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Found 54 results

  1. Hi there, I am in my final year of my Bachelors degree and soon I will be going on a temporary graduate visa. I am doing an API accredited degree - Bachelors of Business with a major in Property. After my graduate visa I am planning to nominate Valuer or Land Economist as my occupation. Just wondering if anyone has applied for this occupation already ? How was your experience ? Any advise (besides studying another degree ) don’t think I can study another degree or take on masters. Or if anyone can point me in the right path. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, I am currently applying for a 801 permanent partner visa with my Aus citizen wife. After it grants, we want to move back to my home country (UK) for the foreseeable future and then potentially move back to Aus one day. In order to make this feasible, I need to maintain my Aus PR as we will be moving back to the UK before I am eligible for citizenship. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any potential issues with the following plan: Although I would meet the criteria outlined in red in the image below, the blue criteria also applies to me (I'll have had PR less than 10 years) and so I imagine this supercedes the red? I really think this could be a lot better explained on the website as it really isn't clear. Anyway, I simply plan on returning to Aus at least once every 5 years, initially on my 801, and then on multiple RRVs (each one for 12 months from my understandign) in the future once my initial 5 year travel facility on the 801 has expired. From my reading of the criteria below, everytime I re-visit Aus on an RRV, I am entering as a PR and so must also be leaving as a PR. Therefore, these visits will surely "reset"' the date that I "left Australia as a permanent resident"? Or does this date actually refer to the very first time that I left Australia as a PR? Surely, if the date does reset/update each time then there is no difference between the red and blue criteria as 'not absent for periods that equate to 5 years' (blue critieria) would be identical to 'not absent for 5 continuous years' (red criteria)? I should have no trouble demonstrating substantial ties as my wife is a citizen and has family here. If/when the time comes to fully move back to Aus, I would just get another RRV and then remain here until I'm eligible for citizenship. If I needed to travel abroad during that time, I could apply for an RRV on the criteria outlined in green. Many thanks in advance for any help/guidance!
  3. I have submitted by S56 documentation two weeks ago. Still waiting to hear from Immi. Anyone on the same boat? Occupation : ICT Support Engineer
  4. Hi, My partner and I are due to have a baby in November (v.excited) and we were granted PR in February 2019, having been here for 4.5 years. We have recently discovered that there is a waiting period for getting child subsidies such as paternity pay (2 years from date of getting PR). One of our friends suggested there is a clause though if you have a child in Aus when parents have PR, as the child is then a Australian citizen from birth and therefore classed as an Australian dependant. Does anyone one know anything about this and where can I find this clause information online, really hoping we can still can get some support from the government. Thanks in advanced. Ben
  5. Hi, We recently arrived in Australia on TSS 482 (my partner is main applicant for TSS 482 visa, I am in Australia as a dependent) and took the private insurance as required by the condition in the TSS 482 visa. However, my understanding is that if we get medicare then the cost of private insurance will decrease. So, we are exploring to apply for medicare. We are both from the United Kingdom which has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia. We got British passports and were living in the UK before moving to Australia. The TSS 482 visa has "Visa conditions 8501 - Maintain health insurance". I submitted the PR 190 application in March 2020 (I am the main applicant, partner as dependent). As we are now in Australia, we are eligible for Medicare under "Have applied for permanent residency" category. My queries are below: 1. Can someone confirm that we are eligible for medicare because we got British passport and were living there before coming to Australia? I think we are, the reason I am doubting is because of the condition on our TSS 482 visa "Visa conditions 8501 - Maintain health insurance". Could it be that the medicare card on Reciprocal Health Care ground is not valid if someone is on TSS 482 visa? 2. Assuming we are eligible for medicare from two routes (reciprocal arrangement and via Applied for PR), which route should we choose to apply for medicare. My PR application is in the pipeline and I do not want to have any negative effect on our PR application because of medicare. If there is even 0.0001 % chance, then we are quite happy not to take medicare and continue the private healthcare insurance. 3. I rang the medicare helpline number and the agent did not really seem to understand my concern of any negative effect on my PR application. She simply said to tick both the boxes in the PR application and submit. I can definitely tick the box "Have applied for permanent residency" on page 2 of medicare pdf form but not sure about ticking the box for "Visitor from a country that has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia". We are not on visitor visa or tourist visa but on TSS 482 visa. Thx for reading my post.
  6. Hi, Im driving myself mad trying to find an answer to this problem. Myself and my partner have been in Australia since January 2017. On 457 visa for roughly 3 years and awaiting PR to be granted. My question is: If I were to get pregnant am I still subject to 2 year waiting period for paid parental leave? I called centrelink and she said to just apply when the time comes as cases are assessed case by case. This doesn't really give any clarity. Has anyone been in this situation? Appied for the 18 weeks and discovered they were eligible for payment? ANyone post 2019 as this is when the rules changed I think. The wording is newly arrived resident- we are not newly arrived as we have been here for a few years, working and paying taxes etc. To me the wording is so ambiguous! Many thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, need some advice on PR pathways please. My partner and I are currently living in Melbourne. both of us are on 485 (Temporary graduate) visas. My visa expires in April 2021 and partner's visa in April 2022. I will be the primary applicant (IT Systems Analyst). I'm currently in the process of gathering documents for an ACS skills assessment. Post a successful skills assessment by the ACS, I plan to apply for an EOI for subclass 189 and 190. In the event that I do not receive an invite before my visa expires, what are my options ? option 1 - Can I jump onto my partner's visa (we are in a de-facto) using the subsequent entrant visa? This will give me an additional year in Australia till my partner's visa expires. If proving a de-facto is difficult (we have been together for ~3 years), we anyway planned to get married once the situation improved. We can pre-pone the marriage registration and then apply for the visa(if that's easier than proving de-facto). Is there a rule that we have to be married for certain years/months before I apply for a subsequent entrant visa? option 2 - Jump on a visitor visa. Do not prefer this option as I would have to leave my full time job. Are there any other options I have ? You help and any advice will really be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Thanks for reading this post, I am desperately tying to find out the answer to this and my agent is unsure. We are hoping to move to SA this year and have applied for a Skilled - Regional (Subclass 489) (Provisional). I currently work for a global financial company and my current job, although based in the UK - requires time to support many countries. my question is: if I was to continue working in this job but be based from my new home (in an acceptable regional postcode in SA) for the 2 years. Would it satisfy the requirements of the 489 visa? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you
  9. uncannyss

    Skills assessment requirements

    Hi all To be able to have a skills assessment, do I need to have some work experience as well?
  10. Hello, has anyone or known of anyone who failed their PR medical due to mental health? Ptsd? Anyone successfully appealed? My medical is in 2 weeks, I’m worried I’ll fail and worried about appealing and failing: My spouse and I are currently on a 457, we’ve both passed the medical before 2 years ago with no issues. Now that we’ve actually put in for our PR, we need to do an up to date medical. Since my last medical, I had a male manager At work who was (euphemism) very inappropriate with me and sadly, it stirred up a whole heap of childhood abuse flashbacks - I absolutely fell apart. During an acute phase between October 2018 & September 2019, I had hospital admissions due to dissociation and suicidle ideation also ongoing care from community mental health team. Since September, I’ve had the correct diagnosis of complex trauma and aspergers and intervention from a clinical psychologist which has me on the road to recovery at last. I also have a private therapist. The clinic are writing a letter to the medical doctor to say that they hope to discharge me soon and my private therapist has written one stating she will look after my care once I’m discharged. On this bridging visa now, we’ve been eligible to sign up for private health insurance to cover costs of any future hospitalisation but it’s unlikely with my prognosis I’ll need it. my partner has zero health issues and is main visa person - full time senior child practitioner. throughout my period of un wellness, I owned a small business making $10,000 and volunteered 2 roles for the hospital who treated me. I also have glowing references to say I’m welcomed back to my work places in Australia. I also have a mentor at the hospital who wants to employ me as a peer worker once I’m discharged. do you think my chances of passing the medical are strong? I can’t go back to the UK, life here is amazing despite those issues. thanks for reading- stressed and desperate to stay.
  11. Spayne81

    Visa options ... confused

    Hi this is my first post and I’m sorry if it’s been asked or I’m being silly basically we were applying to move to SA on a skills PV ( my husband is a chef) and the visa agency have just told us as we were finishing off that this is not available and nor is the temp 491 SA visa and our only option it to live to Victoria is this true, is there any other option as we really wanted to be in Adelaide near my family ( I’m not the main applicant so can’t use them) thank you in advance
  12. Hi, I have been working in Australia for the past 3 years on a 457 visa. My current employer transferred the sponsorship of my 457 visa from my previous employer 12 months ago since my skill is niche. This 457 visa will expire in 6 months. And my current employer is contemplating the idea of employer sponsored PR. Since I have only worked for them for just a year, I suppose we will have to go for the Direct entry stream. Am I eligible for this application? What are the problems that we can face in this process? And lastly how long would the visa process take?
  13. I was certain I’d find the answer to this by searching previous posts, but haven’t had any luck. I’ll ask the question quite generally so maybe others can find the answer more easily, then I’ll give specific context if it’s unclear. My question is; When a person with a permanent residency finally gets citizenship (therefore now having dual citizenship for UK & Australia). Is the PR on the existing UK passport now cancelled? Does that person now need an Australian passport to be able to leave/enter Australia? Or can they continue travelling with the UK passport as if they had never got citizenship? The reason that ask is that I’ve just received citizenship, but now have to quickly leave Australia for a short trip and haven’t had time to get an Australian passport. I’m worried the PR is removed from my existing passport in favour of my citizenship making my UK passport worthless for reentering Australia. Any official articles always say dual citizens must leave/enter using Australian passport. thanks. Sorry if it’s been asked and I missed it.
  14. Hi Friends, I am a specialist doctor and need some guidance on 189 or 190 visa application. I completed my specialty training from India and applied to AMC & RACP for assessment of my training/education. RACP found me fully comparable to an Australian trained specialist and after completing 12 months of peer-review practice, I got my specialist registration. Now I want to apply for 189/190 visa. I want to claim points for my previous work experience in medicine & the specialty field. I checked Govt immi website and it says assessing authority is Medical Board of Australia. But on Medical board website, there is no mention that they will assess the previous work experience for points in immigration. I have called them also and they confirmed that they do not assess previous experience. Please help with the below: 1) How to get points assessed for the previous work experience 2) Do I need to get around 80 points to get the invitation, or is it less for a doctor (as very few people apply in my occupation) Any help would be highly valued. Thanks!!
  15. Hi Married couple (age 33 and 30), no children. We moved here in December, and were each sponsored for a 4-year 482 visa through my new employer. We love it here and are thinking about settling permanently. Assuming the rules don't change between now and then (!), I understand that if I continue to work for my new employer for a further 2.5 years I should be able to apply for Permanent Residency (I think it's the 186 visa?) However, what will happen to my husband? He is self-employed and I don't think his occupation (media / advertising) is on either the short or medium-term skills list. Can he get permanent residency, and if so, how? Thank you in advance, Lucy
  16. Hi everyone, I'm waiting on the outcome of my PR application (186 application submitted at the end of Jan 2018) and believe it may have been referred to the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth for review, does anyone have an idea of how long the MOC are taking to process applications at the moment, please? Thank you!
  17. I've received an email from the lawyer that the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) PR nomination for my position has been approved, and he told me to do the medical examinations which I've done last week. Does it mean that my case is been open? How long can the answer take?
  18. jqhee

    Employer Sponsored PR Visa

    Dear all, I'd like to ask if there is any possibility for an employer who owns an IGA in Perth to sponsor a Malaysian for employment and possibly permanent residency? Thank you in advance! Regards.
  19. Hi all, I am new to this forum and not sure if this is the right forum, so apologies if not. I am making this post to gather information about my current options to continue staying in Australia. About myself and my Visa situation: -I am a German citizen and moved to Brisbane for my postgraduate studies -Feb 2017 commenced a Master degree at the University of Queensland (student visa 500 valid until August 2018) -January 2018 started working as an Analyst in a Brisbane based IT-company -June 2018 studied for 1.5 years and graduated from UQ (Master of International Economics and Finance) -August 2018 left Australia for a visa run -September 2018 returned to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (Visa 417) -continued working as an Analyst until now So currently I am on a Working Holiday Visa (Visa 417) which is about to expire end of September 2019. My Master degree from UQ did not grant me to apply for the (485 Visa) as my degree was only 1.5 years. The minimum study load requirement for the 485 Visa are 2 years of full-time study. This is why I decided to return on a Working Holiday Visa which allowed me to stay for one more year. My current job role is "Business Analyst/System Administrator". My employer is willing to sponsor me. We are currently looking into potential options to extend my visa conditions in Australia and potentially even get me on a PR. I just recently read that economics got added to the migration list. As I graduated with an economics degree, I hope that this opens additional opportunites for me. So currently I consider the following options for my PR: 1. Sposnorship through my current job as an Analyst 2. Continue studying for one more semester to be eligible for the 485 Visa For the latter I would like to know if I would ahve to complete an entire degree again, or if I could simply study for one more semester at AQF level 9 without graduating. Just to obtain the 2 years of requried full-time study load. Please help me to elaborate the best option in my case. I am happy to even consult with local migration agents or lawyers. But I had bad experience with expensive consultation meetings last year. None of my 4 agents even considered my solution of leaving the country to return on a Working Holiday Visa. So I ended up paying consultation fees just to beeing told I could not stay any longer. Thanks Fabian
  20. Hi All, I'm new to this so bear with me. I am currently on a 457 Visa, have been with my partner for 5 years here in Australia with our Son (year and a half) and we are about to put in our 801/820 Defacto PR Visa, which we are more than eligible to get and I have no worries about obtaining this visa. My parents (English) however love Australia and would like to retire out here themselves. They are set up for money and would not require any assistance or loans in buying there home over here, and seeing out there days. The struggle and annoyance is the Visa situation. Now on the application for my 801/820 visa with my partner, it asks about subsequent entrants that are family, which according to the Immi Homeaffairs website this visa is eligible to do. I appreciate this might extend the waiting/process time on the visa, however, I'm secure here in Aus and therefore am not worried about it as long as that would mean my parents are PR's once the visa is approved in the next 3/4 years. Can someone tell me if this is the case and the way to go about it? I know there are other Visa options for parents, however they are far more expensive and require my visa to be approved before there's can even be submitted, and even then the waiting time is really long. Any guidance or help would be much appreciated Thanks Tom
  21. Evening everyone. I have been searching for an answer for a while on here, but to no avail I was wondering if anyone has sat the citizenship test back in the UK? What was the process? How did you get on with becoming a citizen i.e completing the ceremony after sitting the test in the UK? I'm conscious that the timeline is getting longer and longer from applying for citizenship, getting invited for the test/ interview then having the ceremony so this I feel is a pressing issue with people having ties in the UK. Many thanks
  22. asrar

    RRV - Help Needed

    Hi, I received PR in Feb 2014 and expiring next month. I visited Australia in December 2014 for a few days and never returned back. My reason to not return is that I have been working overseas in US with a stable job and do not want to resign. I want to get my PR extended (via RRV) but would like to know working overseas can be considered compelling and passionate reason. Appreciate if someone can share their experience and provide guidance in this regard. Thanks
  23. I have now completed my 2 years on State Sponsored 489 Visa (Visa is 4 yrs long) in SA and happy to stay here. I'd like to apply for PR and from the homeaffairs.gov.au website I know it will cost $385 for me and $195 for spouse. Now, the only route I can see after this is via 887 PR visa, and it seems to cost $3755 for me and $1875 for spouse. Is this right? We already spent quite a bit getting the 489, doesn't seem right to now spend another $6310 for PR. Any advice greatly received.
  24. Hi guys, Kinda New to this forum. Anyway, I'm about to start my own business as an independent Civil Engineering Draft Person. So I'm wondering if I can get work experiences from this to apply in 189 or 489? FYI, I graduated and this skill is in SOL list. Thanks in Advance
  25. AnnetteV

    Is there a risk of losing PR

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if anybody can tell me if someone have ever lost their PR due to leaving before renewing RRV or becoming a citizen. I have skilled migration visa and been here 1 year and ten months. My partner of ten years is Australian and due to his work we are leaving Australia end of next week. He has mental health issues and that is why I'm going with him now and not waiting two months till I can get a five year RRV. We might be out of Australia for 2-5 years and can imagine settling here again but I'm wondering if I can add his work commitment overseas and his mental health as compassionated reasons for leaving and wanting to return later, when applying for a RRV? Or can I list those reasons when applying for a RRV when my current travel facilities runs out? I have worked for the whole time being here, done a little bit of voluntering and I will continue to work for an Australian company when overseas. I hope it makes sense and I know you can only give your thoughts/advice but would be good to hear if anybody else has heard or experienced this themselves. Many thanks.