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  1. We can confirm, that there is a market, as there is IT here in Australia.
  2. Great! Happy it all worked out Yeeew, stoked to hear and happy my initial misery could help
  3. In England you tend to not hear how strong the various English / Scot / Welsh accents are, but there's a reason why a lot of English movies are subtitled in other English speaking countries
  4. How's his enunciation / where's he from in the UK? I ask that, because many English accent sound like the speak is "swallowing their words", for the lack of a better term. Maybe IELTS might be a better option for him, as the speaking is face to face?
  5. Cycling (all forms of it) , is a very sociable sport / activity. I can highly recommend doing exactly that. Go to your local bike shop and ask if they do regular shop rides. You don't need any top of the range bike to get your started and you'll find your social circle growing quickly.
  6. With your financial situation and health issues, I guess this is a bit of a redundant question … but, are you getting out on the MX bike at all? I’ve not had nearly the same run of bad luck as you, but I know what it is to feel lonely and empty, even though I had a girlfriend (who then became my wife) at the time. See, I was mortally unhappy in the UK, until I was able to find something that made me happy. In my case it was Downhill mountain bike riding / racing, and I made the best mates I could have asked for through it. Many of these mates also rode crossers… so I know the kind of people you meet in those circles. Find something that makes you happy, preferably a hobby shared with others … and the rest will fall into place
  7. Yeewww, congrats mate... only a pleasure
  8. The Sunny coast is a gem, hardly any places qualify as no go zones
  9. My wife would most likely like to meet up during the daytime with any other ladies on here. We're newish here in the Sunny coast (8 months). We live in Brightwater and kid goes to Brightwater school. Matthew Flinders is supposedly a great school @Jocelyn Scully , all the big bosses at work send their kids there
  10. Thanks It's an Aussie Metalcore Band from Byron bay - called Parkway Drive. They've made it big, but tend to stick to their roots, and like to tour smaller communities
  11. Definitely not isolated even in the slightest 'round the Sunny coast for example (imo)
  12. Outdoorsy you say? Very small snippet of random shenans of my family and I. So much free stuff to do ... the above is only scratching the surface of what we've been up to ... kicking myself for not always having my GoPro on me.
  13. Smaller communities are the best. My Aussie living experience is limited to the Sunshine coast only, but my life is better than I could ever have hoped / imagined it to be. Theres a massive new private hospital being built too We basically ignored all the statistics, ignored the advice given by numerous parties on where I'd find work, where I'd not find work, came over with little to no solid plans, ignored the advice not to buy a house within the first year. After 6 months, I'm : * On a good salary * Work 10 minutes from home * Work is right next to the beach * Own my dream house (within the limits of my socio ecenomic profile I guess ) * Made a handful of good friends * Ocean allowing, I surf before work, during lunch and during the summer, after (or alternatively go to the gym when it does not allow) * Spend multiple times better quality time with my kids With this, I'm not bragging (well, maybe a little) ... but what I'm trying to say, is follow your gut feel, it will trump all other advice, because with a positive outlook, things tend to fall into place.