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Found 231 results

  1. ksimpson94

    TRA migration skills advice

    Hi everyone, My partner’s TRA skills assessment came through after waiting for 6 months. There is no “date deemed skilled” as there was in my Vetassess outcome and TRA stated they don’t do this. They also mentioned that he might need “migration points advice” from them for a points tested visa. This would require submitting all of his documents again for another assessment that might take another 6 months. Is this necessary when we are submitting EOI for 189/190 visas? If not, when does he class his skilled employment from for claiming points? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. cg9456

    190 Victoria Timelines

    Hi all, I submitted my EOI and ROI for the 190 to Victoria on Friday. My occupation is "Secondary School Teacher" and I just wanted to get an idea on other's timelines for the process as well as sharing some of my own timeline too! Skills Assessment: Applied 21/03/23. Approved 20/04/23. PTE: sat and gained results 27/04/23. EOI (189 and 190) and ROI (Victoria) Submitted: Friday 28th April. Good luck everyone!
  3. Hi..I have 1 year and 7 months of experience in the occupation that I'm targeting for 189/190 visas. It requires at least one year of experience according to Australian Home Office. I've heard of cases where VETASSESS have deducted 1 year of experience. If I apply for skill assessment now, and this happens to me, I'd be left with less than 1 year of experience deemed as "skilled". Should I wait 5 more months until I have at least 2 years of experience (which will be in December this year) and then apply for skill assessment, in the hope of getting 1 full year deemed as skilled? Or does it not matter, as I will be continuing in my current occupation under the same employer by the time I'd be applying for the visa?
  4. LFrance

    Northampton PGCE Top Up Course

    Has anyone ever been successful with an AITSL skills assessment having completed the Northampton PGCE top up course? TRBWA have recommended the course and said they recognise it but AITSL have information on their website that they often do not accept Top Up courses for PGCE as the initial teacher training completed is not a recognised programme. I have QTS gained via school direct. I have academic transcript of the course as well as a letter from the university stating that I did 120 days placement of supervised teaching practice. Any help is appreciated as I need to know whether to go ahead with this course.
  5. From the research we have done we are looking at 189, 190 or 489 visas. My wife is currently an English secondary school teacher in the UK. She has a Masters Degree, her PGCE and is now working full time but doesnt have three years experience. She has 25 points due to age (36) Through online points calculator my wife has 40 points (age 25, education 15) and has booked up the IELTS course which we believe will provide another 20 (at least is should with a Masters in English...and it will if is has to be retaken!). I am now under the impression that 60 points is no longer enough for a 189 but if we opt for 190 or 489 we would gain the extra 5 points through state sponsorship. My wife has a sister who is a permanent resident living in central Perth so I dont know if that will give us another angle in. I run my own tiling installation company and have done so on a self employed basis for the last 6/7 years. My practical skills in these areas are minimal as I project manage so I am not sure if I qualify for skills assessment as a wall and floor tiler which I believe would get another 5 points. If the assessment is on paper i'll pass, if its practical I wont!! Our aim to is to get this through ASAP due to our ages (36 and 37) so we are not concerned which visa we get including if it means going regional. I would also be interested if there is a visa option I have missed and/or if there is a quicker way of getting across. Permanent residency is the end goal so any visa that we get initially would need to allow for this. I'm of the impression that using an agent would be beneficial in cutting down on time with regards submitting paperwork correctly, would you agree? Sorry if this is a bit long but some advice would be great!
  6. Hi, wondering if someone can answer a question. I’ve been contacted and selected to apply for 190 from Victoria’s ROI. One of the questions was ‘Am I including my spouse on the nomination visa’ to which I answered yes… it then asked for his job which I selected engineering manager from the drop down list. On the skill select EOI, I also stated the same thing for my partner and answered no to the question does he have a positive skills assessment (because he doesn’t). Therefore, I haven’t claimed any points for his occupation but I’m confused by the question on the ROI from Victoria. I don’t want it to appear that I’ve claimed for his occupation when I haven’t but did want him included on the application as he’s my husband… was that the right thing to do? TIA Waiting for immigration consultation but it’s taking a while.. any help appreciated.
  7. Hi Everyone, As the title explains really. I have 10 years experience in recruitment and have also owned my own business in recruitment for the last 5 years. Looking at a 190 visa and currently score 85 points from what I can see on the government website. Is there really no way of having 10 years experience outweigh the fact I don’t have a degree? TIA
  8. ksimpson94

    NSW 190 Eligibility

    Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice please. Am I right in thinking to be eligible for NSW 190 nomination I must only submit an EOI for NSW? In other words will submitting EOIs for other states make me ineligible for NSW nomination? (In terms of increasing chances of PR) Many thanks, Kyle
  9. Hi and Happy New Year! Just thought id create this thread to see if anyone has had a recent 190 Visa granted? Just some background, I submitted my application in March 2020 (Offshore), now waiting almost ten months. Processing times on the home affairs website is saying 10-13 months. Fingers crossed I get a grant soon, however not sure how about processing given Covid and the current travel restrictions. Appreciate any feedback. Regards,
  10. Which option would be best to put for my teaching qualification, if any?
  11. Hi all, OK first post... hopefully someone can help me out and maybe put my mind at rest (or not). Im a mechanic, 26, with qualifications and experience (carried out apprenticeship with VW), i gained my qualifications 7 years ago. Im applying for permanent residency soon and my main concern is with the vetassess interview via video call, i would really like to hear from people that have experienced this part of the process. I know myself i'm capable of doing my job but with it being years ago that i was last trained, and often rarely encountering some of the aspects of what i was originally trained in day-to-day, i'm worried what they will ask me and whether i will have the correct answers for them to pass! I am worried mainly about questions on testing electronics, auto gearboxes... areas that i haven't had much to do with, things that i know i could repair but still i'm worried about answering questions on them. i have read a couple of threads on a similar topic but the only answers i came across was people saying 'don't worry, its not actually that bad'........... i'm still worrying! lol I guess i would love to hear from someone who has done the interview as part of there process and to explain what it was like in a bit more detail... Is it hard?! What sort of questions would they ask? How in-depth do they expect you to go? How would they ask them? Is it more of a conversation than a test? How long dose it take? How would you recommend i prepare? Im not trying to worry too much but it just feels to me like this would be the deal breaker of the whole application! If anyone feels like they could help me out, it would be much appreciated! Thanks, James.
  12. Hello guys, I tried so hard but no luck finding answer to my question.. I worked in a big consulting firm and on a 482 visa (under accountant occupation). Can my working experience while I am holding 482 visa be used to apply 190 for another occupation (management consultant)? I have the skills assessment and pretty confident that the nature of my work and my employer shouldnt have no problem for both occupations. Thank you guys!
  13. Aimee25

    Missed the boat??

    Hi we are still in the process of submitting EOI’s and I feel like we may have to except we have missed the boat, our agent is still putting EOI’s in but the main applicant turns 45 in December surely this is too late to still apply as I can’t see us getting invited and everything being approved before then?? just wondering if anyone has any advice on this is it correct you need to have everything approved before you turn 45? I would rather our agent say we are wasting our time. Appreciate any advice thanks
  14. Raplin45

    22/23 Allocation

    Hey all, an update for info from today for this year's allocations for anyone who wants to have a look - Migration Program planning levels (homeaffairs.gov.au)
  15. Okay so, victoria just opened up ROI submission for visa 190 for the 2022-2023 year. I noticed that the form is pretty objective this time asking very few questions, including Salary, and the postcode of the employer. It seems like your salary is an important aspect that will decide how soon your ROI gets selected. Does anyone have any experience with this? My salary is $70000 per year approx. Can anyone suggest if this is a good salary in victoria and how soon will it help in getting ROI selected? Thanks
  16. Hi guys, need advice on which pathway to follow: I'm currently working as a Mechanical Engineer in Australia. However, that is my first working experience after my Bachelors Degree. Apart from this, I'm also a Mechanical Engineering Technician with 3 years of working experience offshore. I'm in doubt of which ANZSCO I use for the visa. Mechanical Engineer 233512 186DE: Probably not eligible due to the 3 years working experience after graduation. 189: Eligible but low EOI score. 190: Eligible but low EOI score. 482 Medium Term: Probably not eligible due to the 2 years working experience after graduation. 494: Probably not eligible due to 3 years relevant work experience in your nominated occupation. Mechanical Engineering Technician 312512 190: Eligible and higher score compering with Mechanical Engineer. 482 Short Term: Eligible. However, short term does not offer pathway to PR. I would need to ask my company to change my function from Engineer to Technician. 494: Eligible. Pathway to PR after 3 years. However, I would need to ask my company to change my function from Engineer to Technician. Seeking for any advices. I am planning to see a migrant agent but want to explore my options before spending any money.
  17. Hi, I currently have a 190 visa application currently awaiting processing. I plan on quitting my current job in the UK to go travelling while I wait for the visa to be processed. Yes, I know there are risks to this, for example the visa taking longer to be processed than expected, but I am financially capable of waiting out any problems that may occur, and could also potentially enter Australia on a working holiday visa in the meantime, so I am not looking for advice on this. As to why I don't want to just wait until the visa is granted and then travel, again, I have my reasons that I do not plan to go into here. What I would like to know is; would there be a risk of this negatively impacting my visa application? I have already received state sponsorship, been invited to apply, and submitted a full and complete application including health assessments etc. The job I will be leaving will be the same job type I am entering Australia to begin working in. I would be notifying the department of home affairs on my immiaccount page via the "Notification of change in circumstances" form. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I think I know what I'm doing here but I could be missing something. Thanks in advance, Chris
  18. Coderdecoder

    Victoria ROI in Fintech

    Hi, Would like to know if anyone has applied for Victoria State nomination ROI in Digital sector (FinTech industry) for 2021-2022 financial year and if they have received any response?
  19. Hi everyone I currently living in Melbourne, and soon to study under Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood ( a 1 year full time course). After a year i will have to do skill assessment but then i realised the IELTS requirement is impossible to obtain. Then i saw Criterion 1 ------------------------------ An AITSL skills assessment can consider qualifications that are: completed in any of the six listed English speaking countries that results in award of a qualification; of at least one year full-time study duration; and comparable to the educational level of an Australian bachelor degree (Australian Qualifications Framework Level 7) or higher. Please note that to fulfil the study option of the English Language criterion (Option 1), your total study must equal four full years in any of the six listed English speaking countries and this study must include a recognised initial teacher education qualification. All components of the initial teacher education qualification including supervised teaching practice must be completed in one or more of the six countries listed. ------------------------------ Well i did a Bachelor in Design - Animation and interactive ( 3 years course) and graduated back in 2015, then went back to my home country, not until now in 2022 that i decided to come back to Melbourne for visa 190/491 with PR in mind. But im worried because the bachelor is 7-8 yrs old, i dont know if its going to be a problem and whether AITSL will request me to take the IELTLS. Do you think i can dodge the IELTS bullet? Plz let me know ur opinions Thanks all
  20. Hi all - grateful for any insight/advice! I know lots on here are clued up on invitation stats & numbers in the visa queue... (p.s. where do I find this info?!) I've looked extensively into options to move back to Sydney and I think 190 might be the best route (we used our 417 WHVs back in 2017). My boyfriend is an Electronics Engineer with 75 points (inc. NSW nomination). 28yrs, Masters degree in Electronics Engineering from UK university with 3 years experience in England. My question is - is this enough?! I want to crack on with booking the IELTS & skills assessments needed for the points but I wanted to sense check the plan in case we're pouring money down the drain for a visa thats completely unattainable due to competition/demand. Can someone link me to where they show data from previous years? Thanks in advance
  21. Hi, Desperately searching for an answer. Am I wasting my time if I expect a visa invitation from Australia if I have 80 points? I have submitted EOI in Nov-2021. My role is developer-programmer. I understood that Australia will be taking in more developer/programmers in the future. Please share your thoughts.
  22. HELLO everyone I got my second assessment outcome for the hope to be invited for 190 NSW for the occupation electronic instrument trades worker (general) 342314 on 6th march and submitted an eoi for nsw 190 visa. my previous assessment was electronic instrument trades worker (special class) 342315 that wasn't on the NSW list. I am claiming 60+5 points, (having pte academic +65 score). this is about 2 weeks I am waiting to be invited for nsw but a little I am disappointed !!! do you think I should try for pte academic +79 that is somehow difficult for me or wait for more? how likely am I going to be invited? is there anyone with the same occupation and points? thanks
  23. Hi I am a student from India, living in Australia currently. I have finished my PG in Master of Supply Chain Innovation in December. I wish to immigrate to Australia but unfortunately, my course is not on the Skills list. I am planning to register for a baking course during my Temporary Residence period of 3 years. Please let me know how useful this course would be for me, and if you feel I should consider some other courses? Thanks!
  24. Dean7133


    Happy New Year All! My wife and I have been going through the visa process for 14 months now and only just about to lodge our EOI. we were looking at Brisbane but have lost a little hope as there seems no movement at all , every now and then we’d get a glimmer of hope and then be left disappointed. My wife is a registered nurse in the UK working in aged care , we’ve decided that our best chance is to go for the 190 for nsw we currently have 65 points. im wondering if anyone else is in a Similar situation and had any success and how long it took after lodging the EOI ? TIA
  25. Hi all, I have a query regarding my ACS skill assessment. I am a software engineer with 7.2 years experience currently in Sydney. But my bachelors degree is in Civil Engineering and masters in structural engineering from India. I am trying to apply for NSW 190 visa, for which I need to go for skill assessment. I was been told by my friends that I need to go for RPL (recognition of prior learning) as work experience is not related to my education. Is this correct? If so, will my education qualifications will also be assessed by ACS? Please let me know your advise on this. Thanks in advance.