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  1. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    I’m no where near there yet. I need to have my skills assessed first! Lol
  2. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    The father does have parental responsibility.... we have not asked him yet but pretty much know he will say no. However wrussell states it is not needed anyway as at 16 she can live where she wants under Uk law.
  3. Chickbock

    489 visa areas?

    If you were nominated by a state or territory for your current skilled visa, you must live and work in a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area in the same state or territory that nominated you for your current visa - this is how it is written on the home affairs website. Although your visa ‘may’ allow you to live anywhere that is classed as regional you have got to ask.. will this affect my application when the time comes to switch to a PR visa as I did not live up to my moral obligation. It may or may not.... I don’t know
  4. Chickbock


    How old are you Cheffy?
  5. Chickbock

    Thoughts and Ideas please xxxxx

    My first thought would be not to play it down. Sugar coating it means that it will take longer for him to get the help he needs. Mental health is a minefield. You say he functions well at work. How do you know? I work in a very stressful environment, no one would know that it is eating away at me insides and I hate it with a passion I feel trapped unless I actually told some one (which I do). This then creeps into other areas of life so I cannot switch off properly let at home.
  6. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    Thanks Pom queen. I’m no where near that stage just yet. I haven’t done a skills assessment. I am just getting all of my ducks in a row.
  7. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    Thanks@wrussell I have not received the email but I will be looking to use your services going forward. I have PM’d you with my email address as I may have typed it wrong on your website.
  8. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    Thanks for your help rammy. I have contacted@wrussell via his website pinoy
  9. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    I see now. The signatures do not appear in the App (or at least not in mine) I just looked on the desktop site...
  10. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    Is this Wesley Russel the same as poster WRussell who has posted in this thread?
  11. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    Then why would MARA agents not be aware of this?
  12. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    “Our experience is that a form is to be completed with up to date contact details for the non migrating parent, or a Court Order is needed. In the absence of a Court Order the Department has been contacting the non migrating parent, and speaking with him/her before visas are granted.” This is another opinion from a different MARA agent.
  13. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    I paid a MARA agent for a consultation (the one with the response above). Is it a regular family solicitor I would need to consult?
  14. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    Thank you wrussell and rammygirl. If I wanted a definitive answer ( I know it is written but obviously this is open to interpretation as we have seen) would you think the UK Australian embassy could advise me over the phone?
  15. Chickbock

    Permission to take 16 year old?

    This was the response when sending a link about not needing the permission for a 16 year old.... “thanks for the email. Whilst that may be the case regarding UK law, the Aussies will not grant the visa without a signed consent form or a court order, I am afraid. Perhaps this is something you to sort out before throwing good money after bad. Will put your file on hold for now, pending further instruction. “