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  1. michaelc17

    Football Club Wanting Players 2020

    Will keep this in mind for when we get over
  2. Sat the ielts twice now and feel it’s set up to fail. The writing task should have more time in my opinion. Also the time in between sitting the reading writing and listening and then having to come back 4 hours later for the speaking is ridiculous. My mind wasn’t switched on fully in the afternoon sitting the speaking test. that being said hopefully I’ve done enough this time, if not I’ll be sitting the pte next.
  3. michaelc17

    construction work in adelaide

    Hi mate, still in the Uk at the moment. Just trying to scope things out in Adelaide from people on the ground... had a look at seek but it doesn’t always paint a true picture.
  4. michaelc17

    construction work in adelaide

    Hi guys, just looking for a heads up from people in the know regarding the construction work in Adelaide. I am a qualified carpenter and now looking at the prospects here. Is there plenty going on? Cheers
  5. michaelc17


    Brilliant mate stopped of at Forster, coffee harbour and a few other spots along the way. Camped in a national park right on the beach. There was a storm and seeing it roll in from the sea was some sight. Loved the storms!
  6. Probably already know the answer to this one but here goes anyway... is it worth sending over a Holden combo van? 2010 reg 120k miles
  7. michaelc17


    Thanks, it’s all about striking a balance really. Would just rather stay away from the hustle and bustle as much as possible when not working. A lot of studying to be done and decisions to be made.
  8. michaelc17


    That puts it into perspective how big NSW really is! Madness. I’ve done a road trip up the coast from Sydney to Byron stopping off at different spots along the way. But seeing it on a map how far up it goes definitely opens the eyes
  9. michaelc17


    Thanks mate. A bit of sound advice is what I was after rather than picking holes in everything. Cheers
  10. michaelc17


    Thanks, I did have Newcastle in mind so maybe need to look into it further. I know there will be work for carpenters most places. But then the dollar won’t be as good as I’m the city. Suppose I just want my cake... and eat it
  11. michaelc17


    Firstly I do realise NSW Isn’t just Sydney but was assuming this is where I’ll find work. Secondly, I’ve perhaps used the wrong wording with “laidback lifestyle” I’m a hard worker and always will be. What I was probably trying to get at is the big smoke city Lifestyle that doesn’t appeal. Thanks anyway
  12. michaelc17


    Hi guys, so I’m a qualified carpenter from the uk, making progress with the EOI now. It’s looking like I’ll only have enough points for the 190 visa which limits me to NSW or SA. Trouble is I had my heart set on Brisbane and have always said I don’t fancy living in Sydney as it’s too expensive and too much of a rat race type lifestyle? Is Sydney really that bad? Is there any suburbs where you can have the best of both worlds with the laidback lifestyle but still accessible to work? Is there any way around the state nomination? What would stop me from going state nomination but going uk to Brisbane instead? Sorry for all the questions, all help is appreciated greatly. cheers
  13. michaelc17

    Skilled visa 189 help

    yes mate 55 points without the test! better start studying haha
  14. michaelc17

    Skilled visa 189 help

    Thanks a lot! Hopefully mines is as straightforward as yours but with me being self employed and also having lived in New Zealand for 2 years, i`ll have a lot more evidence to gather. My partner will be on my visa but with her not having a qualification in her line of work, i don`t think she will bring points to the table? Thanks again!