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  1. Dependency of children over 18 can be a complex issue and very much dependent on your specific situation. You would be well advised to obtain professional advice based on your circumstances. The basic information provided in your post is not sufficient to determine eligibility.
  2. There is no set time frame for receiving an invitation from NSW as it depends on variables such as occupation and points.
  3. See here on page two.
  4. One of the proposed changes for is to reduce the age to 45 for all subclass 186 applications (Direct Entry and TRT) from March 2018.
  5. Since my post in February, the points required for Accountant has risen to 80. This is most likely as we are approaching the end of the program year. This may decrease after 1 July.
  6. Selecting the correct occupation involves a careful process of assessing each of your qualifications, subjects studied, employment episodes, duties undertaken, ANZSCO description, assessing Authority requirements, the various occupation lists, etc. Trying to do it on a public forum, based on a paragraph of information is not ideal or recommended.
  7. It depends on your situation. Where do you live at the moment?
  8. Yes, the 457 sponsorship for the business does not need to be valid for them to nominated you for PR. This will depend on a number of factors. They will need to show that they still meet training benchmarks in order to nominate you for PR and they may also be asked to show evidence that they met their training obligation during the validity of their sponsorship.
  9. You should assess whether your partner will meet the new skilled visa rules for NZ Citizens living in Oz, which come into effect on 1 July. If they do, you could be included as a secondary applicant.
  10. Don't you already have a job if you are being sponsored for a subclass 187 visa? If you are not working in the role, you may have issues with the the company proving that they have a need for a paid employee. The 485 may be beneficial in maintaining a substantive visa if there are issues with the 187.
  11. Under the proposed changes, the age limit for all 186 applications post 1 March 18 will be 45, whether TRT or DE. No word yet if any age exemptions will apply.
  12. Yes, currently you need an occupation on Combined list of eligible skilled occupations. No, companies must meet the relevant requirements to nominate under this program.
  13. Yes, you have been refused a visa.
  14. Proceed with caution as you have an obligation on your visa to "remain employed in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two (2) years." The purpose of the 187 visa is to populate and bring skills to Regional areas of Australia. Working for your employer remotely from the UK is not within the spirit of the visa.
  15. At this stage we do not know. Immigration has advised that details will be released closer to March 2018.