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  1. Thanks, not to push the envelope on the "conclusive advice on a forum" statement, but could you elaborate a little here please?
  2. Hi all, Quick one as I seek clarity here: I currently work for a global tech business. It's fully remote with a distributed workforce. If I apply and am successful with the 491 skilled work regional visa for South Australia, can I ONLY work for companies that are PHYSICALLY in South Australia? Or can I live in South Australia but continue working for a global business remotely out of South Australia?
  3. Hi all, When I did my occupation and closely related work experience validation through Vetassess, I calculated my experience going back 8 years and submitted all documentation. I have around 10 years experience but didn't bother going beyond 8 to avoid extra paperwork knowing that the max points threshold sits at 8 years. What I didn't account for was that Vetassess deduct 1 year as a qualifying period to meet the skill level of the occupation. So I'm now I'm sitting at 7 years where I need to show 8. My question is: 1. Do I need to go back and pay Vetassess again to have that additional work experience validated, or are the states able to do this when you submit a registration of interest? In which case I'd submit my Vetassess outcome letter to cover the 7 years, and then separate additional required documentation (payslips, reference letter etc.) for the other year 2. Out of interest, when you submit a registration of interest, if everything is covered via the Vetassess outcome letter, does the state still require all the documentation again or can you just submit that outcome letter to cover of everything related to your occupation and experience? Thanks.
  4. Thanks both, Appreciate the guidance here. Just one other question on this - both myself and my partner resigned from our full time roles and both of us are freelancing for the same companies we used to work for fulltime. The hours vary and at times are less than the minimum 20 hrs per week for "skilled employment'. I can't see now because the state lists only speak to applicants from within Oz, but will this be a problem if they open up to apps from offshore candidates and we're not currently working "full time" in our nominated occupations? Even though we've had successful skills assessments with sufficient years for the points we need and occupations we nominated. Best.
  5. Hi all, Seeking some clarity on two line items specifically relating to the EOI: 1. I'm in a defacto relationship with my partner and I have a child. For the "Would the client be accompanied by their partner in a future application?" I've said "yes" because we'll be claiming points for her occupation and english. When approaching the "How many family members?" question is it "1" for my child only given that my partner is included in my application with her own skills and english assessment? Is "defacto" classed as a family member or not? Or is the correct answer "2" to include both my defacto partner and child? 2. This relates to the employment experience. Vetassess do this thing where they subtract 1 year from your experience with this explanation: "the employment was used to calculate the qualifying period required to meet the skill level of the nominated or closely related ANZSCO occupation" My question is, if I have 8 years of experience and then Vetassess confirm that as 7 years with 1 year deducted, when I complete the experience section in the EOI it looks at my actual employment dates and at the end awards points for 8 years (an extra 5 points compared to 7) when it shows total points. Should I be entering this differently in the EOI? Do I take my one role with 8 years experience and break it out so that it has a line for that role with 1 year and then uncheck the box for "claim points for this role" and then create another line for the same role with 7 years experience and check that box to claim the points? Don't want to be accused of trying to dupe the system by trying to claim points for a year that I can't claim for, but I'm also unsure on how the EOI needs this info conveyed, if at all? Thanks in advance for any guidance here.
  6. OK, thanks that's useful and answers my question. Looks like it's a case of doing the EOI and then moving straight onto the state level application.
  7. Hi all, I was going through the South Australia website earlier and I couldn't quite work out where the state nomination process lived within the broader emigration process. They seem to infer on the site that you should go ahead and apply for state nomination on the site here: https://apply.migration.sa.gov.au/user/login.php What is the correct order here. Is it: 1. Submit EOI first and then wait for invitation to apply for state nomination? 2. Submit EOI and apply for state nomination in parallel whilst awaiting response to EOI submission? Everything on the national immigration site speaks to submitting an EOI first and then waiting for an invitation, but the South Australia site seems to suggest going ahead and applying for state nomination? Which one is it? Or is it the case that you should always wait for the invitation to apply first except for South Australia where you can do it proactively once you have your EOI in? EDIT [Referring specifically to subclass 190 and 491]
  8. Hi all, My occupation is not on the SOL but it is on the CSOL. I've had my qualifications and experience successfully certified by Vetassess now for "Marketing Specialist" (ANZSCO 225113). I just need to do the IELTS test and I should meet the total points requirement comfortably. I've had my ambitions a little dented though since viewing all of the state nominated occupation lists - "Marketing Specialist" is not on any of them currently. My dad has recently emigrated to Oz as a permanent resident and could sponsor me if necessary. I have seen the subclass 489, but see it is limited to 4 years. Could anyone advise on any other options for someone in my position? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for your help all. Appreciate it.
  10. Thanks all - appreciate it. Last question - I will lose an additional 5 points by April next year as I enter a new age threshold. Are the points for age taken into account at the date of Vetassess assessment, the date of expression of interest, or the date of actual application?
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to apply for the Skilled Nominated visa (190). I cannot make out from the ambiguous wording on the website if I should be submitting an Expression of Interest first or getting Vetassess to assess and confirm my points status and THEN submitting an expression of interest. I've done the points test myself and have sufficient points to qualify. Can anyone help with this? I just really need some clarity on the order of things, that's all :-) Thanks
  12. Yetirat

    Visa processing priority

    Hi there. Does anyone have any idea when the processing of non state-sponsored visas will recommence? We're on the skilled sponsored subclass 176. Nothing more frustrating than being in a queue that isn't moving....
  13. Yetirat

    Subclass 176 timeline...???

    Hi all, This is my first post so please forgive me if I've done anything silly or ignorant. My girlfriend and I submitted our online application for permanent residence in Oz in January 2009 this year. We applied for the subclass 176 visa with my girlfriend being the primary applicant and myself being the dependent as we’ve been living together for 5 years. We have enough points and my partner has taken and passed the IELTIS test and had her degree certified etc. Her occupation was listed as Business and Information Professional in the end. We are aware of the situation regarding the processing of these types of visas being frozen at present and understand the reasoning. What is most frustrating for us is that we are stuck in limbo. We have no idea in terms of timeline as to when we might actually get to Oz which makes planning our lives quite difficult. I’ve heard the agencies are telling people the processing will begin again in October this year. Does anyone, and I mean anyone at all, have any info they could shed on this matter either relating to timeline or of any other options that might be available to us to speed up this process. I’ve heard suggestions of State Sponsorship but I’m not sure my partner would qualify for this given her “Business and Information Professional” title? Thanks :frown: