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Found 25 results

  1. How long does it take after moving to Oz to secure a mortgage? Short answer: it depends. I can see the rolling of the eyes from here. Different banks have different criteria, you need to tick the boxes. However long that takes, that is how long you have to wait. There are no hard fast rules on how long you ‘should wait’ to buy a house but there are some important things to know. The process itself is super quick The actual purchase process here is a lot quicker than in the UK. The never ending chain of teetering disappointment is very rare here. Property is bought and sold within weeks. Find out how much the banks will lend you, find a suitable house, put an offer down, exchange contracts, settle and move in. From start to finish in Australia you can be putting down an offer on a house today and potentially be moving in 6 weeks later. It can be that quick. Are you actually ready to buy? Why do you want to buy? Are you in a rush to buy? Why? Do you know the exact state and suburb you want to live in? Will the kids be accepted into the school there? Are you happy with that school? Is your commute to work a nightmare? Is it a dodgy area? If you have just arrived, renting is a great way to get to know Australia and trial out living in different places so you know exactly where you want to buy. The last thing you want to do is buy in an area soon after arriving only to realise your dream location is on the other side of the country. Where to start Ok, let’s assume you are set on buying as soon as possible. The first step is figuring out what it will cost overall and where is the money coming from. If you have enough to cover the shortfall between what it costs and what the bank will lend, you are good to go. If you don’t, then you need a plan on how to change that. Do you need to save more? Or do you need to wait for some circumstance to change so the banks are more favourable towards you (e.g. do you need to complete probation? Does the bank require you to have worked for longer than 6 months?). If you are a PR or Australian Citizen with 20% deposit (plus costs) then happy days, the banking world welcomes you with open arms. If not, don’t give up! There are so many different banks and policies out there so you don’t know exactly until you have had a professional unequivocally tell you so AND (most importantly) what you need to do to change that. If you are a temporary resident most banks may only lend you 60 – 70% these days. BUT if you purchase with someone who is PR or a Citizen then it can be a whole different ball game. It all drills down to finding the best fit for you. One last thing. Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR)- Australia is catching up If you are coming from the UK you probably already know all about credit scoring and the importance of having a clean bill of financial health. Australia has technically had CCR in place since 2014, but the uptake has been sluggish. This is about to change and may be a rude awakening for a lot of Aussies. From 1 July 2019 all major banks are required to share 100% of their data with credit reporting bodies, so this will become more and more relevant here, as it is in the UK, in the coming years. As of right now, lenders are slowing sharing their data and eventually will use this as a tool in their lending decision making. So whilst I wouldn't run to get an Aussie credit card, it is not a bad idea to think about ways to start developing your credit rating here, because it will be a brand new file. Setting up with an Australian phone plan is a good start, and if you are renting first even paying your utilities bills on time can help build up your score. Keep in mind that yes, a good credit score can help, but some banks value it more than others and it is not the be all and end all at the moment. What is more important is knowing which bank to go with and what is best for your particular circumstance. Hope this helps, any questions feel free to ask!
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on here has had their 457 visa priority processed recently and if so how long it took to be granted from the time the priority processing request was accepted? My partner has been sponsored by the business he works for and we submitted our 457 application back in the middle of May 17. We put in for a priority request just over a week ago due to circumstances that have made our application more urgent, we had the priority processing approved, but still haven't had the visa granted. Just looking for other people's experiences/ timelines. TIA ?
  3. After many many months we finally found an employer happy to sponsor us for a 186!!!! We got the confirmation email today,so the ball is rolling. were already in mandurah as finding a sponsor from the UK was not working,I suppose we're lucky but we ad a goal and my husband has worked so hard being australian retrained but its paid off. does anyone know 186 time frames?
  4. Kelloggs30

    Swapping visas??

    Hi there, I'm just after a bit of advice re the possibility of swapping visa types once one has been applied for. The situation we're in is that I'm an aussie citizen (by descent). We applied for a partner visa for my husband and 8 month old son at the end of June. Our case officer originally estimated 6 months for visa approval but yesterday has said it's more likely to be 8 - 9 months! (His reasoning is workload at the London embassy, nothing to do with our application). The problem we have is that we are both teachers. We were hoping to start applying now for jobs that would commence at the end of January 2013 which is the start of the academic year in Australia. I am aware that the job situation in teaching in Australia means that we would be very lucky to get jobs so quickly, but this thread is more of a "what if..." scenario. To be able to leave our current jobs at Christmas we would need to hand our notice in at the end of October. Has anyone ever applied for a partner visa and then swapped to a sponsor visa? This is assuming that IF my husband was offered a job to start in Jan 2013 and IF the school were able to sponsor him, would it be possible to arrange quickly enough? Aaaargh it's all so frustrating! Has anybody been in a similar situation? Our case officer is not the best at communicating with us, so I'm hoping someone can offer some advice :wacko: Thanks for reading :cute:
  5. Hi all I am confused about the length of time we get once the visa has been approved. I have been told this is the next stage, but can someone outline the time to use the Visa as I thought I had 5 years. Your entry expiry date is related to your medicals and police clearances, 12 months from whichever is done earlier. So once my visa is approved what are my time frames?? 12 months to get it validated in Australia or is the Embassy in London a possiblity? Then once validated do I then get a further 3 years to make the move? Any help appreciated. :biggrin: Dean
  6. Guest

    2nd stage spouse visa timeframe

    Hello, My husband applied for a spouse visa in June 2010 and it was granted a few months later. I was just wondering when he will get the info for the 2nd stage processing? I have heard that it is a few months before the 2 year date (since application) so I'm guessing around March-April next year. Would it be possible for him to send in the info say a month or two early? He is really keen to get back to uni to complete his science and medical studies and we can't afford international student fees so I would hate for him to miss out by a month or so. It's a bit frustrating as well since we were 6 months off the 3 year defacto period (for straight PR) when his temp spouse visa was granted. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, Do any of you have recent experience applying for a 176 visa with sponsorship from SA? We were wondering how long we can expect things to take once we get a decision from ACS: a) to get the state sponsorship, and b) to get the visa itself after that. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All, Just wanted to know more about the Skilled Health Waiver Approval timeframe. It has been 9 months now since i lodged my subclass 856 visa application. The last message i got from my CO is that, the submission report has been sent to Canberra. Now, im not sure how long this will take. Hope there's someone who could enlighten me more about the approval process for SHW.
  9. shaxncarl

    onshore timeframe for 856

    Hi All Has anyone been recently granted a onshore ENS (Employers Nomination Sponsorship). 856. We are living the dream in Australia already, but waiting for the visa to come through. Would love to hear any information from anybody.
  10. Hi All Just a quick update to let you know my time frame for the onshore 856. We are living in Western Australia. We lodged our 856 from a 457 in September 24th 2011. We have just been told last week that we have been given a case officer and will now take approx 3-4 weeks to complete. So all together the process from lodgement has taken approx 6 and half months. We have therefore been on a bridging visa for this amount of time, which kind of leaves you in the land of limbo, not really sure what is happening. Just thought this information might help someone. Knowing how stressfull the whole move overhere can be. Dont assume this process will be a quick one, because it really isnt. Shaz n Carl
  11. GaryandGillDublin

    Timeframe from lodging 176 to Visa Grant

    Hey, I know it's like asking how long is a piece of string... but am having a particulary bad day in work today :sad: so just wondered if we're facing months/years of waiting or if our visa could come quicker than that? From reading posts on here, it seems that some people who are waiting since 2008/2009 are getting theirs now which is brilliant but wondered if anyone who is relatively recent like ourselves has any indication on processing times. :wubclub: Timeline is below but here it is as well; Contacted Agent March 2010. TRA organised-bits and bobs gathered and sent off May 2010. TRA approved May 2010. WA SS Dec 2010, approved Jan 2011. 176 submitted 31.01.2011. If anyone could give me good news to cheer up my horrible day, this would be much appreciated :jiggy: Gill x
  12. Guest

    timeframe 176 New South Wales

    Hello I am new to the site and was hoping to get some advice off some of you experienced lot out there. We lodged our 176 visa on 02.08.2010 we are being sponsored by family in NSW and my husband is a physio (on the SO list). We are hoping to move to sydney. Does anyone have any idea or any experience of how long it will take for a CO to be assigned and our visa to be granted. I know NSW has not released a state migration plan so i am guessing it takes longer than for other states. We want to get out there as soon as we can but our agent said it could take over 2 years. If this is the case we are thinking of getting sponsored work over there until our visa comes thorough but not ideal as it would mean moving twice and we dont really want to uproot the kids more than we have to. Has anyone else on a NSW 176 got any experience of how long thier visa took? Thanks Claire
  13. Guest

    Three De Facto Questions....

    Hi, I am currently in Australia with my partner but I plan to return to the UK to lodge an off-shore (subclass 309 and 100) de-facto application in April/May. My questions are: 1) Can I prepare my off-shore application here i.e have my medical completed in Australia, have documents signed by a JP here and take the completed forms back to the UK with me to lodge straight away at Australia House in London? 2) I am confused regarding stat decs. Is it that any stat decs completed by Australians must have a copy of ID handed in with them and have been signed by a JP, even if these forms are to be handed in in the UK? Do I use the same 888 form for friends/family within the UK to complete? As I understand it, they do not need to provide a copy of their ID, but the form must be signed by a JP, solicitor, magistrate or public notary? 3) I was planning on lodging an off-shore application, as when looking into it last yr it seemed the quicker way, but UK processing times seem to be creeping up to around 4-5 months. Anyone have any recent experience regarding the time frames in Sydney and those in London? Any help is really appreciated! Thanks!
  14. shaxncarl

    ENS 856 Onshore - Timeframe

    Hi Has anyone have an idea on how long the 856 ENS Applications are taken. We lodged ours approximately 4 weeks ago. Not heard anything if we have a case office or anything. Any information would be appreciated. Sharon and Carl
  15. hi there everyone..i have just applied for my spouse visa and my case officer has told me there is a 5-6months waiting list for my visa..just wondering if anyone else has been told this timeframe and does it really take that long??god thats such a long time isnt it?thanks Nic
  16. shaxncarl

    The Bridge Clinic

    We have our medicals booked for the 19th of this month and sending off our Police Checks this week. Has anyone had them done at the Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead if so, how was the experience. We have lodged our 457 today, and then once in Aussie we have a willing employer to transfer this to an ENS, so we are very fortunate and extremely lucky. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Happy faces. Sharon and Carl:hug:
  17. Share with you all about what DIAC is busy with in such a hectic situation they dumped for themselves. The link can also be accessed at: http://www.immi.gov.au/gateways/agents/news/2010/gsm-changes.pdf DIAC Transformation and the General Skilled Migration Program 3 May 2010 The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is undergoing a wide-ranging transformation program to position itself as a high performing immigration and citizenship organisation, equipped to compete in global markets and attract the best migrants and key skills required for Australia. The transformation process will enable the department to globally deliver consistent services to our clients. The General Skilled Migration (GSM) program is an active participant in the transformation process and is currently implementing planned changes to enable a consistent management of both the Adelaide and Brisbane GSM sites. To align with other business areas, a restructure of the two GSM sites into a total case management model, is being implemented. This will provide improved client service delivery through the provision of a direct email channel between clients and their case officers. The effective date for the restructure in Adelaide is Monday 3 May 2010. Further information and correct contact channels will be provided shortly. The GSM program is now aligned to Mr Greg Kelly, Global Manager, Skilled and Family Visas. Both the Adelaide and Brisbane GSM sites are now managed by the Acting Director - Program Delivery, GSM, Ms Elizabeth Kerrish. Mr David Edwards has recently accepted the position of Territory Director, in the department's Darwin Office. Within the 2009–10 GSM program, the department continues to give priority processing to applicants who have an occupation on the Critical Skills List including those sponsored by state and territory governments. In line with these priority processing arrangements, the department is actively processing applications on hand and will provide information to applicants as their application progresses. The processing areas are focusing on the integrity of the GSM caseload as well as applications that may be more complex in nature. The focus on integrity is an important measure to ensure visa program outcomes are delivered as intended by the Migration Act 1958 and in accordance with government policy. Furthermore, the reallocation of resources to complex applications provides the department an opportunity to potentially reduce processing timeframes for affected applicants. This temporary shift in focus may reduce the number of applications finalised in the near future and may have an impact on current processing timeframes. You may notice less applications being finalised in the very quick processing timeframes you have become accustomed to seeing, in particular where decision ready checklists are utilised. The department remains committed to client service standards and the delivery of service excellence to our clients. i have several questions: 1. what is "applications that may be complex in nature"? what does it mean exactly? 2.why will "reallocation of resources to complex applications" NECESSARILY provide department an oppotunity to petentially reduce processing timeframes for affected applicants? Since it seems that almost all people in backlog affected have a straightaway application based on current point system and current SOL. We deserve the visa! why once we are affected and we become complex applications? i believe, complexicity of affected applications is not in nature but created or conspired by DIAC and its government for its politician good!!! 3. it, on the other hand, seems to me, when they put "integrity" "visa outcomes" and "complex applications" together. i guess, they are indicating stricted processing or sifting, cherry-pick is about to be applied to those applications they really concern about, namely onshore trade applications and floods of accounting international students. because i think they know that most of onshore trade students' skill assessments and one-year work experience are fake concoction. And this is also highlighted by Chris Evans in his famous "cook, hairdresser,accoutant and Phd theory" that they don't want aus permeated with green cook, hairdresser... 4. i really hope those words underlined above can be realized rather than just spinning around their mouth literally. Service excellence, i really doubt!!!:swoon: Above is just personal views, it is a pleasure to share more from you guys. hope what we share in this forum can make each scourging day of ours closer to what we are aspiring for.:wubclub:
  18. Guest

    visa timeframe?

    Hi, We have just submitted our VETASSES info to our agent today for a state sponsored (NSW) 176 visa. I was a bit shocked to hear that it will be approx 2 yrs before we are granted our visa??? Does this sound right? My friends already living in Oz reckon it should only take approx 6-9 mths? Any feedback greatly appreciated as we begin this long journey. Many thanks Thenewmans
  19. Hi All. Can anyone help? We had our medicals done on 24 Nov. Just found out though that the clinic has only just posted them off yesterday!!! We have paid extra for them to go with DHL so they should get them pretty quick but our 28 day timeframe was up today!! We have downloaded the invoice for the meds to our online application to prove that we attended our meds within the 28 day timeframe but will that be enough??? We got the email requesting meds and police checks, booked the meds that day and sent off for police checks the next day. We got the police checks back in good time and downloaded them onto our application, but the clinic for the panel doctor couldn't fit us in until 2 weeks after request, so there wasn't alot I could do about it! Help what will happen? Will it be a problem? Melanie x:arghh:
  20. terry & Melanie

    Timeframe on Medicals ???

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how long it takes from doing the medicals to being told you have passed or been refered? We did our medicals on 24/11/09 and just wondered how long it will take to hear something. Thanks Melanie x
  21. Guest

    How long will this all take???

    Hi, I am just sitting here on a warm Sunday afternoon thinking of a faraway land, namely Perth in Oz. We first started all of the proceedings back in January 09 when we appointed our agent. Since then my o/h has passed his AQF 111/TRA and the online Visa Application went in on the 23rd July. We are applying for an independant 175 Visa as o/h's job is on the Critical List as a Wall and Floor Tiler. I suppose the nooks and cranny of the question we want answering (as our agent will not commit themselves to even a guesstimate) is how long are things taking. We know they are looking at all sponship applications before the 175 but we just wanted a rough idea. ie, when should we expect a case officer is this taking 1 month or 5 months? When should we hear about medicals etc. I know it is really difficult to put a figure on these dates but I did not know if there was anyone else out there that had gone through the same sort of experience lately that could shed some light. We keep hearing that 175's are not even being looked at as there is such a backlog for the s/s etc that they are having to wade through these first. Should we just go straight for the s/s rather than wasting any time. We are hoping to go to Perth and are going on a reccie for 3 weeks at xmas. I know to some of you who have been going through the process for months and some of you even years this seems like a really daft question as we probably have a long way to go. This really was a silly thing for me to do even starting this process I am THE MOST impatient person to ever walk this earth and it is killing me already only 8 months into the process. We were hoping to be out there for next Feb but the way things are looking I cannot even see it being a year in Feb. I am sorry for going out but any info at all would be great just so we have some inclination of times etc and what to look forward to next. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your responses. Mat (36), Clare (34) Maesie (8) and Keilen (3) and Buddy (the Cocker Spaniel who is 1) x:notworthy:
  22. Guest

    De facto visa timeframe

    Hi. Anyone know the timeframe for de facto visa's to be processed at the moment if you've front loaded meds and police checks ??:chatterbox:
  23. Guest

    ACS-Skills assessment timeframe

    Dear Friends, I applied for skills assessment with ACS on 07 March 2009 through online mode. Later, I was asked to send the certified copies of the documents which were uploaded with the online application also. The same reached them on 20 March 2009. I then received an email stating that the time spent while waiting for the documents will not be considered as the processing time. Since, 20 March the status of my application has been 'In Process". Mine is a category 'A' application as I have M.Tech (Computer Science) and B.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering) with more than 4 years of full time work experience. Can you give me an idea as when can we expect the assessment from ACS. Are my qualifications sufficient for qualifying as the category 'A' applicant? With regards, Nitin India
  24. Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me here. I've been living and working in Brisbane for the past 11 months on a working holiday visa. I applied for Skilled migration last september, does anyone know how qiuckly/long it takes to be granted this visa?? I only have four weeks left on my current visa, not eligible for my 2nd year working visa and the guy i'm working for has strung me along about sponsoring me. I really don't want to go back to England, so i'm wondering how much longer i can expect to wait. I used a Migration agent but they don't seem to be able to tell me anything. If anyone can let me know roughly how long i can expect to wait, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Adam:unsure:
  25. Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me an average timescale for getting your visa. I think we will be going for the skilled visa! How long does it take on average from start to filling in forms etc to actually being notified you have got your visa?