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  1. Age restrictions on 457 visa

    There are no age restrictions for a subclass 457 visa.
  2. Training requirements on 186 TRT

    Training undertaken by by principals in the business does not count towards the training benchmark. This has always been Policy and has recently been reinforced in the Regulations.
  3. Niece visit visa application refused

    You will struggle with a visitor visa from Iran as it is considered a high risk country for Migration purposes. You will need to provide strong evidence of intention to return home such as family, employment, study etc. A family sponsored visitor visa will have a stronger chance of success, but you will most likely have to post a hefty bond.
  4. ENS 186 Nomination Question

    Your employer will need to give you permission to access their IMMI account. This is a genuine concern. If the Department requests further information, they will have a tine limit to respond (usually 28 days). If they do not respond and provide further information, the application may be refused. If the nomination is refused, the visa will also be refused. Much of my work of late if trying to fix DIY applications. The issue is usually with the nomination as employers do not understand the requirements and often become frustrated with the process and dealing with the Department. I hope all goes well, but do try to get permission to access the Immi account for the nomination.
  5. Grandparent visa

    Then answer in a personal capacity, not as an "education consultant". When you put a professional title in your post people assume that your know what you are talking about. In this case, I only highlighted it as the information you provided in response to the question is not accurate and is confusing. Previous posts (including from a Registered Agent) provided correct information. Your answer made it seem like there is a quick and easy solution to the issue, which there is not. As a Registered Agent this is something I face regularly, when people have taken inaccurate visa advice from an "education consultant" who is not qualified or allowed to give such advice.
  6. 186 visa - 2 years on 457 requiement

    Just be mindful that you are risking your entire application on your bosses interpretation and understanding of the nomination requirements, based on a basic website checklist. The nomination stage of the application is becoming increasingly difficult and complex. Sounds like you have done extensive research on the market rate. I cannot advise whether you and your boss have done enough based on a few lines in a public post. Good luck with your application.
  7. 186 visa - 2 years on 457 requiement

    Be mindful that for the nomination application your employer needs to provide extensive, confidential documentation such as financials, payroll expenditure, training of Australian staff, salaries of comparable Australian staff, etc. a) Is your employer prepared to give you access to all of this information/documentation? b) Are you in a position to assess the company documentation to determine if they meet the requirements to sponsor you?
  8. Grandparent visa

    Education agents are not allowed to the following: • Provide migration advice or assistance unless they are a registered migration agent
  9. Age limit raised

    The Regulations changed on the 1st of July and although the age limit was increased to "no more than 35" it does not apply to all passport holders. A separate Ministerial Instrument applies to the visa and specifies counties of passport where the age limit is "less than 30". Interestingly this applies to most if not all counties that can apply for the visa. As such, the Regulation have changed to 35 , but you still have to be less than 30.
  10. Current 457 visa holders' transition to PR after March 2018?

    It depends on the occupation. Some assessing authorities have priority processing.
  11. 457 to 186 AGE LIMIT change. Is anyone in the same boat?

    Depending on his occupation and the assessing authority, he may be able to evidence experience with statutory declarations, evidence of income and other documents.
  12. There are many and it will vary. Check the Immigration website for basic details. Consult with a Registered Migration Agent for specifics about your situation.
  13. You need to be employed in your occupation, by your sponsor, while holding a subclass 457 visa, for at least 2 years.
  14. 457 to 186 AGE LIMIT change. Is anyone in the same boat?

    Immigration has stated that transitional arrangements for existing visa holders and visa applicants will be confirmed closer to the changes coming into effect. It is likely that we will not know for sure until the new Regulations are released in March 2018. Unfortunately at the moment the Government is taking a hard line and not concerned by the human impact the changes are having on real people's lives.
  15. Current 457 visa holders' transition to PR after March 2018?

    You are correct and there are still many unanswered questions, especially in regard to what will happen from March 2018. As Immigration has stated transitional arrangements for existing visa holders and visa applicants to be confirmed. The two big questions that everyone is wanting answers to are: Will people who were granted subclass 457 visas prior to the April changes, still be able to apply under the TRT pathway, irrespective of their occupation, after March 2018; Will people who have applied under the TRT pathway but have not had their applications finalised by March 2018, be retrospectively affected by changes. Although some have suggested that they know the answers to these questions, it is not the case and only time will tell. We will only know for sure once the March Regulations are released.