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  1. Feel free to email me, we can run the numbers for you. I should be able to cobble a suitable calculator together Yes that's worth bringing over. Convertibles are far more desirable in Australia than the UK obviously!
  2. Hi Tom and welcome to PIO! Being a 1.6 diesel counts against it in Australia in this instance, because in Australia we only got a 2.0 litre diesel and petrol variants, limiting its appeal (and therefore resale value). I'd say sell it in the UK before you come over. All the best with the move.
  3. Well obviously the lower the UK sale cost, the more attractive shipping gets. If your vehicle has mph AND km/h displayed (which is every European car for the last fair while), that is fine for registration in Australia. It's only a problem if your car has no km/h speedometer reading. Yes keep it until 2022. It has to be over 25 years old, down to the build month, so if it's February 1997 build, we'd need to apply in late Feb 2022. Feel free to email us for a breakdown of costs.
  4. There are other schemes that cover cars younger than 25 years, including the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme, and the Personal Import Scheme (which covers cars owned and used for more than 12 months overseas, when the owner is moving to Australia - the most common scheme used by members in here).
  5. Yes you can now import anything older than 25 years (so 1995 or earlier).
  6. Welcome! Relatively low mileage (by Australian standards) helps your cause. Definitely worth considering. Bear in mind that shipping from Belfast will be higher than out of Southampton. My apologies to others who've put in requests - paradoxically, we have been run off our feet during COVID lockdown here in Australia. Still at a loss to work out why.
  7. Hi Paul, and welcome! Best to look at cars around your price point then see what they are fetching in Australia on www.redbook.com.au - obviously the higher the better personally I would look at something like Porsche Panamera, Audi RS4, RS5 Sportback or RS6, E63 Estate, even the Alfa Romeo Giulia QF (twin turbo V6) is worth a look. If you want luxury, find something British (Jaguar/Bentley/Aston Martin etc) as they tend to have poor resale in the UK compared to here.
  8. Have you applied for both in your husband's name? Might be best to contact me direct to discuss where you're up to. Don't respond to the department until you have.
  9. I think your partner has also sent an email enquiry to us, so I might be doubling up! As it stands, you could bring in two of the three vehicles, assuming you want to import the work van. Depending on which model the Ducati is, we may be able to do all three. All I will say is be very careful what you apply for initially - if the import approval for the Volvo is issued in his name, you won't be able to apply for the Ducati in yours if you don't have a motorbike licence.
  10. If you have been in Oz for less than 6 months, yes it's possible to bring it in as a personal import. You may actually be lucky with your particular car anyway, as it is eligible under SEVS too.
  11. Iron Chef

    Is it worth considering taking our car to SA

    A low mileage Cayman is almost certainly worth bringing over I'll be in touch
  12. You sit and wait, basically. If they need more information, they will ask.
  13. That should be sufficient. If you can show the house is on the market that should be fine.
  14. Hello and welcome! If you can fit your car and all your personal effects into the one container, then go for it. If you're going from a 20ft to a 40ft in order to accommodate the car, it might be worth checking the price difference. Feel free to email us for a cost breakdown