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  1. Raul Senise

    TSS visa - Employer sponsorship

    Due to the large costs involved for a business to sponsor for a TSS, it will be difficult to secure sponsorship without the ability to work a trial period. Not impossible, but even more difficult if applying for jobs from outside of Australia.
  2. Raul Senise

    Parent visa

    You cannot include your mother in law on the 189 application. If she is relying on your husband obtaining permanent residency to apply for a Parent Visa, it will be some time before she qualifies. No point collecting documents for your mother in law until she qualifies for a visa.
  3. Raul Senise

    Does this sound right?

    Although a joint bank account helps, that alone will not satisfy the requirements. You need to prove that you have shared financial responsibilities. The longer you can show this, the better.
  4. Raul Senise

    457 visa nomination transfer time 2018

    If your 457 is still valid and your are being sponsored in the same occupation, the new employer only needs to have a nomination approved to transfer your current 457 visa to them. The processing time for a nomination will vary depending on the circumstance, from a few weeks to 3 months.
  5. Raul Senise

    From 417 to 489

    Points required for an invitation will depend on the occupation nominated. Currently, the lowest score receiving an invitation is 70, although the queue at this score is a few months.
  6. You are only going to get more confused by trying to obtain general advice, based on very little information, on a public forum. If you are working with a Registered Migration Agent, who is aware of all of the details of your case, they would be best positioned to advise you.
  7. Raul Senise

    Motor Mechanic registration/licensing

    Glad to hear it. Congratulations.
  8. If you are on a Bridging Visa A because your 457 visa application was refused, you will be blocked by Section 48 of the Migration Act from lodging a 482 visa while in Australia. Professional advice would be recommended.
  9. Raul Senise

    835 remaining relative working rights

    Yes. It's not a matter of tips, its a matter of meeting the requirements specified by the Regulations in order to be granted work rights. It will be dependent on your specific situation. Looking for general tips on a public forum, without any specific details of your situation is not ideal.
  10. Raul Senise

    From 417 to 489

    No, you cannot artificiality work beyond 6 months by using an ABN, as the end user (your employer) is the same. This would be in breach of your 417 conditions. For a 189, you first need a positive skills assessment, then lodge an EOI and then receive an invitation, before you can apply for the subclass 189 visa. You would be unlikely to be granted a tourist visa after spending a year in Australia on a working holiday visa, as it is likely that they would not consider you a genuine student. Your situation seems complex and time critical. I suggest you obtain professional advice.
  11. Raul Senise

    Immigration consultants

    You are best to speak with a reputable Registered Migration Agent. Be weary of advice from student Agents as they can only give advice in regards to courses, they are not allowed to give Immigration advice. Too often I see candidates who have been sold a course with the promise of Australian Permanent Residency at the end, which never eventuates. By mindful that the Government regularly changes the rules, specifically to stop international students "course shopping" solely for the purpose of obtaining a visa outcome.
  12. Raul Senise

    Does this sound right?

    Be mindful that new Regulations will come into force soon, which will require the sponsor to be approved before a partner application can be lodged. Timing may become an issue making it difficult to lodge while you are in Australia. You may struggle with meeting the evidence requirements for a partner visa. Proving co habitation is important and proving shared financial responsibility is vital. Aspects such as shared social and travel are helpful, but not as convincing, as these can occur in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship without it being de facto.
  13. Raul Senise

    Canceling PMV 300

    New Regulations will come into force soon, which will require the sponsor to be approved before a partner application can be lodged. It is likely this change will stop people being able to apply in Australia while on short term visitor visas. Also, just being married, is not enough to satisfy the requirements of a partner visa. You will need to evidence all aspects of a genuine relationship. You will need to be granted a BVB before travel is allowed. It all depends on what documents can be provided to evidence the requirements of the visa. Having a great relationship with the intention of starting a family, by itself, is not overly relevant to the application. Currently Partner Visas have a very high refusal rate.
  14. Raul Senise

    Student visa option to PR

    If you were previously sponsored on a 457, depending on the specific details, you may have options available under transitional arrangements.
  15. Raul Senise

    Planning to apply for 190/ Chef/ 70 points

    You will only receive a bridging visa once you lodge the subclass 190 visa application. You can only lodge the visa after you receive an invite. If a State supports your application, you will get an invite.
  16. Raul Senise

    Student Visa

    Be careful as I have seen many overseas students come to Australia to study a Diploma based on advice and promises from student agents. In most cases studying a Diploma in Australia will not further your pathway to Australian Permanent Residency.
  17. The rumours are true. It is part of the "The Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2016" which passed both houses of Parliament in November 2018 and received assent in December 2018. We are now just waiting for it to be implemented. It will be relevant to a number of visas including partner visas. Under the changes, the Australian sponsor will need to first apply and be approved as a sponsor, before their partner can apply for a visa. It is likely that this will be used to force people to lodge and wait for partner applications offshore. The Department will easily be able to delay the approval of the sponsor while the partner is here on an ETA or other short term visa, thus forcing them to depart, before a visa can be lodged.
  18. Raul Senise

    Planning to apply for 190/ Chef/ 70 points

    It will really depend on your specific situation. Most States will will give priority if you have been living and working in the State already or have a job offer. Again, it will depend on your specific situation and how quickly you are able to secure sponsorship by a State or Territory Government.
  19. Raul Senise

    489 to 887 visa 2 years requirement update?

    It depends on what the bridging visa was for. Because it will depend on the specific situation, it is unlikely that you will receive a definitive answer without an assessment of your specific situation. You should not rely others experiences as A) the Regulations may have changed from when they applied and B) the answer will vary depending on your specific situation. Do not rely on the Immigration website as this is just a summary and not always directly reflective of the actual Regulations. Again, bridging visa time may be included in some circumstances, depending on the specifics of each case.
  20. Raul Senise

    457 (Post June 2018) to PR

    Why was it only granted for 3 years and not 4? This is unusual. If you applied after 17 April 2017, this is correct if looking to apply under 186 TRT. You cannot apply for an extension of a 457 as this visa no longer exists. You will need to apply for a 482 (TSS) visa. I believe your friend may be mistaken or confused as Grant letters do not provide details about applying for PR. Each case is different depending on numerous factors. A professional assessment of your particular situation would be well advised.
  21. Raul Senise

    Leaving Australia on a 417, question!

    You can travel overseas as much as you like during the validity of the visa.
  22. Raul Senise

    Lodge 2 visas at the same time?

    Are you aware that on a bridging visa C, you cannot apply for a bridging visa B if you need to travel or leave Australia?
  23. Raul Senise

    Travelling to Australia on a 1 year RRV

    Yes. Only if he can meet the requirements. The Government is getting tougher on RRV application which do not meet the residency requirements.
  24. Raul Senise

    nomination refusal

    It means that you have not been given all of the documents. You should have a notice of refusal and a notice of decision which explains the reason for refusal. The document you have attached to the post is only the notice of refusal.
  25. Raul Senise

    186 TRT Bridging visa A

    The latest published processing time is 10 to 15 months.