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  1. ksimpson94

    Offshore to onshore 190 EOI

    Hi everyone. If I submit EOI for NSW 190 offshore and then manage to get to Sydney on 482 sponsorship should I withdraw my EOI until I have fulfilled the onshore residency requirement? And then am I able to resubmit an EOI once I have lived in NSW for 6 months? Thanks.
  2. ksimpson94

    NSW 190 residency criteria

    Hi, on the NSW website it says to be considered you need to be either living in Australia, or overseas, for a period of 6 months or more to be eligible. Thanks
  3. ksimpson94

    NSW 190 residency criteria

    Hi guys, I am currently residing in the U.K. and have submitted an EOI for 190 in NSW. If I go to Sydney on a 482 sponsorship visa does this mean I must withdraw my EOI for 190 and wait 6 months before I can submit it again? Thanks
  4. ksimpson94

    NSW 190 Eligibility

    Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice please. Am I right in thinking to be eligible for NSW 190 nomination I must only submit an EOI for NSW? In other words will submitting EOIs for other states make me ineligible for NSW nomination? (In terms of increasing chances of PR) Many thanks, Kyle
  5. ksimpson94

    Moving states 190 visa

    So where do people stand if they pay for his advice and he’s wrong?
  6. ksimpson94

    Moving states 190 visa

    Hi, Thanks for this information. It is Karl Konrad who I’ve seen talk about this topic on YouTube. He says once granted a 190 you are free to move wherever. He is a migration agent. Was getting confused between agent and lawyer. Thanks
  7. ksimpson94

    Moving states 190 visa

    Thanks for your reply. unfortunately this makes me even more confused… The government website mentions using migration lawyers. It is literally their job to advise based on Australian immigration law but you’re saying not to trust them?
  8. ksimpson94

    Moving states 190 visa

    Hi, I have seen a couple of migration lawyers saying it’s acceptable to move states on a 190 state sponsored PR visa even though each state asks the individual to stay in that state for at least two years. Is this true? Does anyone have any experience with this? And would it affect citizenship applications? For example if we are granted a 190 visa and then move states for my partner to study would this mean we breach the visa conditions? Thanks!
  9. ksimpson94

    482 TSS

    Hi everyone, I lived in Australia on a TSS 482 visa before moving back to the UK for a few years. Am I eligible to apply for another TSS 482 visa or can you only use this visa once? Thanks!
  10. ksimpson94

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    I’m 28, I have completed the NVQ level 2 painting & decorating apprenticeship and qualified in June 2021. The apprenticeship was 2 years long of on the job training where I worked full-time. So I have just over a year of qualified experience, which is why I’m confused by the NSW 190 occupation list asking for 1 year of experience. When I know it’s usually 3 years of eligible experience for a positive TRA skills assessment. It seems I actually need 4 years of post qualification experience for NSW then? thanks
  11. ksimpson94

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    Thanks for your response I really appreciate it. I guess I am just a little confused as to how I can meet the requirements of the TRA (being 3 years of experience post qualification) if I apply to NSW with only 1 year of experience post qualification. I have a painting & decorating qualification and 1 year of eligible experience post qualification. So from what I understand this is what NSW 190 is asking for. But the TRA wants me to have 3 years of post qualification experience as a painting trades worker. Sorry if I am being a bit dim! Any help would be appreciated
  12. ksimpson94

    NSW 190 occupation list experience

    Hi everyone, I was looking for advice regarding the new NSW 190 occupation list that was recently released. For my occupation “painting trades worker”, the standard for Australian skills assessment has always been 3 years of post qualification experience to get a positive skills outcome. The list published by NSW now only asks for 1 year of experience in this trade. Would the skills assessment organisation take this into account when I apply for the assessment? A little confused. Thanks
  13. Thanks again for your help and advice Steven
  14. The company still had to pay a sponsorship fee and hire an employee with 2 years of experience from an apprenticeship. The circumstances aren’t really that different. That surely proves they don’t have the “more experienced” Australians, which is why you said I wouldn’t stand much chance with my apprenticeship counting as experience. So you’re now saying being offshore would be a reason an employer wouldn’t accept me? Are you a migration agent? Just curious