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  1. When to open an au bank account?

    Hi all, Our visas were approves yesterday, we're looking at moving between august and november, when would be a good time open an account in au? And who with?
  2. GBPAUD rate looking good

    Supposed to get to 1.90+ in august and ove $2 to the £ in Jan 2019
  3. 489 Visa Gang

    Just had a call from our agent, we received our visa grant today from apply for our visa (not including our state sponsorship) to receiving our grand the total was 5mths and 3 weeks. rough timeline- IELTS - taken in July 2017 Applied for state sponsorship QLD - 06/11/17 State sponsorship approved QLD - 09/11/17 Medicals and Police checks - 29/11/17 Visa application submitted - 07/12/17 CO contact for more info - 19/02/18 Additional info submitted 27/02/18 Visa granted 24/04/18 So so so excited.
  4. how easy is to apply for WHV?

    Holly molly, what are they doing in the visa department in oz? Everything seems to take months or years, the uk takes days, in fact the uk process most of theirs in 48hrs.
  5. how easy is to apply for WHV?

    We're moving to regional qld so that's one thing out of the way but what regional work would he have to do? how long for to be signed off? & who signs it off?
  6. how easy is to apply for WHV?

    Hi all, myself and family are moving to qld this year, but my daughters boyfriend is going to follow us to qld but on a WHV, how easy is the application?
  7. Age related visa question

    Hi, we applied for our 489 visas when my daughter was 17 back in December 2017 in feb 2018 1 wek after her 18th birthday our application was picked up by a CO and they asked for extra info, my question is are they supposed to process the age she was when we applied or the age she is when they pick up the application tom progress it? cheers
  8. State Sponsorship

    I think it would best to speak to an agent, we're using Ian Harrops 01793822492, otherwise your just guessing.
  9. 489 Visa Gang

    the points have no bearing on the visa grant time for 489 visas, the points only come in to play when applying for state sponsorship.
  10. 489 Visa Gang

    He could well be right but my timeframe and everyone elses I think he's a bit optimistic, we put our app in the first week of december, heard from co on 19/02 uploaded form 80 on 07/03 and still waiting to hear from the co again.
  11. 489 Visa Gang

    Makes no sense, every other agent advises to upload everything at once, without it you can't get a direct grant.
  12. 489 Visa Gang

    What? We submitted our medicals and police checks when we applied, why make the process even longer?
  13. Popular trades in QLD?

    Yes, that's what I meant
  14. Popular trades in QLD?

    Commitment isn't an issue, as long as I can earn something to start with, I'd work in McDonalds if I had too.,
  15. Popular trades in QLD?

    Thank you, that's a lot of info, not quite sure what u by until died lol, I'm a qualified diver all be it entry level bit something to work on I guess? I wouldn't mind working for customs and excise, I have seen some IT jobs but think I'd like to try something else, I've done bar work and hospitality in the past, security would be ok wouldn't mind knowing that agency name. Might be worth doing some of those courses, the more I have the easier to find employment.