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      Found 89 results

      1. Hi all, Its a bit of a long shot but I’m wondering if anyone on this site know anyone or them themselves have successfully applied for permanent skilled migration under Drainer, or who have worked as a Sewer Technician (unblocks, cctv, repair and maintenance work etc) My partner has worked as a sewer technician for 10+ years in the UK, we are currently in Australia on a 457. We are looking into PR via subclass 190 visa but it seems to apply as a ‘Drainer’ you need to have experience and qualifications in Gas and Plumbing also? My partner doesn’t have any gas experience but has some minor plumbing experience but no qualifications. He has qualifications in Jetting and CCTV work etc which we believe aren’t enough for the skill assessment. Any personal experiences from anyone who has been in a similar situation/ any other visa recommendations would be much appreciated!
      2. Question on Salary

        i have applied 190 visa developer programar. as per assessment by ACS my work experience after jun 2010 will be counted as skilled. i received an invitation. i am a self employee applicant worked in my own partnership firm where i was receiving salary, interest and profit and intellectual rights for all of my development which i am able to sell by my own too. my firm was very small unit. now my questions are as below during year Year Salary Paid by My Firm My Other Income (Yearly) (as per my IT Return) 2010-2011 70000 160000 2011-2012 86000 160000 2012-2013 25000 180000 2013-2014 85000 180000 2014-2015 25000 180000 2015-2016 110000 240000 2016-2017 110000 240000 2017 some body said that you have very less paid from your employment at your firm so DIAB will not consider your employment is it true? i get paid as per Indian 44b.
      3. Hi All,I've applied for VISA 189/190 NSW for ANZSO code 261312 with 70/70+5 NSW points with following break upAge 25Educational Qualifcation 15Australian experience 10Overseas experience 10English 10But after ACS assessment they consider my experience after October 2009, and my overseas experience stand now to 59 months and Australian experience is 37 months . It is not possible to increase my overseas experience as I am working in Sydney. Now after Acs assessment I can claim only 65/65+5 point for 189/190 visa.Luckily i got invite from NSW on basis of 75 point and after submission of the required document to NSW my nomination got approved.My question is can i proceed with VISA filing considering that already I lost 2-3 months during this process, or i should neglect this nomination and create a new application in skill select with 65 points. Any help would be highly appreciated.
      4. Medcial grade B and parent as guardian

        Hi, we've just had our medicals emailed to us from knightsbridge doctors, unfortunately they're closed now so can't ask them any questions. could someon on here assist? Question 1 I have a pacemaker I have to visit the every 6mths now as my battery is low (2yrs remaining) it used to be every 12mths, Ihave bradycardia adnd it's controlled well, part of the report below, this and tennis elbow surgery put me as a grade B, should I be worried?? Pace maker in situ since 2009-when diagnosedwith bradycardia for dizzy spells,check upsevery 6 months and no further episodessince insertion of pacemaker. In 2014 heunderwent a laparoscopic fundoplicationfor gastro oesophageal reflux disease.Sincethen asymptomatic and no need for anymedication.See attached letters Question 2 I accidently put my wife down as a guardian to our 12yr old daughter this was picked up by the receptionist at the doctors she said she would change it, which she did but only in 1 place it's now showing the below, any advise? Client Declaration The client stated that they read and understood the department's use of the information they have provided.Name of parent/guardian: CHERYL PEARCE Relationship to the client: Mother (incl. in-law)   Client declaration The client has provided true and correct medical history information. Name of parent/guardian CHERYL PEARCE Relationship to the client Guardian
      5. Papers requested by case officer

        Hello everyone, my certificate of experience is issued from governmental body & I had it authenticated by ministry of state & the Australian embassy here in Egypt. Would that be enough evidence for the case officer? I'm asking this because I can't get any other evidence of experience.
      6. Hello everybody, I'm about to lodge an EOI for 190 Visa & need some help on which state to choose (NSW or NT). I'm asking about the state from which I have a better chance to get an invitation. Occupation: Medical Lab scientist (stream one; priority occupation in NSW) Points: 55+5 English: Proficient (10 pts)
      7. Help - question regarding points

        Hey everybody. I've looked all through the forum archives to try and find an answer to my query so i didn't have to start a new thread but i've had no joy. You get points for qualifications, but do the qualifications have to be relevant to the occupation? My girlfriend will be the primary applicant as veterinary nurse but she has a BA Degree in Textiles - will that degree get her further points or does she have to use the qualification attached to vet nursing? it's much lesser and will give less points. Thanks, Lewis
      8. Hi, everyone. I want to know that if I apply for a state nomination onshore and receive it during my overseas vacation(offshore). In this circumstance, can I lodge the 190 visa application offshore? or I need to do it until I back to Australia? Are there any regulations or case about that? Thanks very much for your help.
      9. EOI waiting time 190 NSW

        Hi, I have applied my EOI for subclass 190 NSW on 27sep 2017 with 65 points for occupation 263111(computer network and systems engineer) can anyone please advise me how long will it take to get invite? Regards, Azmath
      10. Partner Visa points

        Hi I got skilled assess in accounting and my wife skilled assess in hairdressing, my skill is in MLTSSL and my wife skill is in STSOL. can we share partner points ?? while we are applying for 190 or 489 strem ? we both have 6 each ielts, both 45 less, and already assess our qualifications. Thanks

        Hi I want to apply 190 visa. I just want to confirm that if we have job offer we have to work fully 2 years at same place? And if we are not able to get job offer in our skilled occupation? and in case we got job offer and somehow we are not able to work at that place, it will affect our visa? please advice.thanks in advance
      12. Where have all the visa grants gone?!

        Hi everyone, So, I can't help but notice that October grants are well below the usual grant rate? I know September was a massive month (one of the trackers reporting as many as 270 PR grants in the month) much more than the usual, but so far in October less than a handful. Does anyone know why this might be? Even if you don't include September its still way below the average. I could make some assumptions about why but, if anyone has more experience or has some information that would be great!
      13. EOI subclass 190 NSW

        Hi all, I'm new to the forum, very interesting reading everyone's comments good and bad. I'm 34 and will be moving over with my wife and our young daughter, can't wait for a new adventure. Submitted my EOI carpenter subclass 190 today with 60 points. Received my IELTS score this morning, very frustrating as I could've done with the 20 points. My results were- Listening- 9 Reading- 9 Speaking - 8.5 Writing- 7.5 So close yet so far, seriously annoying but anyway EOI submitted and I'll probably give them more money and sit it again. Are there any carpenters on here who have received an invite on 60 points recently? Thanks in advance.
      14. 190 visa surety

        Hi I need info over my 190 sn visa case ..had few errors in the docs regarding spellings ...new docs with correct spellings of name were sent ...last doc submitted was on 25th sep 2017 ..wanna know if this will cause any difficulties in getting my visa grant? Any advice is been gratefuly watched
      15. Hi all, My profession is agricultural Consultant and I have lodged my eoi for Victoria under 190 scheme on 6th October 2017. I calmed 60 points with 5 points for state sponsorship. I am a agricultural degree holder and my husband also a mechanical engineer and I claimed partner skills points as well. Could anyone advice me what is my possibility of get an invitation for Victoria under 190? Further I would like to hear from anyone who is in the same boat. Thanks and regards,
      16. I am currently on 457 visa till Feb-2018 and was planning to apply for extention in end of Jan-2018. Now I got invite to apply for 190 visa. But my wife is 4 months pregnant and my wife is travelling to India in Nov for delivery in March-2018. Also I will be travelling to India in March-2018 and and planning to come back in June-2018. Form the info on the forun I find out that, My application will be put on hold untill delivery and then I will have to complete medicals but I have below queries: 1. If I apply for 190 Visa, Will I still be able to apply for 457 extension in Jan-2018? 2. If I apply for 190 visa, I will get bridging visa but will I be able to travel outside Australia (in March-2018) and come back into Australia (in June-2018)? 3. what needs to be done to add new born in the application?
      17. PR as General Accountant

        Hi, I'm Shekhar Mehta from Kolkata, India. This topic is in regards to getting an invite with 75 points and entire processing time taken by DIBP after the invite for Permanent Residency File Under section 189, 190 and 489 for General Accountant. I submitted my academics and experience documents along with my PTE scores of 70-W, 75-L, 79-R and 90-S to CPA Australia for my skill assessment on 6th June, 2017. I got a reply from them on 6th July, 2017 stating that I need to pass two papers namely Financial Accounting and Reporting and Business Law to get a positive outcome for my assessment as General Accountant. I appeared for FAR on 4th August, 2017 and Business Law on 24th August, 2017 and cleared both the examinations. I submitted a supplementary form to CPA Australia on 24th, August, 2017 for updating my assessment and on 6th September, 2017 I received a positive outcome on my skill assessment for academics and Employment. I took my PTE Academic examination again on 18th September, 2017 and got my result on 21st September, 2017 with scores of S-90, W-81, R-83, L-81. I lodged my EOI on 21st September, 2017 with 75 points. Age - 30 Education - 15 Experience - 10 English - 20 When can I expect an invite for 189 and 190 (NSW) and is there any chance of getting PR with the points I have as I got to know from different forums that its pretty difficult to get an invite with 75 points. Again, how long it takes for the entire process and are there chances of rejection from DIBP after invite. Kindly reply on it guys. Any help would be greatly appreciated by me. Thanks.
      18. Do points make a difference?

        Hi Just wondering if anyone knows whether points make a difference? Do applications get processed if they pass the threshold in order of receipt or do they get assessed more quickly if you have more points?
      19. Initial Entry - 190 Visa

        I had received my and my family PR on state sponsorship(190-visa) from Queensland in Feb 2017 and have an initial entry date of 17 Nov 2017.Due to some personal reasons I can't relocate permanently now. I will be relocating by September 2018. But considering the implications of the initial entry, I am planning to visit Brisbane, Australia in Oct 2017. I have a few queries regarding all this. Please let me know If I can delay my initial entry or not If it is mandatory to travel, then any recommendations / suggestions regarding the first entry. Shall I register with Medicare and Centerlink or TAX??? Also any suggestion of cheap tickets from Lahore to Brisbane. Thanks and waiting for recommendations and response
      20. I didn't put any work experience in the EOI and I've received an invitation for 190 visa. I was asked to fill up the employment history in the visa application "Have you employed for the past 10 years". If I put my 10 years experience in the application, will there be any problem or my visa denied ? ( i have only non-skilled 10 years experience and it doesn't have any points). Please any expert please please help me. Thanks in advance.
      21. Hello friends,Would anyone be able to point me to a source where I could see the online application form for the 190 visa, so I can prepare all the answers prior to getting an invite?I searched online found a video showing the 189 questions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBWrg9ksAmo). If the 190 visa application form is the same as the 189 one that should suffice.Kind Regards
      22. Hi all, My Victoria SS has been successfully, so can now apply for a 190 visa. However, I'm due to travel back to the UK shortly and need clarification regarding the travel limitations. If I apply now, will a bridging visa B be required before I can re-enter the country (even though my current 457 has not expired)? I'm seeing lots of conflicting information online with either: Upon 190 application, I will be granted a bridging visa (A) and even though my 457 has not expired, I will still require a bridging visa B in to re-enter. As my 457 has not expired, I will stay on the 457 and the bridging visa A will just remain inactive - meaning I can still re-enter as per the usual 457 rules If anyone is able to clear this up then that would be great. Also, when it says you have 60 days to apply from invitation, does that mean I can start the application now, but it just needs to submitted within 60 days? As from starting the application to completion, are there any limitations on travel? Thanks
      23. Hello All, I'm starting this thread for all those who lodged their 190 visas in March or April 2017. It would be interesting to track the progress of our grants. More importantly, I'm hoping that we can share our thoughts, especially since this group would have similar timelines, in terms of the grants (give or take a few weeks) and in forging plans for the big move to Aus! It helps to know there are others out there, going through a similar phase in life ! I'm excited and hope to see many of you contributing to this discussion
      24. Hello everyone, need help regarding work experience for 190 PR. I have bachelor's degree & 7 years of experience in last 10 years in the same field. Previous 5 Years Job - Appointment letter, job experience & salary slips available - IT returns & from 60 available Last 2 Years - Freelancing & self-employment (same field) - Payment was taken in personal bank account - Have personal IT returns - Client testimonials & reference letters available - No company registration - No current account QUESTION - Someone told me that you must have current account and business registration to count the above experience as self-employed - Based on above data is my Freelancing work experience eligible for 190 PR? Thanks in advance for your help.
      25. Nsw 190 invitation timeline

        Anyone waiting for nsw 190 invitation. I have submitted EOI on 06/04/2017 with 65 points Cook occupation Its 6 weeks today..... Please provide any information so that i can have some idea.... Thanks Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app