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  1. Booma

    Corona Virus

    But I was explaining something to someone who asked about Simmo who does appear to have bacterial pneumonia given he is being treated with antibiotics.
  2. Booma

    Corona Virus

    I’m sure you know more than my father who is treating people with the virus.
  3. Booma

    Australia Life in Photos

    These are from around my property and the local area. The areal photo isn’t mine though. I love where I live.
  4. Booma

    Australia Life in Photos

    These are Spring and Autumn photos from around Canberra mostly. I didn’t take them though.
  5. Booma

    Positive things about now

    Cruise ships seem to be floating petri dishes. Even before this virus there were ships where lots of passengers caught things or where lots of passengers got food poisoning
  6. Booma

    Corona Virus

    My father is a doctor. He told me the virus attacks the lung lining which makes it easier for bacteria to get in there and it leads to bacterial pneumonia. Treatment with antibiotics is critical.
  7. Booma

    Positive things about now

    I’m hoping a positive will be that people everywhere will have extra time and that they’ll use it to reconnect with their children and other family members. I’m a teacher so a really selfish thing I’m thinking is that parents everywhere are going to realise what a difficult job teachers have and be a bit more appreciative. I’m also thinking that even though parents are only being asked to supervise the online lessons teachers are preparing that they’ll get a new understanding of just how hard it can be to motivate an entire class to do something they would rather not be doing. For children generally I think a major benefit of the virus will be their parents can’t over program their days with extra curricular activities. Children are going to have down time and will be bored sometimes which is actually really important for their long term development. Finally, we might all just start appreciating how good we have it.
  8. Booma

    Positive things about now

    They are only reducing the trading hours in a few stores that are going to act as major distribution centres for the deliveries to people in isolation and the elderly who can’t go to the shops themselves. Most woollies aren’t changing their hours.
  9. Booma

    British visitors during corona virus

    Not sure if you know but Qantas is refuelling it’s Sydney to London flights in Darwin now instead of Singapore. Flying with Qantas would remove the chance of your parents getting stuck in a transit country if they decide going home is the best option. I just flew long haul with Qantas getting back to Oz when borders started closing etc and they were wonderfully helpful. They didn’t even charge us to change our non flexible fares. Good luck whatever you decide.
  10. Hi I’m in mandatory self isolation after coming back from overseas. The kids are still with their grandparents until next week so I have lots of time to be on the internet just now. Hope you are feeling well.
  11. Booma

    Anyone live in Narooma NSW

    Well I don’t want to say exactly where I am on the internet but I live on a property roughly 30 mins south of Narooma. The closest township to our place is Bermagui but it’s more straight forward to drive from our place to Narooma than to go to Bermagui. I don’t know if you have ventured down this way yet but driving into Bermagui involves crossing a lot of one way bridges and it’s easy to get stuck behind slow moving traffic. It’s a nice drive though if you aren’t in a hurry and the town is very pretty so you should definitely visit if you haven’t been already.
  12. Booma

    Anyone live in Narooma NSW

    I live just south of Narooma. It’s the biggest town in our area and where I go to do shopping, see doctors etc. My husbands family has lived in or around Narooma since the area was first settled. It’s a beautiful place that is swamped with tourists in the warmer months but lots of people visit on weekends as well. The ‘empty houses’ Dusty Plains mentioned are holiday homes owned by people mainly from Canberra and Sydney. There doesn’t seem to be much crime and it’s pretty friendly although it can take a while to make friends if you keep to yourself. If you join the local clubs like surf lifesaving or volunteer firefighting etc you’ll be accepted and made to feel welcome. The golf course is gorgeous and follows the cliffs around the beach. When whales migrate you can see them from the golf course and areas around there. The schools are good especially the primary school. Shops are basic but you can get everything you need. We go to Canberra regularly for the weekend if we want a major shopping hit or want to see the ballet etc. It’s about 3 hr drive but it’s a pretty drive and doesn’t seem that far now I’m used to it.
  13. Booma

    Any self isolated in Cairns, Queensland?

    I flew back to oz last Monday after holiday overseas with friends who live in Cairns. We arrived just after they made isolation mandatory. We flew into Brisbane and weren’t sure if we would be allowed to get our connecting domestic flights. Thankfully they let us but who knows if that will change especially if you arrive from Italy. When I talked to my friends last night they said they put a priority food order in on Monday night and it’s supposed to be getting delivered tonight. That’s five days so far they had to rely on friends to bring them food. They still aren’t sure if the delivery will come tonight or how much of the stuff they asked for will come. I wouldn’t be trying to move early unless you know someone in cairns that can bring you food. I gave up trying to get a delivery where I am in nsw. We got approved for a priority food order but it got cancelled twice and so I’m just relying on my husbands family to bring food until we get out of isolation at the end of March.
  14. Booma

    Returning to UK

    We moved back to UK and enjoyed the first 3 months but once the novelty of being back wore off we didn’t settle. We moved back to oz a few years ago. Going back and forwards was a huge waste of money but needed to be done to realise oz is home now.
  15. Booma

    Is There a Point to Royalty?

    From what my Ozzie relatives & friends say the last referendum to be a republic failed because people didn’t like the republican models that were put up. It wasn’t because people love the queen although people generally do seem to respect her life of service. There doesn’t seem to be much respect for the rest of the royal family though. I think if a suitable model for a republic is put up the vote would be overwhelmingly in favour of a republic.