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  1. Raul Senise

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    Usually the Government releases the numbers at some stage in a press release.
  2. It is not flagged on the latest Skilled Migration Occupation review document. Be mindful however that these are unprecedented times and anything could happen to the migration program going forward. If your intention is to apply for PR at some stage, you should look to apply as soon as you can qualify due the the uncertainty going froward.
  3. Currently the occupation is on the MLTSSL and the latest Skilled Migration Occupation review does not list it as an occupation recommend for change. The State sponsored migration programs are currently very limited and only inviting on shore applicants in limited occupations. That said, one of my clients just received a NSW invite in the occupation of ICT Business Analyst The reality is that, currently there is much uncertainty in the Migration program and no one will honestly be able to give you definitive answers for a future application next year.
  4. Raul Senise

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    Currently the 190 program is on hold with limited invitations being given to on shore candidates in specific occupations. It is expected that the States will not be given numbers for the program to re open fully until October.
  5. Raul Senise

    482 visa nomination transfer

    It will depend on the turnover of the business as a training levy will need to be paid.
  6. Raul Senise

    Advice before lodging Partner 820/801

    The fact that you have registered your relationship, is in itself, not enough to get a partner visa. You need to provide evidence that you are living together in a genuine and ongoing relationship, to the exclusion of all others. You need to provide compelling evidence to show all areas of your relationship including social, financial and personal aspects. You should provide evidence to show the history and development of your relationship.
  7. Raul Senise

    CPV 143 for mother

    The reason this is asked is to stop people not including one parent to avoid the 2VAC (medicare levy) fee and then trying to do a partner visa once one parent has PR. There are now exclusion periods in these circumstances.
  8. Raul Senise

    Info on points system and selection

    For the 189 a job offer is irrelevant. It is based on points, date of EOI and in some cases occupation, as some occupations have a pro rata system requiring higher points. For the 190 it depends on the particular State as they each have their own requirements and selection methods, which they can change as they please.
  9. I find it incredible that anyone would try to find the answers to a complex matter by searching a forum post from over 6 years ago. Regulations change regularly, what applied years ago (even months ago) is likely no longer relevant. Just because someone had a similar situation, does not mean the same rules will apply to your situation. Have a look at the Sponsored section of the forum and you will see that the threads for failed 186 and 187 applications are the longest of any on this forum.
  10. I am thankful for your recommendations and although I often help with general enquiries for free, I do not offer free consultations and assessments. There are three main reasons for this: 1) The regulations have become far more complex over the last few years and even basic assessments require at least an hour or two of research to provide reliable advice; 2) A Registered Agent is liable for specific advice given, even if no money has changed hands; 3) If I were to give free assessments and consultations I would have time for nothing else.
  11. Raul Senise


    The latest figures are an average of 759 days.
  12. A positive visa outcome may still be possible depending on the specifics and custody arrangements of the child.
  13. Raul Senise

    491 visa

    Dates for the rounds are subject to change but usually mid month. For August only 90 invitations for 491 family were issued and the minimum score was 75. The score along with the date the EOI was lodged (date of effect) determines order.
  14. Raul Senise

    491 visa - what does the sponsor do?

    Be mindful that currently the 190 program for Victoria is closed as is the 491.
  15. Raul Senise

    Agency recommendation needed!

    They are all very different visa pathways with very different requirements. For example: a subclass 407 is a training visa allowing the applicant to undergo worked based training i Australia; a subclass 190 is a State sponsored, points based skilled visa requiring an Invitation to apply; a subclass 482 (TSS) is a work sponsored visa requiring sponsorship by an employer.