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  1. Hi, Just wondered if anyone had any tips for finding prospective employment I Australia so I can apply for this new pilot visa. The eligibility requirements are: be aged between 21 and 45 (inclusive) at the time of application hold tertiary qualifications have worked for at least 3 months in their current role, and the prospective employment in Australia must be relevant to the applicant's field of work in their current role have prospective employment in Australia in an occupation defined at the skill level 1 2 or 3. However I am unsure how to find an actual job/employer to satisfy the last requirement of having prospective employment. Is it literally just a case of making applications to Australian employers and letting them know I would be eligible for this visa if I am successful in my application? I guessing I would have to have a job offer before I could apply for this visa but seems like it would be very difficult to get a job offer as I currently don't have any working right in Australia. Thanks
  2. Wannabe Aussie

    Do I have any options?

    Thanks for your responses. I'll definitely look into hiring a migration agent. I just wasn't sure if there was any hope to be honest given the situation I find myself in.
  3. Wannabe Aussie

    Do I have any options?

    Hi everyone, Pretty sure I already know the answer to this for my situation at the moment but just thought it was worth asking in case I was missing something. Basically my situation is I have recently completed masters in computer science from a UK university and have been working as a web developer since October last year. However I think I need 2 years experience to gain a skills assessment from the ACS in this role. I also have a BA Honours in Business Management and 5 years experience contracting in financial services, however I was operating through an umbrella company during this time and would find it difficult to nominate a specific occupation due to the nature of the projects I was working on. I am 31 now and not eligible for a working holiday visa under the current age restrictions in place, although I do know they are looking to increase the age to 35. Would my best option to be to wait for the working holiday visa to increase its age restrictions for UK nationals and then apply and try and gain skilled work experience in Australia? Or does anyone know of any other potential pathways I would be eligible for? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Wannabe Aussie

    Advice on possible pathways

    I've just been reading a couple of articles in the guardian about the removal of farm work for UK citizens and thr impact it will have on work shortages. Both articles quoted 2024 as the expected date the new working holiday visa rules will come into force.
  5. Wannabe Aussie

    Advice on possible pathways

    Ah ok that's good to know about the 6 month with each employer rule! Good luck with your application!
  6. Wannabe Aussie

    Advice on possible pathways

    Yeah I think under the new rules you can stay in Australia for 3 years without the need to do any farm work which is great! I worked on a combination of banana, watermelon and avocado farms in Queensland and although the experience was good the work was hard to say the least I'm not 100% sure if they have also scrapped the rule that you can only work 6 months with each employer. However if this was scrapped then it would give people like me and you a chance to find a employer to work for and get some valuable skilled work experience that could possibly help us get PR in the future. Worth keeping an eye on.
  7. Wannabe Aussie

    Advice on possible pathways

    Hi everyone, Just thought I'd put my situation on here and see if anyone has any advice. Basically I'm 30 years old (Soon to be 31) and I have just completed a master's in computer science. I have no experience in any IT related role however I do have a job offer from a company in the UK as a web developer. I was thinking about applying for a second working holiday visa before I turn 31 as I done all the necessary farm work on my first working holiday visa a few years ago, however I'm not sure if I should just wait until the new rules kick in for UK citizens as the age requirement is going to be increased to 35. By the time the new working holiday visa rules kick in I could have a years experience as a web developer, however I think this position is only on the STSOL which limits the visas I would be able to apply for. Would it be best for me to look to gain experience in a position that's on the MLTSSL while I wait for the new working holiday visa rules to kick in? Also I'm thinking when the new working holiday visa rules kick in I will be able to move to Australia 2 years and try and get some skilled work experience whilst in the country, would this be better for future PR visa prospects? I have seen online that it is super competitive for IT professionals at the moment. Sorry a bit of a loaded question Thanks!
  8. Wannabe Aussie

    407 Training Visa

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone has experience finding a employer to nominate them for a 407 training visa? Ive been exploring the potential visa options available to me once I finish my masters in September and it seems like the 407 visa could be a possibility as I have been studying Computer Science and there are a lot of tech job roles on the 407 occupation list. If anyone has any tips on the best sites to find a potential employer to nominate me for a 407 visa, it would be much appreciated. Or if you know of any other potential visas I could apply for as a recent graduate. I studied in the UK not Australia. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience trying to get a skill assessment for work experience completed using an umbrella company? Basically I have 5 years experience contracting within the financial sector in the UK on various projects. However I have always operated through an umbrella company rather than opening up a limited company. If I have all contracts and evidence of projects I have worked on over the years will this be sufficient evidence to provide to the skills assessing authority? Thanks Karl
  10. Wannabe Aussie

    Visas for recent graduates

    Thanks for your replies and advice everyone!
  11. Wannabe Aussie

    Visas for recent graduates

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a visa option for recent graduates to gain work experience in Australia? I know there is a pathway for graduates who have studied in Australia but I was wondering if there is any work experience visas that allow recent graduates from another country to go to Australia and work temporarily? I'm 30 years old and due to graduate with a masters in computer science in September however I will be close to turning 31 then and not sure if I'll be able to apply for my second working holiday visa in time. I completed all the farm work necessary on my first working holiday visa a few years ago but wasn't able to able to apply for my second visa and then covid kicked off and everything just got put on hold. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Wannabe Aussie

    English Language Ability & Points

    Thanks for your replies!
  13. Wannabe Aussie

    English Language Ability & Points

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice about claiming points for level of English. I am from England so from what I have read there is no requirement for me to complete an English test and my ability is deemed to be competent, however there are zero points for claiming a competent level of English. Would it be possible for me to complete an English test and claim more points providing I am able to gain a proficient or superior score? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Wannabe Aussie

    UK Australia Trade Deal & Potential Visas

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had information regarding potential new visas that would enable UK and Australian citizens to work in each others countries more freely? I've heard that the working holiday visa will now be an automatic 3 years for UK citizens aged between 18 and 35 without the need to complete any farm work. I actually spent a year in Australia on a working holiday visa when I was 25/26 and completed all the necessary farm work to gain a second year visa however due to a few reasons I was never able to apply for my second year and came back to the UK. I am now approaching 30 and with the boarders being closed I was worried I may have missed my chance. Also would anyone know if the fact I have already held a working holiday visa would I still be able to apply for this new proposed working holiday visa? Thanks
  15. Wannabe Aussie

    Can anyone recommend a migration agent?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good and trustworthy migration agent? Basically just after a consultation to see what my options are. Thanks!