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Found 81 results

  1. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/covid19/unvaccinated-travellers/temp-visa-holders/entering-and-transiting-australia
  2. Nyxkat

    We made it to Perth!

    Wasn't sure where to put this so figured here was an okay fit. We made it to Perth after 24 hours of travel, 3 flights and a lot of crazy spoiling in first class which was cheaper than economy by the time we got to booking our flights (I know, what a strange world currently!) It was crazy expensive but the extra space on the flights was worth it. Quarantine is going okay so far but dont quote me on that in a week haha (it's our first full day in quarantine). We got a good night's sleep and the room is decent if a bit small. My partner has an rrv and I am going to be applying onshore for a defacto partner visa in the next few days. We are lucky to have been able to get to this point and we are very happy to be here. Border staff were great, don't be shy about talking to them about your trip and your reasons for going etc. They're used to seeing tired travelers! I am happy to talk about the process and what its like in quarantine etc. I have seen a few posts questioning the process. It is going to be different from state to state and hotel to hotel so some of my experiences won't be as helpful or shouldn't be taken as going to or not going to happen. A few faq things: Yes you get fed in quarantine. You get 3 meals a day at a cost to yourself as part of the quarantine package you pay for. Though if you're in a self catering unit I don't know how that works as I am not in one. Yes you can order food and groceries in but they will not usually be delivered to you until they do a run up to your floor so be sure to time it with the meal or drop off runs. This also varies per state and area and hotel I believe so check your check in paperwork. No you cannot have visitors or meet up with other guests in the hallways. It's called quarantine for a reason hehe. No you don't get a choice of room or hotel etc. You will be assigned a place and taken to it upon arrival after some security checks etc. I hope this helps and puts some minds at rest. I will try and answer any questions but please remember that my experience will be different to yours and the rules will change or be a bit different state to state hotel to hotel.
  3. Hello, I will land in Sydney on the 4th of January. The rules are that I should do a test within 24 hours and another one on or after 6 days. Does that mean I can do the second test on the 9th of January?
  4. Hi, does anyone know if after you arrive at your destination ie Brisbane airport you then undergo quarantine for14 days ..after this time are you free to catch an interstate domestic flight within Queensland without undergoing quarantine again??
  5. Hi all, So glad to have found this forum! 12 months later than planned (thanks COVID!), my partner and I finally received our 4 year TSS visa and travel exemption to move to Sydney. We have had a bit of a nightmare with the cost of flights (work are not covering our moving expenses but that’s another story…) and are booked to travel from London> Doha> Sydney at the end of March with Qantas, which is the cheapest we could find. I’m slightly worried with flight cancellations and needing to get a negative test before flying – feels so close but also those final hoops to jump through. Has anyone successfully got on a Qantas flight recently with no last-minute cancellations? Living We are in our late twenties and previously lived in London (Vauxhall/ Oval area) – enjoy pubs, bars and nice restaurants but equally love the outdoors (hiking, beaches etc). Does anyone have any advice on where would be best to move? We are thinking Zetland, Waterloo, Paddington, Bondi Junction, Surry Hills, Moore Park, Redfern. We need to be a commutable distance to CBD ideally and do not have a huge budget for renting. Moving Only have a 20kg luggage case included with our flight. We do not have any white goods, furniture etc to transport but I would like to bring as much of my personal items, clothing, shoes etc as possible. Does anyone have any recommendations on how best to transport - I do not think we will be needing a container – potentially a few storage boxes etc? I’ve seen MoveCube and Sendmybag mentioned on here, any experiences of either? Sorry for all the questions, any help/ advice would be much appreciated. I’ve loved reading all your threads Thanks, Ellie
  6. Hi there, We are looking to return to Oz ASAP and understand that we have to complete a mandatory 14 days in quarantine. We will be arriving in Perth. Does anyone know please how you go about booking into the quarantine centre on arrival? Do you notify someone in advance? I can't find any information online on the actual process once your flight is booked! Many thanks in advance to anyone with any info on this!! Quote Edit
  7. Hi there, We are looking to return to Oz ASAP and understand that we have to complete a mandatory 14 days in quarantine. Does anyone know please how you go about booking into the quarantine centre on arrival? Do you notify someone in advance? I can't find any information online on the actual process once your flight is booked! Many thanks in advance to anyone with any info on this!!
  8. The Pom Queen

    Bringing Dogs and Cats in to Australia

    How to bring your pets to Australia Moving to a new country is a big move for you and your family, and chances are that if you know you’ll be gone for a while. We’ve put together some points for you to consider and research when asking yourself 1. Why bring your pet? There are plenty of people who move away from home or even overseas for years at a time without taking their pet with them. Should you bring yours along with you? What are the arguments for or against? Travel may be stressful, but is it less stressful than being rehomed? How well do you know the new home, what if their situation changes and your pet winds up at a shelter? If you’re not sure what’s right for you and your situation, talk to a vet or a specialist (like Bob at Petair) who can help you talk through your options. 2. One step at a time Just like people, your pets will need to have paperwork filed and go through customs before they can come into the country. The steps vary depending on your country of origin and the pet you’re bringing into the country. For example, pets from New Zealand and Norfolk Island don’t need an import permit to come to Australia, but animals from the UK and US do require an import permit. If you’re transporting a dog, make sure your breed isn’t on the restricted list. If you have an unusual pet, you’ll need to do the extra research to see if your pet can be brought over, and what extra steps you might need to take (such as vaccinations). The transport process is complicated and takes a long time. The following screenshot is from the Australian government calculator indicating what steps need to be undertaken and by when. This screenshot shows the necessary dates for a dog being brought into Australia on the 1st of February, 2019. If you’re serious about bringing your pet, you’ll need to go through a number of steps to be able to bring them over. For more information on any of these steps, please visit the office Australian government website. Step 1: Contact the competent authority This happens before you begin the export process. You need to contact your local competent authority (in the country you’re leaving) to find out which veterinarians and laboratories can help you prepare your pet for export. They will also tell you if there are any additional requirements to take your pet out of the country. Step 2: Confirm general eligibility. This also happens before you begin the export process. You will need to check that your pet is eligible to be brought into Australia (this article covers some of the restrictions in Australia). Australia has some strict rules for which dog and cat breeds can and can’t be brought into the country, but fortunately the banned lists are fairly small. For dogs, animal hybrids (such as wolf-dog crosses) cannot be brought into the country. This includes (but is not limited to) the: • Czechoslovakian wolfdog or Czechoslovakian Vlcak • Saarloos wolfdog or Saarloos wolfhound • Lupo Italiano or Italian wolfdog • Kunming wolfdog or Kunming dog. Also, if your dogo Argentino, fila Brasileiro, Japanese Tosa, American pit bull terrier or pit bull terrier, or Perro de Presa Canario (or Presan Canario) are pure breeds, they cannot be imported. The following cat breeds cannot be imported to Australia: • Savannah cats (crossbreeding domestic cat (Felis catus) with Serval cat (Felis serval) • Safari cat, domestic cat crossed with Geoffroy cat (Oncifelis geoffroyi) • Chausie, domestic cat crossed with Jungle cat (Felis chaus) • Bengal cat, domestic cat crossed with Asian Leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis). Note: If your Bengal cat is more than five generations removed from its wild ancestors, it may be eligible for import. To make things even more complicated, some pet transportation companies won’t ship brachycephalic dog breeds. These are dog breeds with shortened faces, such as Pugs, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Chow Chows, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Bull Mastiffs and English Toy Spaniels. Fortunately PetAir can help you transport these breeds, as they have veterinarians available to ensure your dog is in good health before transportation. Step 3: Verify existing microchip, or implant a new microchip. The timeframe for this depends on vaccine validity. A government approved veterinarian must scan your pet’s microchip at each visit, and their microchip number must be correctly recorded on all documentation. Step 4: Check rabies vaccination. This step also depends on vaccine validity. Your pet must have been vaccinated against rabies when they were at least 90 days old, and the vaccine must be valid and approved by the country of export. Step 5: Rabies neutralising antibody titre (RNAT) test Timeframe: Between 180 days and 24 months before the date of export. If your pet has only just been vaccinated against rabies, you will need to wait 3–4 weeks between the vaccination and RNAT test. Note: There are no exceptions for this test, the 180 day waiting period is mandatory. Step 6: An official government veterinarian must complete the rabies vaccination and RNAT test declaration This step must be completed before applying for the import permit. Step 7: Apply and pay for the import permit This must before done after you have received the completed rabies vaccination and RNAT test declaration, and at least 42 days before the proposed date of export. Step 8: Book tentative post entry quarantine accommodation and make travel arrangements This must be done after you have received your import permit. Not that your pet must arrive direct into Melbourne International Airport, and travel as manifested cargo (not in the cabin) in an IATA approved crate. Visit the official website for more information. Step 9: Check other vaccinations The timeframe for this step depends on the validity of your pet’s vaccination, and must be at least 14 days before the date of export. Step 10: External parasite treatment This needs to be started at least 21 days before the date of blood sampling for step 11 (below). NOTE: Steps 11–15 are for dogs only Step 11: Testing for Ehrlichia canis This must be done within 45 days before the date of export. Step 12: Testing for Brucella canis (Brucellosis) This must be done within 45 days before the date of export. Step 13: Testing for Leishmania infantum (Leishmaniosis) This must be done within 45 days before the date of export. Step 14: Testing for Leptospira canicola (Leptospirosis) This must be done within 45 days before the date of export. Step 15: (only if the dog has ever visited mainland Africa): Babesia canis treatment This must be done within 28 days before the date of export. Step 16: Internal parasite treatments This involves two treatments, at least 14 days apart, within 45 days before the date of export, and the second treatment is to be given within 5 days of travelling. Step 17: Pre export clinical examination Your pet must be examined by a government approved veterinarian within 5 days of travelling. Step 18: Completion of veterinary health certificate (Appendix 1) The veterinary health certificate must be completed within 5 days of travelling. Step 19: Travel to Australia Your pet must travel in an IATA approved crate, and must arrive in Australia before the import permit expires. Step 20: On arrival in Australia Your pet will be collected by department staff to be transported directly to Mickleham (the quarantine facility), where they will stay for a minimum of 10 days. Quarantine Most animals are only in Australian quarantine for 10 days, and you cannot visit your pet during this time. If your pet is in for a longer period of time, however, you may be able to request a visit with the quarantine facility. Your animals will be exercised, groomed and fed by the facility staff – if your pet has special dietary requirements, these should be mentioned on the paperwork under ‘special needs’. If your pet has any medical conditions, they should also be outlined on the booking paperwork. As there are no vets based at the facility, if your pet requires veterinary attention during its stay in quarantine, a private vet will be called and you will be invoiced separately. Generally the quarantine staff will contact you if there are any issues with your pet while they’re in quarantine, so if you don’t hear anything, then you know it’s all going well. From quarantine to home The quarantine facility in Australia is in Melbourne, so if you’ve settled in another state, it might be worth weighing your pet transport options carefully. You can pick your pet up yourself by car by heading to the facility with a cage/crate, or you can arrange to have your dog flown to you with a domestic pet transporter such as Baycity (the cheapest), Jet Pets, Dogtainers or others. Once again the total cost will depend on the service you’re after. Some places will charge $1000 for a door-to-door service, whereas some providers will fly your pet from Melbourne to Perth for around $200. You can also choose to fly and bring your pet back home with you, checking your pet as excess baggage. With Virgin Airlines, you pay between $85 for a dog up to 10kg, and $165 for a 30kg dog. It really depends on your lifestyle and what suits you best, but at least there are plenty of options for picking your pet up from quarantine. 3. Finding a pet transporter Obviously you will need to find someone to bring your pet over. There are plenty of companies that will offer pet transportation as a service, but it pays to do your research. When it comes to transporting a living thing (especially one you care about) finding the cheapest offer might not be best choice, you need to find the right transport company to fit your needs. The paperwork to bring pets into Australia is famously difficult, and if it’s not in order your pet will either be quarantined for longer, or sent even home. There are also a lot of transport requirements that aren’t just about paperwork (such as blood tests), and it helps to have professionals who know what needs to be done. One company that stands out is PetairUK;while they aren’t the cheapest, they’re the only pet transportation company run by veterinarians, and they come recommended by people all over the world. Transporting pets to Australia is often quite expensive, so if you have the time, start looking for quotes early so you know what to expect as you’re getting ready to move, especially as costs can range from £1000–5000. 4. Knowing your needs Everybody’s needs are different, and a big part of picking the right pet transporter is making sure they offer the right service for you. A more reputable provider will offer more services to help ensure that you and your pet are treated well at both ends of the trip. For example, Petairoffer services that include all veterinary work and tests, specially-built crates and door-to-door service, as well as helping you with your quarantine fees and transporting your pet to your address etc. 5. Home again home again After such a long ordeal, your pet will likely need some time to settle into their new environment (and possibly climate!). More than anything though, they’ll likely be very happy to be seeing you again and know that they’re still part of the family. Make sure you have their favourite toys and blankets etc. at the ready for when they come home, and they’ll settle in quicker than you’d imagine. If you’ve brought a dog, don’t be afraid to take them out for a walk and get to know their new neighbourhood. Any concerns will melt away in the face of curiosity. So there you have it! Hopefully that has been a helpful overview of what’s involved in transporting your pet into Australia from overseas. If you’re worried about the potential stresses of moving your pet, remember that to them it’s not so different
  9. Jademint1

    Does my dog HAVE to be quarantined?

    Hi is there any way at all I would be able to fly my dog over and get him straight out the other side? Thinking of him in quarantine is gut wrenching and I can' bare to think of him in doggy prison ?
  10. PossumMama

    What's kindest for my cat?

    Has anyone out there got experience of bringing their long-haired cat out to Australia from the UK? I'm trying to weigh up the pros and cons of putting our half-persian cat through the flight and quarantine process, and then exposing her to the heat of Perth, versus finding her a new owner back in London. Can anyone tell me about their experience? Thanks!
  11. mogsandrovers

    Emigrating pets - D.I.Y

    Hi - Im currently looking into shipping our German shepherd Dog and DSH cat to Melbourne in 2015. I decided I was going to do it all myself though - its really not all that difficult. You have to make sure you have all the relevant import / export permits and vet checks etc and an air kennel which can be purchased from the airline. There are guidelines from IATA as to the standards of the kennels, however IATA dont approve or recommend any specific make. I had a long chat with a very helpful lady at Emirates SkyCargo.com at Heathrow - they deal with Pets as manifest cargo. They have a great service for travelling animals with a stopover station for pets in Dubai where they are let out and exercised and fed etc before sent onto the forwarding flight. Skycargo gave me a rough quote for booking our animals....it was nearly £1500 cheaper than the quotes I have had from reputable pet shipping agents. The advisor also told me that there is no need for animals to be boarded in local kennels overnight beforehand and they can be brought straight to the airline handler day of flight. Now for the vet bit - I have emailled my vet asking for a quote for all the relevant vaccs and blood checks and form filling etc Next would be to apply for import permits and book quarantine when we know our flights. Flights themselves will be through Emirates and must have a min of 6 hours stop over for a comfort stop. They will also have to be on a weekday and between business hours at the Heathrow end. However, Emirates have said that many people send their animals on the flight before to avoid the 6 hours stopover for themselves. Then they rejoin on the connecting flight. Its not hard - just time consuming and has to be done properly.. But if your organised then you could save ££££ If anyone would like me to keep you updated with progress I am happy to. Just a thought x useful links: DEFRA UK: As a first step, ring DEFRA/AHVLA - Carlisle 01228 403600 Skycargo http://www.skycargo.com/english/products-and-services/live-animals-pets/pet-care/index.aspx DAFF Australia (permits) http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs AUS Quarantine http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/cat-dogs/quarantine-facilities-and-fees Very helpful PetExports site http://www.petexports.co.uk/defranumbers.html
  12. Section six of "Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement" asks: "Within one month prior to shipping these effects to Australia, did you or any member of your family who arrived or will arrive with you, visit a place where farm animals are kept, including farming communities, research farms, sanctuaries and sale yards or visit an abattoir or any meat processing plant." Just a tick box yes or no. No space to say, "Well actually we live in the British countryside and we do respect what you are trying to do and we've cleaned everything really well twice ...", rather than we've been hanging out in meat packing plants (like you would). This question concerns me because, unless one lives in a town, it seems one has to tick "yes", which has to be asking for them for the quarantine people to, er, fleece one. Thoughts and advice appreciated. Direct experience valued.
  13. Hi Everyone. We are in the very early stages of planning our emigration to Oz and before making the final decision to move to the other side of the globe we really could do with some help and advice regarding the shipping of our 2 Dalmations. If all goes to plan they will both be 10 years old when we manage to make the move and we plan to be in Melbourne. We've been to the vets this morning and given the all clear for them health wise plus Dalmations can live until around 14/15 yrs however our concern is that we have heard some horror stories about the conditions for pets whilst being transported on the flight (extreme temperature differences etc.). There is no way that we would consider rehoming them, they are our family and we feel that emigrating is not a good enough reason to rehome family members. Has anyone had a simlar experience to what we are going through and if so how were your dogs upon their arrival to Australia? Were they visibly stressed? Are you able to visit them regularly whilst in quarantine? What type of crates are best? In fact any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, D&G
  14. Hi to all you other dog lovers. My little dog is presently 'serving time' in Spotswood having arrived from the UK at the start of the month. I had some concerns about him being in isolation for 30 days having made the 24 hour plane trip. As some of you may have noted, the quarantine staff are very busy and if you cannot make the 'prison visits', then the staff will try to walk your dog in the paddock up to twice per week ! I have located to South Australia, so visits were not possible. I therefore arranged for a professional dog walker to make the visits for me. I actually found his details on one of the threads on this site. I have to let you know that the service I have received has been excellent. The walker attended at each of the arranged visits, and then immediately following the visits, composed an e-mail report, detailing the activities he undertook, any issues regarding the health and well being of my dog, and most importantly, a full set of photographs taken during the visit. Whilst it has been a long 30 days, the process has been so much easier by the vicarious contact we have had with our dog, and the excellent reassurances we have received from the groomer. If you are bringing your dog over, and if you are using the melbourne facility, then please give some thought to utilising the excellent services of : Bruce Dwyer - Dog Walkers Melbourne tel. 0402 262 875 bruce@dogwalkersmelbourne.com.au It goes without saying that we are delighted with the attentive service we have recieved. Thankfully we have only a few more days to go before we are reunited with our dog - the last piece of the puzzle !! Regards Verod
  15. Hi all, Like many of you reading this, I am planning on taking my German Shepherd to Oz in July. I live in Brisbane and am in the predicament of sending her to Sydney or Melbourne. Sydney is closer but I've heard from someone that Melbourne cares better for dogs by the fact it's smaller and has more staff per animal. Can anyone gve me any feedback on this? Thanks in advance. Col
  16. simonwilliams

    perth quarantine

    just a quick note to say my two springers have been in byford for two and a half weeks now the dog walking team have been to see them at least 3 times a week and upload photos of them on to their gallery so i can see , which makes me feel better they look really good and happy so it puts my mind at ease and ive spoken to Debs a couple of times and she has been really great and helpful so so far they are being really looked after and loving the attention:smile:
  17. JoandJon

    Dogs in quarantine

    Hi there! Well the Satchdog is currently ensconced in Spotswood Quarantine, and appears to be managing to wind the staff around her very pretty paws She arrived last Wednesday (19th October) and is due to be released on Friday 18th November. That's 22 whole more days until I can collect the darling girl She wasn't settling in the first kennel - with the big dogs, so they moved her to the mediium sized runs and she settled right down. Funny enough the new kennel is much closer to the office and right on the path everyone walks down, so now she's much closer to the action. I think that's probably what's made her happier - it's not that she prefers the company of smaller dogs - she just likes seeing what's going on! Now she's also got her toy puppy to carry around I hope she settles down a lot more - fingers crossed in any case! 23 more sleeps until the Satchdog is back where she belongs!!
  18. Love Shoes

    Quarantine -

    Hi Guys I may be getting a bit ahead of myself here as our medicals have not been done yet, but with two small dogs to ship to OZ we have to plan as much as we can ahead. I have one male dog (he has been castrated) and one 2 year old little girl who has not been done yet, I was going to get her done last month, but when we decided to love to OZ I put it off because I was thinking that I may decide to let her have one litter as she is such a cute mild mannered little Queen! But I have just been reading through quarantine threads as you do, and got the impression that the dogs are let free to roam amongst each other, it may be that I have misread this, but I just wanted to make sure because the last thing I need is a cross between a Bulldog and a ****zu! I have enough of that already with my husband :biggrin: I don´t really want to get my dog sterilised yet if at all possible but if I have to then I have no choice. Do you think we will need to notify the quarantine department prior to the mutts arriving or am I worrying unnecessarily? Thanks to anyone who can assist me.
  19. Guest

    Experiences at Byford Quarantine

    I wondered if anyone else had had a bad experience at Byford? I noticed the post by another lady who dog had developed a hoarse balk - I remember your dog - who was almost opposite mine. My dog Flo arrived there in October in poor condition from the flight (she lost nearly 3kg of her 29kg) and proceeded to become very ill. She is now OK but the experience before her visit and during it was really unpleasant for me and her. The staff are a real mix, the ones in charge are not the pleasantest of people, but the helpers try there best. In essence, and I know this is a generalisation but it reflects my experience, they seem to be more concerned with paper work than the welfare of the animals. Quite officious too and talked down to you. Yet even the paperwork was badly handled. Flo is on medication (Metacam and Cosequin DS) for arthritis and we organised this well in advance to be made available at the station. My husband, who was in Oz before me and Flo, ordered and hand delivered the Cosequin and arranged for a vet to visit her on the day of her arrival to dispense the metacam. It was important she got this asap to avoid her stiffening up. Anyway she arrived extremely stiff but they made her wait until the next day before giving her metacam! I was furious as by now she was very creeky as the vet described her.Other things happened aswell, for example, just before we shipped her we got a real officious email, via our shippers (Golden Arrow who are great) saying that what was Cosequin ( we'd already been in and given it to them and explained it all!) and they could not possibly arrange to have her anal glands expressed (we had not even asked them to arrange this!), and what was the special food she needed (already ordered and sent to them!). The list goes on. By the time she got there we were unimpressed but it got worse. She was severely dehydrated and got a tummy upset. They did not bother to ring us- instead our vet called us to let her know she was very ill. Our dog has a food allergy and this seemed to be almost a source of amusement to one senior member of staff, and generally there seemed to be a lack of understanding of the difference between carbohydrate and protein. They even had the wrong information on her chart on the door - wrong dog food (not even available in Australia) and wrong allergy details.. Exercise provision has become perverse. Unbeknown to us and Golden Arrow, they have now instigated a week confined to the kennel after arrival. Also, visiting is 3 days per week,but two weeks into Flo's stay they announced that you could only use the exercise runs two of those three days. The explanation was that other dogs needed to be given a chance to exercise - fine we thought, that seems fair. But this turned out to be nonense. What actually happened was that at least three exercise runs remained unused each day (on my count), yet owners and dog walkers were there, with their pets, ready to use them. I and a pair of dog walkers pleaded to be allowed to use them, and exercise our poor couped up dogs, but the woman in charge refused. Even the nice helpers could not see the logic and tried their best to get this irrational decision changed. This we thought was totally unacceptable - dogs, especially with arthritis, need to encouraged to move around for the good of their health. Also our dog resisted relieving herself on the concrete of the run as she is house trained. We found her distressed and bursting some days and they would not let us take her out. Fortunately the nice helpers helped out but I won't say more in case it gets them in to trouble (seemed that sort of a place). Other owners and dog walkers also seemed to be unimpressed with the place these days, that it has changed for the worst in the last few months due to a change of management. One guy's dog was passing blood but (he says) they had not noticed. He noticed it when visiting, the dog ended up in the Murdoch vetinary hospital at a cost of around $1000 per day. The irony of it was that there he was allowed to visit his dog whenever he liked for as long as he liked! I wouldn't put my dog through this again, I just don't trust them to do the right thing, and I dreaded going there some days, rather than looked forward to it. Any one else concered?
  20. Guest

    2 extra days in Melbourne Quarantine

    Hello, Has anybody paid for extra night's in Quarantine in Melbourne? Our dog Bella can leave on the 16th Jan, however we set off from the UK on the 16th and cannot pick her up until the 18th. We had to send her first because of the rabies jab! and thats the earliest we can get there. Any help advice would be appreciated as Bella is my biggest worry with our move, she's such a softy! Thanks Hayley Ps she's a springer spaniel by the way.
  21. I think that the Pet shippers insurance will cover my dogs for any problems during in transit, but is there any sort of pet insurance for when they are in quarantine and generally in Oz, like the Uk thanks Cal
  22. Guest

    visiting pets in quarantine

    I just wanted to ask if most people visited their pets when they were in quarantine. I was sure I was going to but I am starting to think it is a selfish thing to do as it may unsettle my cat and could mean that when I get her out of quarantine and take her to our new home she may get stressed when I leave for work? As usual any advice is greatly appreciated!
  23. I have just confirmed quarantine for my four for later this month and saw on their website that from the beginning of Feb the fees will have to be paid upfront at the time of applying for the import permits. That will make the process that but harder to manage financially, I've at least been able to pay for my lot in stages with quarantine being the final thank god. Good luck to all that are going, this time two weeks my furries will be there
  24. We arrived in Oz a month or so ago and out container has just arrived. The removal agent informed us that quarantine found a Santa with an unidentified vine attached and we needed to pay £125 to destroy it or £460 to keep it. We paid to have it destroyed however after speaking with others in similar shoes they were not charged to destroy items. I think we have been ripped off, can anyone confirm this? I would call quarantine myself only it's the weekend!
  25. Guest

    Post quarantine anxiety/issues

    Hi all Not sure if anyone has had the same problem but our dog appears to be suffering anxiety/fearfulness since leaving quarantine. We can no longer leave him in the house as he has damaged things and we were leaving him in the garage with the door to the garden open but he has dug a hole under the side gate ! We now have to shut him in the garage when we go out and when we get back he is unbelievably excited jumps up and barks at high pitch. We never had any issues in the UK like this. We have also tried leaving him with dog sitters which has ended badly both times :err: In the UK we left him with dog sitters in their houses and had no problems at all. Do you think he will get over it or has he been permanently affected? Someone suggested he may have been mis-treated in quarantine but i will never know and we paid for a dog walker to go in and never had any problems with them? Any advice would be great Thanks Natalie