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  1. Nyxkat

    crafty folks of Perth

    Yeah I think he is settled on using iron chef if he moves the bratty car (long story but I swear his car dislikes me lol). I plan on going to the Saturday craft market in freo if it is still going when we arrive and pass quarrantine. I can locate yarn crafters and sew types there to ask too. And I know there's at least one crafty artisan shop. I am also hoping I can take my crochet hooks and some wool with me on the flight so I have something to do in quarantine. I know there's some restrictions on this sort of thing and they would go in the hold not my hand luggage.
  2. Nyxkat

    Relationship break up and moving back home...

    Was the first day of madness today. My shop opened so I was there managing the queue today. There were tens of thousands of people out today of not more. The queue for my charity shop wasn't too bad, between 4 and 12 people long, but no one was bothered about distancing. People queueing for primark were all scrunched up together too and that queue was over a mile long today. It went up the high street to the park and zig zagged around for a while o.0 There were people drinking outside pubs at 9am. It's going to be hard keeping those numbers good when people are behaving so badly.
  3. Nyxkat

    Pound v Aussie Dollar - what will happen next?

    Interesting info! Thank you. I shall investigate that option as that seems like a good interim measure to take.
  4. Nyxkat

    Pound v Aussie Dollar - what will happen next?

    Not exactly. There's already a huge impact on trade and transportation of goods. I've seen people who have had to pay more for the import of their item than the actual item costs, -after- they had ordered it, charged as extra by the shipping company for the extra costs of shipping. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/buying-online-from-europe-post-brexit/ Keeping on topic though I am hoping for a bit more of a rise. I plan on getting some currency soonish with some if my redundancy pay as we are planning to move to Australia in August. It will take a bit before I can get a bank set up properly and want to have a little bit of cash for the smaller stuff and to pay my way till I have an account (bf will have cards he can use and already has an aussie account).
  5. Nyxkat

    Relationship break up and moving back home...

    Things may appear to be moving fast here but they really are not. Yes the vaccine rollout is excellent. The rest of it is a total cluster fudge. It's been one awful decision after another and things are still opening up too early IMO. Also they've been letting people travel to the UK this whole time pretty much only deciding to restrict certain arrivals after 8 months of covid. Don't get me wrong I'm definitely amazed at the vaccine rollout it has been impressive. Though even the vaccine rollout has had its issues. Currently there's potential links to blood clotting in certain brands which is extremely rare but is worrying enough people to cause low key chaos at hospitals with people showing up with mild symptoms because they're scared. And then there'd the holdups of transporting the vaccines due to brexit and the petty arguments that have stemmed over that. We are far from okay here. Please send caramello koalas and corn jacks. On the subject of the actual post, agz15 I'm sorry you're going through that. I would definitely wait till you have citizenship before doing anything. Maybe you can go back fir a holiday/extended visit when it is safer to and see how you feel after returning? (Don't go rn, returning is super difficult). If you feel like you need a change you could move to a slightly different area, say the next suburb over, rather than a whole new city. The urge to want to avoid certain places goes away after a while and feelings will settle.
  6. Nyxkat

    crafty folks of Perth

    Yeah he is mulling that over to be fair. It's a BMW convertible so apparently very desirable over there. It's more whether it's worth the hassle. Honestly I haven't got a favourite brand as such for yarn, though stylecraft has always been nice. I go by colour and texture mostly. I do have a soft spot for cake yarns though (like Caron cakes) as I love the ways they colour shift. I have a bunch of stylecraft tweed super chunky xl I may get some more of as it is so soft. It crochet and loom knits up a dream.
  7. Nyxkat

    crafty folks of Perth

    Yup! kitties are being taken care of by Pet Air. They are working on the import permits now then will be booking quarrantine for the kitties. We're not going until late August as the cats would not have been ready to fly until early August anyway. Thank you for the links I will investigate those.
  8. Nyxkat

    crafty folks of Perth

    I will have to investigate a move cube, never heard of one. Thanks for the info. Fabric wise I don't have a massive amount. Probably around 7 to 10 kilos I'm just slow to sew it up. I am planning on shipping the good quality stuff I have left over but not the cheaper stuff or scraps. I will likely be getting a fair bit of fabric at op shops too reusing materials etc. Re my yarn it definitely needs a reshuffle at least. I bought a lot of balls when I first started but only one of each design so it's not enough for bigger stuff and is very bits and bobs like. I'm working on a few projects to use some of these up and I try now when I buy wool to get at least 3 skiens of yarn to be able to make something decent with it . There's definitely going to be a discussion on shipping and a potential yarn shop if its really that expensive out there for yarn. I have a lot less stuff and if he does take the car I might be able to convince him I can just fill the back with wool
  9. Nyxkat

    Do we all need a visa?

    Good luck!
  10. Nyxkat

    crafty folks of Perth

    That's interesting to know. It is something I didn't really notice a lack of when out there both times on holiday but I suppose that's not what you look for on holiday. I haven't really got into card making but I have a friend here who makes them and teaches classes, perhaps I should do a couple haha.
  11. Nyxkat

    Ahhh the challenge of being a migrant

    This is such a good test for so many things. By the way your post is worded there's already a lot of positive pings on Australia in "a much better one in Sydney" and "wonderful lifestyle". It sort of sounds already like you have a preference. The best thing you can do for now is weigh up the pros and cons, be brutally honest with yourself. Then toss the coin and see what your heart says.
  12. Nyxkat

    crafty folks of Perth

    Thank you, there's some great advice here! The only thing I am struggling to cull ruthlessly is my crafting stuff haha. I know there's a couple of crafty shops in freo so they will be a good place to start too. I have been frantically crafting to use up my materials rather than sell or donate them haha. The made goods will be gifts for the several birthdays we have coming up before we go. I just finished this last night
  13. Hi! So we are looking at relocating to Perth in late August this year. I am a crafter and very much into my crochet and sewing, as well as recycling and upcycling etc. (I have made coasters out of the seams of old jeans etc). I am looking to get out and be social with other crafters ans I am curious if there's anything like a what we tend to call a stitch and b*ch (you get the idea) where people meet up and do crafts and socialise. Pic for posting about crafting tax hehe Edit: I should probably add we will be around the fremantle area for our first year ish. TIA Nix
  14. Nyxkat

    Singapore or Qatar

    Thank you for the clarification, I really appreciate it it changes things for sure. I can see how awful that situation must have been but agree it's not on the airline at that point. We see some interesting flights with finn air that are a bit longer but business class looks doable with them without being insanely expensive. Has anyone ever flown with them?
  15. Nyxkat

    Singapore or Qatar

    We have always preferred Singapore Airlines but currently they are a third more expensive £985 vs £670 for economy one way which is eye Wateringly expensive when you look at business class for 2 adults. Also they are only flying at weekends which was always the more expensive option. I haven't seen the stuff about Qatar Airlines pulling women off of planes so I will have to have a look into that to see. I've also never flown with them so no idea what to expect. Kimboslice I'm sorry for your loss