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  1. Raul Senise

    186 Direct entry skills assesment

    It depends which stage of the JRP you have completed. It sounds like you have only completed stage 1 which is a provisional assessment. Your Agent would be in the best position to correctly advise you.
  2. Raul Senise

    TRA migration skills advice

    The Regulations and Policy regarding when one is considered skilled can be complex and vary between different occupations. If you are not sure, you should consider professional advice.
  3. The English test is required for the CPA skills assessment. They do not allow exemptions for native English speakers.
  4. Raul Senise

    Vetassess processing times

    Vetassess does different types of skills assessments each with their own requirements and processing standards.
  5. They will need to assess to determine the cost to the Australian community and weather it is within the parameters to pass the health requirement. This can delay things for a few months. It will really depend on what costs are assessed.
  6. Raul Senise

    Migration agent help

    Employers/Sponsors are not allowed to make the candidate pay for any of the costs associated with the sponsorship, nomination or recruitment. This would be considered a serious breach.
  7. Raul Senise

    Visa Timelines and Costs Advice

    No, things haven't changed. The grant letter above was likely for someone who was in Australia at time of grant. So no first entry date needed.
  8. Raul Senise

    Visa Timelines and Costs Advice

    It depends on the circumstances and whether an applicant qualifies. If residency requirements are met, the RRV can be granted for 5 years. If residency requirements are not met but substantial ties to Australia are present, then a 1 year RRV can be granted.
  9. Raul Senise

    Visa Timelines and Costs Advice

    1) 309 and 100 are lodged together. If certain requirements are met they will approve the 309, immediately followed by the 100. If not they will process the 309 first, and process the 100 after 2 years. 2) Current published processing time is 90% processed in 32 months. Median is 10 Months. Processing times vary greatly. 3) 12 months of validity of Medicals for first entry. 4) If one does not become a Citizen within 5 years, they need to apply for an RRV to renew the travel facility on the visa.
  10. Raul Senise

    Bridging Visa A. but no right to work

    Note that even if the student visa is granted, you won't have work rights until the course commences.
  11. Raul Senise

    Statutory Decleration

    If the Police Certificate states "no live trace" you will need to obtain the step down document showing details of the offences.
  12. Raul Senise

    Current 482 time lines

    Depends on the specific circumstances and the stream you apply under. Current published processing times vary anywhere from 5 days to 5 months.
  13. Raul Senise

    over 45 visa chances?

    Although the Global Talent Visa can be difficult to obtain, I think you may be confusing it with the old Distinguished Talent visa. The Global Talent Visa is allocated 5,000 spots per year, which is actually down from previous years where they were allocated 15,000 spots.
  14. Raul Senise

    Advice on Visa Type to Apply For?

    Its a two stage application applied at the same time Cost will depend on whether you do it yourself or use an Agent Latest published processing time have blown out. Latest published figures are between are 5 to 96 months You don't have to get married as you are de facto
  15. Raul Senise

    Visa 189 advice

    As the 189 is by invitation, it is never guaranteed. 189 does not require sponsorship by a State. For the last published invitation round, 65 points was enough to be invited in teaching occupations.