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  1. This has been my whole world for the last two years almost, much to the detriment of my business in the short term! New regulations will arrive next year, allowing the importation of used EVs and hybrid variants of models already sold in Australia, which will in turn put pressure on new car manufacturers to import more of these vehicles rather than allow us importers to corner the market. Some interesting times ahead. I've been in Canberra every second week lobbying the government for it. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Bills_Legislation/Bills_Search_Results/Result?bId=r6032
  2. Based on those numbers the answer is currently no, but there are some changes afoot in government that will mean EVs and hybrids are about to become much more widely available in Australia. Worth considering if you're wanting to keep it for a while.
  3. I think there would be lucky to be ten of them here full stop! Cat D isn't an issue for import and registration (presuming it has been repaired properly).
  4. I suspect Sellmycar will offer you somewhere around half that figure. Find a good friend and ask them to sell it for you (as I am currently doing for my mate who has moved to Oxford!)
  5. If you're heading back to the UK, then yes sell it here.
  6. That makes sense to bring over, based on those figures I'd be selling that in the UK, there are millions of them here.
  7. My apologies for the slow reply! If you're planning on keeping it, then it's worth bringing over. Hybrids will soon start to become much more popular in Australia courtesy of a change in the import laws (inside tip here!).
  8. You won't be able to bring something over if you haven't owned it for 12 months, unless it's a classic car built before 1989. You're probably better off just buying here.
  9. SA inspectors can be fairly...ermmm...."vigilant". Feel free to send me a list of modifications and I can tell you what will and won't make it through.
  10. Low mileage and you've clearly thrown a bit of money at it, definitely worth considering bringing it over. Lots of great hills roads for you to test it out in Adelaide You'll need an exhaust with a cat to pass roadworthy here though (you can always borrow one for the inspection).
  11. Hi Jon, at those figures it makes sense to bring it over. With your 2015 LR4, you would probably need to get it cheap and own it for another year or two before it made good sense to bring it. Depends on your purchase price really. Have a look at other options in that price bracket and see how the resales compare in Australia. You may find something like a Porsche Macan is a better option, resale value-wise.
  12. Hi Don, sell it there, you'd have a hard time getting anyone to buy a 1.2 litre engine here (we never got a motor that small).
  13. If you're planning on keeping it for a bit, it's worth considering, but if you can still get GBP32K for it there, I'd probably advise selling it there.
  14. There's no real magic formula, but if you stick to an age of around 3-4 years old, the cars have generally taken a big hit in the UK, and are still in the sweet spot by the time they get to Australia. Best bet is to find some options you like an cross check them against Redbook Values in Australia - obviously the higher it is here, the better. UK-built cars seem to take a fair hit over your way, so stuff like Bentley/Jaguar/Aston Martin/Range Rover is worth considering, Porsche, AMG Mercedes, BMW M, Audi S/RS, even Maserati is worth a look.
  15. I have a rather unique insight into these because my sister just bought a manual one for $23K, virtually new. We never got the DiG-T motors in the X-Trail here (smallest is a 2 litre), so if you can get GBP17K for it over there, selling it would be the smarter option.

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