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  1. Raul Senise

    Student visa work conditions.

    Is this advice from a Registered Migration Agent or an Education Agent? Bear in mind that Education Agents are not legally allowed to provide Immigration advice.
  2. Raul Senise

    Sponsor partner on 820 after ex on 189 left me

    Yes, if you can meet the requirements for 820 sponsorship. From what you have posted you may struggle, unless you are married or have registered your relationship. Not sure why you have received different answers. Did you have a consultation with the Agents or just a phone call. The matter would be straight forward to provide direct answers once all the relevant information regarding your relationship and girlfriends visa history is knows.
  3. Raul Senise

    Subclass 482 to 186 Direct Entry Stream

    More information would be required to provide proper answers to your question. If you are talking about the 186 Direct Entry, the employment requirement must be full-time and at the level of skill required for the occupation. The fact that employment was with one of the big 4 is irrelevant if it was not at the skill level required for the occupation.
  4. Raul Senise


    You have stated that you have an Immigration Lawyer attending to your matter. You should refer specify questions to them as they are aware of all the details of your case.
  5. I think that the term "Migrating Agent" has become misused over time. Please remember that overseas operators do not need to be registered and most are not. The majority of overseas migration businesses are not Registered Migration Agents. I have seen horrible tactics and misleading advertising from unregistered operators.
  6. It depends on the situation. Unless you have an occupation on the Priority List or are a business person the options will be limited. I am upfront with all enquiries from off shore candidates and advise that the opportunities are currently very limited due to border restrictions. Skilled programs (189/190 and 491) are operating in a very limited capacity. Most State programs are not sponsoring off shore candidates at this stage. As such, an assessment now will be limited and the options will likely to change considerably when State programs re open fully. If candidates still want an assessment knowing this, I am happy to do so.
  7. Raul Senise


    Depending on your occupation, that can be quite standard. Many 186 applications are very slow to process and exceeding published processing times.
  8. Raul Senise

    Recommended migration agent?

    Be mindful that due to COVID and border restrictions, currently there are very limited circumstances where you can be granted a visa and allowed to enter Australia if you are offshore.
  9. Raul Senise

    Onshore 476 Visa Help

    The fact that you are on a BVC and not appearing on VEVO indicates otherwise. A BVC is granted when the applicant is not the holder of a substantive visa at time of application.
  10. Raul Senise

    Onshore 476 Visa Help

    If you were issued a BVC it means your matter is more complicated. If VEVO does not display your visa status, you may be unlawful. You would be best to seek professional assistance.
  11. Not sure how your have completed your online application but it does not sound correct.
  12. Raul Senise

    186 process time

    That's pretty standard at the moment. Applications for some occupations are moving very quickly (just had one approved in 2 days), while others seems to be on hold and not being processed. Hospitality occupations seem to be the worst affected, with very little movement on applications lodged a long time ago.
  13. Raul Senise

    Potential visa options / advice - Reality

    If you have qualifications and experience relevant to the occupation of Mechanical Engineer, you may have options to Permanent Residency in the current environment, as it is an occupation on the Priority List. Some professional advice would be recommended.
  14. Raul Senise

    Bridging visa C work right - Priority

    The fact that you are on a BVC makes the situation quite a bit more complicated than most queries on the forum. It is further complicated by potential medical issues which may affect the pending visa application. Based on the minimal information on your post, it is unlikely anyone will be able to provide any meaningful advice. Seeking some paid professional advice, specific to your situation may be wise.
  15. Raul Senise

    Pathway to PR

    It will depend on what occupations SA is sponsoring once you have completed your qualifications. There is no future guarantee of a visa pathway irrelevant of where you move to. Are these the same Agents that advised you to study Accounting? Be careful accepting visa advice from the same people trying to sell you a course? They work on commission and will often recommend the course with the biggest commission.