 457. We are looking into PR via subclass 190 visa but it seems to apply as a ‘Drainer’ you need to have experience and qualifications in Gas and Plumbing also? My partner doesn’t have any gas experience but has some minor plumbing experience but no qualifications. He has qualifications in Jetting and CCTV work etc which we believe aren’t enough for the skill assessment. Any personal experiences from anyone who has been in a similar situation/ any other visa recommendations would be much appreciated!
      3. Hi community Thank you for accepting me to this forum, amazing topics over here. I have been offered a job in Sydney with 100.000$ (QA Engineer 7 years experience) as a yearly gross salary. Is it enough for a good living, taking in consideration : - Married and wife is not working. - Have to travel to Spain twice a year for family and parents visit. - Be able to save some money and do some activities over the weekend. I've seen the renting prices are high, what do you think ? Thank you for the help
      4. Hi I am new on here and thought I would see if anyone can offer any guidance please. We are just waiting for final answer 're 189 visa. My family and I are looking to move to the Gold coast. I am a registered children's nurse and my current role is a Team leader in Child mental health and have 16 years experience within this area. Can anyone recommend vacancy websites or links/ contacts that maybe helpful for me. I am interested in continuing my career with children, young people and families and I am open to job opportunities within different settings that care for young people. I do look on smart jobs for Queensland at present, any advice/ suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you Kerry.
      5. Hi all We're returning to the UK in 6 weeks having lived in Australia for the last 9 years. I've had the same mobile number since the day we arrived here and am keen to keep it going once I head back to the UK so as not to loose touch with people (I did the same with my UK phone, having had the same number for the last 15 years and changing to a pre-paid/pay as you go plan when we moved out here which has worked well). I'm keen to find a service provider who can offer a good plan for use outside of Australia - mainly for text messages and the occassional phone call (bearing in mind most of the time I will be using it on WIFI and using only Facetime/Whatsapp etc so no data needed). Has anyone recently found any good deals? I know I can get a SIM through Vodaphone where one recharge lasts 12 months however it seems to only really be good value for use within Australia. I should note I'm currently with Optus on a business plan but as I'm out of contract I can cancel & take my number with me anytime. Oh and Optus have told me it's easier for them if I don't take out an Optus plan but change to a different service provider and they will just port my number across to them... go figure. Thanks in advance, Sarah
      6. Hi, my names Arron, 27. Moving to Melbourne at the end of October with my partner and our dog on a de-facto partner visa so luckily don't need to worry about work visas as such. I've worked for British Gas for the past 9 years as a gas engineer- servicing and repairs. Just hoping for a little advice/guidance from someone who has already been through the process of getting skills assessed and finding gas work in Australia. How was it/ what are the differences/ any tips please?! Thank you
      7. Brisbane

        Hi, my name is Emily-Jane and I'm 16 years old, 17 in December. My family and I are seriously considering moving into Brisbane in January; we have visas sorted. I have a great life here in the UK and would be leaving so much behind but I also understand that living out in Australia will create amazing opportunities for me. I was wondering if there was anyone that I can talk to around my age that is also in the same situation as me, or has already moved over and has any advice they could share with me. I would really appreciate it because talking to someone would definitely help and maybe allow me to see other perspectives or learn more about what it's like to be a teenager living in Australia. Thank you! xx
      8. Need a dentist

        Hi I'm looking for advice on dentists in Melbourne. I'm based in brunswick and I need a few fillings. I've been quoted $150 per filling. I'm on the working holiday visa. does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper dentist or is that about average here? Very expensive compared to the UK
      9. Advice on Immigration please

        Hi All, My girlfriend and I are looking into migrating to Australia either temporarily or permanently and I was hoping some of you may be able to give me some advice, I'll provide as much information as possible: I am 30 and a sales manager with no degree but have around 5 years experience in this position My girlfriend is 23 and graduated with a 1st from Sheffield University, she currently works for GSK (large pharmaceutical company) as an HR Manager. From what I can see I don't have enough 'point' or criteria to gain entry myself but is there some sort of partner visa where there may be some interest? We are trying to work all this out but its all a little confusing so I would very much appreciate any assistance anyone can provide. Also if I have missed any key information please let me know I'd be happy to fill you in on anything else. Many thanks Tom
      10. Hello guys! I am new to the forum and just wanted some advice! I am planning on moving to Australia for a year once I have finished my final year at Uni here in the UK. I am studying a Hispanic Studies Degree (BA Hons) and me and my Spanish partner are interested in coming over in Sep/Oct 2015 on the working holiday visa. I just need some more info on how things work. Are there many translating jobs in Sydney? Is it relatively easy to set up jobs/interviews before-hand? Would looking for a job be my priority rather than looking for an apartment, as I would love to be able to work in Sydney but live around 20/30 mins away so things aren't too expensive. Advice would be much appreciated as we are now beginning to research into everything! Thank you!! :smile:
      11. Hey everyone heres the situation.. I am currently here in Australia on my 2nd year working holiday visa with 9 month remaining. My dads cousin lives here (my second cousin i believe) and I'm currently working for there own business, driving trucks. I need to no what is the best visa to go on and how to go about sorting it out, as truck driving isn't on the occupation list. i am very desperate and determined to stay here as I've fallen in love with the place!! I haven't really got the money to go and see an migration agent as they are very expensive. :wacko: My mum and dad are desperate to come out to so can his cousin sponsor them to come here? does that mean i can stay here to if they can sponsor them? Any help would be an advantage as I'm at a dead end and not sure what to do next. Much appreciated. Ollie :wink:
      12. Hi Guys, my husband, our two children and I are potentially looking to move to the Carindale area, I am looking for some advice really! We are looking to move in around 3 years time, I am currently a student nurse so I know when we are ready I should be A-OK at gaining a job and I am aware of the pay etc. However, over here in the Uk, my husband is self employed, he does home improvements, fitting soffits, fascia, guttering, edpm rubber flat roofs, conservatories and windows. I have tried to do some research to see what jobs are available in Oz for this kind of work I am pretty much coming up with blanks.... i was wondering if anyone had moved over themselves with a similar skill set, and what they have done, rough wages, are they self employed/working for someone else, also what is job availability like etc for this kind of work, is it a struggle/easy to get etc..... i would be really great full for any responses :rolleyes: Cadi x
      13. Help!!

        Hi guys, I am looking for some advice! I am from Scotland as is my partner. We have both been in Oz on working holiday visas 2 years ago but are desperate to move to Oz permanently. Our issue is that we 1. Need to prove that we are a couple and 2. Save up a reasonable amount of money to attempt to go for the visa etc. Is is there any way we can speed this up a bit? We are both 26 and want to start our life over there ASAP. Are there any companies who sponsor? Any information ion is appreciated! Gem
      14. My daughter is currently at the end of year 10 (15 years old) and will be starting year 11 in September. One year from now she will be finishing year 11 and completing her exams. Would it be best to make the move at the end of year 11 or after her A-levels? (A-levels are years 12 and 13). I understand that schools in Australia have different timings and holidays, so I would like to know at which point in the year we'd be moving to, and what you would suggest. Any personal experience would be great to hear too! Thanks a lot.
      15. move back for parents? ??

        Im looking for a bit of advice and opinions. Myself and my husband came to aus in july 2013 on a 457..with intention of staying a year and then returning to uk. However we have traveled around aus quite a bit, had a few jobs, got PR now and fallen in love with the Brisbane area. We would like to stay here. The worry is that we would build a life for ourselves here and then my mum or dad would become ill or one would die and I would want to be there to care for them...then what would I do? My life and possibly family/work would be here..I couldnt just leave. If we returned to the uk (which we also like) I would be around for them. Right now they are healthy-ish..although 65 and 70 and have been very good to me. The option of them moving here isnt there. But I could set up home and settle in uk and they could both get hit by a bus and not need me! Should I plan my life around what my parents may need one day or not? They would tell me to do what I want and what makes me happy...but in a few years..if they are ill or widowed being there for them is what i will want..I think! But right now I want to stay where the sun shines! can I settle here long term? How do other ppl do this? Anyone been in that situation? Would I regret being so far away? Thanks for any thoughts Xx
      16. Tips for Sydney

        Hi Everyone, My wife and I are moving to Sydney in May. We were wondering if there were any tips anyone could share with us. We are moving from New York - I'm a Brit, my wife is Peruvian-American. Anything we should be prepared for? Obviously, we have done some research and know that the cost of living is high in Sydney, but we were looking for any other tips people had. Where should we meet people to make friends? What things might surprise us about living in Sydney? What clubs do people join? Are there things/places we should avoid? Any etiquette points we should be aware of? Any help is much appreciated! Best, Robin
      17. Hi all- I usually don't go to strangers for advice on deep things like this, but I figured this would be the best place to go as there are a lot of like-minded people on this forum who may have been through a predicament like mine before who could offer their two cents. To begin with, moving to Australia has always been the ultimate goal and light at the end of the tunnel for me. I met my wife in 2008, moved to England from the States (where I'm from) soon after and the goal was always to live and work in the UK for a few years and then move to Oz. This was a goal we talked about throughout our being together and something we both looked forward to. My wife (a German national) did two stints in Australia in her early-mid 20's- a working holiday visa for a year and then another month trip a few years later and she absolutely fell in love with the country. It's her favourite place in the world and was always in tears on her last day in the country (like most, I'm sure)! We visited Oz over this past Christmas holiday for 3 weeks, my first time in Oz, her third, and I absolutely fell in love with the country. The people, the sights, the atmosphere. It was absolutely everything I thought it would be. Perfect. After coming back to London after our trip, we had our first in depth discussion about moving out there. My first thought being finding sponsorship work would be the the best & cheapest route to Australia, but soon after doing some research on this realized how difficult it is for an overseas teacher to get sponsorship at a school in Australia, especially in primary schools, as teachers are a dime a dozen in Australia. With this now known, discussion turned to me looking into acquiring a 189 visa, which would allow us resident status and the ability to live and work anywhere in Australia up to 5 years, given I had enough points to achieve this. This has a much longer processing time and comes with a cost of a couple thousand Aus dollars but would give us the freedom to settle anywhere we wished and I wouldn't be required to only stay at one school. But again, as a primary school teacher, the chances of me getting this visa are quite low too, even if I applied as a high school teacher which I also have qualifications for (up to Year 9). So with all this known, my thoughts went from thinking maybe getting a 1 year working and holiday visa to go out there to teach in the areas we would be interested in living with hopes of getting sponsored at a school would be the best + quickest + cheapest route. But it comes with it's cons. Mainly having to be apart from each other for a few months, and the following... The more thought and research I have put thought into this, the more I noticed my wife getting upset and stressed out. Now, age 30 and 31 respectively, her idea of moving to Australia has diminished to the point of her not wanting to do it at all and it isn't an option anymore, her opinion being that we are too old for this and it's time to look into settling down, saving money and starting a family. This bombshell hit me like a ton of bricks. It was the first time she admitted to not wanting to do this. She's wanting to look forward and not back and her idea of happiness is to plant roots into the ground in England, and she could not fathom starting a family in Australia, a 24 hour flight away from family and loved ones. Fair enough, bless her, I can relate to this. I feel the same way. And I want this too, to settle down and slow things down. But not yet. And not in England. I've slowly come to realize it's not where I want to spend the rest of our days together. My idea of happiness is following the dream that's been there from the start, to move to Australia, if only for a year or two just to get that 'bug' (if you will) out of our system and go from there. It's always been my dream and light at the end of the tunnel and that hasn't changed. Especially now that I'm incredibly unhappy with my teaching job in London, am feeling burnt out and could really use a change of pace and scenery. I used to think moving to Australia was 'our' dream but now only a month ago I realized that it is only mine. This leads to my being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I turn 31 in 9 days, March 1st, leaving me just 8 days to apply for the Work & Holiday (subclass 462) visa, if that was what we decided to do. Once I turn 31, I can no longer apply for this. And knowing how difficult it might be to get sponsored at a school without ever stepping foot in the door and how difficult it would be to get the 189 resident visa as a primary school teacher, getting a 1 year work & holiday very likely might be our only route to the country. It's a really tough predicament and would require us to be apart for a few months but would lead to us having a few years in Australia. But then again, she doesn't want this anymore. And here I am pondering the thought of getting this visa despite all that, to act on my dream, but there's this huge stop sign in front of me. So how do I approach this? I know from the start how selfish it is of me to think of 'my' dreams above 'our' needs as a couple. It was only a month ago where I was told we didn't share this dream. And now I'm feeling like I've just had my head chopped off and I'm trying to figure how to adjust to accepting I may not ever move to Oz. But I am afraid if I don't act on this opportunity and turn my back on something I've wanted to do for so long, it may be something I always look back on and regret, and may even form a bit of resentment towards my wife because of her sudden change to not wanting to do it. So kind people of pomsinoz, what sort of advice can you give? Please be as constructive as you need to be. I can take it. I just really need some outside opinions on this, whether it be kind or not from people who have been in this situation before or even not. I'm just really in the need of some outside advice on this as it's something I can't get my mind off of and the time is ticking. I truly appreciate your time advance and thank you for reading to the end of this message!
      18. Moving to Sydney

        Hi all, My wife and I will be moving to Sydney in May. We welcome any tips that can be provided. I will be working in North Sydney. Any ideas for places to live? We are looking for a min 2 bed 2 bath house relatively close to the office (max 30 min commute driving or by public transport). Budget is $1200 p.w. From researching so far we like the look of Mosman, Neutral Bay, lower North Shore. Also, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst on the other side. We are open to any and all suggestions. We are looking to start a family and have a dog. Not sure if rentals are generally pet friendly. We like the beach, going out to restaurants, walks, parks....those sorts of things. Wouldn't want to be anywhere too quiet as we like going out. Thanks in advance for all the help! Best
      19. So i have been granted a work and holiday visa, it has no restrictions attached. I have only been to Australia once before for 3 months on an ETA tourist visa. I have a return ticket for 11 months. I am a sharp dresser and i am a calm person. I do not have the proof of funds to enter. I have means to support myself but not in the form of money. (I will be living with my girlfriend the time i am here) My fear is being asked for proof at immigration and being denied. Am i likely to be asked given my circumstances? If so is there anything i might do? Like a secured credit card they might not check for the limit? Would my girlfriend or girlfriends mom or brother vouching to provide housing and money suffice? Or anything else possible? Thank you all for your advice i leave soon and am deathly afraid of being turned away but i have no choice. I hope to get some helpful advice.
      20. Hi guys! I'm a bit daunted by all the abbreviations on this site but I'm trying to pick it up as I'm going along! Just got back from a month in Melbourne to visit friends after my life here in the UK fell apart a year ago. I'm very disillusioned with the UK generally and, whilst I realise that Australia isn't without its problems, I have good friends there, feel very drawn to the place and feel much more at home there than I do here now. My trip had taken a long time to plan and wasn't on a whim. I'm aching to go back on a permanent basis but don't have a clue where to begin. I'm 41, law graduate with 18 years experience as a criminal defence solicitor's clerk but I'm not professionally qualified as a solicitor. I do have a couple of pre-existing medical problems but they're under control. Is there a reliable advice source that you can go to for pointers? All input gratefully received! Also happy Christmas to you all. :smile:
      21. I am 49, have experience in military avionics systems, telecommunications network management, IT support, renewables - G83 (residential) and G59 (larger systems) testing trained and 17th ed. electrical qualified. I am looking to continue in one of these fields. My wife is older and is a Social Work assistant and involved in PAMS assessments, Play Therapy and Triple P (an Aussie invention I believe) and experience in Autism. We have family (citizens & residents) in Sydney and Brisbane and have been looking to move to Australia to be nearer family. We have visited several times over many years and are looking for a permanent move, preferably to Sydney but anywhere would be considered. Past communications with various agencies appeared to indicate that I would not gain sufficient points required for a Skilled visa and have been looking for business sponsorship. I understand this may be difficult but based on my CV have been offered visa sponsorship from a visa agent on the understanding I require a suitable employment. Does anybody now how best to progress this as companies still appear to want residency or visas, or would it be possible to get regional sponsorship?
      22. I am interested in paying for a group that would take me around Australia for the first week, so that I can make some friends and have any questions answered that I needed. I certainly have no problem making friends, but arriving there alone scares me and I would rather pay for the comfort of knowing that I was with people who were doing the same thing as me. I have done my research and there are several companies that offer these services, but I am not really sure which one is the best. I was curious if anyone had some suggestions or ideas? These are a few of the companies I was looking at: http://nomadsworld.com/jobs/work-packages/australia-work-arrival-packages/ https://www.travellers.com.au/ http://www.ultimateoz.com http://www.globalworkandtravel.com/working-holiday/australia
      23. Hi I'm a 38 year old single mum of 2 children 6 and 4, just about to do my return to nursing course at the end of September. Completion and pin number should be in place around March 2014. I first qualified in 2002 and then did 2 and a half years on a specialised Spinal injuries Unit, followed by bank nursing on a variety of wards/specialisations up until 2008. My Sister is an Australian citizen and lives in Sydney. After completing my re-registration, apart from the clinical hours on an orthopaedic surgery ward I will have done to gain this, I won't have any recent clinical experience. Will this be a hindrance to my getting a skilled/state nominated visa? Also can anyone recommend areas outside of Sydney in NSW that are good for families with young children, or can offer any advice on what Wollongong is like to live in? And finally does anyone have any idea how long it would take to get registered with Australian Nursing and Midwifery board, and does this have to be done before applying for the visa? Sorry its so long winded, and Thanks in advance!
      24. Hi all. In 2010 I visited Oz for 5 weeks, did the east coast and saw Melbourne too. I've since started a career in Web Development (which is on the needed skills list) back in London and will have 3+ years experience soon. Basically I'm getting itchy feet and wanting to get back there, possibly from January 2014 when I've got a 3 week holiday booked. I'm thinking of getting a WHV and doing some freelance jobs that I can get online just to help with the travelling aspect. I'm looking for advice really on a number of things as well as examples of other peoples experiences. When I did my round the world trip in 2010 I didn't work along the way, and was thinking this time I'd see how I felt as the year went on. I'd like to keep developing my skills as I go but I'm not adverse to backpacker jobs as you meet a lot of great people that way. However I don't want to hostel it for the whole 12 months. I think if I find living and working in Oz enjoyable I'd try applying for a 457 visa if/when I got a job offer. However, I don't want to not make the most of my one WHV that I'm entitled to! So I guess what I'd like to know is: Is it easy to rent a room whilst on a WHV (looking to base myself in Melbourne)? If I freelance with jobs online, would I have to bill that from Australia and get an Australian Business Number (I've heard that is hassle) or could I get away with not doing that as they are unlikely to pay huge amounts? Has anyone else used the WHV for more career type work rather than seasonal/bar work? Any advice is much appreciated!
      25. It is coming upto my 1 year here in Fabulos Australia, and my sponsership company, who brought me out here ( i am a Nurse) on a 457 visa, said i can apply for PR after one year. Could anybody out there give me some advice how to start this process, i would really appreciate your knowledge. Thank you for your time......