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  1. Can I ask how long in advance they told you they couldnt get a container? We also paid the £100 insurance thing but they said to me on the phone today that that only included less than 24hour cancellations...
  2. We are less than 1 week away from packers arriving and we just heard from the removals company (PSS) that the shipping line cannot longer cover the booking and that they will be unlikely to sort a container until the middle of October - and this date was not confirmed! They are giving up the option of storage , but of course with a fee attached - which apparently none of the two insurances we took with them (PSS) covers. Has anything like this happened to anyone here?? It is so frustrating because we feel like we don't have any other choice but to pay the daily fee , and who knows until when!!! The way they set up their terms and conditions is so that all the risks lies with the customer. The date was confirmed a while ago, we paid a booking fee to confirm the date and we paid in full yesterday. Frustrating!