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  1. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    I've not experienced this apparent pom initiation rite as yet, possibly because I'm careful and haven't spent a long time out in the direct sunlight yet or been in the sea. I wear sunscreen and use the same bottle to re apply. I was told as a kid not to mix sunscreens but now I also know why! Thanks I also have very sun resistant skin. I'm still pale as all heck despite walking around Rockingham for a good hour yesterday, though I do use factor 30. Haven't dared show my legs yet in case i blind anyone. Haha.
  2. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    We were lucky and got the rental we wanted by offering 6 months up front. We're trying to sell the house in the UK so we have this rental for a year and we will buy when the sale goes through. Gives us time to look and find the right place. What a whirlwind indeed! Great that you got so much sorted in such little time. good luck with your new roles!
  3. Nyxkat

    Shipping a cat to Australia

    Kids stuff as it has less ingredients and is safer. Vet advised to use it.
  4. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    Yeah there have been a couple I missed out on too. One the closing date was a week before my visitor visa send the other one was an immediate turn down at application, I suspect because of my visa status. But I will keep at it haha. Its trickier because I can't drive, never learnt in the UK so I am having to get some cycling stamina built up! There's not a lot around where we live. The other option is cycling to Murdoch Station and commuting into the CBD.
  5. Nyxkat

    Shipping a cat to Australia

    Ours have made the transition from outdoor roaming cats to indoor cats with part of the garden to go out into that we have sectioned off with netting so they cannot go far or get out. In this suburb/ Council area cats have to be spayed/neutered and chipped (ours are 5 so already were), are not to roam past the garden boundaries unless they wear a collar with a special ID tag that they sent to us. We obviously don't want them roaming and getting lost, run over, or decimating the wildlife here so we managed to make them a nice space to sit outside as a compromise (in a covered area). Though our boy cat despises the fact he has to have sun cream put on his white nose and ear tips now. He is getting better at accepting it now though and I get less of a death stare every day lol.
  6. Ooff, crazy times eh? We managed to locate a car we liked here so that was easy.
  7. Pss are a cheap option and they at least refunded us a token sum for the damage they did to our walls (two massive corner dent holes in the stair way halls, thanks guys ) and for container space we didn't actually use (our load was smaller than expected) but oh my. The communication has been awful. A full month without a single update and only told our stuff was shipping after sending an email saying "hey, its been a month, what's going on". Also the rep we dealt with was quite short with us on a couple of occasions. Even though we were fully understanding of the container shortage issue and were polite. We wouldn't use them again.
  8. Wow, you're getting your stuff before us and ours was packed and taken in August . We were quoted arrival of mid to late November and the container delays then hit. We have been told our stuff got on a ship on 12th November and will arrive in Perth on 24th Dec, so we're unlikely to see our items til Jan due to customs times and the holiday period.
  9. Nyxkat

    Shipping a cat to Australia

    We just brought our 2 cats over in August and we used pet Air. They were great and communicated well with us the whole time and responded to emails very fast their organisation skills are very good and they give you lots of options. Our cats both lost a fair bit of weight along the journey. The boy could stand to lose some as he is on the chonkier side. The girl cat was very skinny when we got her back and we were a bit concerned, but she put weight back on pretty fast when back with us and our new local vet said she was doing well, had a couple of mouth ulcers probably from stress but otherwise fine. She is a very picky eater too and we suspect she was refusing to eat due to stress ulcers and incorrect kibble (cats tend not to eat much when stressed) rather than it being anything the quarantine and travel process had done. They were obviously a bit scared by the whole thing but have bounced back very quickly and settled into live here very well. The girl cat plays so much more than she used to, she loves our shiny tiled floor so bats a piece of litter around it most evenings and the boy cat has got more vocal and chatty.
  10. Nyxkat

    Journey so far

    Been here just over 3 months, my visitor visa ticked over to a bridging visa yesterday. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time haha. We took some time to settle in and it's been wonderful so far.
  11. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    I'm now officially on my bridging visa and the real wait starts. We've settled in pretty well here and the cats are finally more relaxed and enjoying the new space. Now onto the job search. Applied for my tfn already. It all feels a million miles (or kilometers!) Away since we were in quarantine waiting for meals and washing our utensils the bathroom sink! If anyone reading this is sat in quarantine thinking "Well this sucks" its okay. It's not that long in the grand scheme of things and it gets so much better so fast after you get out.
  12. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    It really is! We like the short drive into the city for sure! And we will likely hop into freo in the week too. I think we are finally winding down from the 'out every day for a lot of the day locating appliances and furniture' now and moving to the 'waiting for final deliveries and settling' in phase. We got nbn ordered and bills sorted plus got the cats registered too! We might even get to relax soon haha
  13. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    Haha thanks . So far we haven't seen a lot of it but we like what we have seen.
  14. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    I have seen some signs for it haha! I think our first stop will be Perth zoo though. We have been to Caversham a few years ago on holidays but not made it to Perth zoo yet. (We both like zoos haha)
  15. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    We have a friend in success so we have been looking in the surrounding suburbs. We have just got a place to rent (yay!) In leeming for a year so we will be looking into this area some more. It was on our shortlist of 'burbs to check out anyway hehe. Haven't been to secret Harbour yet but I am sure we will visit when we have set up home a bit more and had time to rest haha.