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  1. Raul Senise

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Be mindful that this occupation is on the short term list, so the subclass 189 visa is not an option. You would be looking at subclass 190, which requires State sponsorship.
  2. Raul Senise

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    Which occupation did you settle on?
  3. Raul Senise

    EOI - Skilled Visa Help

    The first step would be to determine what occupation you can obtain a skills assessment for and whether it is on the relevant list.
  4. Raul Senise

    3 year re-entry ban

    Unless its a family sponsored visitor visa, you will not have the right of appeal. You can apply again, but if within the 3 year ban period, you will need to provide very strong evidence that there are "compelling circumstance affecting the interests of Australia or compassionate or compelling circumstances affecting the interests of an Australian Citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen". This can be very difficult to satisfy.
  5. Raul Senise

    Moving on to tourist visa after quitting on 457

    Just check her visa status on VEVO as not all types of visitor visas will automatically cancel a 457.
  6. They are very similar occupations in the same ANZSCO group. A Construction Project Manager is involved in "civil engineering and building projects" while a Project Builder is involved in "alteration and renovation of dwellings and other buildings".
  7. Raul Senise

    New accredited employer-457

    Your employer or their Agent (if they are using one) can contact the processing area and make them aware that the company is now accredited and that your visa application is pending.
  8. Raul Senise

    Applying for 189 whilst on TSS

    Yes, it is possible to go from a TSS to a 189. You just have to be careful of timing, as if the 189 is approved first, the TSS can cancel the 189. As you lodged an EOI in April with 80 points, I am guessing you are an Accountant or an Auditor. Currently they are inviting Accountants on 80 points who lodged in January 2018.
  9. It depends on a number of factors including when you applied for your subclass 457 visa. You would be well advised to seek a professional assessment before deciding on your next step.
  10. It appears that the application was refused as the case officer did not believe the potion to be genuine. This can be very subjective. I can not offer advice without knowing all of the details of the case and I would not get involved as you already appear to have an Agent acting for you. I would recommend that you first discuss with your Agent and see what they advise.
  11. Hi Judy, Your Agent should communicate any progress directly with you. Each RCB has different time frames. I recommend you ring your Agent and ask.
  12. Raul Senise

    190 visa granted today!!! What happens now?

    Yes, the new grant letters are quite brief and provide little explanation about the visa itself. The relevant details are on the first page under the headings "Visa duration and travel" and "Visa summary". As stated by others, the visa is electronically linked to your passport. As such, if you passport details change, you must update the Department.
  13. Raul Senise

    187 question

    You will need to appeal the nomination and visa. This may not buy you much time as the AAT may quickly act on appeals with no merit.
  14. It will depend on the structure of the merger and whether the business entity which nominated you continues to exists. You need to speak with your sponsor urgently to make sure all is still in order.
  15. Raul Senise

    309/100 - Evidence of a de facto relationship

    You can start completing the online application and save your progress. The application will only be lodged once you proceed to the payment stage. You cannot access the document attachment section until after you have paid and lodged the application.