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Found 35 results

  1. Hi, I am planning to apply for my 186 DE. I have three years of full time experience in my relevant field, which is in medium term list. I did my skill assessment with vetassess and they deducted 1 year of my experience and it’s showing 2 years in the letter. 186 DE requires 3 years of experience but it doesn’t say that it should be on the vetassess letter, it just says that you need a positive skill assessment. My agent says that it will be fine as the department will count the three years of work experience I have. can someone please suggest that will this be fine, as I do have full three years of experience?
  2. buzybee

    Reapply for PR visa

    Hi Appreciate anyone who can provide inputs on the situation below I am currently waiting for my visa. Details: lodged on june 2021, status is received after doha requested for additiknal docs from employer.this visa is sponsored Occupation ICT business Analyst If I resign in my current company what are the steps to change the occupation when I reapply? What is better nowadays ? To apply partner visa or PR via points thank you so muchh in advance.
  3. Nepalese

    186 ens

    Hi there, i would like to ask about the s56 request for more information about the 186 nomination. I’m waiting for the 186 visa & nomination since 16 months & DHA has asked my employer for the some updated documents from the business within 8 days. Is it okey if we asked for the extension? Does this impact to my visa & nomination applications? Please suggest me Thanks
  4. Nepalese

    186 visa

    Hi Everyone, just wondering I’m waiting for the 186 trt visa almost 16 months, Is there any problem or delaying to grant a visa if you do have some credit cards to be pay off debt & not enough bank balance in your account? Some people says there should be a problem with granting a visa. Help needed, Thanks
  5. Nepalese

    186 TRT Stream

    Hi everyone, I’ve applied Nomination +186 trt visa as a cook (non regional) on 18th of a Feb 2020 & did medical on 24th of feb.I’ve been checking my immi account everyday, Still shows the Received in the application summary. I came in Australia on March 2017 under 457 visa. I do not have any Australian education on certificate 3&4. I do not even have certificate on RPL. Will there be any problem because of this? Help needed. Thank you
  6. Hi, I have been working in Australia for the past 3 years on a 457 visa. My current employer transferred the sponsorship of my 457 visa from my previous employer 12 months ago since my skill is niche. This 457 visa will expire in 6 months. And my current employer is contemplating the idea of employer sponsored PR. Since I have only worked for them for just a year, I suppose we will have to go for the Direct entry stream. Am I eligible for this application? What are the problems that we can face in this process? And lastly how long would the visa process take?
  7. Worried Mummy

    Health assessment issue sharing

    Hi All, as a parent of a child with medical condition, I have been through tough time with all anxiety about our PR visa application. I read a lot of posting in this forum from those who had same experience, and would like to share our experience for reference to those who still need it. - if your child have medical condition and you want to apply PR visa, please obtain specialist assessment on the condition, in terms of history, diagnose, as well as treatment plan, especially cost estimate in Australia. - I got some advice from my agent to try to apply TR for my child first to see if any issue with the health assessment, though it is less strict than PR, it can reflect the attitude from department. So we applied 482 visa a few months ago, it was approved in 9 days after we submitted the specialist report together with health assessment. - Don't lose faith, go find any visa with health waiver if necessary. I didn't go through it, but I prepared for it, as I could have applied for 190 visa (got invite last April) or 186 DE, but there is no health waiver available under them. Search from google or talk to professional agents to find out which have. - lastly regarding health assessment status on immi account, I have been so confused: after we had physical exam, my child received referral, then MOC contacted me by email through BUPA centre to request specialist report on cognition and development plan. As I have Pediatrician specialist report already, I submitted to them on the same day when I received their email. Then in a couple of days, the health status changed to cleared no action required. I do not know whether CO would need any further report, so have been worried a lot what's next, as I seemed not to be able to provide any more report. Now I would think if its status is cleared, it would mean ok. Wish you all good luck.
  8. My visa


    Hi how are you all i have some questions if any one can help me . I apply for 186 visa in 3 September last year i am nomination is approved in July this year but my i haven’t got my visa yet. But I don’t have 6 each when I apply my visa and my lawyer said we can use 5 years of study and we can put the file with 5 years of study . Is that any one of you people get visa with 5 years of study please let me know thanks. I very upset because all my friends got there pr and i am still waiting. Thanks and i have all diploma not any degree so please let me know thanks i. Advanced and good luck all
  9. Hello I've had my 186 visa for just over six months now and have just accepted another job. Do I have to let the dept of immigration know and if so how do I go about this? Thanks, Nick
  10. Hi, Everyone! I'm one of the silence reader and am on 186 DE since 2nd March 2018. Last week Saturday, Immigration sent me S56 requests of documents that 1. New Family member 2. AFP npc 3. 3 years work experience NO 2 and 3 are not problem but No 1 is not because there is not a official form of letter that company wish to extend their nomination approval to include my new family member (New born baby). Is here any know or experience like my situation? If so, please help me to get this kind of letter. Only this document is not ready to upload in IMMI A/C. Thank you, guys. Fingers crossed^^
  11. carLd

    VISA 186 TRT

    Hi!!!!! We just want to share our story. August 2015 I've started working for my boss here in NSW as Architectural Draftperson on 457 VISA. then my family came December 2015. September 2017 they've lodged 186 Visa, February 2018 Nomination was approved and medical exams was done. But my visa was put on for "Further Assessment" as I do have health issue. We heard nothing from them until - June 2019 a healthy waiver was requested and submitted after 28 days with the help of a RMA. Me and my family was so stress upon processing and preparing documents for the waiver, Contacted numerous Doctors and asking help with the community special friends and family and also a friend who is in Netherlands, She had help us so much! those 28 days was the worst days of our life(28 days Later?-Movie). After submitting the waiver we still have to wait for the medical report from my specialist(3rd specialist- we never gave up) which was to follow up with the other documents. and finally we manage to get a positive report in favour of me and 100% against what the immigration is saying. We submitted the medical report 3rd of June. by the way our local GP was also helping us in a lot of ways as she disagrees with what the immigration has decided.(272k cost of my health care!!) 24th of June I've logged in to my immi account and found out that my Health Assessment was change and says "Health Clearance Provided", so I've ask the agent what was that, probably something happened in the process it may be good or bad. That time I had a feeling that something good is going to happen but not a 100% tough. so I tried to ask the agent to follow up with the CO via email. 1st of August 9:00am I've called the agent as we only have 7 more days to go before our medical exams expired, But unfortunately I wasn't able to speak to her, Message left. 9:30 AM I got a call from the agent saying that we don't need to follow up as the visa was granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy!! !!!!!! Thanks to god we manage to surpass all the stress.. . To all applying for permanent residency please make sure your 100% healthy before applying or otherwise you will go thru a lot! Thanks to this forum as well as the forum help me in a lot of ways..... Ward Regards,
  12. Just starting a new thread for this occupation, here is my timeline: Nom lodged on Jan 18, 2016, approves on Dec 5, 2016 Visa lodged offshore on Dec 8, 2016, no news since then, still waiting for the grant 186 DE HR country NSW Pese If anyone on the same boat, please update me with the status.
  13. Hey Guys im a bit unsure of how the process time works, My MA advised me to wait until my nomination was approved until I lodged my application. Is the 15-17 months including the Nomination. My nomination lodged Nov 2017 Nomination approved/visa application lodged Aug 2018 do I know have a further 15 months? all my crim checks and medical and form 80 lodged but no case officer, how long until case officer looks at case? Thanks
  14. Hi guys, my name is Ekam and I applied 186 nomination visa on June 29 ,2017 as contract administration. I don’t get any response yet. Does anyone get nomination and PR in these months? thanks
  15. Hi I applied my 186 visa TRT visa in May 2017 but my 457 visa is expiring in june 2018 problem is i added my wife in my 186 visa and applied while she was offshore because we did not expect that time the process will take that long so she did not get bridging visa because she was offshore now she is onshore on my 457 dependent visa is there any way we can apply her Bridging visa because my wife visa is expiring in this june and i do not want to extend my 457 visa thanks
  16. navneet

    186 visa

    hi guys can anyone please help me i applied for my 186 visa on 20 june 2017 as a cook TRT stream its been a 9 months still no news how much more time immi ill take to make a decession if anyone have any idea please help me . last update shows on my ac is 17 nov 2017
  17. Hi all, We are currently on a 457 visa and submitted our PR application. My partner has a conviction from 2007 which he has been asked to give details on. The issue is it was a drunken offence and he is sketchy on the details, for this reason and given it was 10 years ago. Can anyone give guidance or comment on how much detail they are actually looking for. Best wishes LCDP
  18. Hey Guys, Can anyone help? My Boyfriend has worked two years under his 457 visa and now wants to apply for Permanent Residency. His employer wants to sponsor him under the 186 Visa - Temporary Transition Scheme. Have any other mechanics on here made the same application? Most importantly do you have to get skills assessed if you are doing Temporary Transition Scheme. Just what paperwork does he actually need? Thank so much and sorry if this has been asked before I can't find it. Laura
  19. hwhattywhat

    Help With Employer Nomination

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone out there is able to help me. I own a very small bricklaying company in WA and am looking to sponsor a British national so that he is able to stay working with me. I am trying to gauge whether or not I need a migration agent or whether I can work through the nomination process myself. I am unsure on how I would provide evidence for the following requirements (in terms of the format etc. as I know the immigration department can be very particular): evidence that the position is currently occupied by a temporary resident evidence of an increase in business activity (e.g. new contracts won) requiring workers in the nominated occupation If anyone can offer any advice around these requirements or just employer nominations in general I would be incredibly grateful! Many thanks in advance!
  20. Hey guys, My de facto partner was nominated for 186 visa and yesterday he just received the Approval of Nomination Notification from the IMMI with my name on it. So my question is do we need to provide relationship statement and relationship statutory declaration like what they do to apply for partner visa? If yes, do we need to write one statement each? I and my partner have been and lived together for almost 5 years and have officially registered as de facto partner although we are not same sex partner. Thanks a lot!
  21. Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice... Last year I was sponsored by my employer for a 457 visa, however due to the HR assistant not knowing much about immigration she just put down for 18months and thought we could extend it later. Not as easy as it sounds as they would need to nominate me for a 457 again and we would have to pay the fee. We want to apply for PR however we are 6 months short on our current 457. Yesterday a friend said, you can apply for PR through the direct entry scheme. I am a primary teacher and am on the consolidated list. When I was completing my 457, I submitted my degree for a skills assessment however it wasn't actually needed for the 457. Does this help when applying for the 186 visa? I would appreciate any advice on what the best option is as I really want to get the ball rolling! Cheers, Allison
  22. Hi I am applying for the 186 perm resident visa through the temporary residents transition system and I have read conflicting things about the rules regarding employment. I know that the employer has to state that there is a position of employment available for at least 2 years... and I have read in some places that I have to have the intension of staying in my current employment for the next 2 years also.... How strict are they on this does anyone know? As i'm pretty sure my "intensions" could change once I have residency if a better position becomes available.... would they cancel the visa if I started to work somewhere else?
  23. Hi all - hope you are doing well. I have a few questions regarding the ENS 186 Temporary Residence Transition Scheme – apologies if they have been answered here already but a number of Google searches and looking through the site have yielded nothing… Any help would be great appreciated, to begin with, my situation: Been in Australia for over three years on a 457, from the UK originally - my employer will be nominating me for an ENS 186 shortly, annoying as can't look through online application until get nomination number. My questions: 1) How easy is this to do on your own? Have people generally found it OK or used a migration agent? 2) Do I need to fill out a form 80 generally for this Visa (see below)? 3) I have my ACPO (UK Police Check) and AFP check done - However my ACPO shows a caution from almost ten years ago for possession of a class A drug – will this be an issue and is there anything I need to provide as supporting documentation to overcome this? (i.e. a completed form 80 / other references etc.)? My main concern is the police caution – generally the consensus I see is that people complete ENS 186 TRTS on their own OK but don’t know anyone who has done this with a caution on file. For the purposes of this application, I do not believe this is a conviction, but still worried it will cause a problem. Any help more than welcome – thanks in advance JI have a few questions regarding the ENS 186 Temporary Residence Transition Scheme – apologies if they have been answered here already but a number of google searches have yielded nothing…
  24. tara23

    Applying for a 186

    I'm starting my application for my 186 visa soon and iv been leaning more towards getting a migration agent on board to help me. I live and work in Sydney, does anyone know any good migration agents that will be able to help me? Thanks Tara
  25. Hello, Im in need of any advice/guidance for what has become quite a complicated process from 457 visa to PR. My partner has been on a 457 sponsored visa since July 2012. We only had the visa approved for two years and it will expire in two weeks. His employer agreed to nominate us for the 186 subclass employer nomination visa under the Temporary Residence Transition scheme. We were advised from the Dept of Immigration that it is "risky" but we would have to lodge both the nomination and our application on the last day that our 457 visa expires as we won't be eligible for it before. However we have since learnt that my partners employer has already put in the nomination 4 weeks ago without us knowing and received an acknowledgement and TRN number. Its my understanding and info from immigration that if we now apply for this visa it will be cancelled as they nominated us before the 2 years had been completed on the 457 visa. Fortunately we have not started or paid any of our application, just gathered all our documents/evidence. Does anyone know if my partners employer could cancel this and do another nomination through the direct entry scheme? and if my partner needs a skills assessment (as required for direct entry) could this be completed after we put in the application as we are running out of time? Or any other ideas whatsoever? Thank you for any advice/info.