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  1. 870s are being granted way faster for onshore applicants. All you need to do is ask for applying onshore in your sponsorship application. Jun 16 could actually come up for processing any time now - BUT you never know!
  2. Arti

    870 parents temporary visa

    The wait is not due to a certain # of applicants in queue its owing to no temporary visa grants being issued due to covid.
  3. 3 years should def be enough in your case
  4. The gap will be more than 3 months. You can only apply after the lapse of 3 months, so add the 870 processing time to it for both sponsor and applicant. 1 year easy. And it''ll be extremely difficult for parents to adjust and readjust to these changing circumstances all the time.
  5. Yep - I'm in the process of applying for it..
  6. Just need to rant. Excerpt from the immigration website - Quote However, based on current planning levels, we estimate new Contributory Parent visa applications lodged that meet the criteria to be queued are likely to take approximately at least 58 months to be released for final processing. Unquote We are talking about parents here who aren't getting any younger unfortunately and these guys can't get their math right. They might as well just remove this statement altogether. No information is better than wrong information.
  7. Arti

    870 sponsorship granted

    Just out of curiosity - what was the processing time for your sponsorship application?
  8. Arti

    870 sponsorship granted

    We got the sponsorship approval in August this year. From what I know they are not processing any offshore 870s at the moment. But you'll need to apply for it nonetheless within the stipulated 6 months.
  9. No love for the parents ;( They are the ones who really need this bill!
  10. I think the more difficult part is the emotional aspect of living in limbo. There are too many what ifs and could haves in this process. And then you end up getting emotionally invested in the country, living with the people you love and going back in the event nothing works out becomes an unthinkable option.
  11. Just curious to know - when you switch over from another parent visa to 143 - is your spot in the queue retained or is considered a new application altogether?
  12. So we got the 870 sponsorship approval late Aug this year. I'm about to lodge 870 applications for both my parents. Given they are not granting any temporary visas at the moment, I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with 1. Does the sponsorship approval expire and if it does, at what point does it expire? 2. If required to re-do the sponsorship application in the event that it does expire, can a sponsors' overseas income be used towards the litmus test for income? I.E. To meet the minimum income requirement for sponsors?
  13. I'd not be surprised if they are prioritizing offshore 143s from countries where covid is not as bad. Or is that considered against the law?
  14. Just realized this thing doesn't let me delete comments