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Found 98 results

  1. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has had their 457 visa priority processed recently and if so how long it took to be granted from the time the priority processing request was accepted? My partner has been sponsored by the business he works for and we submitted our 457 application back in the middle of May 17. We put in for a priority request just over a week ago due to circumstances that have made our application more urgent, we had the priority processing approved, but still haven't had the visa granted. Just looking for other people's experiences/ timelines. TIA ?
  2. Hi Friends, I have my 457 in queue from Dec 2017, my employer wants me in Australia by February 2018 due to the criticality of the project. Does anyone have idea on requesting priority processing? What needs to be included to get the priority request approved. Thanks for reading through, response is much appreciated.
  3. Hello, I’ve only just come across this forum today. I’ve spent the best part of the day browsing and reading information to get some advice on our situation. My boyfriend and I have been together just over 3 years, and lived together over a year. I am Australian, and he is Canadian. We live in the UK where (I have lived there approx 16 years now). Around January of this year, we had made the decision we want to move to Australia. We want a family, a house, sunshine. A good quality of life and to be near my family. We had not yet submitted our application, but had started gathering the paperwork and filling in the forms. In early May, I go a call from my mother to tell me she has MDS. It’s a blood cancer that can develop into leukaemia. There is no cure. There is possible treatment but it will likely make her very sick. Both my parents are elderly, my father is disabled and in a wheelchair. My mother is his primary carer. She has been given a prognosis of 12-18 months. I am currently in Australia helping her come to terms with it and trying to get as much information from her doctor (fortnightly) appointments as we can. My return flight to London is booked this friday and I am terrified of leaving. I am needed here now. There is so much going on with both my parents and their conditions, I really want to be home to support them emotionally and help where I can. We have gathered most of the information we need to submit the visa, but I am now torn. I recently learned about a bridging visa which would allow my partner to come immediately and stay until our application is (fingers crossed) granted. If there’s one person I need close to me right now with all that is going on it is him. So my questions: Has anyone had any success with compassionate reasons on prioritising the application? I have read I can submit a letter, which I will do. Is a on-shore application / bridging visa a good option for us? I see the wait times can be longer, but if it means he can come and be here with me at this time, we would consider this. We were applying for the off-shore partner visa. Does applying on-shore complicate anything? Does it change the application we have already started. I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you so much!
  4. According to the new priority, IT graduates who have already applied under the occupation 2231-79 Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate) will fall into category 4? This is very illogical because for new applicants, they can now apply as one of the ICT occupations on the new SOL (eg. Developer Programmer or Software Engineer) instead of being grouped together as Computing Professional (ICT Recent Graduate), which is no longer on the SOL. Would this mean that new ICT Graduates who apply under the new rule will fall into category 3 but ICT Graduates that already applied under the old rule will fall into category 4? So, given two people with the same qualification from the same university who finished at different time, the one who finished later and applied using the new rule will get the application processed before the one who finished earlier and applied using old rule? Does anyone know if there is a work around to this problem or if they are attempting to fix this problem? This is because there seems to be no way out. You can't change the occupation and get new assessment. Also, for graduates who have been graduated for over 6 months can't even make a new application even though you can be assessed as one of the ICT occupations in the new SOL. Edited 12/04/11: Link to 2231-79 timeline spreadsheet: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?hl=en&key=tHQP8Hpmu2NRl1EfjvQw3YQ&hl=en#gid=0
  5. some good news for cat 4.:jiggy: 23rd May 2011 Iscah News EXTRA We just had attended a presentation by DIAC in Perth and the following interesting titbits were discussed. Company visas A discussion paper will be out in June 2011 for a possible June 2012 implementation. It will hopefully lead to simpler second stage (ENS and RSMS) processing. New 1st July 2011 Skilled Points Test - Passmark still expected to be 65 points - Some of the work experience may be gained in a longer period (up to 10 years now although the slides don’t seem to reflect what is currently on DIACs website) - The IELTS regime of having to have results at the time of decision (rather than application) will likely remain the status quo. - Skills assessing bodies will be responsible for assessing whether a person’s work was at the required level DIAC require (this is a very big change). - DIAC expect to finalise all Priority 2, all Priority 3, and some (around 10,000) Priority 4 cases in the 2011/2012 program year. These priority 4 cases will start with the oldest first, which are likely to be pre September 2007 onshore skilled visas - The 485 visa is likely to remain in its current format - Any fraudulent document or deliberately misleading information presented with an application can lead to a 3 year ban on any other visa, including for family members. More information as we get it Cheers and enjoy the week Steven Iscah Migration www.iscah.com MARN 9687267
  6. Katerina

    RSMS letter of priority

    Hi guys,we lodged our RSMS 119 application via agent on 08/09 ,2 months later nothing..:chatterbox:so our agent asked my husband`s employer for letter of priority,she said it MIGHT help.. has anyone ever heard about this? did it work?? thanks Katerina :smile:
  7. According to the website link below - from DIAC themselves - there are some 176 Visa's that are considered priority 4. Does anyone know why some are priority 3 and others 4 - does it have to do with the occupation? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm
  8. TTLucian

    WA off-list priority processing

    Hello everyone. My first time posting here. Just had a question about priority processing for an off-list application for WA. I called up skilled migration WA and they indicated that if I am successful with the sponsorship then it will receive priority group 3 processing by DIAC. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks
  9. I have a question regarding an application, has my priority group been changed from 3 to 4 with the July 2011 changes? I have learned after a phone call that a case officer was allocated Aug 2011, does this make any difference? Lodged online Oct 2010 - Systems Analyst ANZSCO Code 261112 - 176 family sponsored
  10. Dear All, As there has been change in priority processing which definitely has thrashed a lot of minds & souls Now what is the fate of Computing Professionals which were on MODL/CSL like Computing Professional (Network Security) before these priorities. Are we coming under this statement: "Applicants with a nominated occupation of Computing Professional (nec), Hospital Pharmacist and Retail Pharmacist, who have already been allocated a case officer, will be contacted directly by their case officer to advise processing arrangements." Please professionals specially agents, guide for the sake of all which are depressed due to new changes. Umar Farooq.
  11. Guest

    priority wise

    Hey guys! We visited tasmania last year and absolutely loved it. However, we have children who are teenagers and would be attending secondary school/college. How's the education system in tassie? Are there any good state colleges or should we think of moving to melbourne instead? Please share any of your experiances or opinions you may have, thank you!
  12. Hi, We've just had email confirmation that our state sponsorship application has been successful.....great news!! Just a bit baffled by one point. It says that we are going to be put into priority group 2. Everything I have read since the 1st July is that State sponsorship is priority group 3 and only ENS is priority group 2. I am going to email them, but has anyone else had a similar "issue". It's just with the potentially quicker processing time, is going to effect our saving plans. Thanks Dale --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=44.836447,1.148301
  13. Hi, I had applied for 475 visa, south australia as Public Relations officer in Aug 2009. I was earlier under priority 4 but after the SA SMP release i moved up to category 2 as my nominated occupation is listed in the SA SMP list.I understand from various threads that 175/ 176 visa subclass are getting their CO and found few 475ers too. But i havent been allocated my CO yet after the 17th jan 2011 update. Can anybody pls help me with the details. Thank You
  14. Does anyone know the numbers of pending GSM applications DIAC has pending by priority group? For instance, there are X number waiting for visa grant in Cat 3, X number waiting in cat 4 and so on...
  15. Does anyone know if it's possible to find out which priority category your application has been given? If I can confirm this I can be sure of the timescales for the processing of my application. I applied 18/03/2011 and the E-Visa online system just says 'processing commenced'. I don't know the expected timescales as I'm unsure of the priority my application has been given. Thanks
  16. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, has set new priority processing arrangements for certain skilled migration visas. From 1 July 2011, processing priorities (with highest priority listed first) are: 1). applications from people who are employer sponsored under the RSMS program or who have applied for a Skilled – Regional (subclass 887) visa 2). applications from people who are applying under the ENS program 3). applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency for an occupation specified on that agency's state migration plan 4). applications from people who have nominated an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 5). all other applications.
  17. We cannot see any progress in New Priority Processing Cat 04(Old cat03). Still it has sucked on 10 July 2010. Priority Group 4 Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 VE 175 (e-lodged):10 July 2010 VE 175 (paper): 10 July 2010 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2010 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VF 475 (paper): 10 July 2010 Has DIAC Stopped processing New Priority Group 4 Applications??. Really worrying..................:cry::cry::cry:
  18. Hi All Suddenly today I am very confused! We have submitted our 176 visa app online and as we understood it we would be priority 2 as we have been sponsored by VIC! But today we received an email from DIAC to say we are now in priority 5!! The email reads: Priority processing arrangements A new Ministerial Direction came into effect on 1 July 2011 establishing new priority processing arrangements for Skilled Migration applications. This Direction determines the order in which the department considers applications. Applications accorded a higher priority under these arrangements are assessed ahead of lower priority applications, irrespective of when the application is lodged. In line with these arrangements GSM has commenced assessing skilled migration applications which fall within its processing responsibility in the current order: Priority 1: Applications from people who have applied for a Skilled - Regional (subclass 887 visa) Priority 2: No GSM applications are included within this group Priority 3: Applications from people who are nominated by a state or territory government agency for an occupation specified on that agency’s state migration plan Priority 4: Applications from people who have nominated an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) - Schedule 1 in effect from 1 July 2011 (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1.pdf) Priority 5: All other applications Your application is now grouped in priority 5. The department does not anticipate that the creation of an additional priority group, as per this Direction, will impact negatively on the processing of applications which were previously in priority group 4 and are now in priority group 5. This is because recent reforms have impacted on the volume of applicants waiting for a skilled migration outcome. Well my understanding of this email is that we should be priority 3 so i am now very concerned! I am really hoping this is an error but now need to contact DIAC to confirm Has anyone else out there had a similar email? If anyone can shed any light be much appreciated as we are now panicking if we are in 5 we do not stand a chance!!!
  19. Guest

    priority processing

    Hi we have submitted our application and had our medicals 15th June .... finalised 28th June will we still be processed under previous timelines or the new one's? Thanks
  20. Dear ALL, Today called immi , checked with staff, those priority 4 to priority 3 will be done with effect today..extra info he said , those can expect case-officer soon... i asked soon is when ? he laughed and replied may be 3months.. Good luck and Good hope for everyone.. Today marks my 1001days of waiting TRA- May 2007, Application - oct 2008, Subclass 175 / fitter/ waiting for Co..
  21. lara24

    WA Occupation Priority List

    Apologies if I am the only one who hadn't seen this before, thought it may be useful to some of you who know your category but can't understand why others in the same boat are being processed at different speeds. http://www.dtwd.wa.gov.au/dtwd/detcms/cms-service/download/asset/?asset_id=10697943
  22. Hi I have applied for visa 487 onshore my occupation is motor mechanic I have aPplied on 5th November 2010 for visa 487 I have been sponsored by new south wales at the time of application my occupation was on their demand list but their SMP was not active and when they activated their SMP my occupation is not their I don't know which priority group I fall in to ? And how lOng it will take to get my visa approval please helpe out. Kind Regards thank you
  23. harrybhmra

    moving from priority 4 to 3

    Hi, i have recently got successful assessment from ACS under priority 3 as system analyst. Previously i was on priority 4 and applied my case on 18th may 2010. for moving from priority 4 to 3, do i have to submit the letter from ACS and inform diac that i fall in priority 3 please move my application to priority 3 or is there any other procedure exist. just wondering if someone can advice me on this, thanks in advance.
  24. Hi Guys, I just want to share with you all the PDF file which I have received from DIAC this morning. I have no idea why DIAC send me an email as I already got my visa grant last March 2011. :biggrin: BR, taz Important Information for Priority 3 clients[1].pdf Important Information for Priority 3 clients[1].pdf
  25. Hello all, I am desparately waiting for my CO as my application was missed (but thats a whole nother story, that is hopefully beginning to sort itself out.) But do you think priority processing will change in july. I am so worried ill get a CO and then lose it before i get my grant. What do people think?