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  1. Welcome to PIO 1) yes probably - they take earliest date of PC or medicals for validation date. 2) ^^ 3) doubt it - are you the main applicant?
  2. lebourvellec

    Resident return visa for a 17 year old

    Your visa is not attached to your fathers visa, they are both separate, you were on the same application. As you are part of the family unit and under 18 you should be able to get a RRV without meeting the 2 year requirement for a 5 year RRV.
  3. lebourvellec

    Visa condition 8539. Help required

    You can live and work in any of the regional areas, just make sure to check the postcodes, to make sure you will be eligible 887 and not breach your visa conditions.
  4. lebourvellec

    489 visa

    If she meets the requirements she should be eligible,to apply for the 887, but you will not be able to be included as you are not a holder of a 489 visa.
  5. lebourvellec


    You will still need to show 12 months defacto evidence and both have to go through medicals etc. I've seen people with 190 or 489 visas re-applying for the 189, it's a bit odd when you can just apply for PMV or partner visa.
  6. lebourvellec

    Subclass 189 or 190?

    Chef is not currently in the Qld occupation list therefore nomination won't be possible. you will require both English test and positive skills assessment before you can apply for the EOI.
  7. lebourvellec

    ANZSCO code states 2 yr experience SA state 3 what do I do

    http://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/VETASSESS-General-Occupation-List.pdf?vid=100 Is is the information you need for skills assessments.
  8. lebourvellec

    How / Help me get to OZ

    I think you should get your case assessed by another MARA agent, with the chance of your occupation being added to any of the state occupation lists, and to get a proper assessment of your points. Work experience points is generally only post qualification, your qualification may not be at a high enough level to receive points, partner skills requires an occupation on the same list and a positive skills assessment. If your partner does have an occupation on CSOL and is able to gain a positive skills assessment it may be an option for them to be the main applicant.
  9. lebourvellec

    It's Official. Australia Hates Me!

    On a 489 visa the conditions on the visa granted from DIBP state you must live in regional Australia, therefore you can live anywhere in Regional Australia postcodes regardless of being sponsored by NT initially. Adalaide is all regional postcodes. As long as you live and work in regional postcodes you will still be eligible for the 887 visa. I have spent a lot of time in the NT and it's not for everyone, and need to back to the real world sometimes.
  10. lebourvellec

    190 Subclass Visa Darwin

    http://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/VETASSESS-General-Occupation-List.pdf?vid=100 You will require at lease diploma level of qualification and certain number of years highly relevant post qualification work experience at the appropriate skill level to pass the skills assessment.
  11. lebourvellec

    190 Subclass Visa Darwin

    The lady I spoke to said I would be able to get a Salon Manager position. We are looking into this further. You will need to look at the requirements for passing the skills assessment for salon manager, this is why it is best to speak to a registered migration agent.
  12. lebourvellec

    190 Subclass Visa Darwin

    I would defiantly speak to another Agent one that is MARA registered. Have you looked at the requirements for State Nomination from NT, they require proof of large amount of funds, and often if they think you will not remain in the state for the 2 years will only offer 489 nomination which is a provisional visa to remain in regional Australia for 2 years. Also you should look at the NT occupation list as I don't believe beauty theripist is on it.
  13. lebourvellec

    Child visa query please help!!!

    If your PR partner visa is granted you will need to apply for the Child 101 or 802(onshore) visa for her, these are PR visas also. Both the 445 and 101 cost the same, but the child 101 has a processing time around 7-9 months, so might be after to add now as dependent to your partner visa, so could arrive sooner. best speaking to registered migration agent on best way forward.
  14. I can understand why you would be very worried. From a visa stand point they are going around things the wrong way, and DIBP will not look very favourably to a couple who met online when meet for the first time in person marry as this does not show a genuine and continuing relationship. The cost of Partenr visas are very high and with the concerns around passing the medical professional advice from a registered migration agent would be advised. If they want to marry and apply for a partner visa by they way their relationship had developed they will need to meet in person at least once before being eligible for a prospective marriage visa (so going out to meet her even getting engaged - definitely not married). When back in the UK he can apply for the PMV which takes the same amount of processing time at partner visa (9-12 months) once granted they will have 9months to marry and apply for a partner visa. The partner visa is in two parts the temp 2 years first and if still together the Pernament visa would be granted. By marrying the first time they have met in person and only spend 3 weeks together it would be very hard for them to show they are in a genuine and committed relationship for the Parnter visa, and it's a lot of money to throw away as if the visa is refused there is no refunds. Your son is looking at about 4 years wait before getting a Pernament visa if the relationship broke down at any point before then he would need to leave Australia.
  15. lebourvellec

    As keen as French mustard

    You will have problems with the 5 points for partner skills if going down the 189 route as both occupations need to be on the same SOL list. Hairdresser is on the CSOL