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  1. Somewhat surprisingly, there seem to be LR specialists in every capital city, and a number of regional centres too. It won't be hard to find someone to work on it. If you go via the website in my signature, fill out the contact form and I'll send you a breakdown of costs.
  2. I'm surprised the Australian price is that low! I have a mate who runs a Land Rover specialist workshop, he always talks about the yawning gap between examples that are well maintained and ones that have been used for 'bush-bashing'. Most here fall into the latter category, where they have been used by grey nomads to drive through some very rough terrain in the middle of Australia. Despite the calculator saying otherwise, I'd seriously consider bringing it.
  3. Welcome to PiO ? I suggest selling it before you leave - although they're a great car for the money, the lack of availability in Oz, combined with a lack of appeal to enthusiasts means it would be a tough sell when the time came. The only exception would be if you planned to own it for another ten years and run it into the ground.
  4. I see you've chosen the best city in Australia! This is one of those cars where it's probably debatable whether to bring it or not, but if you love the car and know its history, it's worth considering.
  5. My apologies to you and everyone else for my slow response - negotiations with the federal government over import law changes have finally reached the pointy end, so I seem to be spending more time in Canberra than at home lately. Then we had a cabinet reshuffle as a result of a pointless prime minister change and we lost the minister we've been dealing with for the last 3 years! Very frustrating from our end. Anyway, to answer your question, I would sell it off before leaving - while we got the 1.0 litre engined Clio here in Oz, it wasn't a big seller, making yours a pretty tough sell when the time came. Financially it doesn't make sense based on the numbers you've listed currently.
  6. Bear in mind you have up to 6 months after you arrive in Australia to lodge your application, so you can still do it if you think her visa will arrive soon enough.
  7. Welcome, and my apologies for the slow reply! Both car and bike would be worth bringing over. You may need to apply for the bike in your name and the car in your wife's, as the regulations only allow for one vehicle per person.
  8. My apologies, I missed a couple of replies in the middle! Based on those numbers, I'd suggest selling in the UK ?
  9. No chance of allowing any parts in with asbestos. Remove it in the US and send it as a non-runner, then refit here.
  10. Realistically, it's probably not worth bringing financially, but if you've looked after it and plan to keep it for another few years, then it's worth considering.
  11. Requirements for roadworthy vary from state to state, so if the modifications are light it should be ok. Having said that, you're better off sending the car straight to Queensland rather than having to effectively through the same compliance process twice.
  12. Most quarantine cleans are around the $450 mark including the re-inspection fee (it varies from state to state). One of the biggest misconceptions is that a valeted car will automatically pass a quarantine check. While it will obviously help with first impressions, AQIS officers are actually looking for any kind of plant material or evidence of insects or spiders in spots like underneath the wheel arches, in the engine bay, or the air vents at the base of the windscreen. So by all means, give it a wash (if your car is muddy, it's a big red flag), but take more note of those areas than whether or not it looks clean.
  13. If you have owned the car for more than 12 months and can provide evidence of this (usually the V5C document), then you will be exempt as it will be classified as personal effects. Even if you don't qualify, you get an exemption of one vehicle every two years. As to timing, anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on which state you're registering the car in, and whether or not it needs quarantine cleaning.
  14. Based on those numbers yes it's worth bringing over :)
  15. This has been my whole world for the last two years almost, much to the detriment of my business in the short term! New regulations will arrive next year, allowing the importation of used EVs and hybrid variants of models already sold in Australia, which will in turn put pressure on new car manufacturers to import more of these vehicles rather than allow us importers to corner the market. Some interesting times ahead. I've been in Canberra every second week lobbying the government for it. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Bills_Legislation/Bills_Search_Results/Result?bId=r6032