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  1. Spouse Visa success

    Congratulations on your visa approval. Please note however that Steve Hall of Concept Australia is not listed by MARA as a Registered Migration Agent.
  2. Visa 103 - Is this a joke now?

    The Government did try to abolish this visa, however, the Greens blocked it in Parliament.
  3. 186 nomination issues

    Are you sure that the bridging visa is active? From what you have posted I don't think it is yet. If you are on a bridging visa, this will complicate things significantly. Do yourself a favour and obtain some paid professional advice, as simple mistakes look to have already cost you a lot of money and time. Trying to solve a complex issue from advice from a Public forum is not ideal.
  4. 186 nomination issues

    If you are applying under the Temporary Resident Transition pathway (TRT), the nomination must be lodged after the 2 year anniversary on your 457 visa, as this is a time of lodgement criteria for the nomination. If the nomination was lodged before your had worked there for 2 years on a 457, then it must be refused. As such the visa application will also fail. If you still hold the 457 visa (i.e. you are not yet on a bridging visa) then both applications will need to be re lodged. Unfortunately it sounds like an expensive mistake.
  5. Tourist Electronic Visa

    Don''t trust advice from a travel Agent in regards to such important matters. I have seen this end in expensive disasters many times. Information form the Immigration website in this regard: Citizenship and travel As an Australian citizen you must always leave and enter Australia on an Australian passport. If you also have a passport from another country you can use that for travel once you have left Australia. People trying to enter Australia as an Australian citizen but without an Australian passport face difficulties and delays. The Australian Passport Office provides more information. If you also have a passport from another country you should always use your Australian passport when leaving and entering Australia.
  6. AAT appeal for 187 nomination refusal

    What would be the point? If the nomination refusal is not appealed, the visa appeal will fail.
  7. Advise needed regarding 3 year ban

    I do not give individual advice on complex matters in a public forum. To so so would be a disservice to you as Schedule 4 Public Interest criteria, in regards to a re entry ban, can be complex. A proper assessment would require considerably more information about your individual situation and more detail about the circumstance surrounding the issuing of the ban.
  8. Registering the relationship does remove the 12 months co habitation requirement, however, you still need to evidence a genuine an ongoing relationship. This would be a 457, which may be useful until you are in a position to lodge a partner visa. If he is on a subclass 457 visa, he can only work for his sponsor. As the situation is not straight forward and you may have a number of options, you would be well advised to seek some professional advice to help you with a workable visa pathway.
  9. 457 to residency

    Yes, under the proposed TSS system, applicants with an occupation on the short term list will be able to re apply once for a further 2 year visa.
  10. Expression of Interest

    You should look at improving your English score for more points and possible state sponsorship as well. The last invitation round required a minimum of 70 and the one before that 75. It is becoming very erratic and unpredictable, so the more points you can score the higher chance you have. Not a good idea to make irreversible decisions such as selling your house, until a visa has been secured.
  11. 820

    Processing of Partner applications has become very slow and time-frames continues to increase. If your 457 is still valid, leaving your employer may lead to your 457 being cancelled and you becoming unlawful and going onto a bridging visa E, which is not ideal. I would suggest that you obtain professional advice to work out a viable visa strategy.
  12. 457 to tourist

    If your 457 is still valid, it would best to transfer your 457 to a new sponsor and employer. A holiday visa after a 457 will be difficult to justify.
  13. Advise needed regarding 3 year ban

    The ban does not stop you from applying for a visa, however, you will have to request a waiver of the ban (for most visas) in order to pass Schedule 4 "Public Interest" criteria.
  14. Visa status

    12 month is completely unreasonable for a transfer application, while you are left in a position where you cannot work. If you are working "somewhere else" other than your original sponsor then you are in breach of your visa conditions and risk visa cancellation. These are all things your Agent should have made clear to you.
  15. Visa status

    If you have a Registered Agent working on your application, they should be able to answer all of your questions. 12 month to process a 457 nomination to transfer your current visa is very unusual, as these applications are usually processed very quickly.