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  1. Raul Senise

    Partner visa 309/ Arrange marriage

    More detailed information would be required to be able to provide a response to your question. As @MaggieMay24 has already stated, you would be wise to seek some professional advice.
  2. Raul Senise

    189 query, confused!

    Only time will tell. It depends on what direction the Government takes and then how each State Government implements the changes. State sponsorship is probably more achievable than a 189, unless the number of invitations issued each months increase dramatically.
  3. Raul Senise

    189 query, confused!

    The onus is on the applicant to make sure the points they are claiming on the EOI are correct. The points total generated by the EOI system is simply based on the data imputed by the user. If invited to lodge a visa, you will need to substantiate any points claimed with documentation. If the points claimed on the EOI are higher than what is proven for the visa, the application will be refused. Also be mindful that as per the last few invitation rounds, the minimum points requirement for a 189 was 85 points. Even at 85 point only a handful of invitations were given.
  4. Yes and no. The Regulations determine what conditions must and can be applied. For example, if going from a visitor visa to a partner visa, the bridging visa will have no work restrictions attached.
  5. There are specific Regulations governing what conditions a bridging visa will have, depending on the visa you are on and the visa you are applying for. Some of the conditions are compulsory (i.e. must be applied) while some are discretionary (i.e. may be applied). Depending on the specific circumstances, it is possible to receive a bridging visa that does not have any work restrictions and thus allow you to work while on the bridging visa. In other cases, work rights can be applied for if the bridging visa has work restrictions.
  6. Raul Senise

    Bridging or temporary (and school fees!)

    No, if you wait until after the 3 months visitor visa runs out before your lodge a partner application, you will become unlawful and be in all sorts for trouble. If done correctly, you will receive a bridging visa on lodgement of the Partner application. The bridging visa will come into effect once the visitor visa expires. You could be on the bridging visa for upto 2 years before the partner application is decided.
  7. Entering on a visitor visa, then lodging another visa and eventually going onto a bridging visa is quite common.
  8. Raul Senise

    482 VISA Change of Sponsor (Nomination)

    The outcome of the application will depend on whether all requirements are met. The fact that its a similar position does not guarantee a favourable outcome. There are so many variables which you will not be privy to, such as Market Rate of Australians in similar roles, labour market testing, business compliance with obligations, etc. My recommendation is not to make any irreversible decisions until the application has been finalised.
  9. Raul Senise

    482 sponsored with a view to pr?

    I would still recommend that you obtain independent advice re qualifying for the subclass 186 under the Direct Entry pathway. You would not want to transfer your life to Australia only to find out you cannot qualify within the age limit constraints.
  10. Raul Senise

    482 VISA Change of Sponsor (Nomination)

    For an accredited sponsor it should be quick, maybe even the same day.
  11. Raul Senise

    482 sponsored with a view to pr?

    My recommendation: 1) Obtain independent advice regarding the eligibility for PR through the 186; 2) Make sure it is in the contract that they will sponsor for PR 186 within a certain time frame. Managers and HR people who made the original promise can change roles.
  12. Raul Senise

    Bridging or temporary (and school fees!)

    That's not how it works. You don't apply for a bridging visa and then apply for a partner visa. A bridging visa is granted when you make a valid application for a partner visa, while in Australia. Probably best to speak with your Agent so as not to become confused with the process.
  13. Raul Senise

    Partner visa, at 60

    Start by researching subclass 309 / 100 and subclass 820 /801 to get a basic idea. Lodgement fees alone are close to $8,000 AUD.
  14. The scenario you have detailed above is plausible, however, you risk being refused entry if it is suspected you are not a genuine visitor, or intend working while on a visitor visa. Consider, you will be trying to enter on a visitor visa, when the system will show that you have applied for Permanent Residency. If you are planning to work in a trade, you will likely bring your tools of the trade, which would also raise concerns when arriving for visitor purposes. Not saying it can't be done, but there are inherent risks.
  15. Raul Senise

    S600 visa problems

    Yes it is correct. You applied for a different visa to allow you to remain in Australia longer than 3 months.