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  1. Current 457 visa holders' transition to PR after March 2018?

    No you are not, as you are spreading rumours based on your interpretation of a media release. In this regard Immigration has specifically stated that: "Detailed information in relation to the transitional provisions is not, however, yet available." As there are no Regulations regarding the post March 18 changes, it is completely irresponsible to advise someone that they will be able to apply even though they are over the age of 45. Your posts are far from helpful and potentially extremely damaging. If you have experience to share, by all means do so but don’t pretend you know things that you obviously do not.
  2. 186 Nomination Refused

    Potential yes, but you need to provided more information if you would like a more detailed response.
  3. 187 Nomination refusal

    The refusal letter must clearly state why the nomination has been refused. If the letter you have been given does not state the reason for refusal, then you have not been given all of the documentation.
  4. Visa info

    You may have a number of options including both Permanent and Temporary residents. Your first step would be to assess your specific situation against the latest Regulations.
  5. Current 457 visa holders' transition to PR after March 2018?

    Your assurances are misplaced. Your advice is based on assumption rather than fact.
  6. Case officers must consider all information that has been provided, irrespective if it has been provided after a deadline date, as long as it is before a decision is made on the application. It may delay the processing but it will not reset the processing time from scratch. He should be careful trying to enter as a Tourist, as they may consider that he is not a genuine visitor due to the other pending application. A student visa will also be difficult as he will struggle to meet the "genuine Student" criteria. You should concentrate on trying communicate with the case officer to resolve this situation.
  7. Got invite for 190 Visa - Wife pregnant

    There is no such thing as a 457 extension. You will need to apply for a new 457 visa. The 190 application has no effect on the 457, although you need to be careful with timing. If the 457 is still valid, the bridging visa is irrelevant as it is not active. If however, you the 457 has expired and the bridging visa is in effect, you will need to seek permission to travel. If the baby is born outside of Australia, it will be a new 457 application to add the child.
  8. 186 Visa - Migration Agent Fees and Recommendations

    I have not provided them a quote. They simply asked if the cost they had been quoted (by whom I do not know) was reasonable. I asked for more details and provided my opinion. I have been on this forum for many years providing advice when required. I have never touted for business or told a forum member to contact me for a quote in response to a post. You are free to do as you please, although I recommend that you disclose that you are an RMA on your signature. Out of courtesy I would also recommend that you contact a forum Administrator to make yourself known to them.
  9. 186 Visa - Migration Agent Fees and Recommendations

    A fee of $6,600 to prepare and lodge a skills assessment, nomination application and visa application is quite reasonable and within the average range.
  10. 186 Visa - Migration Agent Fees and Recommendations

    For people to assist, you should give more details. Does the cost include the lodgement fees for the skills, nomination and visa applications and how many people are included in the application.? Lodgement fees alone could be close to $10,000 for a family of four.
  11. Partner 820 visa

    2 years from when you applied for the visa. They will request evidence that you are still together at this time.
  12. There is insufficient information in your post to answer your questions.
  13. 457 subsequent entrant visa processing time

    You should not be paying health cover if they are not here. You can arrange a cover note which only commences once they arrive.
  14. Visa Info

    This may be more serious than the initial charge.
  15. Human Resource Manager

    Unlikely. Look at the AIM assessment criteria, it is quite high level and onerous.